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  1. I don’t think Teresa is a BAD person, per say, her fierce love for her children and parents prove that. But I think she’s vindictive and holds grudges.
  2. Oh wow. Melissa was ANGRY, she’s never flipped out like that before. And Teresa didn’t know what to say. I do get why Teresa hates Jackie, though. Jackie dishes it out, then cries foul and can’t take it. She’s too fragile for this show.
  3. I love Jennifer. She’s very smart, articlate, engaging, always with a touch of obnoxious immaturity and at times, typical Jersey tacky, yet self-aware enough not to be cringe-worthy. She’s been my favorite for every season she’s been on the show.
  4. Y’all, I am not a fan of Jackie. She’s not a good fit for the show, IMO - too serious, too sensitive and too polished for Jersey. And I find her boring.
  5. No, did you see the brief scene at the end, of their gay co-worker sitting on the streets, homeless, freezing? He helped get Dean out of jail, probably also sacrificed his rent money. I think Ruby thought maybe he’d bought that purse for a woman he’s cheating with.
  6. It’s unclear if Rio knows or not. He acts like he doesn’t, but I’m suspecting yes, because Rio’s character is typically very savvy and with it, he doesn’t miss much. It would be completely unlike him not to put 2 and 2 together. Oh I love the Rio/Beth dynamic and I like that he never changes, because that’s realistic, that’s people - they never really change, dynamics just evolve/run hot and cold. That is a realistic dynamic they have going on. That is what humanizes him, to me. I think they intended to do go more in depth about him more in season 3, but covid shut down produc
  7. They don’t have to be innocent for Andre to be wrong. Bottom line is, Andre invited them, they flew all the way out there, Chuck is paying for the wedding (it would not be possible without Chuck), so either learn to bite your tongue or pay for the wedding yourself. You don’t get to act entitled and tell somebody who just flew all the way out here and is paying for your wedding to “fuck off, pack your bags and go,” regardless of the questions they are asking you (which I think they only kept pressing because Andre kept getting defensive and evasive). If you don’t feel comfortable telling them t
  8. I thought he was slow, too, his first season and now I’ve just gotten used to watching him, so IDK, makes it harder to judge. But first season, when he showed up at the airport and did that dance and then was BAREFOOT at the AIRPORT, omg, yeah, I thought something must be wrong w/him, but like you, I then thought about the fact that I’m not familiar with Samoa or Samoan culture. I know nothing about it, to be fair. So I can’t say what’s normal there or compare him to other Samoan males his age. i also remember that, during his first trip to the supermarket, he was really amazed by all the c
  9. Libby and Andre live a much less luxurious lifestyle than her sisters and her parents, a concern that her whole family has expressed many times, especially her father. Libby comes from money. The fact that her parents can afford to pay for the dream weddings of 4 daughters, 3 of which were very luxurious, tells me she comes from money.
  10. Debbie’s behavior is not normal. It’s unhealthy, the level at which she depends on her son for companionship, instead of getting her own life, with people her own age. It’s clear she selfishly wants Colt to herself and is threatened by any woman in Colt’s life because she’s worried it means she’ll have to move out/be lonely/get a life outside of Cole.
  11. Real talk, I’m a few episodes into season 6. I’m not even trying to be mean BUT: what’s up with Asuelu? Is his culture just completely different than our culture (American)? His whole display in the airport was weird, then with him saying he doesn’t need shoes or socks at the airport...he seems very immature and completely oblivious to social customs. Like I could see how, maybe, being from a tropical island, being barefoot is custom. But surely he didn’t think that was normal behavior at an airport?
  12. @cabarb This right here (if true) may explain it. https://soapdirt.com/90-day-fiance-leak-azan-married-and-has-3-kids-nicole-staying-at-airbnb-in-morocco/
  13. Ah, I felt some sympathy for Colt when Larissa's boyfriend came on screen and she was all over him. He was clearly tormented.
  14. Ashley just needs to send Jay back to Jamaica or don’t. She talks a good game of being hard-headed and able to move on, but clearly, it’s not as easy for her as it looks.
  15. I don’t think Pedro really loves Chantel. What I don’t get about their scheme is, why didn’t she have his sister go up to the USA and marry someone? She’s beautiful, I’m sure there’s many men who’d marry her. Maybe because Nicole is a better business woman And she has a boyfriend already, idk. Here’s what I see: Pedro will always defend his family, overlooks the way they treat Chantel and always expects her to be the bigger person and apologize. Chantel seems to always be the one to make the effort - always the one to apologize, always willing to put herself in the lion’s d
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