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  1. I know for a fact that she uses some type of exercise video at home. I could hear the instructor’s voice and Jinger breathing heavily, like she was exerting herself.
  2. Her kids ARE adorable, and I literally LOL when I saw the puzzle pieces stuffed into Ivy’s backside. I think that family has 3 happy, contented and well-adjusted children, so obviously J & B are doing a decent job of parenting. I have to throw some respect their way for that alone. I also think that Jessa is bright enough to make a good video. (I’m referring to how she speaks, acts, the content, knowing what to edit, etc.) When I see her videos and then Jill’s, well, it’s just very sad.
  3. Has she put boots on that baby?? It was bound to happen.
  4. Tessie is beautiful. It’s a crying shame that JRod will have her painted up like a $2 hooker by the time she’s 16. Oh how I wish that I could adopt her and give her the chance to have a great life/future. 😢
  5. Thank you! The food sounds good. I’m just wondering if they’ll stay busy enough to be able to pay the chef. Someone mentioned upthread that Dillon had several DUI’s. If so, he sounds like he may have had an alcohol problem. If so, the last place he needs to hang out is in a bar.
  6. I meant that she doesn’t wear a different outfit in every picture, not that they weren’t bought new.
  7. I don’t think they spend much money on Felicity. She rarely wears a new outfit or new shoes. I’m not in any way saying that’s a bad thing. I personally think it’s ridiculous to buy a lot of new clothes for a child that will outgrow them quickly. I’m simply making the point that I believe most of their money is spent on Jeremy first, then Jinger, then Felicity gets what’s left. Of course all of this is just my assumption.
  8. I guess I priced the wrong ones. How the hell are they funding this kind of lifestyle??
  9. Nothing with Bose name on it is cheap. $229.95
  10. I hope hell has an extra-hot fiery room waiting for Bill Gothard. He’s a sick, twisted SOB.
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