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  1. Part of the change in Timmy may have been because he wasn’t “fasting” anymore. See, I have a big problem with Jill encouraging growing kids to fast, and there’s no doubt in my mind that she strongly encourages the fasting that goes on in that house. I also think that the children may be required to fast, pray and read the Bible for long periods of time as a form of discipline.
  2. Lissy is Miss Personality! When she walks by that office and waves and says “Hi!” to the person, my heart melted. I love that little girl. I feel the same way about Gideon. They’re both precious.
  3. Chi may be the cutest toddler I’ve ever seen. She honestly looks like a baby doll.
  4. Wow. Their relationship must really be broken if they didn’t even go to MEchelle’s birthday party.
  5. I’d love to know if Dull and Dullard went to Michelle’s birthday get-together at the TTH over the weekend.
  6. I have first-hand knowledge that years of chronic pain can most definitely make you be mean and pissed off all the time.
  7. Even though he’s young enough to be my grandson, I think he looks damn good in that pic! ❤️🔥 ETA: Neither Jessa nor Ben wrote that. Pastor Studly did it.
  8. Spiritual accountability partner? WTH’s that? 🤔 She makes sure that he reads his Bible and says his prayers at bedtime?
  9. Or that God is punishing all of the sinners. 😒
  10. Yeah, I saw it. The commercial is supposed to be comical, and it’s based around Brielle’s obvious stupidly. So they probably raked in a pretty good wad of cash, because Brielle has the intelligence of a flea. Goals and aspirations, YOU GUYS! 🙄
  11. I think she stated in the IG post that she has an Associate Degree in Nursing.
  12. The fact that she had an A.D.N by age 18 is impressive. Nursing school is not easy, and it requires a lot of studying and dedication. Just getting through the prerequisites takes intelligence.
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