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S10.E17: Ship Happens

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Tensions arise at breakfast as Luann and Dorinda continue their argument from the night before, as do Carole and Bethenny. Despite the strained relations, the ladies ditch the city for a private island and some fun in the sun. The day ends abruptly with a traumatic boat ride after the ladies are rushed off the island due to high seas.

Airs August 1, 2018.

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5 minutes ago, LilaFowler said:

Dorinda is such an ugly person, inside and out.

I get the feeling that if she didn't have money all of her friends and connections would view her as a garbage lowlife.

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Is Tinsley going to a niteclub or on a boat with all that makeup on early in the morning?

iIf I were Luann I wouldn’t let Dorinda off the hook so easily.  Sorry.  Dorinda meant everything she said.

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7 minutes ago, jaybird2 said:

i was thinking the same thing


7 minutes ago, farmgal4 said:

WTF does Tinsley have to wear a shit ton of makeup at all times?  I think she looks ridiculous wearing that much makeup to breakfast, to go on a boat trip!

I'm starting to think she has had some sort of botched surgery around her eyelids and the makeup conceals the scarring.

Might explain those Spock brows too

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3 minutes ago, Mozelle said:

What the hell kinda retcon is this? LOL. Bethenny said she's never had this kind of thing with a friend? I guess...Jill...hey, Jill!

This would've been the perfect moment for Jill to arrive at the house, screeching, "Bethennyyyyyyyy!!!"

Right was that her admitting that she just used Jill and never thought of her has a friend?

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1 minute ago, Straycat80 said:

Bethenny has diarrhea. Diarrhea of the mouth. 

I cant even remember why her and Carole are fighting in the first place. 

Back in high school I think we called it logorrhea! ;-)

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