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  1. Man, that scene with Brittany's mother really should not have been filmed. Addiction should never been entertainment. Angela remains a complete dipshit. We'll see if Tony breaks into her Casa de Cigarette while she's running around after Ross in Indiana. I can just imagine the stench in that place. I think Angela is keeping the tobacco farmers in North Carolina going. I'm still gobsmacked over Lacey's friend making the comment last week about how if Lacey has a child with Chane that it could be another child she's caring for by herself. Who are the other kids she's caring for by herself? Because it seems like it's either her dad or Chane who are doing any kind of childcare responsibilities for the other three. And how on earth did Chane and Lacey come up with 25k for the IVF? I guess being a webcam "model" pays well. Or maybe Lacey is cutting back on the fillers? I have zero sympathy for Cabbage Patch Sarah. No one likes an angry Cabbage Patch, Sarah -- especially when your ridiculously accented anger is misplaced. Malcolm has done nothing to you. Your psychiatrist has done nothing to you. You can yell and pitch a fit all you want about how much Michael sucks, how lame he is, how you're DONE, and how tired you are from parenting two kids on your own. Well, do something about it. You know, like first, DON'T HAVE ANY MORE KIDS WITH THAT POS MEALY MOUTHED LITTLE LEPRECHAUN. Secondly, get a damn divorce already. Getting a divorce has zero to do with whatever custody battle you think will happen or Michael threatens you with. He would never win and plus, you've got plenty of negligence on film from this shit show. So Raine's birthday party is starting in 4 minutes and no one is there? Where are the kids? Where are YOUR kids, Cabbage Patch? You scream about how you never get a break but this is the second week in a row we've seen you sans kids. And why does Michael need to meet Malcolm before the party? That's just stupid. Let his leprechaun ass inside and then just intro him to your boyfriend or "boyfriend" or whatever and don't make it into any bigger of a deal than it is. God, she's dumber than a box of her own hair. Andrea's kids remain smarter than Andrea and Lamar combined. Does Andrea have any storyline other than flip flopping on California vs. Utah constantly? If you hate California so much, then go back to Utah. You can take Priscilla and Nyla since they are still minors. Drugs are everywhere, unfortunately, so it's not a California thing but there is definitely a difference in culture and lifestyles. Does Andrea or Lamar work? Maybe if one or the both of them had a J-O-B, small things would annoy them so much. And Andrea, your two teens should NOT be sharing a room (that's what it looks like.) Put Priscilla and Nyla in a room together and let Tennyson have his own space. Where does Priscilla sleep? If she's sharing space with her parents, that shouldn't be happening either.
  2. I actually think Henry is a greater catch than Christina. When I was younger, I always went for the "bad boy" type. Now I can see the appeal of someone like Henry, who appears to be kind, thoughtful, respectful and loyal. To me, the fact that Henry has accepted how he's wired is a form of self-confidence or self-assuredness.
  3. Christina just can't stop herself from screwing shit up. As someone who suffered self-esteem issues for YEARS after my teens, you don't just "get over it." If it were that simple, no one would have issues, Christina. She should have commended Henry on moving through it and encouraged him to continue to move through it. She should have brought up that Henry is an intelligent, thoughtful and loyal person -- all wonderful qualities. She knew he had confidence issues so why did she sound like once Henry admitted that was his biggest hurdle, she was out? And then to say lack of confidence was her deal breaker? Girl, really? You have to be intentionally sabotaging things because no excuse otherwise. I mean, at least say unclear conversation, loyalty, trust, fidelity. Any of those would work fine. (And I'm guessing all of her previous relationships were with "confident" men and look how those turned out.) Bennett was really a great friend to Henry in discussing the confidence thing. He always seems to know exactly what to say. Christina needs to learn how to read the room. Karen is exhausting. I think I'd feel bipolar if I lived with her. Olivia is an absolute killjoy. She always seems pained, as if she just had a root canal. Brett may be no prize but at least he's trying. She was all on board for his sarcasm and wit at the wedding and now suddenly she can't stand it? Bad move on the experts' parts to match someone who is more touchy-feely and into PDA with someone who clearly has no use for it. I don't think Olivia would have been any more receptive if Dr. V hadn't been there. The bartending thing should have been fun. Maybe instead of being competitive, Olivia could have told Brett why it's her favorite drink or helped him with his? Honestly, they might as well have been two strangers making the drinks side by side. She was more excited about the drink than I've seen her about Brett since the honeymoon. Woody and Amani will be fine, as well Bennett and Amelia.
  4. I noticed Pete in the background a couple of times. I didn't notice that he seemed scary mad. He seemed to be talking to someone out of frame at least once and I also noticed another time he wasn't there at all. Edited out? Smoke break? I have to wonder why Captain Sandy didn't light into Bugsy and the interior over Cucumber Gate. After all, she attempted to radio Bugsy first before she went to wake up Tom. Why wasn't Bugsy taken to task for not having her radio on her person and turned on? Was she on break? And if she was, then surely Aesha and Jess were not. I know that Aesha eventually got the message but not one of the stews responded to Sandy before she woke Tom. Pretty ironic that Malia jumped all over Rob in the last couple of episodes for kissing on Jess before deck crew work was done when Malia comes out of her bunk, which she shares with Tom, to saunter into the galley and start kissing Tom -- before she had even set foot on the deck. She is a terrible bosun. Has any other deck crew been volunteered/assigned/whatever to do dishes after every meal like this one? Malia's focus is on Tom and in the galley and she should be called out for that. She's not the chief stew, she's the bosun. Whoever she names as lead deckhand (I'm assuming Alex) should get special commendation from Sandy for basically acting in Malia's place while Malia is soothing and pacifying Tom. I do think Tom acts like a wanker so not fully defending him at all but I'm sure he's used to having multiple chefs around to lend an assist and to cover when he takes a break. The yacht situation is completely different. We've seen Ben freak out because the galley is too small, not organized properly, etc. but at least he typically manages to handle things without his hand being held. I'm glad at least Tom apologized to Aesha for his shitty behavior. Malia's mom seemed like a nice lady but I still wanted to smack her for having such a backstabbing little bitch as a daughter. So Bugsy had to think about letting Rob and Jess use the master cabin -- but when Tom "came to visit" Malia, there was absolutely no hesitation in letting them use it -- and even decorate it? Okay.
  5. Camille does respond. She responded to one of mine and then quickly deleted it. She said something along the lines that Brandi is basically all over people when she's drunk, a very sloppy drunk.
  6. I absolutely adore Garcelle. I wish she had been the host of the reunion. That would have been something to see. This is an excellent point (well, that and the fact that the accusations were brought directly to Rinna and not gossiped about on camera ad nauseum before Denise was clued in.) Compare how Rinna reacted -- smashed a glass, going for Kim's throat, eyes bulging out of her head and basically losing her shit -- to how Denise reacted. Denise said no, I didn't say that. She said no, I didn't sleep with Brandi. She didn't attack anyone, break anything. The closest she came to losing her shit -- and it's a stretch -- is by saying "Bravo, Bravo, Bravo." And yet Denise is supposed to be the bad guy here?
  7. Me too! I quit NY this year, quit NJ and Atlanta a couple years back and am doubtful I will return to the OC. I'm holding out hope for Dallas and we'll see about SLC.
  8. Denise owed the other women nothing. Whatever may or may not have happened with Brandi had zero to do with the other women. And why should Denise be less sympathetic because she won't be angry or upset? She was clearly upset tonight, she was near tears. She should get the same consideration that Kyle and Rinna got when rumors/allegations about their husbands were brought up. She did not. Kyle and Rinna got on their Huffy bikes and shut that down immediately and how dare anyone say anything about it! But no, Denise needs to be bullied and address something that is no one else's concern all season. Sorry, but I completely disagree with Denise making her own bed. No, Bravo/Kyle/Teddi/Kim/Brandi made the script for her. I'll probably give the SLC women a try but I'm so disgusted by this I may be out on the RH franchise. (Ask me again if and when Dallas comes back.)
  9. And this is one reason why Andy is such a shitty host. He should have been asking why whatever did or did not happen between Denise and Brandi is the concern of ANYONE appearing via Zoom. ANYONE. It's not. It has ZERO to do with Kyle, Teddi, Erika, Rinna, Dorit, Garcelle or Sutton. Zero. And Rinna can STFU with saying that Denise should have come to her to talk to her. As Garcelle pointed out, every time Denise said a word Rinna was gunning for her. Denise said repeatedly that nothing happened. Whether she was telling the truth or not, what else was she supposed to do? It was NONE of their business and they acted like Denise stole some national treasure or something. I just don't get the downright cruelty of how they treated her -- especially given how Kyle and Rinna both reacted when their husbands were brought up on camera. I wish that Denise had been able to react the entire reunion as Garcelle did. Andy: Denise, do you have anything to say to Rinna? Denise: No, not at all. Andy: Denise, the women say you were lying. Denise: Okay. That would have been GOLD. With Denise gone and Garcelle likely not returning, I am out. I have been watching since season 1, episode 1 but Bravo, Andy, Kyle, Teddi, Rinna and Erika can kiss my ass. I'll start watching The Bold & the Beautiful instead.
  10. Erika had more time devoted to her at the reunion than she did all season. Go away, Erika Jayne. Rinna is the worst "friend" imaginable and a horrible human being. Sure, your texts with Denise are private while you have a printout of alleged texts between Denise and Brandi. Kyle can eff off too. She's moaning about how miserable it was for her when the allegations about Mauricio cheating impacted her entire season. Hello? Have you not watched this season, Kyle, to see what was done to Denise? Teddi continued to be a nonentity with nothing to say, other than to pile on Denise. Garcelle remains a queen. Dorit was strangely a voice of reason. This reunion proved that there was NOTHING this season without Denise. ETA: Also wanted to point out the hypocrisy of Garcelle being told in either part 1 or part 2 that she should have spoken to Rinna privately about the Hamlin demon spawn and yet tonight, Rinna says she didn't talk to Denise privately about whatever bullshit situation she has because they're filming a tv show! Which is it, Rinna, you hypocritical fake lipped preying mantis?
  11. Maybe I'm just old school but I have the professional mindset that, being a supervisor, my employees don't see me drunk. At all, much less fall down drunk. But clearly it doesn't work that way on BD. Bugsy should be embarrassed -- and so should Malia. Speaking of Malia, has she forwarded her mail to the galley yet? When does she have time to bosun? She is always in the kitchen, helping Tom. I've always thought that out of all the crew positions shown on the BD franchise, I'd least like to be the chef because that position never seems to truly get a break but you would think one of the stews might be a better choice to lend an assist. Or someone else on the deck crew but not the bosun. Sandy should be all up in her grill about that. I get Tom being frustrated over Musselgate. If he serves frozen mussels and the guests gripe about them not being fresh, it's Tom who is on the line about it. I get that his reputation could be helped or harmed by being the chef on one of these yachts. But he was an utter dick to Aesha for no reason. She didn't ask for the stupid cucumber and she was following protocol, which I assume is to notify the chef. I could just imagine Kate ripping Tom to shreds over that comment. It's already been pointed out but I also agree that Aaesha is homesick mostly because everyone on this crew is pretty much coupled up -- although Aesha was coupled up her last season -- and it's no fun to be the third wheel. Otherwise, this episode was pretty dull. Off to the news to see what's up with Pete and his appearances/nonappearances.
  12. I used to think that Christina and Henry were the worst matched couple but nope, that honor now goes to Olivia and Brett. I liked Olivia at first but she's becoming Molly 2.0 in my book. She said at first that she was fun, loved to go out and do things, has a great sense of humor, etc. but we've seen precious little of that. I get that Brett is no prize but I was laughing at some of what he said. Of course, I love sarcasm but still . . . Olivia acts like an annoyed mother. It's slightly ironic that the partner who is frugal as all get out has the sense of humor and the partner who is more laid back financially has a stick up her butt regarding everything else. Speaking of Christina and Henry, I have to admit that I was actually smiling -- SMILING! -- during their scenes. Maybe I ate some bad food or something but I am starting to hope that maybe these two can find some common ground. Or at least try to enjoy each other's company during the next 5 weeks. I will give it to them that neither of them got impatient or frustrated with the golf or the salsa dancing, where one of them was clearly out of his/her comfort zone in each activity. Amelia and Bennett should have zero concerns. The work situation is probably a nonissue, just like it was for Jessica and Austin last season. I'll be the first to admit that I thought Amani and Woody had zero chance of making it in the first episode but they really do seem well matched. I don't blame her for being hesitant to put the "L" word out there so quickly and I hope he understands that. Does anyone know how long before MAFS that Karen's last relationship ended? I've said it before and I'll say it again. She needs therapy, real therapy, and if the "experts" were worth a pinch of their salt, they would recognize that. She strikes me as someone who applied on a whim, or thinking it would help her get over her ex, and was probably freaked out when she got chosen. She was probably desperate to see who her intended was and recruited friends to find out for her, so that she could have something to use from the start as her escape clause. She's using Miles' sensitivity as a cockblock, basically -- and I don't mean that just in the physical sense. She's terrified to get close to him because she's terrified to be receptive to anyone right now. Again, she needs therapy. Deep down, I'm guessing she knows that Miles is a really good, decent guy. There's a reason that she's chosen the lying, cheating alpha males she has. Again, therapy, Karen. As another poster said upthread, I see Karen as more emotionally immature than Miles. Miles tried to have an honest conversation with her about intimacy (since he has zero idea what her thoughts are since she won't even hold his hand and has only kissed him maybe twice). She was very clearly uncomfortable. If it was because of the cameras, she should have said so but she reacted like a 14 year old might, trying to change the subject and busying herself with activities so she didn't have to look at him. I think Miles was attempting to joke around with her by scheduling any kind of intimacy but she is so terrified of any kind of connection with him that she recoiled and bolted. If the "experts" were shown this footage, they should have hauled ass over to their apartment pronto.
  13. For all the scoffing the coven did at Denise's cease and desist, let's see how quickly they all get their own if Brandi is brought back on to this mess. As enjoyable as that sounds, Rinna would far and away win. Kyle is a precious little snowflake who backs down the second anyone challenges her. Look how she cried/got teary over several dinners this season and look how she tried to talk about how SHE was the one who was bullied this season. She's all bark and no bite.
  14. Worse, she's a follower who is desperate to be relevant. Exactly. Kyle said some stupid shit to Denise like "if it's out there, it has to be addressed." Yeah, well, clearly that didn't happen when rumors of Mauricio cheating were out there, when rumors of Kim doing meth was out there, when rumors about Harry Hamlin were out there, when rumors about Rinna's eating disorder were out there. And even this season, it's out there that Mauricio has committed fraud so why aren't we addressing that, Kyle?
  15. Really unfair to Love Boat era Charo! He he. I'm with you on Amelia Gray. I find her to be very, very average looks-wise, and a spoiled twit otherwise whose mother brags that she doesn't read. I wouldn't be bragging about that but then again, I also wouldn't be bragging about my kids learning how to perform oral sex thanks to my book so what do I know?
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