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  1. This was a really depressing one. I think it was so hard because Kelsey was so beat down and her family was so beat down. It was toxic. I was shocked that the interventionist didn’t offer the family treatment. I cringed when the dad was yelling at her for not pressing charges after she was attacked she said that the guy probably did it to someone else now. And the grandma went off. Is that where Kelsey gets her violent streak from? I mean Kelsey was legit scared. my initial thought was well obviously she’s gonna fail treatment. But when they showed her I was shocked. I was like wow she ma
  2. Honestly, after surviving cancer, how can Shekeb's mom be so cruel?
  3. I'm thinking more about Jihoon's mom. Deaven came with the baby... Jihoon's mom didn't even make a move toward the baby. Didn't seem to look at him. Aren't they still at a grandparents stage where they want to fuss over him? Jihoon's dad rushed over to help Deaven. I think Jihoon's mom really doesn't care and she was serious when she said she didn't want Deaven for a daughter in law.
  4. Jihoon and Deaven, it's a wrap. The mom is over it. Everyone's over it. I don't know why they are using that stupid device. It seems like Google Translate would be better. I like Jihoon's dad though. He seems to be trying. Deaven, just go home. Jihoon can visit a couple times a year. On his own dime.
  5. I don't understand why they didn't just order the food Mama likes from a restaurant.
  6. What's the racism... they're not into black partners?
  7. I'm sad that Karen has so many reservations about Miles. Because he is the cutest (to me) and he seems the most serious about this. I feel like he'll do everything to make it work. The emotionalness makes him sweet.
  8. Yeah, he said it was a common practice and an expectation. So she wasn't like... insulting him out of the blue with stereotypes. They probably talked about it.
  9. I found Yazan's mom to be terrifying... and his parents clearly understood most of what Brittany was saying. Especially the mom. I felt for Brittany in that moment. But I don't feel for her in the rest of the show. Because there is no reason for her to be there. She doesn't wanna convert, she's not unmarried, she needs to leave. Yazan has been very clear about what he expects. Like she said, it's best for him to marry his cousin and get on with it. He's not looking for a different life. Neither is she. Idk, I feel for Jihoon and his uselessness. But yeah, he needs to be alone there. The b
  10. I couldn’t understand the whole thing with Michael hanging with Brandon at the festival and production trying to park and Jessica and Meka grilling him and it’s too uncomfortable to watch again.
  11. Did Katie really say “hood rat shit”? I like her less and less every week.
  12. When Meka went off in the hallway, that was the first time I liked her.
  13. Honestly this show is boring and too long. Idk why. I guess I just hate everyone.
  14. Meka and Katie are such killjoys at the top of this ep. what’s up with that?
  15. What does David mean he didn't like Anya because she was "too shy"? But she's not too shy to be his friend? Is that code for she wouldn't sleep with him right away?
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