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  1. I really loved this episode. Yes, the old makeup was dodgy as hell but not enough to throw me out of the flash forwards though. Annalise was always going to get off but I loved her speech to the jury and I loved that she did have a good life, post trial. I do wish that her and Tegan had more time together though. Nice seeing Eve, Ophelia and Celestine during this episode. Was obvious that Alfred Enoch would come back to play Christophe instead of Wes secretly being alive. Better too. I did like that he became the new Annalise by the end of this. Michaela losing her friends was harsh but saw it coming. Laurel - not much we know about her post trial but clearly she maintained some kind of relationship with Annalise. Connor and Oliver, mixed feelings but still glad they stayed together. Frank and Bonnie, their deaths were sad but had to happen I guess. Didn't care about Nate but glad he did come through for Annalise at the end. Overall, a fantastic finale, 9/10
  2. You think with all the murders and back stabbing we've had in six seasons that Annalise getting to say "Assholes" wouldn't shock me but it did. I actually loved this episode. Annalise's analyzing of how to present herself at court, representing herself, tearing Connor and Michaela apart, getting Laurel on side. It was almost going so well and then Hannah got killed so that's made things messy. Gonna go with Frank here. Seriously, Bonnie could've waited until after the trial to tell him that bit of news. Laurel, Connor and Michaela all turning on each other while Oliver remains unscathed. Just nope to that. Tegan's got it bad for Annalise. Chill, Tegan, chill. Zoned out with the Nate and Gabe scenes, but ooh, they found Xavier's body. Send Nate to jail please show, 9/10
  3. It is way too late in the day to be going down the path of Sam/Hannah having an incestuous relationship and Frank being their son. If they wanted to do this storyline, it should've been done much earlier in the season. If the flashbacks were meant to make us feel bad for Sam, then ultimately they failed. The guy was toxic through and through and ruined too many lives, even if he didn't mean to in some cases. I did like Annalise's scenes with Vivian, Bonnie, Frank and Tegan this week, even if the latter barely had anything to do. Connor took a new deal but did Michaela? Really hate that Nate gained some sort of an upper hand here? Just get rid of him. At least Gabriel is leaving. 7/10
  4. Nate is such a moron. I mean, I get wanting payback for his father but keeping Xavier alive would've helped everyone out instead of killing him. Even Frank managed to understand that and that's not counting Bonnie's influence in the matter. Annalise got the death penalty and I thought it would stick for an episode or two instead of getting thrown out but it's probably smart they didn't drag it out. Tegan's Game Of Thrones reference was cute but clumsy. She was still the right person to have represent Annalise though instead of Robert. Oliver has been annoying the last few episodes. At least Connor and Michaela are trying to make things a little better. Don't care for Gabriel but Vivian's little reveal about Sam/Hannah cannot be good, 8/10
  5. Good luck to Javicia. If the show can convincingly pull off a new character as Batwoman, then more power to them but it's still risky enough though considering how every character is deeply tied to Kate Kane.
  6. Another really good episode. Loved Annalise's scenes with her mother and Tegan. The confrontation with the kids was fairly inevitable and I could look at both sides on the matter. Nice tribute and final flashbacks with Asher there. Glad they didn't drag out the reveal of his killer and at least Gabriel did something decent with telling Connor, Michaela and Oliver about it. Nate can go away now though, 8/10
  7. I really liked this return episode. Not sure who killed Asher but I don't believe it was Bonnie and Frank, despite the flashbacks making them look shady as hell though. Connor and Michaela - love that they had the same idea. Love that they ignored Oliver and Solomon's advice too. Love their friendship in general. Annalise got caught quicker than I expected her to do. Nate and Gabriel continue to be pointless but I do expect that the latter knows more than he's letting on, re Asher, 8/10
  8. This was a self indulgent, wish fulfillment series and while it took a lot of creative liberties, I still enjoyed the hell out of it. I do think this finale indulged big time in the schmaltzy of ways especially with the Awards ceremony but it was fine enough. I did like Archie and Rock together throughout the series. I also wished we had seen more of Dick and John before the former died. Jack and Claire, they sped up the romance but again it worked like Ellen and Ernie did as well. Avis really did commit to diversity with standing by Raymond, Camille and Archie but I wished we had seen more of Anna May and Hattie in the series. Overall a strong ending but this doesn't need to be brought back for a second season, 8/10
  9. darkestboy

    S01.E06: Meg

    Ace had a change of heart and died and now Meg has been burned. Yeah, I think that all felt a bit obvious. I'm betting there's a copy somewhere though. At least Henry was trying to be helpful with a movie plot point and Raymond saw that. Nice that Dick came out. Also nice the Archie/Rock scene in their house. Jack and Claire getting closer was nice but also predictable in a way. Loved Camille not bowing down to those racists here as well. Same with Avis as well. The Ernie and Ellen scenes were quite nice too. I think I saw a spark with them. 8/10
  10. Easily better than last season's finale but with Charlie, Zari 1 and possibly Astra as well, this certainly lived up to it's title in a way. Having the Legends taking out Encores to Sisqo's Thong Song and him performing the song during the fight was a stroke of genius. Sara being snatched by aliens at the end is a good hook for next season but Ava still isn't the best of leaders. Zari 2 and Constantine together next season, Lita recurring for Mick, Nate on his own, Zari and Behrad sharing the totem, all could work well. Fates storyline wrapped up well and less Mona/Gary does work, 8/10
  11. Ah the Jack story with his wife was way too convenient but I guess he's now free to pursue Claire, which the show will no doubt do. I felt this was great for the older characters as Avis, Ellen, Dick and Jeanne all got some excellent moments in this episode. Archie and Rock were cute as usual with the small screen time they had together. Henry's still horrible but he's useful I guess. Loved the script reading scene with everyone. Felt for Raymond and Camille when that racist asshole called the latter. Nice scenes with Hattie and Tallulah as well, 8/10
  12. Constantine doesn't work in long term relationships so I'd rather they didn't go further with him and Zari in that capacity.
  13. I loved that. The TV shows they chose to spoof were easy choices but they worked nonetheless. I cannot see both Zaris being kept next season and while both do deserve to stay, it might be easy to merge them together. Behrad came back an episode earlier than expected. Astra seems to realise that she has to let go of her mother. I like that Constantine was supportive here and his disgust of having to be a butler was amusing. Don't mind Nate/Zari but eh, let's not rush into it. Mick loved his hair in that world. Sara and Ava's scenes were the weaker part of the episode. Charlie, Mona and Gary worked fine with lesser screen time here, 9/10
  14. Claire had the better audition but I also think Camille did deserve the role too. Both were good enough for it. Avis had some great scenes with Eleanor Roosevelt, Jeanne, Dick and Ellen in this one. Love that she seemingly stood her ground with Henry. Rock's bad auditions were amusing while Jack showed improvement this week. Archie took a setback but one I don't see sticking and Raymond was right to tell Camille not to cheat. Not my favourite episode but I am enjoying this series a lot, 7/10
  15. Regarding that press release, not surprised that Behrad will be back and happy that both him and Zari will wield the air totem. I love Constantine but with HBO Max planning their own Justice League Dark, I'm almost surprised that he's still going to be around next season. Will Charlie, Astra and Gary make it next season? Not liking the idea of Sara going missing if it's happening and I would have added a new male character as well. I assume Season 6 will have 15 episodes or slightly less like this season has had.
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