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  1. psychoticstate

    S12. E06. Art of War

    Ironic that "consistency" is this week's theme. Can the judges actually be tested on that? For the flash challenge, if legibility was a key factor, that should have been mentioned. I'm not on either the men or women's side but the women's suit of armor looked more consistent than the men's. And some of the work was scratchy. Are cross-stitch tattoos a thing because ugh. Only Dani seemed to understand exactly what the challenge was and hit it and she didn't win tattoo of the day. Normally I adore Dave but he was really a dick to Holli when she said the women would like to win tattoo of the day just once. In the "real world," no way would Pony and Ashley leave before artists like Alexis and Ash. They are clearly being kept around for the drama. I did enjoy seeing Sausage and Duffy again although I figured since the women's team "won" last week, no way would Sausage "win" this week. This show is so predictable. Please, IM, bring back the guest judges so at least there might be some semblance of unbiased and, you know, actually following the rules and theme, judging.
  2. psychoticstate

    BH: 90210 Reboot.... It’s so Meta

    And continuing on the Andrea thread . . . High school would NEVER have dropped journalism because she had to give a bad review to someone she knew. Never. But of course she just so happened to get the card to review the Peach Pit (because there was clearly no other place to eat in LA) an of course it just so happened to be on an night when everything went wrong. High school Andrea would have written up an accurate review of that night but probably mentioned that she had eaten at the Pit many, many times before and not had such issues. Just such a stupid plot device. So I guess Andrea - - a freshman who got the lab job out of all the other students at CU -- had that lab job only during the time that Donna and Brenda found Rocky and when Brenda was arrested because it was never mentioned again. Too bad the show didn't have her working at the campus bookstore (seems more likely for a freshman) as that could have been another place The Gang could have hung out, and where Andrea could have been present, versus the Peach Pit and then the PPAD. @desertflower, you make an excellent point. The crappy storylines Andrea was handed post-pregnancy and marriage could all have been done if she was still a journalism major. So why the change? Did the writers make that decision for reasons unknown before GC's pregnancy was incorporated into the series? Did they have other storylines in mind for her that had to do with the medical field? And that brings to me another thought. Had GC stayed on the show, and still been in the medical field, she could have shared the clinic storyline with Kelly. Actually, the storyline would have made more sense for Andrea than Kelly since Kelly showed zero interest in anything medical.
  3. psychoticstate

    Seasons 1-3: High School Years

    YES, @GHScorpiosRule!! Dylan had chemistry with Brenda like he never had with Kelly. Hell, Dylan and Kelly acted like they hated each other most of the time. So all the revisionist history about how they were soulmates is just nauseating.
  4. psychoticstate

    BH: 90210 Reboot.... It’s so Meta

    Worse, in regard to Andrea's cheating storyline, was that the show made it "tit for tat" by having Jesse confess that he had cheated too. Huh? Of course that was off screen and seemed like a retcon of sorts so that Andrea wasn't the only "bad" one. It was just wrong all around. I always liked Andrea because she wasn't one of the "rich kids," nor full of herself, judgy and bitchy (yeah, looking at you, Kelly.) She was also smarter than Brandon and could totally put him in his place (always a good thing.) I think having Andrea get pregnant, have the baby and keep it was the worst thing for her character. Even outside of getting married, pregnancy and motherhood pushed her further outside The Gang. Watching those episodes now, as an adult, I feel sad for fictional Andrea. She was 18 or 19, had been in college for all of 3 or 4 months, living on her own the same time and here she is, pregnant and preparing to marry. Ugh. One thing that always bugged me with regard to her getting married - - she and Jesse lived in a nice apartment (certainly far nicer than my first apartment) and we never really heard a mention of how they couldn't afford food, or to keep the power on, or even paying what should have been ridiculous bills for Hannah being in the hospital all summer. Nothing. Was Jesse making that much money tending bar? Law school isn't cheap. Another thing, as many fellow posters have pointed out, is Andrea's sudden flip from journalism to pre-med. It was stupid and made zero sense. I think an episode or two prior to switching to premed, Andrea was freaking out (at the Peach Pit, of course) over injecting an orange that she was practicing on because she was going to have to give Grandma Rose insulin injections. How does someone go from that to deciding to major in medicine? And I'm pretty sure your first year in college you are taking basic requirements - - not premed stuff per se. Anyhow, if the show had kept Andrea in the journalism field, she could have had storylines with Josh Richland - - maybe even dated him, which would have driven Brandon crazy, which would have delighted me. It would have kept her tied in with Brandon, much as the Blaze did in the high school years. She would have been involved when Brandon eventually began writing for the Condor and maybe even she and Susan could have butted heads. Maybe Andrea could have had something to do with the campus tv station, if she ventured into broadcasting or something like that. I think she could have had a lot more to do than having a coffee in the student union or providing Brandon with info he was too lazy to discover himself or running around after some dopey doctor.
  5. psychoticstate

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

    Yeah and they weren't sipping that champagne either. They were throwing it back like nobody's business. Probably not the smartest move (but it is Clint and MyGoddess).
  6. psychoticstate

    BH: 90210 Reboot.... It’s so Meta

    Whether or not Shannen wanted the show to be about her, the fact is that 90210 started out about the Walsh family, not the Taylor family. The Walshes were the stars; everyone else was a friend or supporting player. At least in the beginning. So if Jennie did say that, it's kind of unfair (and hypocritical since, by some accounts, she moved into the HBIC role once Shannen departed.) Also once Shannen departed, everything did seem to be about Kelly. I mean, look at her first 2 years of college only. Dating Dylan, breaks up with Dylan, hooks up with Brandon, becomes some face of college campuses for Seventeen, gets modeling interest, gets in a fire, gets involved with a cult, cheats on Brandon with Dylan, gets proposed to by Brandon, chooses herself, goes to NY and hooks up with lame Colin. And this is pre-coked out Kelly. Really, as someone who might snark on Ohhhhhhhndrea but generally liked her, it's too bad that Ohhhhhhhndrea got married and had a baby and the "good" storylines were given to Kelly. Frankly, rather than DJ Jazzy Dave and his meth laced orange juice, I think it could have been more interesting (and unexpected) for Ohhhhhhhhndrea to develop a drug problem. But bygones. I've posted in other threads but I also didn't get the constant fluffing of Kelly. Was there anyone besides Val who wasn't in love with Kelly? Love the throwback type photo! Shannen does look great. We all know Tori has had her share of cosmetic surgery (is her own DNA even admissible in court any longer?) but Jennie doesn't really look like herself either.
  7. psychoticstate

    Seasons 4-7: The College Years

    I've been rewatching some of the seasons and watched a handful of later Season 5 and the first 4 or so of Season 6 over the weekend (because I'm lame.) First, what a terrible send off for Ohhhhhndrea and Jesse and Jim and Cindy. At least Ohhhhhndrea and Jesse got an actual send-off in their not U-Haul black masking taped trailer but we didn't get a proper goodbye to Jim and Cindy? Why kind of fuckery is this? And why would they leave their Beverly Hills home in the care of a chucklefuck like Brandon? Donna is a simp but I can't hate on her too much because she's actually pretty likable to everyone else (looking at you, Kelly.) Her hair and her bolt-ons are a crime but she's also saddled with Ray, so there's that. After she falls down the steps in Palm Springs, she's really snippy at Val and tells her she knew there was something going on between Val and Ray. Huh? Did someone tell her something or did she suspect and just keep her mouth shut? Of course we never find out because . . . reasons. And I despise that the show had Donna stay with Ray, at least for a while. Ugh. Which writer or writers had a boner for Kelly? Every damn episode it seems there is major fluffing going on for her. It's one thing to have her boyfriend(s) talk about how gorgeous (whatever) she is but must everyone bow at the altar of Kelly? Even when she's looking like ass, the world stops so everyone can gawk. Sure. Okay. The gang is in L.A. Lots of pretty people out there. Of course maybe if the gang got out more and, you know, hung out with people besides the 6 in their group, they would realize there's more going on than just the Peach Pit and the After Dark. In any event, unreal and unrealistic that Kelly seems to start falling for Dylan again, just in time for Season 5's finale. Excuse me? Speaking of, the gang was headed to Palm Springs at the end of the school year; right? So May or June? Would be pretty hot in Palm Springs then so to see some of these dorks in jackets, suits, etc. was ridiculous. Frankly, you want to go to PS in February. Since CU seems to have some kind of break every month or so, the students should have been able to handle that. Hated the Ginger/Val set up. Stupid and dangerous, since Brandon and/or Steve could have called the cops on Ginger. But of course they didn't and of course no one asked why Val, if she was so mad and disgusted at Ginger, would then bother driving her to the airport. Ah, the days before Uber. Had a good laugh over how "the gang" managed to get Casa Walsh repainted, cleaned, light fixtures replaced, draperies replaced, etc. in one afternoon. Suuuuuuure. Of course now the Pasta Fork Kitchen years are upon us. While the show definitely gets much more soapy from this point on, it is definitely not the same without Brenda, Jim, Cindy, and Ohhhhhndrea. And of course Dylan's departure is coming up quickly as well. BTW, just want to add that NO WAY is Kelly "Cat Butt Mouth" (TM Tara and Sarah) "I Choose Me" Taylor Dylan McKay's soulmate. Nor should she be his end game. That should be Brenda. I actually like Toni and feel she was a much better match for Dylan than Kelly. Of course I feel nearly everyone is a better match than Kelly (although she kind of deserves lame Colin and his stupid "art").
  8. psychoticstate

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

    Good Lord, Cabbage Patch and MeganMyQueen are equally stupid. Cabbage Patch repeatedly needs Michael to "make a choice," and MeganMyQueen thinks she and Michael are "on a break." Michael is lucky people like Cabbage Patch and MeganMyQueen walk the earth or he'd be having to pay for sex. MeganMyQueen - -the real world isn't like 90210. There are more than 6 people around. Date/sleep with more than just those 6 people or friends of your boyfriend. What is it about car washes with Lamar and Andrea? Don't they have a shower in their house? "Ghettotoe" was hilarious and spot on. I loved Andrea's "wherever you just came from you need to go back to." Too bad she didn't stand firm. Does it normally take hours to finalize your parole? Why would Clint drop MyGoddess off and meet her hours later at the airport? Was he worried he'd get drug tested? Why was that airport so deserted? Who is this crazy chick that Clint's been emailing? Please tell me she was incarcerated with MyGoddess. That would be karmic gold. People like Scott allow people like Lizzie to roam free and continue to act like self-absorbed assholes with an inflated sense of self. Don't apologize for dating anyone, Scott, and don't justify why Charlene is in your house. None of Lizzie's damn business. I read the linked article about Sasha. Sounds like none of it would have happened if not for her and her desire to steal a tv. Both she and Brittany can stop with the innocent act; Sasha was not some innocent passerby or unknowing dupe who was in the car. She set the wheels in motion, she should pay the price. She's lucky she only got 10 years. This was a case of felony murder. I hate to side with Marcelino but in this case, with Brittany choosing company with felons, he's in the right.
  9. psychoticstate

    S12. E05. The Art Stands Alone

    Frankly, all the judging should be done blind so there is less a chance of bias. Alexis got a gift for whatever reason because she should have gone home. I figured it would be Pony because of all the THs she got but still. Her elimination tattoo was far and away the most attractive and since judging is apparently fluid, that would have gotten her a pass with me.
  10. psychoticstate

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

    Listen up, Cabbage Patch. You don't need to keep saying that Michael needs to choose between you and MeganMyQueen. He already has. Cut your losses. You married and had two children with a shitty human being who has lied and cheated on you and who will continue to do the same. Take care of your kids and let him be MeganMyQueen's problem. Ha ha ha! Of course Michael is pissed off and upset over MeganMyQueen cheating on him with this Rock guy. Don't even think of bringing up the fact that Michael lied to you about being married and was cheating on his wife with you. Facts muddy the water! Honestly, Michael should be pissed that this Rock guy, who is supposedly a friend, was hitting up MeganMyQueen. On another note, clearly MeganMyQueen's shitty taste in men extends beyond Michael. Am I supposed to feel sorry for Sasha? Because I don't. You were involved in a crime that left 2 people dead. I know Brittany mentioned she's been waiting 6 years for her final sentence to come down. Has Sasha been free that whole time? Because again. . . not sorry. And Marcelino? Shut up. You're pissed because Brittany took an Uber home rather than drive after having a drink and that might possibly throw your schedule out of whack? Zip it. Brittany mentioned that Marcelino comes home at 6 am? Does that mean he's at the casinos all night? Oh, hell no. I'm going to guess that he comes home and goes to bed, other than taking Gio to school, and that would mean that Brittany is basically on parental and house duty all day while he's sleeping and then at night while he's out playing poker. So MyGoddess desperately wants to impress Clint's mother but these two chucklefucks roll up to ChezParents over an hour late for brunch? Holy crap. Really? It's not difficult. Seems like they live about 30 minutes away (based on the timeline on the screen). Pack for your stupid, ill-advised Vegas trip before you need to walk out the door and choose your brunch clothing the night before. Rude, rude, rude. Scott is a fucking moron. Lizzie shows up and he doesn't throw her out on her ass before she can slap him? Nope, nope, nope. Lizzie doesn't miss you, Scott. She misses having someone she can walk all over and take advantage of. She doesn't want to work, in the legitimate sense. She's already bilked you for over $100G. Get a clue, dude. Tennyson and Nala may be the smartest people I've seen on any reality show, never mind being kids. Andrea, pack them up and take them and Priscilla back to Utah. Lamar, you know what I'm saying, isn't sure he wants to be married, you know what I'm saying, or responsible for a family, you know what I'm saying, or into Christmas, you know what I'm saying, and he's spent all these years in prison, you know what I'm saying, so he needs time for himself, you know what I'm saying. Plus, the fact that she doesn't drink, you know what I'm saying, or smoke or do anything he considers fun, you know what I'm saying, means he can't really have fun with her, you know what I'm saying. Honestly, if Lamar, like, you know what I'm saying, sat down with, like, Jazmine, you know what I'm saying, and, like, had a, like, conversation with her, you know what I'm saying, I think, like, my head would explode, you know what I'm saying?
  11. psychoticstate

    S04.E05: 99 Problems but a Chef Ain't One

    Hannah whining about the extra work is typical Hannah. Unless it's editing shenanigans, each time she seems to be whining about her extra work, she's polishing a glass or something, while Aesha is handling all the cabins, maybe with Joao's help, and Jack is doing laundry. I get that Hannah needs assistance from the deck crew during dinner service but other than that, exactly how is she being put out any worse than anyone else? I get that the stews have more guest interaction and often longer days (unless, of course, the boat needs to be moved in the middle of the night) but Hannah is fortunate that she's got a good deck crew that's pitching in and helping without complaint. Joao may be angling for one of the best bosuns to appear on this show. So far, he's hardworking, pitches in where necessary and has a smile on his face. It was past time for Mila to hit the road. I'm disappointed that the first female BD chef turned out to be such a clusterfuck. Anastasia is holding up well, though. Major kudos to her - - and I surely hope she's getting a chef's pay versus a third stew. So is charter guest Ashley a rapper like Love After Lockup's Lamar and Michael are "rappers"?
  12. I fell asleep and only saw a portion of this but I find it incredibly rich than Dorinda is screeching at Tinsley for allegedly still sleeping with Scott so she can buy nice things. Rich because Dorinda has admitted she stays with John, at least in part, so she can get her dry cleaning done. Dorinda needs to take a dozen seats. Why is this even an issue? Tinsley is an adult. If she's still seeing or sleeping with Scott, or spending his money, that's her business. Period. I'm still floored at how uncaring most of these ladies were toward Tinsley when Bambi died. They all have pets. For heaven's sake, they attended the funeral service of Sonja's dog. And now they're acting like Tinsley needs some kind of intervention over her grief. Screw them.
  13. psychoticstate

    S06.E07: Dick Moves and Dick Pics

    Patricia and Craig are the only salvageable (and interesting) people on this show nowadays. Besides the pets, that is. More pets, SC. Kathryn continues to annoy me with her bad extensions, monotone voice and lack of any sense. I hate to say it but she's relatively boring without TRav. She's also a shit friend, which Dani needs to wake up and realize. Of course, as others have pointed out, Dani appears to have no recognition or understanding of female anatomy so there's that. How you can be 34, almost 35, years old and have no clear concept of how your body works . . I just . . . ugh. Exactly what was the purpose of the guys' camping trip? Didn't Austen say it was to help him get over Madison? Yeah. Good job, guys. I'm sorry for the people of Tennessee, having to deal with that group for 2 days. Was it 2 days? It seemed like 2 days, which is a waste IMO to drive an RV that far (and then fly home.) Why didn't they just fly to Nashville to begin with? So bizarre. Was Austen the only one sleeping outside the RV in a tent? And if the trip was to help him, shouldn't he have been given first choice on sleeping arrangements? I have to admit I find Whitney (mostly) entertaining. Of course he brought his Braun (or whatever) electric toothbrush. Of course he's sanitizing the remote control. Never change, Whit. It was nice of him to pick up the dinner tab at the restaurant, especially since everyone ordered a steak and the 2 bottles of wine, alone, were over $200. Shep is downright insufferable. He's beyond passive aggressive about Craig. He is totally resentful of him. He needs a purpose besides nailing drunk chicks while he waits for his "mailbox money." What a sad existence. I'm already terrified for Craig the Puppy. And did Shep really spend nearly $500 on a dog bed, some treats, a leash, a collar and some toys? He got reamed. Go to WalMart or even PetsMart. Same stuff, a lot cheaper. Naomie seems happy and she's already labeled Matul "the one" so I'm sure she'll get her heart splattered all over the place. Very little of Cameran, which is okay with me if all she's going to bring to the table this season is parenting "drama."
  14. psychoticstate

    BH: 90210 Reboot.... It’s so Meta

    I believe it was reported that Luke was going to appear in a limited capacity, working around his Riverdale role. It would have been great to see him and Shannen together again, as I always felt Dylan was Brenda's endgame, not Kelly's. I have always had and will always have a soft spot for Ian Ziering/Steve Sanders. I do think he and Shannen mended fences - - if memory serves, she attended one of his Chippendale shows. Hopefully all of them can realize that whatever issues they had were years ago, when some of them were still teenagers, and let it go for the greater good (i.e., so that those of us who are still unabashed 90210 fans can continue to get our fix.) On a shallow note, in the promo video it took me a minute to recognize Jennie Garth. She's clearly done something (or somethings) to her face.
  15. psychoticstate

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

    That fact that MeganMyQueen watched the IzYuOvulatin' scene and Cabbage Patch watched ITookMeganMyQueen'sVirginity scene, as well as many others (like, all of them) and they are both still fighting over that wee little stoned sprite proves that both of them are fucking stupid and absolutely pathetic. MeganMyQueen needs counseling and Cabbage Patch needs a divorce lawyer and full custody.