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  1. psychoticstate

    Angela & Tony: Photoshop Of Horrors

    I thought I recalled from the first season that Angela was in Mississippi.
  2. psychoticstate

    S07.E19: The Exorcism of Stassi Schroeder

    Yawn. This was an absolute filler episode. I love animals so I didn't find the puppy party as annoying or egregious as others. I'd rather see that than Schwartz and Katie fighting, that's for sure. I do like that James admitted that he was behind the puppy party behind Raquel was into it. Scary to think that Jax could take a few lessons from James Kennedy. I agree with what others have pointed out. James may be an immature dickhead a lot of the time but he will work hard and promote himself and others. I also remember when he came up with See You Next Tuesday and was on the street handing out flyers and encouraging passerby to stop in. And See You Next Tuesday is a hell of a lot more original and a clever spin on the usual See You Next Tuesday reference than Girls' Night In. I also agree that Katie did the Girls' Night In solely to take a dig at James, to prove that anyone could bring in the crowds on Tuesday nights. She is unbelievably lazy. She doesn't want to continue because it's work, that's the only reason. James' Tuesday nights apparently got him other gigs during the week at other locations. If Katie were smart, she'd realize it could potentially open doors for her, or at least her other side businesses (if she has any.) I know she has/had Pucker and Pout but I don't think she's worked on that in a while. I hope that Lisa is connecting the dots that James not only brought folks in to SUR but worked hard doing it and never complained about the work or time to do it. Why was Stassi the only one getting exorcised when Katie was there too? If that oracle didn't see a bad spirit or spirits connected to Katie, she's a hack. And where do these chucklefucks find these people?? I really want for Jax and Britt to make it but it's not looking good. While I do think that Jax has changed, I worry it may be temporary and he's still obviously very selfish at his core (despite having moments where he does consider her, like when he's concerned about her health.) Kristen and the Nugget being friends is like I've dropped acid without my own knowledge. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I kind of miss crazy Kristen. I do love the Nugget's hair though. Did anyone check the alleys around the venue where Lala was "singing" for cats in heat? If that passes for singing and a person or persons from a record label were there, the bar is set really low. She's still an asshole and she's still using her father's death as an excuse for being an asshole. Flat Iron's tour of Chez Flat Iron & Nugget was hilarious in how uncomfortable it was. It's an apartment - - would you even be allowed to put in a backsplash and a dishwasher? And why would you? I guess Flat Iron and Nugget consider that adulting. Schwartz playing Schwartz Bond was humorous but fairly predictable. Lisa and Ken's reaction was gold though.
  3. psychoticstate

    S07.E18: End of an Era

    Lala and her panic attacks need to stay home. (The baby bottles can stay too.) I did appreciate that for once, Lisa seemed to enforce a dress code. A vacation without Kristen freaking out and making a drunken ass of herself? Who would have thought? Also in the "who would have thought" category - - Kristen and the Nugget making out. Say what now? Loved Tom Juan and Mafioso Tom. Schwartzie is pretty good with accents. Katie still annoys. Funny that Stassi - -she who believes the world should halt for her birthday and make it a national holiday - -thinks a puppy party is crazy. Sure, girl. FWIW, I would absolutely take my dog to a puppy party. Beau, if you're breaking out in hives dealing with Stassi, even 1 percent of the time, it's time to pink slip that relationship. As I find Raquel totally inoffensive, I felt bad for how roughly she got shot down by basically everyone. Billie should probably slow her ride since Lisa is her boss. I actually liked Jax when he ordered two ice waters, looking out for Brittney's ulcer (since she's apparently not.) So Lala is an asshole to everyone but that's okay. Kristen has been a drunken asshole and that's okay. Katie has been a preachy, judgmental asshole and that's okay. Jax has fucked over everyone and that's okay. But everyone is still pissed at James? Really?
  4. I don't think Ted broke and entered into the Burr home. If my memory is correct, Ann Marie liked to get up and play piano. I think it's entirely possible that he was doing his usual peeping Tom routine and happened to see her. It's been reported that she knew Ted and had a little girl crush on him. I have no doubt that had he waved at her from the front window, she would have opened the front door and gone outside to him. As I recall, the front door was found opened the morning Ann Marie disappeared. From what Ted's aunt Julia had stated (to awakening from a nap surrounded by kitchen knives and the young Ted standing by the bed, watching and smiling) and what Ted himself said, although likely in the third person, he had killing on his mind for a long time. Certainly by the time he was 14. I have no problem believing he could claim his first victim at that age, as well as being so panicked and freaked out by what he'd done, that he wouldn't do it again for a handful of years. (I also firmly believe that Ted was responsible for the bludgeoning of two young ladies in the Queen Anne Hill section of Seattle in 1966, I think. One woman died; one survived but with loss of memory.) I do agree that it took him years to work up to breaking and entering, as with the Queen Anne Hill attack mentioned above. I've never believed that Linda Healy was his first victim. Her abduction was most definitely that of a practiced offender.
  5. psychoticstate

    S07.E16: I Don't Like the Sound of Your Voice

    Lala is such a tool. It's been soooooo long since she had to travel like a plebeian, carry her own bag and her own passport, rub shoulders with the lowly commoners and not get on a PJ. How on earth does she go on? I guess she'd better find a new and expensive d**k to suck so she can fly private again. Loved how the editing monkeys interspersed shots of her doing the exact opposite of what she described to Lisa with regard to Billie's brunch. Take a seat or 12, Lala. Katie can join you there because Schwartz wasn't wrong when he described her as a wet blanket. Jesus. I guess she expected for him to give her the first class seat. Suck it up and (wo)man up, Katie. It was a short flight and it's not like they put him on another plane. I said this last week and I'll say it again - - for years she's bitched about how she wanted Schwartz to be more ambitious and have a career, etc. Now that he has one, she's bitching about how he doesn't spend enough time with her. Which is it? And as others have pointed out, what is YOUR career, Katie? Besides being a chucklefuck on this show, that is. I'm glad that Lisa learned that James was telling the truth. His expression when she told him was both sweet and tragic. He is so desperate for her approval. I understand she was frustrated with him over the beer but she should go a step further and explain why. Don't just berate him - - tell him you want him to be healthy because you care. Tell him you're proud of him for how far he's come and not to let anyone - - not even his dad - - destroy that. Flat Iron packing is gold. Of course he takes way more than the Nugget. A hat carrier? I never even knew one existed. And of course don't forget your flat iron! Full on scuba gear? Can't you just rent that in Mexico? One red belt, much less two? Never change, Flat Iron. Never change. So Brittney is told by her doctor not to drink for a certain period of time, to give her ulcer time to heal and because she's on meds and she can't go alcohol-free for even the opening of TomTom? Really? Could she not get a virgin cocktail? Or water? What's the big deal? No way will she be able to stay sober in Mexico with these chucklefucks.
  6. psychoticstate

    S08.E12: You Give Love A Bad Name

    @ChristmasJones, I wondered if Kate got "blackout drunk" on the honeymoon, had sex with Luke and then didn't remember a thing the next morning? Maybe that turned him off? Either way, while I still think Luke is a POS, it did concern me that when he mentioned her getting blackout drunk, she didn't respond. That makes me think she is indeed getting blackout drunk, which is very worrisome. Was she doing that pre-marriage or is this a symptom of being in this marriage? I feel for Jasmine and Will (at least today) because I see both sides. Jasmine wants to be physically intimate with Will because he's her husband. Will, despite being married to Jasmine, wants to get to know each other better before getting physical. Both are right. I do think they like each other; they do butt heads on the intimacy issue and financial roles but otherwise, seem okay together. Strangely, either decision - - staying together or splitting up - - would be appropriate. I think Keith and Kristine and A.J. and Stephanie should stay together on D-Day. Doesn't mean they should stay together forever, or will, but at this point, there is nothing that should make them think they should call an end to it pronto. While I do think that A.J. is easily testy and moody, that is probably exacerbated by the cameras and crew being present. Stay together and see how he is for a few weeks/months. The only reason I could conceive at this point for Keith and Kristine not to stay together would be the issue over children - - Kristine obviously is not looking to have kids in the very near future. If she's willing to deal with his schooling for the next few years, I think they're a solid match. He's clearly infatuated with her (if he's not ready to say "love" yet) and he has gone outside of his comfort zone for her to cook. He's also a self-professed introvert, who is married to more of an extrovert and (right now at least) surrounded by a film crew. I did understand his need to take a nap while on the mini-moon, with 3 other couples in what looked to be a relatively small house.
  7. psychoticstate

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    Raquel may not have been a patron in the literal sense but as far as other patrons knew, she was. She is not an employee of SUR while Lala was at the time. Lisa is in La La land (no pun intended) if she thinks the person who she knew from Lala's first season was basically a party girl who was giving BJs to get on "PJs" and private yachts doesn't behave "like that." Speaking of the previews, I had to laugh when, after what? 7 seasons of Katie bitching at Schwartz for not working and being ambitious, she is now apparently complaining that he's not spending a lot of time with her because he's working!!
  8. psychoticstate

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    I'm sorry that Lala lost her father but that does not give her carte blanche to be a judgmental, screechy asshole. Flat Iron had it dead on when he said she won't get fired for her rude, crude and out of line behavior but James surely would. Katie can STFU already (and I say this as someone who used to find her entertaining). She starts in on Kristen by saying that Kristen's man is a dick; Kristen counters by saying that Katie's own man has been a dick to her, to which Katie responds with "we're talking about you" in order to change the direction of the conversation. Listen, Katie, you started it by talking about Carter, NOT Kristen, so it isn't totally about Kristen. Since Katie got married, her head seems to have grown about 3 dozen sizes. Take a seat, girl. Brittany looked pretty when she was listening to Lala go on and on about how she's been wronged and the death of her father gives her the right to be abusive to everyone. It will be interesting to see if she can exactly go on a Mexican jaunt with these chucklefucks and not drink. Maybe being sober will make her realize that her "friends" are generally a bunch of dipshits. Beau is an excellent bedazzler. Lisa clearly still despises Kristen. James can be an ass but I feel for him. Lisa has obviously been a mother figure (at least of sorts) to him and he so very much wants her approval. Yeah, he's made mistakes (a lot of them) but don't give others repeated chances and opportunities (Jax anyone? Schwartz?) while continuing to kick James at every turn. At least Flat Iron seems to be trying to help him. Flat Iron at the DMV was gold. The DMV employee clearly didn't give a shit why Flat Iron was getting a motorcycle license and OF COURSE Flat Iron would ask if there's hair and makeup available for his photo. Never change, Flat Iron, never change. Loved how the editing monkeys made it appear that Peter apparently missed the entire Lala SUR Screechfest 2019 by, you know, doing his job. Lala should be fired but again, as Flat Iron pointed out, she won't be. Lisa will probably make excuses for her while continuing to expect James to cure cancer as a means of redeeming himself.
  9. Bethenny's investment home is just gorgeous. I am green with jealousy. So far, I'm liking Barbara. I think she'd look amazing if she cut her hair to Lu's length. Her long hair makes me think of the Jersey hos. No surprise but Ramona is a really shitty hostess. She leaves Dorinda, her guest, behind to go to Barbara's clam bake? Rude. Although I will say that Dorinda deserves it. She's a real bitch on wheels. She was a mean, angry drunk last season. Now she's just mean and angry. Sonja continues to make me laugh. Watching her trying to explain Barbara's explanation while Ramona and Dorinda consistently yapped over her was hilarious. Ramona "flirting" is painful and awkward but I am so here for it. I think if I had to stay with one of these groups for the weekend, it would be with Bethenny and Lu. I could not handle Ramona and Dorinda (Rarinda? Domona?) Their constant bitching and yapping would get on my last good nerve. ETA: Because I can't bitch about Dorinda enough -- does she not understand the difference between alcohol being a trigger and a person being a trigger? She continued harping on Lu's cabaret show putting her around alcohol but I think both Sonja and Barbara were fairly clear when they explained Lu's "vulnerability" and never said it had to do with being around alcohol. Assholes, yes. Alcohol, no.
  10. psychoticstate

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    Frankly, I don't give a shit about the texts. I don't care if Lisa instructed her employee/not her employee to notify Teddi about the dog. Ultimately, regardless of texts or who told or didn't tell LVP what, the undisputed fact is that Dorito broke her contract by giving the dog to someone who then dumped it in a kill shelter. That's all I care about and that's all these (mostly) petty bitches should care about. Dorito is not a victim; the dog is. Dorito can claim she just didn't read the contract but she's a business owner, no? Excellent job at showing how professional and responsible you are, Dorito, admitting that you sign contracts you don't read. Erika annoys me. And I hate her house. It's ridiculous, dark and ugly. Love Rinna's house and her garden really is lovely. The best scene of the night was Mauricio (or Mo, as Kyle calls him) curling her hair. He was so proud of himself, it made me smile. Still love Denise. Clearly after dealing with Charlie Sheen, not much fazes her. If these BH Housewives eventually get to her, that will say a whole heck of a lot.
  11. psychoticstate

    S02.E14: Prison Blues to Wedding Bells

    Truth. Not only that but he's had how long to prepare for what he's going to say to one or the both of them when the truth comes out and instead he tells both he doesn't want to talk about it and/or it's not the right time. I think the truest thing the runt said all season was that he had no idea what a husband and wife meant or do. He needs therapy and not to be surrounded by women (his mother, Cabbage Patch, and MeganMy Queen) who enable him and make excuses for his shit behavior.
  12. psychoticstate

    S07.E14: Tom vs. Tom

    Okay but if he did, that was between him and Kristen (and Kristen certainly starts quite a lot of stuff with him and others.) That didn't involve Katie. So no matter what he may or may not have said to Kristen, Katie started the name throwing between her and James by commenting on James' appearance first. I could be wrong but as I remember it, it was more than just a "pull up your pants" kind of comment.
  13. psychoticstate

    S07.E14: Tom vs. Tom

    I really wish one of these chucklefucks would remind High and Mighty Katie that she started the Pride fight by first commenting on James' appearance in his attire. Funny how she forgets that when she cries about being a victim. I agree with Flat Iron that she's a bully. Ever since she got married, she's acting as though she has some moral high ground above everyone else. Girl, you married an alcoholic who was cheating on you before you got married and you had to give him an ultimatum before he would marry you. Not exactly an ideal relationship so take a seat. Yes, James called you fat and he shouldn't have. But everyone in your group has talked shit about the others. Heck, Kristen slept with Jax while he was Stassi's boyfriend and everyone accepted her back in. Jax had lied, cheated and stole from people within the group and he's consistently allowed back in (if he was ever kicked out in the first place.) FWIW, Katie can claim to "pull rank" and play the wife card all she wants but since it was Flat Iron's idea for the trip and Flat Iron was inviting folks, it's not Katie's decision on who can come and who can't. If she doesn't like who Flat Iron invites, then don't go. Problem solved. Loved the cat café. When I was living in SoCal, I always wanted to go there and never made it. I hope the Witches of WeHo being there didn't traumatize the cats too much.
  14. psychoticstate

    S02.E14: Prison Blues to Wedding Bells

    I'm not sure I even know where to begin with this mess. So Marcelino and Brittany got "married" before the cameras, even though Marcelino wasn't legally divorced -- or had his marriage annulled -- at that point? Okay. Brittany looked beautiful in her dress but I'm not going to lie - - her hand tattoos annoy me. Her vows were lovely. Was Marcelino rubbing his head for good luck? Brittany's ex Amanda looked high as a kite. Giovanni is adorable. Zoila? Not a fan. I thought that Lizzie was cold but I didn't realize she was that fucking COLD. Jesus, what a bitch. Jasmine (still not going to spell it that way) was positively gloating over her mother breaking up with Scott. If she was okay that Lizzie dumped him (after telling Jasmine just a day or so before how she loved him) because he was lacking coin, then the apple clearly doesn't fall far from the tree. Good luck, Lizzie, because I don't see you lasting long as an "independent woman," working anywhere that doesn't involve a pole. You need to find someone like Clint because you're just a broken down 'ho past your expiration date. I do think it's rich that Lizzie is offended that Scott moved on so quickly. Ha. Scott should probably get his debts paid off and just hang out with friends since he clearly has shit taste in women. Why didn't he take that car with him? I guess he was stupid enough to put that car in Lizzie's name only? Shoot, if it were financed, he should call the cops and report it stolen. I'm glad that Caitlin and Matt are no longer together. He was bringing her down. I'd be willing to bet that it was his "new" girlfriend's SUV that he was driving when he came by his mom's house a week later to pick up his stuff. His friend drives a Honda Civic, so not his. I'd also be willing to bet that Matt was back on the meth not long after he got out and he probably met the new girlfriend via the meth. I hope that Caitlin can move forward and toward a better life. Clint and MyGoddess - - who does MyGoddess think she's fooling (besides Clint) claiming that her drastic weight loss was due to prison food? Is she Matt's new girlfriend? She wasn't that skinny when she first got out. And was she coloring her hair while in jail with Hi-C or Jell-O because that color is not natural to man. Clint seems happy and totally delusional so there's that. And apparently not concerned at all about where MyGoddess (or should we say MyCrackGoddess) left the rental car. I'm actually disappointed we didn't get an update on the rental car. So Clint now works at the family meat market (screaming for a pun) after his first ex-wife fired him. Probably because he missed a shit ton of work running around after MyCrackGoddess and/or doing crack. I did laugh at how classy MyCrackGoddess was to be changing her clothes in her seat on the damn bus. Never change, MyCrackGoddess. MeganMyQueen/Michael/Cabbage Patch. Cabbage Patch, don't be calling yourself a "strong woman" when you take Michael back time and again and get pregnant by him when he's been out for something like a day. Seriously, girl, you complain about how he's not around for Avianna - - do you think he's going to change if you add another kid to your litter? Your "strong woman" is equivalent to Lizzie's "independent woman." Not happening. And both MeganMyQueen and Cabbage Patch are still "in contact" with Michael? I get that Cabbage Patch has to, to some extent, because they have two kids together. Is that all it is or more? MeganMyQueen thinks she and Michael are soulmates? She's a damn fool. They both enable this little runt to continue to cheat and lie. I would love to see an update show, as they did for the first season. I'll be tuning in for the next round this summer!
  15. psychoticstate

    General True Crime Shows

    Okay. I saw that People Magazine Investigates - - and I use "Investigates" very lightly. I think that program was done with a great deal of cooperation from the current Mrs. MacDonald so there are a lot of falsehoods being reported as fact.