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S08.E21: Hallway to Hell (Drama’s for Nerds Part 2)

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Drama’s for Nerds Part 2: Hallway to Hell (I put Hallway to Hell in the thread title first so it wouldn't be confused with last week's episode).

After her blow up with Kail, Briana continues defending herself with Brittany’s help.

Jenelle and David return for a monstrous showdown with Nathan and Barb.

Kail, Leah and Chelsea try to get Jenelle and Briana kicked off the show.

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Cue the more accurate details of what happens in this next episode by the lovely @Kazu...I’m inpatiently patiently waiting on your take. ?

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It’s cue not que ??‍♀️
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7 hours ago, Kazu said:

It is PERFECT! In fact, I thought it was part of the episode title. I thought my guide had edited it out because it was too long.

@Kazu it is part of the episode title but I changed it around. The episode title is Drama is for Nerds Part 2: Hallway to Hell. ?

7 hours ago, Kazu said:

After her blow up with Kail, Briana continues to ante up the drama by bringing back-up to help stir up more shit as the MTV producers salivate at what they are capturing on camera.

Dumb Fuck #1 and Dumb Fuck #2 continue to go on the attack against Jace's mom and Kaiser's sperm-donor.

The Three Stooges try to get the sperm-dumpster twins, Dumb Fuck #1 and Spread Them Cheeks Briana, fired from Teen Mom. Never mind the fact Kail and Leah shouldn't be throwing stones in a glass house.


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Oh, so MTV is trying to play up the AC/DC song with that title? Douchebags. The way these girls wear rock band t-shirts and now MTV is using classic songs for their episode titles, makes me want to vomit.

@druzy thanks for being on top of things and sharing these videos.

See there, that conversation seems to infer the opposite of what Kail put out there to Nessa. Javi is making it clear he wants nothing to do with Kail, but Kail being the liar that she is and being desperate to want to have some guy want her, she has to put out there that Javi is wanting to reconcile. It is obvious Kail is the one who wants a reconciliation, but is taking it very personal that her former husband WHO SHE CHEATED ON doesn't want to go down that route again and is moving on with Briana. Kail would be mad regardless.

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Lmfao, at Kail, Chelsea and Leah trying to get Jenelle and Briana kicked off the show. Like Teen Mom is some high brow franchise reserved for only the classiest members of society. 

Chelsea and Leah are boring as hell this season. And Kail only has a storyline because of Brianna. The only interesting crap this season was with Brianna and Jenelle. The others should be thanking God for their drama. They wouldn't be continuing to get paid otherwise. 

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23 minutes ago, druzy said:

Should Watson be near Lux if Lux hasn't been vaccinated? 

Watson has shots so it’s all good for limited contact. Kwale said Lux east old enough so why bring him? I haven’t seen the boys. 

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It's bad enough we have to suffer through the reunion itself, but we've now had two additional regular episodes devoted to it. 

The producers should have taken Kail, Leah and Chelsea up on their offer. Replace them with some of the trainwrecks from Young and Pregnant. 

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Violence vs. non-violence.  So sad.  The coven needs to pack it up and go away.  How did Brittany get such a huge role in this show anyway?

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12 minutes ago, Linny said:

Alright, so, "Hallway to Hell" could more accurately be described as "hallway of histrionics," because Briana and Brittany made a whole lot of fuss out of something pretty minor. I can kind of understand why Briana got upset; she was venting to her friends and trying to cool off when Bone of Contention appeared and reopened the wound by pleading Kail as the injured party. But Briana stalking down the hall screaming threats while holding her baby is just so tacky and unwarranted for the situation. It's stuff like this that makes it hard for me to fully like Briana, though I still prefer her over Kail any day of the week.

Kail was totally misleading in her account of the drama. Briana didn't accost her out of nowhere, and Kail gave as good as she got. It also drives me crazy how Kail consistently refuses to discuss important shit on camera, and I absolutely think it's so there's no record to contradict her manipulation of the details. Her threat to walk away from the show and incite its demise was so laughable, as if she's some rare specimen and couldn't be replaced in five minutes time by any other mouthy fool who failed sex-ed. 

"You know, I've had enough of you! Enough. Of. You." Thank you, Doris, for speaking for the people. I've had quite enough of David's aggressive power plays and his incessant need to egg on all of Jenelle's worst impulses. I agree with Barb, David escalates everything and makes everyone reach their boiling point much more quickly. Jenelle is horrible enough on her on, but add in David and she becomes even more abhorrent. It was actually really sad hearing Barb and Nathan talk about how disconnected she is from the kids due to Jenelle and David. They're wreaking so much havoc on so many lives and don't realize or care about the damage they're causing.

Omg this. why the hell did this bone walk in there looking for fight?  That's exactly what she did. Kail can call it Jerry Springer but she created the environment.  Her Diva behavior,  not wanting to be around Brianna.  Brianna texted her and tried to squash the drama but nope Kail had to be just loud enough every time Brianna was around to let her know she didn't want her around. So f off Kail. I don't even like Brianna but can't stand kail.  Trying to get Leah and Chelsea to walk off the show for her bullshit GTFO .

Janelle : oh her poor children all the screaming and fighting being stuck in the middle of all that actually made my heart hurt. Way to throw Jace into an awkward situation  janell. (Asking him to get kaiser) 

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On 5/20/2018 at 4:13 PM, littleB1rdy said:


These dumb bitches really make me root for Kail

Not even remotely possible for me.  Can you imagine if the Bone thing happened in reverse... Brittany strolls into Kail's dressing room UNINVITED and starts questioning people aggressively in front of Kail's children?  Kail would've claimed injured party status for the next 700 years.  Kail won't even let producers and cameramen in her dressing room.

Like someone else said, this Hallway To Hell just made me feel bad about watching this trainwreck of a series.  I really need to read a book or something.

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11 minutes ago, shouldbedancing said:

Hmmm... I don't know how I feel about this. Kail says she didn't sign up for this garbage. But she is the garbage and Jerry Springer. I do agree that it's too much, but it's drama of their own making. David is so scary I'm holding my breath when he's in the scene. I'm not having fun watching this. It's too much... horribleness. Nathan choked out his girlfriend and I'm rooting for him? Yeah, this show is beyond messed up with these type of people on it. They're all trash.

They up the ante with more and more terrible people that you can't even remember why the original ones were bad. I mean, seriously, was Kiefer so bad? Seriously. I can't even remember if he was actually that bad. 

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7 minutes ago, CookieChica said:

They up the ante with more and more terrible people that you can't even remember why the original ones were bad. I mean, seriously, was Kiefer so bad? Seriously. I can't even remember if he was actually that bad. 

Not until the meth lab!

... and the heroin, I guess the heroin wasn’t great.

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