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  1. This March they are opening a store in Minneapolis featuring a lot of the artisans that they use on the show. I shall make a point to visit and report back. 😉
  2. They mentioned in a local interview that HGTV was keen to have them film in the winter. They (HGTV) thought that was a major player in the stories. So good to see they were right. We do renovations in the winter. People will plan exterior work so that they have the shell weather proof before it gets bad. Then they really hit a lot of things like demolition of outside retaining walls and tree removal while the soil is frozen and there is less damage. It is a delicate dance. A lot fo masons build these elaborate scaffolding set ups so they can work year round.
  3. I’m definitely watching since this is the city I live in. I like that the clients pick the house AND the renovation decisions. So far nice jobs on the whole. I’m taking notes of where she sources these things and will be doing a little shopping.
  4. You mean Hoppy’s lawyer wasn’t telling the truth? I’m shocked.
  5. Something isn't settled if it hasn't been finalized. Hoppy could walk away UNLESS he wants more money. Then he has to come to an agreement. If Bethenny says no, well then it's a stand off. Someone mentioned that they think it might have to do with the lawsuit over the fraudulent trust document. What we do know is that Bethenny can last longer than Hoppy because she has more money.
  6. In my area they preach opening your car door ‘Dutch’. That means leaning over and opening the door with your far hand so that you have to look back and won’t open it into a bike.
  7. People get ready. She is off probation this week. Are we going to have a board pool for the date of the next arrest? I mean she’s not really an alcoholic so there is no reason she can’t drink. And drink. And drink.
  8. We waited after she launched the margarita, we waited after she sold the margarita, we waited after the popcorn, the jeans, the Shark Tank. She’s still selling and still rolling in the money. So far we’ve waited 12 years. But I’m sure she’ll fail miserably next year, not.
  9. I don’t agree. And most of the press doesn’t agree. And certainly the 1.6 million that follow her don’t.
  10. https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/bravo-star-bethenny-frankel-leaving-real-housewives-her-rhony-legacy-ncna1045951 Meanwhile in the world outside, this is the common reaction.
  11. https://people.com/tv/ramona-singer-says-bethenny-frankel-didnt-inform-costars-about-rhony-exit/ This is just laughable. Like anyone in their right mind would tell these PageSix blabbermouths anything in confidence.
  12. Really? It’s just a contract. You don’t sign you don’t appear. It’s against the law to force someone to work against their will.
  13. She did mention that in vague terms around the beginning of summer. Plus she signed that development deal with Mark Burnett. So she is doing a lot of West Coast travel. Then there is the jeans business. I can see how if she didn’t need the show for promo that it’s just less stress to walk away. Remember Luann with be drinking and cabareting next year.
  14. She slipped in and out of her Valley Girl vocal fry. At the beginning of the second house I thought I would skip this episode and then it went away. It was awful and of course just fake for the camera. Then she goes fabric shopping and like magic she is back to the Afrikaans accent again. Then talking heads - fried again. Pick a lane.
  15. Instagram requires the hashtag #ad if money was exchanged. If you are just showing the fancy chocolate heart with the perfume you got from Kim K then no tag is required.
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