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  1. I just ran across a new show on HGTV that stars Luke & Clint from Boise Boys! It starts Sept 18 and is titled “Outgrown”. I hope it’s as good as the original!
  2. This is the first show in a long time that I really enjoyed. All challenges were food/cooking centric. Each chef had their time to shine No rummaging through trash, chasing pigs around, or other non-cooking related physical challenges. Looks like next week though, unfortunately, they are reverting back to form.
  3. I really thought I was going to like Levar Burton as host but I surprisingly don’t. Too much up-talk inflections and exclamations. I’m finding it exhausting & distracting. I watch this show to relax. YMMV.
  4. Yeah. These people just piss me off. I had no sympathy for her but felt really bad for those girls. They don’t have much of a life and are very overweight. Neither girl looked like they lost any weight. Too bad. Unlike you I am a food addict but I definitely followed all my doctor’s instructions when I had my bypass in 2000. I want to thank all the snarkers on the live chat for this episode. Some hilarious stuff!
  5. I got my husband to watch this season with me. I’ve been watching this show from it’s debut. I used to find it inspiring & motivating. Not anymore. I have to keep telling him the people being featured used to actually have surgery! Now I just snark on it and crack up my husband. At least it makes him realize how far I’ve come in my own weight loss journey. Too bad Obesity Med couldn’t make more episodes. It looked promising.
  6. Oh my g-d! I said all of the above to my husband when we were watching this episode! I think Mary Lou has a wonderful sense of humor and self deprecation. I really wish she would ditch those horrendous wigs & unflattering cosmetics. She really is pretty. I’m hoping it comes down to Cody, Declan, Nikki & Mary Lou (for entertainment value) but I’m thinking Cody & Kori are the most viable candidates to lead a team.
  7. I felt bad when I read above that the house is being sold. I found it on Zillow and have attached a screenshot of the ad (didn’t know how to link). You can see quite a few more rooms than we saw on the show. The house is spectacular. I can see why it’s being sold, according to Zillow the property taxes alone are almost $3000 a month & the mortgage payment could be about $15,000 monthly. It looks like they tried to sell in 2018 but it didn’t happen. I’ve lived in SoCal my entire life & didn’t know Altadena was such a ritzy area. Such beautiful homes are currently for sale. Take a look b
  8. I believe Ree said it was unfortunate she had to learn that at such a young age. PS I think that baker should have won.
  9. That’s exactly what I said to my husband! Sampling food & checking out the shops is a highlight for traveling for me. PS we watch a double-feature of BD & Jeopardy. ‘Thinking caps on!’ My husband announces. Lol.
  10. Did she have some plastic surgery? Lip injections? She really looks different & that’s not just due to the blonde hair.
  11. Seems to me they could start filming again with some simple changes. The contestants are already fairly far apart, they would just need to add plexiglass partitions in between. They could film without an audience & Alex doesn’t need to physically interact with the jeptestants (thanks to whomever coined that word!) I’m sure the crew & writers could make the appropriate changes as well. I would love to see some really old shows. The ones with Art Fleming or perhaps when Alex first started. That would be fun. 🤓
  12. They both should have been on a strict low-carb diet to drop pounds prior to surgery. I don’t get how Doc Proctor was glad Tammy ate a veggie burger instead of a regular beef burger. That won’t make a difference weight-wise.
  13. Even 20 years after my gastric bypass it’s still a daily struggle. PS I’m with you on Hoarders!
  14. That’s what makes for great reading! 😁
  15. Okay, I’ve seen James on tv before. A cooking show or something. Maybe Masterchef? This is really bugging me. I know that face!
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