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  1. The Dumpster Humper was eating the show and now NotBilly is eating the show. What did we do to deserve this?? Maybe I’m just beaten down, but I think this will end the same way with a deplorable character as the hero who exposes X (in this case, Ashland) and comes to Y’s (in this case, Victoria) defense. I do hope I’m wrong though. Another sullen child storyline… hooray! Am I wrong for thinking Chelsea needs to clean up quite a bit of this mess with Connor?
  2. When I initially read this, I thought it said, “I’m not really sure who will end up WITH Victor.” Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!
  3. Ah, Maura West. If ever an actress accomplished the Herculean task of turning Y&R’s horrific writing from chickenbleep to chicken soup better than she did, I don’t recall. Thursday’s ep was excellent. I guess I didn’t miss much on Friday. The Phack stuff will never resonate with me because at the end of the day, the Dumpster Humper will always choose the Newman name and the Newman D over good ol smilin Jack. This despite the fact that Jack’s presence makes her almost human. Not 100% human… more like a sentient catcher’s mitt, which is an improvement from her usual demeanor.
  4. I’m glad to see that TPTB have decided to sacrifice Jack at the altar of the Dumpster Humper. No, I’m actually the complete bleeping opposite of glad. It was a month ago that Jack was telling her he was disgusted by her vendetta against Sally, but now his head is up her behind. Why are so many characters okay with this 50+ year-old woman acting like a child followed by her meaningless half apologies? They've somehow managed to make Billy even more annoying than the Dumpster Humper. That’s like scaling the Mount Everest of annoying. I’m fast forwarding most of his scenes now and I’m still
  5. Well folks, I unfortunately must let you know that I sustained serious injuries from non-stop rolling of my eyes at Steffy’s nonsense in today’s ep. As for Finn, when life gives you a lemon colored irrational spouse, make lemonade as you call the divorce lawyer. The only thing that could make Zende and Paris interesting is if they got trapped in an adjoining barbershop/hair salon. And by trapped, I mean made an appointment.
  6. Wow… they somehow managed to finish a moronic storyline with a submoronic ending. It dragged on for infinity and only came to an end because Stitch decided to make up an idiotic story about some old man in the store buying prenatal protein bars. I wouldn’t trust Abby and Devon to deliver a pizza from the kitchen to the dining room. I’m not saying that Ray is the most inept television detective ever, but he’s close. If Mariah was in his backseat with a screaming baby, she’d still be “missing”. Thank goodness we can leave this nonsense behind and move onto… Nick and the Dumpster
  7. Two months ago… “Mariah is acting strangely. I think something is wrong. We should do something about it.” One month ago… “Mariah is acting strangely. I think something is wrong. We should do something about it.” Today… “Mariah is acting strangely. I think something is wrong. We should do something about it.” Three years from now… “Mariah is acting strangely. I think something is wrong. We should do something about it.” OTOH, Nick seemed to not give a damn. Maybe if they changed Mariah’s name to “Dumpster Humper’s rusty (bleep)”, he’ll become interested.
  8. And that is why I f**ks with Adam even after numerous portrayers and infinite crimes. He ran into the Dumpster Humper and managed to ruin her day with just a 30 second conversation. Even Jack had to chuckle at those verbal jabs. With that combined brainpower trying to solve Mariah’s disappearance, they won’t find her until the baby is ready to collect social security.
  9. Let me review today’s ep in emoji form… 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
  10. I always recommend taking breaks from the show. My most recent break from the show was so lengthy that I still have no clue what happened to Hillary (I know it involved Lily), where Lily’s family went (including her husband What’sHisName), any storyline with this most recent version of Billy, how Chelsea ended up in a wheelchair, or how Kyle ended up with Dummer when he was with that chef. Heck, when Kyle said the name “Sharon Rosales”, I didn’t even know who he was talking about. I jumped back in and it was like I never left. MS is still eating the show. Jack is still being treated like
  11. The Dumpster Humper is such a complete sociopath. Why do TPTB think anyone wants to watch, let alone root for, someone like that? Her distraught dotter hangs up on her and what’s her first thought? Is it hoping her dotter is okay? Is it expressing some regret for how this turned out or her own illegal behavior? Of course not. She turns around and says to Blockhead (paraphrasing), “I told you I was right.” That’s literally all that this was about for the Dumpster Humper. She’s swallowing the damn show. Enough already. The most interesting part of this storyline with Sutton and his family i
  12. What is it about Jack that makes women want to lie through their teeth to his face? And why would our dear ol’ Jack take anything the Dumpster Humper says at face value? Meanwhile Phyllis is who Jack always thought she was… willing to say and do whatever to him while always ready to immediately jump into Nick’s bed. I love Camryn Grimes, but I can’t watch another second of that nonsense. However when I see the idiots she left behind, I’m starting to think Mariah is better off in that room. Now that Tara’s outfit has been killed off, can we move onto the mystery of why Sally hasn’t mo
  13. I honestly forgot that Daniel existed. I can see why he left and never returned. Daisy? Ick… speaking of actresses I didn’t care for and that’s putting it as gently as I can.
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