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  1. THIS. Elizabeth isn't great but she strikes me as someone who needs a supervisor who is going to instruct her on what her duties are and then give her feedback. I think Bugsy would be a good fit for Elizabeth because love her or hate her, I think we can all agree that Bugsy does demonstrate what she wants in a positive, supportive way and is generally very encouraging. I honestly don't see a lot of differences between Elizabeth and Shane working under Francesca and Eddie, respectively. Shane was clearly green, which Eddie knew, but he seemed to have no time to teach him much of anything. I get that Elizabeth claims to have five years or so of experience but she's never worked under Francesca before so maybe Francesca should give her some instruction, before she complains to Captain Lee? And Francesca can miss me with being upset that Elizabeth would air their dirty laundry to other crew members when Francesca herself is doing exactly the same. As far as Izzy and Elizabeth shutting the door, does that particular bunk have a door? I remember the boat from when Kate and Josiah shared that "room" and I don't recall if it had a door, since it was upstairs. I'm not a guy but color me surprised that Rob would give Francesca the time of day when Ashling is there. These guests were pleasantly fun and nice and genuinely appreciative. Rachel appears to be a great, talented chef but a shit human being. I have no issue with the cursing (although there is definitely a time and place and I never use blue language around my boss or clients) but a lot of issue at how much Rachel drinks and how unhinged she gets when she does. While I didn't agree with Eddie's assessment of Trump and the virus last week (because no one thought it was going to be as bad as it was/is) I do understand his thoughts on Rachel this week. She acted the complete fool, was absolutely rude to Captain Lee, left the entire crew in the lurch, which impacted their finances if that charter had to be cancelled, and then came back and acted like nothing happened. If she had pulled that in a restaurant, I imagine she would not have been allowed back. I do understand that Captain Lee was between a rock and a hard place and really was forced to take her back but Eddie's not wrong in his frustration that she was allowed to act that way and then come back. (Not to mention having to carry her baggage off the yacht an then back on board. Rachel should have been made to deal with her own luggage.) The donkey sanctuary looked amazing. I can't believe that Eddie, Francesca and Rachel all stayed behind. Why? I mean, seeing the animals are enough reason for me but I would think that knowing Captain Lee was also going would be good incentive to let him see you in a more casual, happy light (Looking at you, Rachel.) Seeing Francesca crying this episode about the crew not being like family -- is this the most crying bunch of BD-ers we've ever had? What is with these people? Get it together!
  2. Maybe I'm having a bad day but I find all of them annoying. Maybe I'll rewatch later but for now, I'm putting in a Beverly Hills 90210 DVD and watching cheesy, yet enjoyable, tv.
  3. Captain Lee should have told Rachel to go fuck herself. I agree with Eddie -- she does not deserve to come back. Captain Lee should still be looking for another chef and then fire Rachel's ass. How could you possibly trust her? Who knows when she'll get anxious/stressed/upset/drunk and quit yet again? Fuck her. I hope these charter guests are a nightmare.
  4. Hey Cabbage Patch, maybe lock your front door! And not have a camera crew present if you don't want Michael there.
  5. Can the show just change Cabbage Patch Sarah's profession from "waitress" to "reality show 'ho"? Clearly she is going to ride this train until it goes off the tracks. Along with the leaping leprechaun she's married to and Brittany and Marcelino. And of course Chon is out of prison and trolling for Lacey.
  6. I hate some of these people so much . . . but they remind me of how mistakes I've made in my own life really aren't that bad.
  7. So I'm watching the preview for next week's "new season." Does Shawn routinely answer the door without his pants?
  8. So Maurice and Jessica got married in December and their baby was born in May. So the filming was all over the place, since Lindsey came home to Scott's construction site during the quarantine.
  9. I think Density having integrity is about as believable as her not caring about money or wanting anything from Shawn.
  10. Density has integrity? HA HA HA HA!! The funniest thing I've heard all week!
  11. Miley Grace is much more appreciative of Scott's efforts than Lindsey has ever been.
  12. Miley Grace is a cute kid. She deserves much better than Lindsey.
  13. Density says Kelly is ugly? Girl, you may have been a 6 in prison but out on the streets, you're a 3. At most. And that's because I'm in a good mood right now.
  14. Shawn, you're right. There is nothing you can do . . . until you repossess your balls from Density's handbag.
  15. So Density says it's weird for Kelly to not allow the kids to see Shawn . . . but it's perfectly okay for the kids to see Shawn and Kelly not communicating per Dictator Density's orders. I don't get it. Does Density's vajayjay shoot out gold bricks or something?
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