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  1. so, apparently, Chris is anti-vaxx, too. Surprise, surprise. https://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/kailyn-lowrys-ex-chris-lopez-reveals-hes-anti-vax-tells-fans-stfu/ He says he wasn’t vaccinated, either. God, I wish he’d let them film him, just to find out what Kail sees in him and if he is the kinda guy I think he is. Why won’t Chris let them film him? I feel like there must be something he doesn’t want exposed, like really doesn’t want exposed. Because I’m sure MTV has offered him all kinds of $ and perks, so to not take that up, there’s gotta be something he’s afraid of that would come with the exposure.
  2. Oh god. This is why I don’t believe in religious exceptions. A religion is no more than a set of guidelines and beliefs, which everybody has, to one degree or another. Why should such things get special treatment just because they are considered religious?? What if everybody were that nutty? What would happen if everybody said they don’t want their kid vaccinated because it’s against their religion? Then what? Would they all still be allowed to have their kids attend a public school? I don’t care what religion you are, if you can’t comply with the requirements of the school, then your kid shouldn’t be allowed to attend, period.
  3. It does, doesn’t it? And I’m sure being a star on a TV show doesn’t help and only furthers this narcissistic, self-centered view of the world. Leah is that way beyond what most of the Teen Moms, though, in that she’s unable to figure out how to meet their needs even when they start pulling away. (By “they,” I mean whatever boyfriend/husband she’s with). It’s like it never even occurs to her that their needs are valid, too, all she does it complain about what they don’t do for her. to be clear, I do think Jeremy AND Leah were both stupid in that they married way too quickly, before they really got to know each other and then, they had a kid together. They didn’t take the time to see whether or not they were compatible, long-term. So, that’s where Jeremy fucked up, he committed to something before he realized what he was getting into. But I can’t blame him one bit for wanting out and for getting out. I just hope he learned a lesson from that, about getting to know someone better before committing to spending the rest of his life with her after only knowing her a few months. But as far as the divorce goes, nope, I can’t blame him one bit. I don’t even think he was that quick to run. It seems like he tried talking to Leah about problems he had with her, but Leah didn’t wanna hear it, she dismissed his needs...and then wonders why he began to pull away. I don’t think Leah understands practical needs. By PRACTICAL, I mean day-to-day, regular needs, like cleanliness, organization, getting the kids to school on time, having food and drinks in the fridge, just day to day maintainence that some people may seem trivial, but if it gets bad enough, it’s not. And with Leah, it was bad enough, at least it was at one point, I’m not entirely sure what it’s like now, because her scenes don’t really focus on that anymore. I hope it’s improved, though. If Leah ever wants to find a forever-husband and be that stay at home mom she’s always dreamed of being, she’s gotta work on her domestic skills! If you want that traditional type of marriage, you gotta do your part and play the traditional role, right?
  4. I think it was the potential recruit, Rachel, who sold the screenshots of the texts to RadarOnline, not Kail. But I don’t get Kail, does she just not see how she’s being a shitty friend to Leah by doing that? Let’s be clear, btw, I don’t like what I’ve read about MITT, I find it disturbing and frankly, I think it’s a scam to make money, but I wouldn’t try to prevent my friend from making money off bringing in recruits (fucking with her livelihood) just because I don’t agree with the organization she’s representing, bc I’d see it as not my place. Her loyalty should be more towards her friend (Leah), not some rando who doesn’t have the common sense to do her own research before signing on. honestly, maybe I’m cold-hearted, but I have little sympathy for people who fall for things like this. If you don’t have the common sense to realize paying thousands of dollars for a program that promises to change your life, but is vague about the specifics, then I guess you’re gonna have to learn the hard way. Tough shit. Use your common sense next time! Or maybe some people do genuinely find it helpful, who knows, I guess they do, anyway, because many stick with it, but I know I personally wouldn’t find it helpful. It sounds stupid to me. But I guess it all depends on the individual. Idk.
  5. I gotcha. What I wonder is if Lux is gonna be able to attend regular schools. Don’t most schools, private and public, require that you vaccinate your kid before they can attend?
  6. I agree that the law is not a moral compass. But I don’t agree with her decision not to vaccinate Lux and fail to see what that has to do with the law. Is that what bothers y’all? That it’s from the anti-vax IG? Or am I missing something?
  7. Why would Kail want to go to an event, knowing Lauren is there? Lol. Makes no sense. Lux wasn’t included because he’s not Javi or Jo’s kid, duh! I question how well-liked Kail would be if she wasn’t a star on TM2. I think people get sick of her drama. I’m sure people say all sorts of shit behind her back.
  8. You don’t have to be his maid to clean up the house and car once in a while! Jesus. Or hire someone else to do it if need be, it’s not like she doesn’t have the means! If you want your man home more and feel like he’s avoiding it, then take the steps to make him enjoy it more when he’s there, so he’ll stop avoiding it! Duh! Guilt-tripping him about it, while doing nothing to make the home environment more pleasant, is only going to make him avoid it more. It seems like she lacks the ability to empathize with the needs of any guy she’s with. It’s all about her own needs.
  9. So true! I don’t get why Kail did that, to be honest. I don’t like what I’ve read about MITT, but if my friend was into it and recruiting ppl, I wouldn’t try to dissuade potential recruits because I ultimately owe more loyalty to my friend than someone rando I don’t know. It’s their responsibility to do their research, not mine. It makes me wonder if Kail has some other hidden agenda or motive we don’t know about. Or maybe she just felt for this mom because she was young and had limited means, who knows.
  10. I’ve never seen Corey articulate his understanding of the disease, or even show that he understands why certain things are done the way they are with her disease. And I don’t mean “understanding” as in, able to accept it. I mean understanding the complexity of it, the sub types, why certain tests are done and the results of them and what it means, etc. She shows an understanding of the minutiae (details) on a level that most people (including Corey) don’t. She is not only able to understand what’s happening, but WHY, she understands what Ali’s body is doing differently. She was also capable of understanding and articulating things like this even before she had the twins, as I recall from her 16 & Pregnant episode. Leah has always understood Ali’s limits. I think she tells Ali what she tells her so as not to discourage Ali from pursuing the things she CAN do. Corey’s the one who didn’t understand Ali’s limits for the longest time.
  11. I actually believe it is socially irresponsible to use your platform promote these beliefs as if they are fact, when there’s actually no scientific data to back any of this up. It’s one thing to say, “I don’t believe in vaccines, I believe they cause cancer,” but it’s another to just post it like it’s FACT, when it’s NOT.
  12. Damn, Jeremy makes good $$. If out of town assignments mean he makes $5000/week, instead of $2000, I can see why he’d volunteer some of the time, but even $2000/week is $8000/month, which is $96K. This is all before taxes, of course, but what I’m saying is, either way, that is a damn good income. I could see frequently taking those jobs when you are single, but when you’re married with kids? Idk, I wouldn’t be happy if my husband left me alone damn near every week to go work out of town. Once in a while? Sure. But not as frequently as Jeremy does. I think he probably did take those jobs to get away from Leah, too. But if somebody is doing that to get away from you, there’s a reason and that’s what Leah never wanted to address. Leah would rather act as if she is perfect and the problem is all YOU, instead of trying to make things better for Jeremy so he’d become less avoidant. She is so dismissive of everyone else’s needs besides her own.
  13. Yeah, Corey and Miranda are always acting so put upon, too, when they face even the slightest bit of criticism. Corey got very defensive on Twitter and then went to The Ashley to defend himself, then Corey’s MOM actually inserted herself in the drama as well and also defended Corey to The Ashley, whole attacking Leah. It’s ridiculous.
  14. OMG the ignorance, I can’t with these ppl. Last I checked, there is no scientific evidence that vaccines cause cancer. These idiots just believe everything they read on IG and conspiracy theory websites. It’s so lame.
  15. I disagree that she is unintelligent, I can tell when she speaks and that way she articulates her clear understanding of Ali’s health issues that she is smart in that she is capable of comprehending complex issues. Not everybody is. But I agree 100% that she is lazy as fuck, with no ambition or ability to follow-through. She is also very quick to criticize the men in her life, but becomes very defensive about any complaints they have about her, even though the complaints often seem valid (like the things Jeremy didn’t like about her - very messy, needy, disorganized, over-spending, etc). I can totally see why Jeremy divorced her - works his ass off for a week, then comes home to a super messy house, super messy car and a wife that does nothing but bitch about him not spending enough time with her or her girls. Why would he want to? After a week of hard work, who wants to come home to that kind of stressful environment? I sure wouldn’t. Then, to top it off, you look at the credit card bills and see much of the money you’ve spent all week working for has been spent. And then you can’t even address the problem with her, because she gets defensive and makes excuses. It’s no wonder he eventually started to see her as a burden and someone he felt he was better off without! Who wouldn’t, in that situation? I think she’s one of those people that always has all these grand ideas - Mary Kay makeup, moving to a house that’s disability-friendly, being a motivational speaker, moving to another house and another and another and now this self-help bullshit. It’s always something. She’s very ungrounded. She loves to talk and dream up all these grand ideas on paper, but lacks the follow-through and ambition to actually get any of it off the ground if it takes anything more than throwing money at the problem. She lacks the work ethic and grit to actually execute any of her grand ideas. She’s smart but lazy, which is a much worse combination than stupid but hard-working, tbh. I also think her family contributes to the problem because they never acknowledge her flaws, they act like she’s perfect and all the men she’s with are wrong. I think it’s probably because they, themselves, lack a work ethic and don’t particularly value organization or hard work, either, so they see nothing wrong with how she is. The endless cycle of white trash drama, messiness and laziness and sitting around talking about problems, then trying to cure it with whatever feels good in the moment (money, sex, cigarettes, alcohol, etc) is normal to them. That’s how she grew up. So it never even occurred to her that other people may find problems with that and to her, it comes across like they are being too harsh on her for things that are petty. She never bothers to examine WHY these men leave her because she dismisses their needs, it’s all about her own needs and what makes her feel good. And she doesn’t realize they’re fed up until it’s far too late.
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