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  1. Midsomer Murders must be the Law & Order of the UK. Tobias as a butchers son was so cute.
  2. And the detective’s sharp intake of breath was so good you really didn’t need any dialogue.
  3. I’m counting Oliver’s coats. My fave is this episodes plaid patchwork.
  4. I loved that Oliver didn’t even blink after hearing it was 13% alcohol just said Cheers.
  5. Analysis of a woman that successfully fought off a murder attempt by using skills she saw on Walking Dead said that one should always go with what you dream/fantasize about as a weapon. You’ll be comfortable with it and you will know you can succeed. So using that theory Mabel should absolutely carry a knitting needle since she’s comfortable with it.
  6. I notice that both Martin Short and Nathan Lane are noticeably ‘low key’ compared to things I’ve seen of them in the past. And I appreciate that. I wonder if this was the direction for all of them. I quite like Gomez in her part. She definitely reminds me of the 20 somethings in my life.
  7. I’ve watched both seasons. They hit the second season renewal 2 episodes in because it was so good. Selena came off as engaging and authentic. One of the first was with a chef named Ludo, well known as a bit of a a$$hole. He was yelling at her while she tried to get that swirl stir down with a French omelet. By 3 episodes in every chef she worked with was like, Ludo? Yikes. Eyeroll. But she held herself together and finished that omelet with a smile.
  8. More Midsomer Murders, which I now believe to be the British version of Law&Order for casting. I tuned into S3E3-Judgement Day to watch a young Orlando Bloom in the role he had when he heard he booked Lord of the Rings. And guess who is the butchers son, Tobias Menzies. So this is circa 2001.
  9. I’ve watched with an equestrian and she thinks that is one gorgeous horse for a lot of reasons I don’t remember. I’m like, it’s big and pretty. You are not alone.
  10. This brings up a burning question that I have. Jamie and Claire are often seen with a cotton ball dabbing at each other? It looks like they’re stenciling? One of my friends said that they are like washing but wouldn’t a cloth and scrubbing work better?
  11. Ok, I actually do have input. Claire told the goat lady that she was afraid that they would use her to capture Jaime. That they would hold her hostage. This is actually one of the few times since the tropical heat hit that she shows critical thought. If they do NOT have her Jamie will move heaven and earth NOT to be captured. If they do have her he will march on board like it’s his new home. So at the very minimum what she can do to keep him safe is not be on that ship under the control of Left Tenant Leonard.
  12. I came on to say I wish I had something to add. But I don’t. And it may be PTSD but even after I watched this a second time … this is the second wasted episode.
  13. Forget all the honorable pieces of this man. He stole this woman. He declared that she was his and set sail. He best make sure she was well treated. He’s an asshole. He can claim all the high minded principals he wants but he does owe her. To go after her husband on the word of one rather odd crewman is not enough. Especially in open seas. The waves and currents I swear crash on the ship like they are all whales trying to sink you. Yes I do not sleep well on sail vessels in the open sea. Lesson learned. Claire jumped off a ship in the middle of effin nowhere! You woul
  14. Wha? So sorry I must have drifted off or had some kind of petit mal. This was the most tortuous episode yet. It was disjointed, like a collection of short stories. And quite frankly the love making interlude seemed gratuitous. Very little of what was presented was necessary to move the story forward. Worse thing is that I can’t find the previously shown. They have disappeared from Apple TV or something.
  15. Absolutely. I don’t think this was at all a lovely life for either of them. But Claire was able to raise their child. A child that she described to Jamie as being loved and raised by Frank. So I just figure that Jamie is working on a lot of conflicting feelings. He has not raised either child. And he does lash out at Claire as though he resents that she did have a man that loved her, a child that she loved. As he says when describing why he married, she had all the things he once thought he would have with her. I just want to see her acknowledge the difference in what they went through
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