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  1. Constantine doesn't work in long term relationships so I'd rather they didn't go further with him and Zari in that capacity.
  2. I loved that. The TV shows they chose to spoof were easy choices but they worked nonetheless. I cannot see both Zaris being kept next season and while both do deserve to stay, it might be easy to merge them together. Behrad came back an episode earlier than expected. Astra seems to realise that she has to let go of her mother. I like that Constantine was supportive here and his disgust of having to be a butler was amusing. Don't mind Nate/Zari but eh, let's not rush into it. Mick loved his hair in that world. Sara and Ava's scenes were the weaker part of the episode. Charlie, Mona and Gary worked fine with lesser screen time here, 9/10
  3. Claire had the better audition but I also think Camille did deserve the role too. Both were good enough for it. Avis had some great scenes with Eleanor Roosevelt, Jeanne, Dick and Ellen in this one. Love that she seemingly stood her ground with Henry. Rock's bad auditions were amusing while Jack showed improvement this week. Archie took a setback but one I don't see sticking and Raymond was right to tell Camille not to cheat. Not my favourite episode but I am enjoying this series a lot, 7/10
  4. Regarding that press release, not surprised that Behrad will be back and happy that both him and Zari will wield the air totem. I love Constantine but with HBO Max planning their own Justice League Dark, I'm almost surprised that he's still going to be around next season. Will Charlie, Astra and Gary make it next season? Not liking the idea of Sara going missing if it's happening and I would have added a new male character as well. I assume Season 6 will have 15 episodes or slightly less like this season has had.
  5. So everyone except Charlie is dead but probably not. The use of zombies felt more Shaun Of The Dead then Walking Dead which I guess was the point. I don't believe Charlie has switched sides and neither will her sisters at some point in the next two episodes. Gary has been more annoying this season but he actually made an effort and worked well with Gideon and even got Astra to change her mind. Why can't he that useful more often? Still don't like the Constantine/Zari pairing. The actors have chemistry but it still feels forced for me. They just work better as friends. Sara should have been more honest with everyone, it was jarring that she wasn't here. Ava, Mick and Nate had some okay moments but meh mostlymto their scenes this week. Intrigued to see how these last two episodes resolve this story. 7/10
  6. My favourite episode so far. God this one was so good. That scene between Dick breaking down to Rock and the latter making some progress with Archie. Then there's Henry. Yup, he's vile, even if this episode did try to humanise him a bit but his scenes with Rock and Jack. Yikes. Jack not loving his wife I didn't expect. Claire seems very interested. She got a little better this one but only because we know who her parents are. Raymond is right about Camille for the part of Peg/Meg. Rock deserves the male lead more than Jack though. Loved the use of Tallullah Bankhead and Vivien Leigh here too as well as Avis and Ellen's bickering, 9/10
  7. Good introductions for Raymond and Camille. Really both them as a couple and liked their scenes together. I liked Raymond's scenes with Anna May Wong and Archie and his determination to want to change Hollywood. The show seems to have fun poking fun at Jack and Rock's acting at times. Henry creeped me out during his scenes with Rock while the latter was adorable with Archie. Claire seems okay so far but doesn't really stand out as much as the rest of the younger characters yet. Title sequence looks great, 7/10
  8. A premise thats both intriguing and a little on the fanfic side. This episode focused on Jack the most and despite him trying to refuse Ernie, it took very little for him to go with Avis though. I did enjoy his scenes with Archie and thought his best acting was pretending to be a cop. Not as invested in his family life though. The scenes with Archie and Roy are without a doubt the highlight of each episode too, 7/10
  9. Really enjoyed this one. Nice use of fraternity and sorority TV tropes and of course , Dion was a fun guest character and a good sport. I hope he does come back next season. Astra slowly coming around to the Legends, got great scenes with Charlie and the Deltas so of course Lachesis would cash in on her debt. The show is having a blast with Sara's new powers and they're a lot of fun to watch as well. Lita has gotten better and I liked her scenes with Mick and Nate and I liked that she had a role in the main plot too. The episode really went to town with Nate's frat boy ways too. Zari not drinking from the cup can't end well. Not sure about her and Constantine though. Chemistry is there but writing a bit forced, 8/10
  10. The hell hound idea was amusing and for the most part actually executed well. On the other hand, the show is overextending how much audiences find Gary's stupidity amusing. The guy seriously needs to get some common sense now. Nice scenes with Zari and Astra this week. Liked them trying to outsmart each other while the show hinted at a friendship with them. Still mixed on a potential Zari and John pairing. On the other hand, at least Nate was useful with Mick and Lita though. Sara's new powers are interesting but I don't think they're permanent. It took long for her to open up about them and too long for Ava and John to believe her. Hopefully Charlie can get that loom working now, 7/10
  11. Not sure I want to see a John/Zari pairing but on the other hand, the actors have chemistry and worked brilliantly here with each other. There were more Encores than usual here and they were used pretty, especially Jack the Ripper and Bonnie and Clyde. Zari pulled off the Cleopatra look well. Not too shocked by Astra changing sides when she realised that Lachesis and Atropos were a bigger threat. Good team up with Ava, Gary and Mick this week. Sara was short changed this week but at least we have an idea of what her power may be. Charlie had some nice scenes with Nate and Enchantress. Surprised the latter appeared but intrigued to see who's side she's really on, 8/10
  12. This was a great episode to come back with. Charlie's sisters really do mean business and Atropos seems the worst of the Fates. Poor Behrad, even though it's likely his death won't stick. Loved Zari and Zari. Just a brilliant meeting of minds/souls in this one and it seems like current Zari doesn't actually fancy Nate, which is also interesting. Sara's superpower whatever it's supposed to be gave her an immunity to a Fate's true form and Constantine had his own back up this week. The Supernatural references were amusing enough. Like the Mick and Ava subplot with Lita too, 8/10
  13. A bit of a rushed ending for both Ray and Nora but I still liked it. The show will lose something after Ray's departure tbh. Ray and Nate's bromance had it's moments and I did love the last scene when they all badly reacted to the green juice. Loved the use of Shakespeare in this one, the take on Romeo & Juliet was hilarious as were the bachelor and bachelorette parties respectively. Coin Maker will likely be one of Charlie's sisters. She didn't have to do much to get Astra to work against Constantine either. Nice scenes with Mick and Mona in this one too and can we bring stripper guy back too? 8/10
  14. The end really is nigh for Ray and Nora and while I still think the show is making a mistake losing these characters, I loved this episode, loved the wedding they got and I loved the return of Damien Darhk to boot. Damien has always worked better here than Arrow and he had great scenes with Nora, Ray, Constantine, Sara and Ava. His final death actually made sense too. Nora liking her job as a fairy godmother made sense too, nice character moments there too. Loved the Cul-De-Sac scenes in this one, especially with Constantine's reaction to the puppets again. The Sara/Ava conflict eh, just seemed a bit tacked on but didn't hamper things either. Mick having a daughter feels like a set up for a departure for him. I did love the team up with him and Zari this week. Same with Constantine and Charlie and their scenes. Time to meet Charlie's sisters now though, 9/10.
  15. I neither loved nor hated this finale. I mean it was a step up from the previous series but that's not saying too much. Doctor being the Timeless Child. There are pros and cons to this but it feels eh at the moment tbh. I did like seeing Ruth again and I wish that Brendan had been something else but at least one of those two should appear next series . Sacha Dhawan has been a revelation as the Master and I'm glad we got lots of scenes with him and Jodie Whittaker. I say he also will be back next series. Lone Cybermen was too easily taken out tbh and the CyberMasters looked ridiculous. Won't be sad they're gone. I'm hoping the special serves as a proper clearing of the decks with the companions. They do need to go now. Nice Judoon cameo. Did not expect them to appear, 7/10
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