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  1. QuinnM

    House Hunters International

    She slipped in and out of her Valley Girl vocal fry. At the beginning of the second house I thought I would skip this episode and then it went away. It was awful and of course just fake for the camera. Then she goes fabric shopping and like magic she is back to the Afrikaans accent again. Then talking heads - fried again. Pick a lane.
  2. Instagram requires the hashtag #ad if money was exchanged. If you are just showing the fancy chocolate heart with the perfume you got from Kim K then no tag is required.
  3. I wouldn’t say a thing. It would probably be a fun thing for Jason to involve himself in his child’s world. It’s what eight year olds do. And they post it publicly. And I don’t see it as sexual at all. And I’m not comfortable with all this talk about a child being too sexual. So peace out.
  4. I saw a child dancing like no ones watching. Today I saw Bus Philipps youngest dancing. Yesterday I saw Chrissy Tiegen’s daughter dancing. I’m not seeing any sex just children dancing. I think we should stop Bryn from expressing herself immediately. We should shame her with sex. After all she’s eight years old so she needs to start shutting down. Dressing modestly. If something happens it will be her fault for wearing a two piece bathing suit and laughing out loud.
  5. There is no evidence that this bracelet even exists. The stack that is pictured is the one I’ve seen before. The Hakuna Mata is something I remember seeing. But I’ve not personally seen the Brynn Loves Paul so that’s still an unknown. So it has not been posted as a picture. It MAY have been posted in an insta story that disappears in 24 hours. We do not know. The first I’ve seen it mentioned is in this thread. It has not popped up in her comments. It’s a MAYBE at this point.
  6. I do follow her on insta and admit I missed this. I did look at her photos and the insta stories saved in fashion and didn't see this. There was a story last week of a bracelet that a vendor sent her as swag (so I doubt it was real diamonds) but didn't notice if it said that. I'm just assuming it was there because someone said so.
  7. QuinnM

    House Hunters

    I've stayed at Hamptons and had people at the breakfast buffet in pjs. So I'm not one to judge B&B's.
  8. Children are able to love more than one person. The best you can hope for in a divorce is that the people that come into their lives are people they love. Loving Paul does nothing to her love for her father, which should and always be a totally different relationship. No one should expect wither Bethenny nor Hoppy to become celibate hermits to protect Brynn. In fact it could be argued that Brynn is best served by her parents having loving healthy relationships. But this is what the insta world is like. From Jessica Simpson getting death threats over her daughter having colored her hair to Chrissy Teigen getting reported to CPS because someone didn't like the looks of the swimming pool. Bethenny's insta is rather tame compared to a lot of the celebrity or mommy accounts. That's the social media world we live in.
  9. QuinnM

    Season 4 Discussion

    Well I'm not out ... yet. But the immaturity and pettiness of the deacon is pretty outstanding as well. He's worried about a penny when he's a walking contradiction to his entire faith? He has a problem with Mrs C because she doesn't like his sin? If his truth comes out he'll be tossed on the street and yet he has no problem dragging the bishop in to chastise the vicar? I think the writers are trying to have the vicarage implode and in the future all Granchester will be at the police station.
  10. QuinnM

    Season 4 Discussion

    This week we had an abortion, so many personal betrayals I can't count, a suicide, fraud, elder abuse, by the the time the episode ended I was happy that some deacon got punched in the face. This was so off from all of the previous Granchester episodes that it hardly felt like the same show. I agree, next week Dickins will bit someone and worse I will be satisfied that the victim got bit. I don't think that's the way I want to spend time.
  11. QuinnM

    S11.E20: Reunion Part 3

    She also insta'd when she got filler for the tissue excised for skin cancer on her face. So she has had that done as well. Not sure it qualifies as cosmetic but it was the cheek and undereye area.
  12. You know that once you get breast implants you are scarred for life? So when you are 20 something it's all wonderful. 30 years later after two replacement surgeries, this is what you look like. Over time you end up with too big, thin skin, etc. Wendy Williams has talked about what it would take for her to reduce and she won't do it. So I think she is living with a mistake she made a long time ago. Before she was a natural food chef. Before she realized how limited her options were going to be for repair. She's a walking cautionary tale.
  13. I agree. And Ramona as well. If you have a reduction the scars are a little in your face for a while but they are always there. So someone like Bethenny that loves a bikini makes a choice. They get to make that choice. You weight your options when you do these things. Ramona went big boob. Tinsley sleeps in her lashes. (She should get lash extensions). Bethenny has decided she’s fine with the boobs. Any one of them gets to change their mind tomorrow. And we do want to look nice. That’s human nature. But we all define nice differently. Lord if I was on tv every week I can’t say what I would do. Lash extensions. Keto. LOL
  14. I've said this before. Ladies of your 20's ... think long and hard about breast implants. As you age you need to get bigger and bigger or you need to reconstruct the whole breast. Not everyone has the skin tissue to reconstruct. I'm guessing that Ramona's enlargement was a saggy breast solution. This is why you hear that going up a size is easy but going down is major. And Bethenny needs to go down and reconstruct to change what 's going on. I doubt she wants those scars or that downtime. I say this as someone with natural breasts that went in for the whole saggy breast thing. I paid more money, time and pain to just lift and be happy with what remains. I did that because I have 2 friends warning me about just going up with an implant. One of them said that every 15 years when she goes in for replacement she goes up and now at 50 she is at her wits end.