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  1. Real talk, I’m a few episodes into season 6. I’m not even trying to be mean BUT: what’s up with Asuelu? Is his culture just completely different than our culture (American)? His whole display in the airport was weird, then with him saying he doesn’t need shoes or socks at the airport...he seems very immature and completely oblivious to social customs. Like I could see how, maybe, being from a tropical island, being barefoot is custom. But surely he didn’t think that was normal behavior at an airport?
  2. @cabarb This right here (if true) may explain it. https://soapdirt.com/90-day-fiance-leak-azan-married-and-has-3-kids-nicole-staying-at-airbnb-in-morocco/
  3. Ah, I felt some sympathy for Colt when Larissa's boyfriend came on screen and she was all over him. He was clearly tormented.
  4. Ashley just needs to send Jay back to Jamaica or don’t. She talks a good game of being hard-headed and able to move on, but clearly, it’s not as easy for her as it looks.
  5. I don’t think Pedro really loves Chantel. What I don’t get about their scheme is, why didn’t she have his sister go up to the USA and marry someone? She’s beautiful, I’m sure there’s many men who’d marry her. Maybe because Nicole is a better business woman And she has a boyfriend already, idk. Here’s what I see: Pedro will always defend his family, overlooks the way they treat Chantel and always expects her to be the bigger person and apologize. Chantel seems to always be the one to make the effort - always the one to apologize, always willing to put herself in the lion’s den again with his family. She also defends Pedro to her family, which Pedro totally takes for granted and doesn’t appreciate. He accuses her of always defending her family over him, but that’s not true, we see her defend him a lot of times. She refused to go forward with the PI and refused to give her parents any more information about what she’d heard on the Skype call. Pedro makes no effort at all with her family. They have not been perfect, but they did try to get along, starting with the cabin trip and Pedro was just cold as ice. They keep extending olive branches and are met with an ice cold brick wall. He requests things of Chantel that he is not willing to do, himself. That being said, Chantel was crazy to fly into the DR when she was not wanted. He told her not to come! I pray that whole thing was producer-driven...what do y’all think?
  6. Been binge watching, Andrei is ridiculous. He’s spending $600 to fly to New York, just to meet his dad there and take the flight with him...without any idea how he’s gonna make that money back to pay their rent. I don’t think I could ever be with such an irrational, impractical man. He wants the respect as man of the house, but he doesn’t act the part - respect is earned. He talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk. Cole seems nice and patient, but him de-activating her phone is very cheap of him and kind of a power trip. Everyone needs a phone to function in America. Not that Larissa doesn’t have her flaws, too.
  7. He whines like he got a raw deal when the judge decided to lock him up for a few years but truthfully, I think the judge did him a favor because if he’s carjacking people at 15, IDK, I feel like ppl who do that kinda thing don’t generally live very long, so if he hadn’t been locked up, idk that he’d even be here right now. When you make the decision to wave a gun in someone’s face to rob them/get them to comply with what you want them to do, you put yourself at risk bc you’ve now put them in the legal right to use deadly force against you in self-defense (if the person you’re trying to rob has a gun, you don’t know, you’re taking a gamble and if you do it on a semi-regular basis, you’re bound to lose at some point). That’s one of the signs of a sociopath - reckless disregard for the safety of self and others, engaging in activity that puts yourself and others at risk. Failure to honor financial and social responsibilities is another, btw. Repeated conning, lying, stealing and general deceptiveness is another. Yup, Like many deadbeats, he likes to play fake family man.
  8. Interesting. Are we sure that’s her real fb and not an imposter? The only reason I ask is because on her IG, it says her name is Andrea Chantell.
  9. Y’all, I think Michael is a legit sociopath. There’s a coldness to him, a complete lack of regard for the feelings and well-being of others (even his wife) that you don’t see in most people. His original crime that had him in and out of the system for parole/probation violations was carjacking someone at gunpoint when he was 15. That takes a certain boldness and low level of fear/nerves and the fact that he was only 15 makes me wonder what he woulda been capable of in a couple years, at 17, 18, 19, had he not been locked up. And yes, I know he was very young at the time, but that, combined with the way he coldly and bluntly and unapologetically dogged out his wife on national TV, without any regard, respect or thought for her feelings, even after everything she’s done for him...this show has some scumbags but no other cast member has done that, not in the manner he has and certainly not as readily as he has. Then there’s the conning multiple women, just everything, he never shows any concern or care for anyone besides himself. And of course, he fails to call his kids, despite letting his soon-to-be ex-wife pay his phone bills. if it weren’t for the $ he’s making now from WETV and all the appearances he’s been doing at various events and clubs as a result, I have no doubt he’d be back in the system again.
  10. Are we sure about that? I thought that was just a rumor, but if you have an actual link that confirms it, please share 🙂
  11. Do they allow contact visits where your cousin is?
  12. I'd agree, except that Priscilla is 7, which means she got pregnant with her 8 years ago. Her kids are now, what, 16 and 14? so it'd be ridiculous to tell them something like that now, but back when she was pregnant, they were 8 and 6. so, it makes sense she'd tell them some bullshit like that at the time and then she probably just never bothered to follow-up with the truth years later and they never asked, so she stupidly just thought "well maybe they still think that's how i got pregnant." Or maybe she just felt awkward having that convo w/her kids (and it is, indeed, an awkward conversation to have). I do agree it's a bit hypocritical of her to be so offended and intolerant of people smoking and drinking and meanwhile paying a trustee to fuck her prison boyfriend (boyfriend, at that, not husband, so pre-marital sex, a big no-no in the mormon church) in the closet. But given that it was 8 years ago, is it possible she was less religious/devout at the time? IDK, I'm just saying, 8 years is a long time. I'm unclear on Andrea's background, like whether or not she grew up Mormon or if she's a convert.
  13. I think she’s withholding sex because she’s mad he won’t move to Utah and didn’t come back to Utah with them months ago. in a way, I get why she’s mad because when he was in prison, the plan was that he’d get out and move to Utah with them. Then, once he was out, he switched it up on her and said his PO won’t allow him to leave the state. So she said fine and reluctantly agreed to move to Cali with him until he serves out the remainder of his parole. But now that he’s off parole, he still won’t come to Utah. I can see why she’s pissed - she was willing to uproot her and her kid’s lives to go to LA to be with him and it seems like he’s unwilling to make that same sacrifice and give Utah a try. While I do think Lamar loves Andrea, I feel like he’s being selfish. He should at least come stay there for a year or so and see how he likes it. She did it for him, it’s the least he can do for her, after all she’s sacrificed for him. At the same time, I kinda feel like they are from 2 different worlds and cultures and I think Lamar is more accepting and open to Andrea’s world than she is to his. I think Andrea is very sheltered and can be very judgmental and uptight about behaviors that are relatively common everywhere - like the smoking and drinking thing, when she walked into the gathering of Lamar’s family getting high and drinking, she acts like they were committing a murder! In reality, weed and alcohol is a very common thing to have at informal adult social gatherings. And didn’t Andrea know Lamar smoked and drank? Was she completely oblivious to Lamar’s culture and what it entailed? I feel like Andrea should have been more aware of what she was getting into/who she was marrying, if all of this is such a problem for her. I don’t know that Andrea is compatible with a non-Mormon. Mormon values and ways of life are clearly pretty important to her and I just can’t see Lamar living that life and I can’t blame him, I wouldn’t wanna live the Mormon life, either. so, I see both sides of their conflict. I do think Lamar made some promises that he hasn’t kept, though. I have no doubt that the reason Andrea expects certain things from him is because he sang a very different tune to her while he was in prison and acted much more open to living her way of life than he actually turned out to be once released. Their dynamic is a familiar one to me and I recognize it only because I’ve been through it - it’s one of those things where there’s more to it than meets the eye. Lamar APPEARS to be the more reasonable one because he is more patient with Andrea in everyday matters, but on big things, he is far less willing to sacrifice and she is far more willing to sacrifice. I do not think Lamar is a bad person, though. I think they are both decent people who love each other, but have fundamental differences that they may not be able to reconcile.
  14. Ah, ok, I’m gonna take a shot at this one (explain). I think his Mom is no stranger to this behavior. I think she is used to the men around her behaving in criminal ways and engaging in wanton behavior. She raised Michael without a father, remember? In one of the first episodes, Michael mentioned he grew up without a father and had always wanted a family, bc he came from a “broken” one in that his dad wasn’t around (don’t know where his dad WAS, but he wasn’t around to help raise Michael or his sister). there’s a known link between men in prison and being raised by single mothers. When they’ve done studies on men in prison, more than poverty or any other factor, being raised by a single mother was the most common attribute shared by inmates. meanwhile, I think people like Michael crave and like the IDEA of having a “normal” family - mom, dad and kids - but because they didn’t grow up with one and had no male role model, they don’t know how to do it, they don’t know how to play the role of a father because they didn’t have one and so no one taught them what it’s supposed to look like. It feels like a trapping and even more so because they’re not sure how to play their role in the family. So they run and then the cycle continues, because now their kid will have an absent father. On top of being used to it, I’m sure, on some level, his mother has thought about all of the above. studies have also shown that kids whose parents did not stay together/did not raise them together are less likely to stay with their partner/spouse when things get tough, bc they don’t know how to stay and resolve things, they don’t know what it looks like because their primary role models didn’t show them that, they only showed them how to RUN. so, I think that’s what may be going on there.
  15. I think Tony is just impulsive and, like many convicts who’ve spent time in prison, emotionally immature/stunted. He said himself, he has problems with impulse-control. You can tell Tony’s been through some therapy or rehab program at some point, the way he talks about/explains himself - addictive personality, addiction to women, problems with impulse-control, etc. I don’t know if he intends to move on soon because I don’t know how long he is on parole for. But until he gets off parole, he has to stay at Angela’s house because that’s the address he gave the parole officers. So. The true test of how genuine his feelings are will be once he gets off parole. The fact that he said, “It’s almost not worth it,” when Angela made the list of rules makes me think he’d be gone if he felt he had a choice in the matter. IDK. Tony reminds me of an adolescent that is pissed off at his parents rules. I mean, it sucks, to be a grown adult and have to answer to someone else. I think he and Michael are similar in that way - they’re grown and want the freedom to engage in whatever wanton behavior and debauchery they please, but are constantly limited in doing so because they depend on women to support them and these women expect them to be faithful, so there’s a constant conflict between doing what they want to do and survival. In terms of supporting themselves, conning is what they know. Mind you, Tony is not NEARLY as openly disrespectful as Michael is, but I think they are both users. I think Tony is just less blunt about his feelings (likely because he’s been through therapy or rehab and repeats what the counselors have told him) and explains away his behavior with psychobabble catch-phrases like “addiction to women,” etc. Michael comes from a different background, was convicted of very different crimes and is not an addict, so I highly doubt he’s been through any sort of therapy or rehab, so he explains his behavior and feelings in a much more blunt, cold and unapologetic manner.
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