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  1. Gracias!! Yes! No, you are right. The design of the bandana is not centered.
  2. @FairyDusted PPP Pass it to me, STAT!
  3. Tyler's shirt or the one in the link?
  4. Not at all original. Tyler better be careful. I have seen t-shirts with that same bandana pocket t-shirt design by other companies. Here is an example: https://www.zumiez.com/ninth-hall-bad-dan-bandana-pocket-t-shirt.html It is as if he is Googling adult shirts and copying styles.
  5. This. ^^^ That horror cabin scene did not make sense at all. Jenelle said they were leaving..."We're going home." Were they taking the kids back home and dumping them with relatives only to return back to the cabin? I mean, they didn't take their luggage and left everything in the cabin. It looked like they left the fireplace going as well. The lights on the Christmas tree were on and the place was a mess. Or were they going to drive around and go ballistic on the kids away from the cameras and then return to the cabin?
  6. Actually, it didn't. Jo broke it off with Kanal shortly after Isaac was born. She tried to get him back and did the guilt trip on him by telling him Isaac needed his family. As for Javi, she got him to marry her and then she became pregnant. She threw that marriage away when she decided to play tiddly-winks with other guys behind her husband's back. I am sure Javi would have forgiven her and continued the marriage, but she wasn't wanting him anymore. She only wanted Javi back when Chris no longer wanted her. The birthday party - That piñata at that birthday party was sorry as hell. I'd be
  7. Re the wonky editing about Chelsea. I checked both episodes. Those are two different scenes. This is the run-down. In last week's episode, MTV must have inserted old footage of Adumb appearing at the courthouse since he is not part of the show anymore. He wasn't shown again in the episode. In last week's episode, Chelsey Grace was wearing a black shirt. Last night's episode she was wearing a purple shirt. She wore the same sweater. In last week's episode, Chelsea wore the grey turtleneck and had a black jacket. She mentioned to Cole how she had TWO COURT HEARINGS - one for
  8. ? You are absolutely right. The wild creatures and animals would do a better job at caring for those kids. ?
  9. I didn't see Adumb in that upper photo? What scene was that? I only saw his face when he was in the courthouse. I checked my DVR. I didn't see him walking outside. Another thing I noticed, that bottle in the car, resembled one that was on the kitchen table at breakfast. It looked like it might have been one of the kid's bottle.
  10. My father was a shoe repairman and an orthopedic specialist. Foot care was a big thing in our home growing up. He taught us that children wearing shoes is not a good thing. Children's feet need to feel different types of sensations such as sand, concrete, carpet, floors, etc. to help muscle development and it actually helps toddlers who are learning to walk to keep their heads straight up instead of tilted down. In Eggsley's case, I am sure her head droops down due to its size. This is just one source that backs up what my late father taught us: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/20
  11. We are on a roll. lol Great minds and all that. :-)
  12. https://starcasm.net/teen-mom-jade-cline-instagram-photo-with-white-powder-rolled-up-dollar-and-id-sparks-controversy/
  13. @druzy thread title suggestion: Nova Who? And Tyler, Too.
  14. Amber hit Gary and the scene aired on tv. Callers contacted authorities. That brought about the child neglect charge against her because she committed the D.V. in the presence of a child which then brought forth the child neglect charge against her. CPS was involved because of that child neglect charge. That is different than what is happening with Jenelle. Neither one of those two Dumb Fucks has committed a felony in the presence of any minor AND been charged with a felony in the presence of a minor. @politichick Brittany has a job. I don't think she has ever revealed what she does. I
  15. Fillers and Botox. The girl has to be getting fillers on top of the weight gain making her look bloated in the face. You can't even see her dimples anymore. I also noticed her skin was extremely bad. The acne cannot be hidden. All that money is better spent on good skin care and maybe visiting a dermatologist. I am sure her unhealthy eating habits play a part in her skin being so bad. Stress and other factors also play a part. Another thing, I noticed a hole on her lower lip. It looked like Jenelle's hole on her upper lip. Get some Bondo and fill up that shit.
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