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S10.E16: Guess Who's Arguing at Dinner?

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As the ladies head out to shop in Cartegena, Bethenny continues to unravel, and the women's patience with her begins to run out; Carole approaches Sonja for insight on Bethenny; a comment Luann makes to Dorinda sends Dorinda off the deep end.

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3 minutes ago, KungFuBunny said:

It's 9:00 PM - Yay!!!!

I hope to be sporting this expression for the next hour


I LOVED "The Californians" -- just for the weird expressions and voices!!!! 

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Just now, Neurochick said:


I would feel sorry for Bethenny if she didn't make everything about her, all the damn time.   Whenever the attention isn't on her, Bethenny's like, "PAY ATTENTION TO ME." 


I don’t feel sorry for her either.  I’m just gobsmacked at the hypocrisy of Carole saying she’s mad because Bethenny talked smack about her in THs.

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I like the back of Tinsley's dress.

I like Carole's outfit, if Carole would just shut up with her bitchiness, I could enjoy her. Talking about bitching, she never stops.

Edited by ShawnaLanne
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3 minutes ago, SweetieDarling said:

Why did she need to call her boyfriend? She's supposed to be this strong independent self-made successful business woman, and she has to call her boyfriend because her friends hurt her feelings and she wants him to send a plane to come get her? 

Right?  My guess is the real problem is he doesn't want her anymore.  So she's going to do some theatrics to get him to spend time with her because of course he'll fall in love with her again.

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Just now, ShawnaLanne said:

That with Luanne and Dorinda came out of nowhere. Dorinda is a nasty, nasty drunk. Can't wait to see her mugshot.

But, what was she doing that made Lu say "There she goes" and accuse her of getting aggressive? I didn't see her get aggressive, until then. Did we miss something?

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