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  1. She’s posted some new caterwauling videos on IG (probably FB too), if anyone’s interested. Warning: They’re bad, really bad. I just made the same comment. Sorry. 😔
  2. Seriously, do they really?? Where’s he been hiding, the prayer closet?
  3. There are knock-off brands of MJ that aren’t that expensive, and true MJ clothing can be found at most children’s consignment store. I think Anna buys all the children’s clothes at consignment stores.
  4. She probably found the boots at a consignment store, and she’s wearing them because they’re red, to match the 4th of July theme. JMHO
  5. He even looks like a dumbass, in the second pic. Yesterday I saw some photos taken of him a few years ago, and IMO he really was a good-looking guy back then. WTH happened???
  6. They truly are the epitome of Dumb and Dumber. Their poor child(ren) have no chance.
  7. Where can one find an audio copy of the show? Asking for a friend. 😏
  8. The pastor, Steven. This rabbit hole is HUGE. Apparently there have been several scandals at this church, but this is the biggest, by far. Evidently shit hit the fan at the Wednesday night service this week. Pastor Anderson addressed the allegations from the pulpit, stated that his sons had been severely punished (which probably means that he beat the hell out of them with a belt and banished them to the prayer closet for the rest of their natural lives) and that he didn’t want it to ever be mentioned again. I’m not sure what happened after he made his spiel, but at some point he offered to resign as pastor. I would love to be a fly on the wall in that church service tomorrow.
  9. Who is this woman, and where can I find more of her videos? What’s the name of her YouTube channel? She is SPOT ON with everything she said and as an added plus, she hates JRod as much or more than I do!
  10. He’s 4 months old, and he didn’t have a large head when he was born.
  11. This is Kristen Young’s (formerly of Tacos For Life) newest addition to the family. Is it just me or does that baby’s head look abnormally large, like, he-needs-medical-attention large?
  12. I watched the video leading up to the father/daughter date but haven’t watched the actual date video yet. Who filmed/videoed the date? Was it being filmed for the show? If so, that may explain at lot.
  13. Amen! I do too. From what I can tell, he’s a stellar husband and father and just an all-around great guy. It’s obvious that he worships the ground Alyssa walks on. She married up IMO.
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