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  1. I think there has been ton of backlash on this board when candidates don’t seem to measure up to “standards.” Look at the Victoria conversation from last year alone... tons and tons of comments about her dancing, her weight. Many girls have been “targeted” here including Breelan- go back and read her season. There is continued conversation about Christina and Amy just to name a few.
  2. Pluto is back for me. Ep 403. The Menchew sisters. Ugh.
  3. Yep, me too. I see this screen now. I hope they aren’t removing the show....
  4. They cut a girl the second night of dancing (so 3rd training camp night including the first meeting) because they were sent nude photos of her taken by an ex-boyfriend who wanted to ruin her chances to make DCC. I want to say this was season 7? Maybe 6. I could be wrong on the season, but pretty sure it was 6 or 7, someone else can correct the season. But I’ve never seen them cut so early for dance stuff.
  5. I hear you. The reality is that this is a professional dance job. Tonight, they asked Kat if she knew what relevé and coupé meant. When she didn’t know coupé, they told her that she needed to find some dance classes in the area. I’m not saying everyone needs to be a professional level ballerina, but K&J have cut so many TCCs because of lack of dance training... even a few years of ballet as a young adult could prepare someone like Kat (who has a ton of natural talent and training in an area like gymnastics, so flexibility and turn out have already been taught), to be on top of her game instead of a little behind the curve.
  6. Just had this idea. They could add to auditions (between semi’s and finals) a ballet class. If they saw each of the TCCs at the barre, they would easily see things like turn-out, feet placement in the dance positions, extensions (ability to get that leg up in a controlled way), and knowledge of basic dance vocabulary. This could be a round like interviews where they have an almost pass/fail grade that would go into the decision of who makes it to camp. The judges could still watch them all at finals, but would have this information at deliberations after finals so that they would know who would most likely struggle at camp because of their dance technique. Just a thought...
  7. The quick cuts show that they’ve seen early weakness. I think they’ve publicly (on the show) have said every year: “This is one of the most talented rookie class that we’ve seen in years.” They can’t publicly say- “hey, we are really concerned about our new squad- how are we ever going to be ready to go on stage in 2 months?” I said “help,” not define. Lol.
  8. I liked the Episode in general, but a big chunk of it was kind of the “Kat show.” They opened with Kat getting a manicure- during that, she gets a text telling her that she had to move because someone in her host family was deathly allergic to cats. She had stayed there only 1 night- who brings a cat to someone else’s house without asking? Then they show a lot about her dancing- Travis Wall notices the same weakness we saw at auditions. Other stuff in the episode I liked: we knew about who was cut, but apparently they are trying to cut early this year instead of drawing out the time that a TCC stays so it’s easier on everyone. Ashley cut for kicks, Gina Marie- dance experience and choreo pick up problems. Instead of that heart wrenching ending of camp cut, they are doing it now. I love that approach. I LOVED Travis Wall and his teaching style!!!! So much fun to watch. They also showed that the personality testing was used to help them put dancers into groups. Since we knew some of the outcomes, it was good to see how it actually played out.
  9. I was trying to help the OP. They dance to so many more songs than those that you listed. Although the ones you listed are their signature songs.
  10. Why are they keeping Kat??? Ugh! She showed such weakness at Finals. Now she’s struggling in TC. And, she lost me when I just found out that she brought her pet (a cat) to her host family house without asking them first! Who does that??? (No hate please- I have a cat).
  11. I LOVE the way Travis teaches!!! Some of the way he explains stuff is so different from other teachers: “find contraction,” instead of “contract.” He gave them a character that matches what K&J ask for. He demonstrated the difference of “recital/ competition” dance vs. really feeling it. (“I don’t want this to be like: look mom, see what I can do.”)
  12. People with ties to the organization. I think of it kind of like foreign exchange students. But I agree, there is some level of risk. At least the host families can go to the DCC Organization if there is a big problem. But, if I knew that background checks had been done, and that the person that was coming to live with me would be on their best behavior (because they are trying to make the team), I might consider it. I don’t have kids, though.
  13. I love that they are doing this! It seems more humane not to allow them to waste so many weeks there and not to allow deep ties to form that make cuts all that much harder!
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