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  1. Are we really still on this fat thing 3 pages later? Lol. Who cares what somebody else’s ideal body image is and who cares what’s average? It’s about your own ideals. I’ve got mine, everyone’s got theirs. I don’t care if most people consider me thin and I don’t care if I’m not considered overweight for my height, it’s about what I’m happy with and I wanna lose weight and that’s my choice. i think most people are the same, it’s all about the weight we are happy with on ourselves. i couldn’t care less what other people weigh, though. It’s their body, not mine.
  2. Since forever. When did you start watching the show?? LOL. And this season is one of Nene’s calmer, more classy seasons.
  3. Yea, I know, I meant I really don't think she meant it in a malicious way. I think she was happy for Cynthia. IDK, whatever. She does constantly need to be in the middle of everything, you're right about that. I think maybe that's what Marc is sick of. Kenya is constantly on 10 and constantly needs to be heard. She also talks over people, I notice. She's always extra. She takes herself too seriously. It's the Kenya show, all the time. It's too much. I think if she'd dialed it down a notch or 2, she'd have had Marc right where she wanted him...but nope. because having a vibrant, energetic personality is a good thing, she could be the light of his life if she'd just tone it down a bit and be secure with who she is, but no, because she's insecure and always trying too hard and being extra, that vibrant, energetic, life of the party personality is used in the wrong way and becomes obnoxious and emotionally draining.
  4. I really don't think Kenya meant to ruin anything. She was pretty sheepish when Kandi got mad at her, like, "oh, my dumb-ass..." I feel like she just wasn't thinking of it like that.
  5. Oh LeaAnn said something about her jewelry? Maybe that's why Kary was pissed off, then. I guess that makes sense. It seems like Kary went way more on about LeaAnn's product than LeaAnn did about hers, but if she did that in response to what LeaAnn said about her jewelry, then I get it more. IDK. LeaAnn shouldn't have said what she said, but of all the things you can say to insult someone, IMO, ethnicity is not the most insulting. At least, it's not to me. If anything, I'd be like, "Really? You've spent all this time with me and my ethnicity is all you got? I must be doing pretty good, then!" bc in my mind, there's much deeper shit you could insult someone about. IDK. In my mind, in order to really insult someone, you gotta really touch on something they're insecure about. At least, that's how it is for me. I have a lot of insecurities, but my ethnicity is simply not one of them. So, if someone insulted that, I wouldn't even care, I'd be more amused than anything else.
  6. because Keri kept going on about it, when she wasn't even the one wearing the dress! She didn't buy the dress (D'Andra did) and she wasn't wearing the dress, but she wouldn't let up, even though she and LeaAnn barely even know each other, so it's weird for Keri to be so intent on making LeaAnn look bad. Again, if Keri hadn't taken it there, I'd see LeaAnn's comments very differently. But Keri chose to escalate it and so for her to cry victim is pretty ridiculous, IMO.
  7. And Keri coulda NOT tried to hurt LeaAnn’s business by purposely and relentlessly criticizing the dress on national TV. She didn’t. If Keri hadn’t done that thing w/the dress, I’d see LeaAnn’s comments very differently. But if you try and fuck with someone’s livelihood, you can’t expect restraint in the names they call you, IMO and I’m definitely not gonna feel sympathy for you when you get called names. why throw such big stones if you live in such a fragile glass house?
  8. So you’re dismissing what they tried to do with that dress. (yes, it is a PART of her livelihood, whether you would buy it or not). Honestly, with the lack of self control LeaAnn has, if she wanted to refer to Keri with a racial slur, she probably woulda, IMO. I can’t respect somebody picking at and provoking someone all the time, then crying foul and victim when somebody shoots back with a nasty comment. That’s pathetic. You dish it out, you should be able to take it.
  9. Ha, I’m Italian, too and was just thinking about that...I would not care, either! Fuck, in middle school, a girl I didn’t get along with spread all these rumors that my family was in the mob and I was a mafia princess and I still didn’t really care! I thought it was kinda funny they’d think my family was that powerful lol.
  10. I don’t condone LeaAnn’s comments. But I also don’t condone what D’Andra and Kerri did to her with the dress. I think that REALLY pissed LeaAnn off, rightly so. You can’t try to fuck with someone’s livelihood like that and then cry victim when you get insulted in a way that you seem below the belt because, IMO, you provoked the situation. Messing with someone’s livelihood is a lot worse than calling someone a mean name, no?
  11. Oh ok. Well, if you ever get a chance, watch the Atlanta season. It’s reality TV gold lol.
  12. Does he? Lol. A lotta these ppl mumble and aren’t well-spoken, so he’d fit right in! haha. sidenote: idk of any of you ever watched 60 Days In: Atlanta (about people who go undercover and spent 2 months with inmates at Fulton County Jail) but it was allll captions haha. Like every time the inmates spoke, captions! Lol.
  13. I could! If I were a producer, I definitely would, because he's a big part of Kail's life and storyline and he's DRAMA, which we all know equals RATINGS. Let's face it, most people don't watch this show to watch Kail take her kids to soccer games, or watch Chelsea and Cole communicate in baby-talk (gag). They want drama and absurd people. They want people who can shake things up. And Kail's story w/Chris is also relatable to many - kids or no kids, lots of women have a guy who they give everything to, who only treats them as an option. Unrequited love and all that. It's an old tale, but a relatable one and it'd be interesting to see Kail on the other end of that dynamic, because we are so used to seeing her as the uncaring one who wants to break up, not the one whose in love with someone who just doesn't feel the same way, no matter how hard she tries.
  14. ? what do you mean? On his IG?
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