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  1. Josie and Josh are the only two children that MEchelle ever actually bonded with IMO.
  2. Yes, they’re denim jackets, and those masks are more heavy-duty than the ones that most healthcare workers are using right now.
  3. Any money that could have gone towards food for the kids or decent-looking clothes that fit them was used to buy Jill a fucking chair to put in her bathroom. Self-centered bitch. 😤
  4. The toddler (Janessa?) is a little doll. The next-to-the-youngest girl (Sofia?), who is maybe FOUR years old, has her hair fixed in a teased bun. WTF?!
  5. She hates JRod, so I like her. She’s done at least a couple of videos about the Rods.
  6. I went to the grocery on Saturday, and I bought that much, if not more, for TWO people. It breaks my heart when I think about how little those children get to eat. I’m 99.9% sure that they stay hungry more often than not and then I look at their lard ass, POS, freeloader father, and I get so angry that I want to explode. Oh, how I would love to give those loser parents a piece of my mind!🤬
  7. They’d better be saving their money. It may be months before they can go from church to church, grifting meals and relying on love offerings to pay the bills.
  8. Her head looks way too big for her emaciated body. And JRod took everyone of those pics.
  9. The decorating that Jill did to that conference room is the tackiest-looking mess I’ve ever seen.
  10. I watched the entire video, and it was better than most of the other videos that she’s come up with.
  11. You mean Derick’s post? 😊 There’s no way in hell that Jill wrote that, and honestly, Derick’s not half-bad at writing composition.
  12. It’s wonderful hearing that your son is in recovery! Maybe he could give some pointers to the drunks/druggies on this show?
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