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  1. All I can say is that I’m glad all the kids are away from them and that I hope it stays that way. I don’t wish death on Jenelle but I can honestly say I do not care what happens to her AS LONG AS THE KIDS DON’T HAVE TO BE WITH THEM.
  2. Even if he was a nice person, it’d be difficult to find to find him attractive
  3. Well her childrens’ rooms still aren’t finished and if I’m correct neither is their all important pool or at least the fence that’s legally supposed to be around it isn’t. Things being half assed or half finished on The Laannndddd isn’t much of a surprise anymore because they need that extra time to post on SM
  4. No because Bristol Palin’s husband’s actual experience in battle is nothing compared to the horrifying experience of following a person home with your gun because they break checked you.
  5. Jade isn’t perfect but you gotta take into account how mature she is despite her family and baby daddy situation. She seems like the only girl on this show who works and has her own place (unlike Ashley whose daddy pays for everything). Her own crackhead mother was really asking her for money while she was having a breakdown. Lexi is boring and dumb but she’s only 18 and extremely respectful of her mother so I have hope for her if she can dump the big oaf Kyler. Stephan is a pathetic POS and Kayla is slowly but surely realizing it and taking action. Ashley was much more mature this episode but there’s something about her that comes off not genuine. She always looks like she’s scheming. Wtf is wrong with Brianna’s mother?? No job, no place to live, but travels across the country and spends a bunch of money on air bnb and food. I thought they moved to be with her parents yet her parents didn’t seem to offer any kind of shelter for them. Brianna’s sister knows her family is fucked up and made the right decision to stay in Wisconsin. How do we have 5 girls with 5 babies and only Jade and maybe Ashley have a job...?
  6. I gotta agree with some other users here that I honestly don’t care what happens to Jenelle. Her call to police would be sad if I didn’t know she’s never been scared for her own children. It’s all about her and always will be. She always uses the “I was crying my EYES out and NOBODY CARED” yet we all see Keiser literally crying his eyes out onscreen while Jenelle and David yell at him. I just hope that if or when David kills her that the daycare of children they’ve collected isn’t around to see it or get hurt/killed.
  7. I don’t think they’re allowed to take Kaden out of state. Notice that he always has a mask on. Also, what’s up with them suddenly getting along with Barb? I agree that Barb will always be the better person to parent Jace but some of her decisions leave me baffled. Did she sell out knowing she won’t get mtv money unless she films with Jenelle? Did she fall for another of Jenelle and David’s schemes thinking they actually care about her and want to get along with her? I already hate J & UBT but I’m starting to really question Barb’s motives.
  8. I haven’t watched this yet. Did Leah finally admit to having an addiction? Did Chelsea talk more about sleeping with Adam’s best friend while pregnant? Did Kail announce the first time she hooked up with Chris? Did Jenelle admit to pooping in Courtland’s bath tub while he was in jail and not cleaning it up?
  9. I feel that we will never get a REAL secrets episode. A real secrets episode would air how many times Kail physically abused her partners, how much Juhnelle and David fought the night before their wedding plus him abusing her non David children, Leah admitting to being addicted to pillses, and Chelsea and Cole not always agreeing 100% with each other. never gonna happen!
  10. I live in Jacksonville, Florida so the most north you can possibly be in Florida and we are all starting to buy a lot of water just in case. So far, it doesn’t look like Florence is going to hit us directly but Irma was pretty intense last year. I’ve lived in Chicago all my life until I was 20 (I’m 23 now) and I’m used to last minute tornadoes so it’s crazy to me that people in Florida have at least a 3 day warning for a hurricane but still do nothing until the day of. On topic though, I hope Florence only hits The Laaaaaand and that all the innocent children are elsewhere.
  11. But but but weeks ago Jenelle posted a pic of UBT sleeping next to Kaiser! Obviously Kaiser loves UBT and only UBT!!!!!
  12. I like Chelsea but I’m laughing at “he’s like, not stable”. Did she use the word ‘like’ because she couldn’t figure out at first what adjective to describe Adam?
  13. Must be so weird for Kaden. He barely even knows this guy (who came close to killing him and his mother) but now all of a sudden he is forced to visit him and his crazy wife (who I’m sure he’s being forced to call ‘Mom’) every so often. I bet Maryssa probably picks on him too like she does with Jace and Kaiser.
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