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  1. So Daonte considers phone calls and sending money to Nicolle "dating." Okay. He seems nice enough so he's going to end up in bankruptcy and with his heart shredded. I guess at least he'll still have Nicolle, Jr. His friend is awesome though. I hope we see more of him. So Courtney (I think?) the former corrections officer is 30 and has been married 3 times? Girl. You're getting married just to get married. It sucks for you but I'm sure it will up our Friday night entertainment potential. Brittany (sp?) is clearly this season's candidate for announcing to the family she's dating
  2. Had they seen none of the episodes or just not all? I thought maybe just not all. Regarding Haley -- totally agree. She knew she was signing up for an 8-week "experiment" so to give up on day 4 is something. And did she honestly expect an emotional connection 4 days in? Most people in the "real world" outside of reality tv and MAFS don't have an emotional connection 4 days in. I wouldn't just say her actions were short sighted but very juvenile as well.
  3. Is there any way we can get 2 hours of our lives back for that shit show? Honestly, boring beyond belief and a complete waste of time. We were there for the entire season, we don't need the recaps. And I'm guessing the MAFS-ers don't need them either. Although maybe Chris does (because he wasn't there) and Virginia does because she was lit a lot of the time. I will say that Virginia in her flapper dress looks good. Especially when compared to the clip from the second honeymoon/couples trip where her face looks bloated and broken out from all the non-drinking and the non-stressful sit
  4. Episode MVP is very clearly Dr. V, who SO ISN'T HERE for any of Chris's revisionist, con artist, whispery, fake crying bullshit. She also wasn't here for any of Paige's woe-is-me, so wanting to continue to be Chris's victim nonsense. So let's start with these two twats. Why were they even present on Decision Day? Wasn't their decision day like a month ago? Actually, wasn't it pretty much when Chris decided Paige was too ugly for him and he took off for Chicago from Vegas? Anyway, did Chris inflict himself on us only so that we could hear that Mercedes's fake pregnancy ended in
  5. Sydney is clearly nuts but for Gary and Alli to suck face all over each other at the dinner table, directly across from her, is pretty rude. Actually, it's pretty rude in general but especially since Alli claims that she's being so considerate towards Sydney. If she were truly considerate, none of that would be happening in group settings. Honestly, if they are so into each other, wait the whole two and a half or three weeks that's left in the charter season and then do whatever you want. (I think we all know that it's very probable as soon as Gary gets into Alli's pants, he'll lose intere
  6. Well, this was two hours of bullshit filler, to be followed next week by more bullshit filler until we can get to the bullshit Decision Day. Awesome! Someone posted upthread (apologies, I don't recall who) that Vincent has a bit of a mean streak. Thank you. I couldn't put my finger on what it was, other than being moody but that's it. He does seem to have a mean streak. Brianna doesn't need that. Nor does anyone else. I was HORRIFIED that he cut her braid, after telling her she was going to get a good surprise. HELL, NO. You don't mess with anyone's hair. And you certainly don't c
  7. I don't know if I would say that. I think if the experience had been bad, she wouldn't hesitate to say so (and would frankly make more sense than her "Jake likes the 80s? Ewwwww!" or "Jake doesn't wear tennis shoes? Marriage over!") She has zero problems criticizing Jake to anyone and everyone about anything and everything so I think she would at least hint about it, if not come right out and say it. Neither of them said anything about it to the "experts" either. As far as not wanting to hear Jake relive anything, the fact is that Haley doesn't want to hear Jake, period. She ha
  8. I definitely don't need three previous MAFS couples to tell me what we all know. This season is a bust and truthfully, none of these couples should stay together.
  9. Didn't Virginia mention she had depression? Or maybe it was just anxiety? Anyhow, I have to wonder if she's on meds for that. Combining any prescription meds with alcohol (and especially gallons of alcohol on the regular) isn't good. I have to wonder if the experts had any idea about the extent of Virginia's partying. Surely if they did any kind of home visit they would notice the empty liquor bottles, the many, many tumblers, etc. Didn't they use to talk to friends/family way back in the beginning? Surely if they had done that, someone would have squealed about how much partying
  10. Haley continually puts her shoed feet on sofas and chairs, which grosses me out far worse.
  11. Just wanted to add that I noticed this over the last two or so episodes and it annoys the crap out of me -- can Haley sit on any chair or sofa without putting her shoes on the furniture? Grrr!
  12. Regardless of anyone's feelings on Erik, he seems like he's fairly intelligent and well read. Virginia? Not so much. I think Erik might like to have more in-depth conversations than she's capable of having -- that makes them a mismatch. I don't know if Erik is normally as bossy as he comes off in this show or if it's just his reaction to dealing with his (often) drunken child wife. I understand that Virginia doesn't want to move into Erik's condo. I also understand that Erik is saying he owns his condo and it would be foolish to sell it until he/they are sure this marriage will l
  13. You may be right. I started checking out by the time WWHL came on.
  14. Respectfully disagree about Sydney being the most attractive. I find her the least attractive physically. She has more of a cute look, I guess, but her features seem verging on the masculine to me. I don't like the tattoos that Alli and Dani have, JMO. But I find them both far more attractive than Sydney (and not meaning personality.) I too thought Dani came across very well on WWHL. I think she pointed out that she just turned 33 and she's thinking of a serious relationship/marriage and having a family, whereas someone like JL, who's 24, probably isn't. At least that's what I got
  15. I agree. I understand that Haley wouldn't have chosen to wear any necklace with a high-necked dress but even going on the assumption she assumed the bracelet was a necklace, she could have tried to wrap it around her wrist as a bracelet or draped it in her flowers. I would have made the effort to show that you wanted to wear the gift somehow on your wedding day. Of course, if Haley had planned on doing that, she would have found it was a bracelet.
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