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Gotham in the Media

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There's a pretty long feature about Gotham in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly - the fall tv preview issue. There's some info in there that I might consider spoilers (and am a little unhappy to have read, tbh), but it's an interesting read.


As a casual Batman fan (I watched the Adam West/Burt Ward show as a kid, never read the comics, <i>hated</i> the Dark Knight), I don't know that it made me more hopeful about the show - it's certainly going to be dark, but it does sound a little, at least, like they're not taking themselves too seriously. The pilot got a B from the mag; based on that, I think I can committ to the first 5 or so episodes to see how it goes.

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Oh, and another tie-in website: http://witnessgotham.com

It's an interactive thing where you can "investigate" the Wayne murders.

That one's fun, but there's a bug and it's hard to get the Fish Mooney popup; I kept getting Cobblepot in her place for a few tries.


ElectricBoogaloo, thanks for those videos!  I'm really looking forward to this, although I probably won't see it until Tuesday night.

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The New York Times has a story on the show (not a review):



Gotham City, Emphasis on the Goth

“So it’s New York in style,” Mr. Cannon said, “but at the same time, there’s something old and broken about it.”

The result is a show, like “Game of Thrones” on HBO, that is defined by — and dependent on — a landscape that recalls reality but heightens it at every turn.

“It’s a kind of fantasy world, an imagined world where anything is possible,” said Bruno Heller, one of the show’s creators and executive producers. “It can’t be quotidian and prosaic. It has to be limitless and epic.”

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Bruno Heller interview at Coliider.

One interesting bit:

Are there any characters in the stories or the comic books that you absolutely will not include on the show?

HELLER:  There are certain characters that would be very, very difficult to put on the screen.  That crocodile guy is a tough one, although we may go there.  We haven’t excluded anyone from the mix, potentially.  But generally, what we’re looking at is characters where there is some drama, or a story behind how they got to be the way they are.  And we’re looking for characters who can live in the real world of Gotham, as opposed to the even more super-real world of Metropolis.  It’s not about superpowers.  It’s about super will, if you like.  So, we have veered towards those characters who are interesting as people, rather than interesting for their particular power or their particular gimmick or their costume.  But, the simple answer is that we’re ready to go with any of them.


I assumed that any of the really "out there"/sci-fi characters were off the table; but now it looks like we could see anybody -- as long as they don't show any superpowers.  More options if this show lasts long enough.

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I've already seen a version of Croc done once, Vinny Jones's Scales on The Cape. Would love to see him here. The Ventriloquist is another good one to build a story around.

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I think they should've gone with promoting this show as the origin story of Batman's villains.  We meet like 80 of them in the pilot, so I think it would've worked better.


That's what confuses me.  There seems to be such a focus on these characters, is this the backstory of Batman's villians?  Is that what this show is?


Or is it about Gordon fighting hopelessly against the corruption and crime of Gotham?

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That's what confuses me.  There seems to be such a focus on these characters, is this the backstory of Batman's villians?  Is that what this show is?


Or is it about Gordon fighting hopelessly against the corruption and crime of Gotham?

See now I think the later is far more interesting than the former.  Honestly, if this turns into he's young Batman villain X, I'm not going to be sicking around.  But Jim Gordon dealing with how incredibly corrupt Gotham is and trying to swim in these waters is far more interesting.  I'm fine with Cooperpot sticking around, but the Penguin moniker makes no sense at this point and I hope if they're going to go with that they explain it.  

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"This season on Gotham": Has clips from upcoming episodes, so SPOILERS AHOY.



The best video trailer for the show thus far.  This one really shows the craziness of Gotham to come.  Score one for me, by the way, for mentioning Victor Zsasz showing up as a villain on the show.  I had no idea whatsoever that he'd actually appear.

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The demo went down to 2.8. Hopefully, it stabilizes, especially after TBBT moves back to Thursday.

I think the Monday Night Football matchup may also have an effect.  Against the pilot, the Bears-Jets game pulled an average 8.4 rating (5.2 in the demo); this week, Pats-Chiefs averaged 8.8 (5.3 18-49) with a peak over 10.0 (but that peak was against Sleepy Hollow).  Plus, I'm willing to bet that the early parts of this week's game heavily outweighed the end (since the game was a mess).

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Well written review from the New York Times by Jeremy Egner: artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/10/06/gotham-recap-take-it-away-balloonman

His style makes me want to know his former screen names:

...(New drinking game: take one swig every time Gordon displays his moral rectitude and two every time someone else refers to it. Full chug anytime someone calls him a “Boy Scout.”)...

(I have a hard time remembering another show that so frequently and explicitly bludgeoned its audience with its thesis. It’d be like if each episode of “Lost” included at least four different characters shouting, “This island is full of mysteries, but none so mysterious as the nature of love and its power to redeem us!”)...

Procedural alert: We’re only three weeks in but already “Gotham” is living up to the old “Law & Order” precept in which any recognizable guest actor who shows up in the first act will be holding a smoking gun by the third...

I'm a bit tweaked that he didn't feel the need to throw in the word/name "Chekov" on that last one. Is it really considered "common knowledge" (and so doesn't need to be cited), or was he unsure of the correct spelling of Chekov, since Google also retrieves the various misspellings?

Anyway, it's nice that one of our own has a byline and a paycheck.

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Yeah, I was hoping the announcement would be for a second season. I read speculation elsewhere that Fox may want to shorten the gap between seasons. (Assuming it gets another season.)

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I recently noticed that in the press releases for the episodes in addition to the respective character names, they have "the future Riddler" and "the Catwoman" listed. Because stuff like that hasn't spelled out enough already. ::eyeroll::



I might not mind a "filler" episode if they can use it to flesh out some of the characters. I feel there is a lack of backstory/context for who some of them are NOW, as opposed to who they will become.

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Although it looks like they've changed her up a bit. Leslie is theoretically more a candidate for a romance with Alfred than Gordon, and her place in relation to Bruce and his upbringing probably should have been in place already, rather than her coming into the story at a later time.

That said, I guess we'll see what they do here before deciding too much.

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Yikes, I'm usually not all that wild about affairs on TV, but Morena Baccarin?  She can be evil as all get-out, and I will still be telling Gordon to forget about Barbara, and go for it.  Glad she's joining the show.



Same here. And after five episodes I'm convinced Erin Richards and Ben McKenzie don't have the chemistry needed to keep the whole Barbara/Jim thing going on.

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