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  1. I’ve watched with an equestrian and she thinks that is one gorgeous horse for a lot of reasons I don’t remember. I’m like, it’s big and pretty. You are not alone.
  2. This brings up a burning question that I have. Jamie and Claire are often seen with a cotton ball dabbing at each other? It looks like they’re stenciling? One of my friends said that they are like washing but wouldn’t a cloth and scrubbing work better?
  3. Ok, I actually do have input. Claire told the goat lady that she was afraid that they would use her to capture Jaime. That they would hold her hostage. This is actually one of the few times since the tropical heat hit that she shows critical thought. If they do NOT have her Jamie will move heaven and earth NOT to be captured. If they do have her he will march on board like it’s his new home. So at the very minimum what she can do to keep him safe is not be on that ship under the control of Left Tenant Leonard.
  4. I came on to say I wish I had something to add. But I don’t. And it may be PTSD but even after I watched this a second time … this is the second wasted episode.
  5. Forget all the honorable pieces of this man. He stole this woman. He declared that she was his and set sail. He best make sure she was well treated. He’s an asshole. He can claim all the high minded principals he wants but he does owe her. To go after her husband on the word of one rather odd crewman is not enough. Especially in open seas. The waves and currents I swear crash on the ship like they are all whales trying to sink you. Yes I do not sleep well on sail vessels in the open sea. Lesson learned. Claire jumped off a ship in the middle of effin nowhere! You woul
  6. Wha? So sorry I must have drifted off or had some kind of petit mal. This was the most tortuous episode yet. It was disjointed, like a collection of short stories. And quite frankly the love making interlude seemed gratuitous. Very little of what was presented was necessary to move the story forward. Worse thing is that I can’t find the previously shown. They have disappeared from Apple TV or something.
  7. Absolutely. I don’t think this was at all a lovely life for either of them. But Claire was able to raise their child. A child that she described to Jamie as being loved and raised by Frank. So I just figure that Jamie is working on a lot of conflicting feelings. He has not raised either child. And he does lash out at Claire as though he resents that she did have a man that loved her, a child that she loved. As he says when describing why he married, she had all the things he once thought he would have with her. I just want to see her acknowledge the difference in what they went through
  8. You know that the conversation on his marriage was never going to be easy. Claire had repeatedly brought up his sleeping in a brothel, his taking out trade with prostitute with a very perjorative tone. The fact that she lived ‘happily raising Brianna together’ and raised their daughter doesn’t seem to factor in her mind. But all of this was made so much worse by Jenny and Lerry. Jenny by surprising the house and Leery letting her daughters walk into the bedroom. That’s some great mothering right there, ‘Girls go surprise your daddy in his bedroom’. I believe the neighbors heard me scream
  9. This episode has made me crazy for a long time for any number of reasons. 1. Claire at least twice has watched Jamie struggle with telling her ‘something’ and she’s given him an out every time with the ‘it’s ok you don’t have to tell me everything now’. And coward that Jaime was he took the escape given him. So Claire has some ownership. He only really got to the second sentence when they got to Lallybroch. The second sentence was listen with your heart. 2. He did not lie to Claire. Secret, yes but not a lie. He did not have anymore children. He did not love anyone but her.
  10. I think back to the wedding night when he flipped a ‘leg over’ on the bed essentially doing a one handed push up with all his weight and Claires with the ease of a 22 year old. Now 40 years later just scooting her up on the bed is a challenge.
  11. I have searched to where I read the comment about Jamie riding off and was not ‘heels down’ on the horse. I do have a horse friend that I watch and talk with. Her note was that it must have been some odd substitution because his feet were not in stirrups at all. I did a rewatch and I think she’s right. Whoever noted that take a look and let me know what you think.
  12. This is Shondaland. Past experience with Grey’s Anatomy tells me that she will find hot male lead after hot male lead. I’m just waiting for nicknames like McSteamy.
  13. It’s official. Graham Mctavish, Dougal, is cast in the Game of Thrones prequel, House of Dragons. So that will be fun.
  14. In years to come when we tell small children about the pandemic I will say, well it gave me Outlander.
  15. Into Season 3 and I wonder what took me so long. I did work outside of the US quite a bit so maybe missed the hype. Of course Sam and Graham are nothing like Jamie and Dougal.
  16. Just dropping in to say that I started Men in Kilts because I was pining for some travel in the middle of the covid lockdown. And it was only after finishing this series that I thought, hey maybe I should watch that Outlander thingie.
  17. I seem to be tripping over Outlanders all this week. Acorn has 22 seasons of Midsommer Murders and I have a habit of just streaming that when I clean. Imagine my surprise to see a 2005 Sam Heughan on a season 10 episode called Kings Crystal. Just a hint of a Scottish accent. Then in the middle of the night (I work odd hours remote) I have Death in Paradise on there is Loaghaire as a mistress. I actually heard her and turned around since I knew that voice. Those Outlanders are all over the place.
  18. The thing I keep thinking is that Shonda Rhimes is not some beginner in the business of long running hit shows. I know people keep saying surprise hit but the surprise would be that a Shondaland production was not a hit. So if she had wanted the option to use RJP in the coming seasons that would have been in the initial contract. Even if the requirement was 3 episode appearance. She didn’t do that. It was a one season contract. So we may get RJP in season 3 or 4 but we are not getting him in season 2. He was not locked in.
  19. So xfinity locks down season 5 by limiting it to xfinity dvr only. Unlike HBOMax you can not access Starz through the Starz app if your provider is xfinity. So maybe you just buy the season on Amazon Prime. But no you can buy you can purchase it one painful episode at a time. Maybe just get the BluRay with digital. Oh, no digital copy with DVDs on season 5? Are they trying to make this covid delay as painful as possible?
  20. I don’t know how they’ll write it but they sure directed and filmed it differently. Every episode Penelope came off as just that a clueless snowflake. You could have convinced me she was 13 years old. But in that last 60 shot of Lady Whistledown? I could swear she looked 30 years old. It was different costuming, different make up and a totally different affect from Penelope. Gave me shivers.
  21. Until I started watching this show, I didn't realize the housing costs in the twin cities were so high All of these homes are in the city. Many of them blocks from a lake or 50 miles of bike trails. Most of them with significant backyards. So it is a little misleading. If you drive out to even the first ring suburbs it becomes more and more reasonable. However, all of these houses stand up against -10 to 100 degrees. So there are costs to the original build and to any renovation. Townhouses within .5 miles of downtown cost as much as that families home. I do tell people that a
  22. It’s a Bertazonni. Very nice stove. I own one. Brian Boitano installed a bright red one in his place.
  23. I had a mailer on business during covid from a nice scuba boat in Fiji, NAI’A. They noted that they had purchased some of the equipment from the eco-challenge, kayaks, paddle boards, and were doing small challenges for locals while they waited for tourism to open up. So that’s a nice outcome.
  24. Morse sent a postcard from the hotel the first time he stayed there. So maybe he stayed in the same place?
  25. This March they are opening a store in Minneapolis featuring a lot of the artisans that they use on the show. I shall make a point to visit and report back. 😉
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