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  1. Yes, Denise is a cast member but her underage kids are not. Erika jumped all over Eileen for bringing up her adult son. And we've heard time and again that kids should be off limits. So that should include Denise's kids as well. And FTR, I don't think Denise cares so much about comments directed at her (unless they directly impact her children) but she's looking out for her daughters (and their friends.)
  2. Is Kyle's fashion line inspired by the Golden Girls? Honestly, for the astrology dinner, Kyle dresses like she raided a Forever 21 store. For her barbecue, it's like she's channeling Mrs. Roper.
  3. Yep. Saying you're done with a conversation means just that. It doesn't mean that you're about to burst a blood vessel or suffer an embolism, Teddi.
  4. Well, Denise had admitted that she swears around her kids. That's not the issue. And if Dorito had a problem with it, she could have said something. She didn't. So that's just Teddi butting in once again to try and stay relevant. I don't blame Denise and Aaron for leaving. Why stay at a party that's just going to be a pile on against you? They're criticized for not bringing their kids and then it's just pick, pick, pick. Teddi stirs the pot, Kyle can't read a room and Erica is just a See You Next Tuesday with shitty fashion sense.
  5. Can we have Aaron host the reunions? "Okay, great. Let's move on and talk about something else." Ha! Those bitches literally didn't know which way to turn. I may be developing a crush on Aaron because he has no fucks to give with them. I am just stunned that these, um, women (with the exception of Garcelle) seem to have no concept that some topics that adults discuss amongst themselves are off-limits around kids. And even if they think it's okay and would talk about it with theirs, if Denise says it's not around hers, that's the end of it. Or should be.
  6. Clearly Aaron, Denise, Garcelle and Teddi are the only people who know how to dress at a barbecue. Teddi is a shit stirrer. STFU, Teddi. I love that Aaron very quickly sticks up for Denise. #TeamDenise
  7. I wonder how much of that was production maybe telling Sandy that one of the guests wasn't pleased with his meal? I get that she was probably feeling nervous after Mila last season but I can't imagine that she does this on her non-Bravo charters. That's what the stews are there for -- tell them if something isn't right. Love seeing Mallorca so far.
  8. She reminds me of Hannah, who doesn't want to do the job of stew, do table décor, do turndowns, etc. Although I like her more than Hannah and as @TexasGal said above, if Lara gets under Hannah's skin, she's my hero. The Boston guy who said "unit" about 500 times is already on my last good nerve. Rob, the former model, is hot. I wasn't sure about Jessica but she seems okay and she seems to be a worker. Love the chef! He didn't make a negative comment about having to prepare a second steak for a guest, he has a sense of humor and Sandy likes his food.
  9. And the entire yachting world breathes a sigh of relief when Adam states the obvious that yachting is not for him. The winners of this reunion was Adam's dog, who, other than lifting his paw at one point and being ignored, slept thru the whole mess, and Chris, who popped on long enough to update us on his back and then leave. Too much time spent on Paget and Ciara's relationship and wine drinking and Georgia trying to pose for Zoom. Andy is a dipshit for not asking Captain Glenn his thoughts on Jenna's rage over him calling her out for her nonstop PDA. And I don't care what she says now, I don't believe for a second that the PDA was only going on when she was off duty.
  10. I just can't with these ladies. Tinsley should have stayed behind. No way would I go with them if they were already verbally beating me up before I had even set foot in the van. The van driver was everything with his expressions. He needs to be in every episode. Everyone in this group, save Elyse, appears to be an alcoholic. Lu is a recovering alcoholic. I don't care what they say. Leah, you were a drunk asshole. That's not just "being you." That's why your mother was upset you'd begun drinking again. Because you lose control, you're an asshole and then you can't remember anything the next day. You may not be doing it in front of your daughter but you are doing it on film that your daughter (and her friends) can watch. Every time Dorinda starts to become the slightest bit likable, she turns around and is an asshole again. Which I guess spares me the energy of thinking I might actually like her. I hate to take Ramona's side about nearly anything but if that had been my dinner that Leah disrupted and then attempted to rip apart during her drunken antics, I'd be pissed. Lu needs to get Leah and Dorinda, for starters, into her AA program. Not sure how much more of RHONY I want to watch. I started watching for the real estate p*rn and seeing New York. Watching alcoholics drinking themselves into a stupor isn't my idea of fun.
  11. Because it needs to be said, totally #TeamDenise. Erika can fuck right on off with her vile and disgusting insinuation that Denise's teen daughters have already participated in threesomes. There is nothing Denise has ever done or will do that would justify such a remark. Worse, IMO, was seeing every other bitch at that table laughing. They all have children. How would they feel if someone said that about their kids? It was NOT funny. FWIW, the party was at Denise's house. She can choose to discuss whatever she wants. Erika laid down the law pretty quickly last week on Sutton, telling her it was her (Erika's) house. So now Sutton, or anybody else, can tell Denise that maybe she shouldn't have her kids present at their own home for a party? Uh, no. Sutton, you can fuck right off too. And those not so subtle digs at Denise's attire? Really, Kyle? Girl, you need a stylist so STFU. Denise always looks appropriate IMO and she dresses like a normal, average person. These woman are all terrible, with the exception of Denise. Kyle is clutching her pearls and crying because oh no, people are saying she and Teddi are in therapy together. Because they went to therapy together. Rinna is throwing her friend of 20 years under the bus in order to stay relevant on the show. The rest of them -- with the exception of Garcelle, who wasn't there -- are either saying nothing in Denise's defense or are agreeing that the issue needs to be endlessly rehashed. Sure, Denise may have spoken to three people in the group about what happened but you keep bringing it up, TEDDI. So fuck right off too. I hope Denise opens a major can of verbal whupass on these bitches. From the previews it looks like Aaron isn't having any of it. Again, #TeamDenise.
  12. Yes, it was a Ho-wife dinner but there were kids present. These women should be adult enough to be able to keep their mouths shut about topics that aren't appropriate for kids until the kids aren't there. I mean, can they not go through one dinner without screaming at each other and hurling accusations? I think that dinner reflects far worse on Erika and Kyle than it does on Denise. I get that Denise was concerned, probably more so because her daughters had friends over. Regardless, it was Denise's house and if Denise asked them to stop, they should have stopped. After all, Erika told Sutton it was her house and to pipe down. I guess though different rules for different people, at least as far as Erika was concerned. I also wanted to point out that I thought it was a kind gesture that Denise brought a hostess gift to Erika's dinner party. I was brought up to do that too but I didn't see where any of the other ladies did that. Very surprised that Sutton, with her so-called Southern manners, did not.
  13. Exactly. Yes, Denise had a whole conversation about happy endings but neither her kids nor anyone else's were anywhere around. Denise wasn't saying you couldn't discuss threesomes and whatever else they were screeching about, just please don't have those conversations in front of the kids. And Erika, please don't make that stupid comment to Denise about how maybe she shouldn't have her kids around their dinner parties. You're an adult, Erika. Maybe you and the other Hos should be adult enough to restrain yourself from improper conversations when kids are around. Teddi and Kyle both need medication or some kind of mood stabilizers because they both cry constantly.
  14. I think this was the worst VR season ever. It was deadly dull. The newbies suck. I could not care less about them if I tried. The only people I do care about -- James and Kristen -- basically had cameos for most of the season. I'd rather watch James continue his journey with sobriety (go, James!) and Kristen work on her t-shirt empire and her new house than anything else. The show has become so far afield of what it started out being. I really dislike or am indifferent to the "main players." I'm probably done with the show altogether.
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