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  1. If it didn't star an SNL alum, I would (unfortunately) agree. That's more what tips the scale than the premiere date. If he doesn't host, Andy shows up at some point in the Christmas episode, given how cameo heavy it typically is.
  2. I'm guessing Andy Samberg for the 12/15 episode with B99 premiering on 1/10. Maybe they'll wait until January but I'm calling Andy at Christmas.
  3. Not sure if you meant Kate Walsh or Jessica Capshaw but you're right either way. ?
  4. This show let a dog run through a hospital all day long but they couldn't make this bit of meta fun happen? I hated everything about this episode except that Alex is interim chief - I was sure Bailey was going to give it to her since she stole Jo. So I'm definitely in until they destroy him again.
  5. They are both 20th Century Fox. And that part is so small (it's going to be maybe one or two other episodes). And while ratings are similar, there are now three new doctor shows on TV and This is Us gets all the buzz. It couldn't possibly hurt to let him if they had the time. But since we're literally the only ones talking about it, I doubt it.
  6. This is why I came here! I literally yelled "Is that you Matt Czuchry?!" but I'm 30 minutes behind and no one is talking about it on Twitter. If that's not him, that dude has definitely been working as his stand in.
  7. Ah, if that's what she said than I agree! The roach part was obscured for me by that charming accent.
  8. Badison was AWFUL. I've disliked the antagonists before but never have they had zero redeeming qualities. I mean, Vee was a mostly selfish, terrible person but she had flashes of caring about people where you at least got the impression that she understood how normal humans are supposed to act and tried to fit in but was just too manipulative to make it work. She had some complexity that made her interesting and fun to hate Pennsatucky was season 1 antagonist and she was actually funny, which was a plus. She also had an interesting backstory even just in season 1 where you felt bad that the orderly made such a mean comment (even though they didn't deserve to die for it). Piper was never super likable so sometimes you even enjoyed Pennsatucky's comments to her Badison - nothing. Her backstory is that she's a whiny baby that breaks and throws things and unintentionally set the wrong girl on fire. You couldn't love to hate her, you could barely hate her because you were too busy cringing when she showed up on screen. And this is the first time I cried at the finale. Diablo and those flowers... I agree that it was the twist we should all have seen coming but I didn't.
  9. I may be the one person in America who has always loved Jay and I'm all in on this show for season 1. Jay is clearly aware of the cameras and Kristin's "on-air" personality (I loved when he asked her in the pilot why she was so dressed up and she said for work... in her home. He was clearly ribbing her because I doubt that was her work from home look pre-show) and he just has one personality always. I fear by season 2 they'll have staged him way too much but I'm going to enjoy it now.
  10. This exactly. They shoehorned Brianna into TM2 and I fast forward through her segments or get a snack and she was at least part of the franchise. And if you want to get me the OG Teen Mom of the millennial generation, bring me Jamie Lynn Spears. She is now married to a man named Jamie and her dad is also Jamie... I will watch four 3 minute segments of that.
  11. Commercials were frequent in hour one but I liked that the last 25 minutes was uninterrupted.
  12. I kind of thought that he always fucked up with Matthew and wished Henry was his son and now he... kind of is? Turning in Phillip and Elizabeth destroys what will now be his only pure relationship left (especially after Phillip's parting gift).
  13. They up the ante with more and more terrible people that you can't even remember why the original ones were bad. I mean, seriously, was Kiefer so bad? Seriously. I can't even remember if he was actually that bad.
  14. I came in for the last 15 minutes after missing last week's episode and this appeared to just be a show where Janelle pops into rooms to scream at people and threaten to call the cops.
  15. Who does this lady think she is to demand that her surgeons focus on her? If you want a surgeon at Sloan Grey to focus on you, then you better be dating them - and girl comes in with a boyfriend.
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