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  1. This was both a lot of ridiculous fun and got serious and dark in places too. The Marie Antoinette and Zari storylines nicely dovetailing one another. Some obvious moments but they worked a treat. Ava made for an okay interim captain but here's hoping Sara isn't away too long. I did like her scenes with Zari, who slowly seems to be getting her memories back. Headless Marie after Ray and Mick was pretty funny though. Nate and Behrad do seem to have a good dynamic but how has the latter not cottoned on to hoe odd his friend is being around his sister at times? Constantine's life expectancy getting sped up really does show how pissed Astra truly has become with him. Nice flashbacks with Constantine and Natalie, nice that Charlie's getting more of a storyline too and eh, Gary, you really should brush up on your skills a bit more, 8/10
  2. Along with Vinay Patel and Pete McTighe, I'd be happy for Maxine Alderton to come back and write for the show yet again. This was an excellent episode. The Lone Cybermen was very well done, they had a good set up for the finale and the companions felt useful as well, even if Graham did have to go to the toilet. The darker Doctor stuff works and her scenes with Ashad were actually interesting to watch. Nice use of the Shelleys, Lord Byron, Dr Polidari and so on. Easily the best historical episode this series has done so far, 9/10
  3. Prom night was fun. Great twist with Kathy being the killer and not her son, Freddy. Nora's a pretty good fairy godmother and I did like her having a lot more to do this week. Same with Mick, which was nice for a change. Ava's serial killer fangirling was funny at times. I did laugh at her and Sara having fun as final girls. Nate had some good one liners this week as did Ray and the Zari/Behrad scenes were good. I like that the show is is seeding the hints for Zari to get her memories back. Constantine, Gary and Charlie's plot was a little too separate from the main storyline this week but their scenes did work and it'll be interesting to see Astra's mother next week, 8/10
  4. I thought Constantine looked like death in those episode 5 pics with Ray and Gary. Getting more on Charlie's past, I'm all for.
  5. This should've been a far better episode than it was and alas it was not. It's nice that Yasmin finally has a backstory and it's a good one, but again, it feels a little too late in the day. Ryan's friend, again it was good but we barely knew the guy either. Absolutely hated the way the Doctor dismissed Graham's cancer fears. I know she's an alien but that scene really annoyed me to no end. The main plot with the two gods was just dull beyond belief. 6/10
  6. A strong second episode. Like the new title sequence. I didn't expect that we'd get one though. Constantine not giving up on Astra makes sense and I do think it'll result in her being redeemed before the season ends. Right now though, she seems to having a lot of fun at John's expense. The Bugsy and Jeannie bits of the episode were great as well. I did however totally see Bugsy getting blasted by that demon gun coming a mile off. Sara, Ava and Mick made a good team this week. Ava's atrocious singing was amusing, though it did go on for a bit. New Zari quickly got brought into the mix thanks to Behrad and Nate. This should be fun. Ray is too good at times, 7/10
  7. I actually enjoyed this one and yeah, it was in danger of being overly preachy but unlike a certain episode this series, it managed to pull off it's environmental a bit more succinctly this time around. Blogger girl was decent enough, had some good moments with Ryan and Yasmin. Loved Jake and Adam. Can we at least see them in another episode? Oh go on, Chibnall. Shame we didn't get the Sea Devils in this episode. It seemed perfect for them to return. Yasmin was acting a lot off in this episode. It better be leading to something good. The Doctor and Graham had some decent moments too, 8/10
  8. I genuinely loved this episode and I'm glad to say that. Ruth being a version of the Doctor intrigued me but Chibnall needs to be careful here. Jo Martin played her well and worked well with Jodie Whittaker to boot. Was Lee a companion along with being another Gallifreyan/protector? Didn't end well for him. Its great we're getting arc stuff and that the Master hasn't been forgotten either. Judoon were great. Credit to Chibnall and Vinay Patel getting them spot on. I genuinely did not expect Jack's return and I loved it. I've forgotten how much I've missed. He worked well with Graham I thought and Ryan and Yasmin, who were better used here. Looking forward to the Lone Cybermen arc too, 9/10
  9. The documentary for this show is not the craziest thing they could do but they certainly had fun with this one. Poor Kevin though. He got covered in Rasputin guts and had his film ruined by the Legends but he's auteur so he'll probably recover. Not surprised everyone kind of flipped out over being filmed and acted up for the cameras while Sara just wanted to talk about everything that went down in the Criis. Ava bumbled a lot in this episode. Mona got a nice exit. The character didn't work but they treated her with respect. Hope Charlie isn't gone though. At least they're not going to drag out the Zari bit now that Nate is aware that she's missing. I do like Behrad but it seems pointless getting too attached to him. Still though he seems to work with the Legends pretty well. Constantine and Gary working together is nice. Astra will be appearing onscreen soon though, yeah? 8/10
  10. Not a bad episode but not a great one either. Tesla and Edison were well cast and both worked with the Doctor and the gang. Queen Skithra could've been a little more interesting as a baddie though. Still ready to lose these current companions though, 7/10
  11. This spin off as a whole reeks of desperation. It's Birds Of Prey but not quite and maybe a few years ago they could've had Laurel, Sara, Mari and Helena and done something with them and that would've been worth watching. Mia is a pretty tedious character and I'm largely indifferent to Dinah. I like Laurel but this whole idea is four or five years too late and despite the DCEU Birds Of Prey being more of a Harley Quinn outing, it looks far more entertaining than this will be.
  12. Well, that was boring as hell. Please can we not have Ed Hime ever write for the show ever again? Some writers get this show, Hime does not. The guest cast were bland, the companions are still useless. The message was heavy handed and poorly delivered at the end of this one. The Dregs did look menacing enough though, 6/10
  13. I loved that episode and again, it's because of Sacha Dhawan. Not only is he a brilliant Master but he's making Jodie Whittaker up her game and the intimate history between the Doctor and the Master is always interesting for me to watch and these versions of the characters are no exceptions to that rule. Of course the Master would underestimate his alliance with the Kasaavin and Daniel conveniently disappeared when things went to shit but hopefully it won't be long before the Master resurfaces again. The Master destroying Gallifrey over the Timeless Child reveal works for me. It doesn't invalidate anything RTD or Moffat did and hopefully it'll pay off as an arc. It's long past time for this Doctor to be taken out of her comfort zone. It's slightly worrying though the Doctor has better chemistry with guest characters like Ada Lovelace and Noor Inayat Khan (both of whom were used well) than she does her own companions. Her own companions even work better among themselves than with the Doctor as well. On the other hand, at least they're finally asking questions about the Doctor, which is what they should've been doing since last series, 9/10
  14. I enjoyed the episode but mainly for Sacha Dhawan. Whether or not it's too early to have the Master back, I don't care but he was the obvious highlight in the episode and I want to see more scenes with him and Jodie Whittaker. Between Stephen Fry and Lenny Henry, the latter somewhat fared better in the episode. Liked the various past callbacks, something which last series did lack a bit. The glowy creatures looked creepy enough and there seems to be hints of an actual arc brewing so that's nice. One of the beautifully shot episodes as well and I liked the hopping from different locations. The Bond spoof wasn't too bad. Weakest element are the companions. None of them really work and I really hope they're all gone by the end of this series, 9/10
  15. I really liked that episode. This season has needed a jolt and this was it. Asher's betrayal did sting a little and I hated him blaming Annalise but it still worked enough for me. Intrigued to see who killed him in the end. I think the guy is an older Christophe as well but having Wes back is also something the show could. The Laurel appearance, I assume more will be happening in the latter half of the season. Tegan helping Laurel escape I didn't expect either. Annalise seemed to be having doubts about leaving but still did. Nate and Gabriel need to both go. Both are terrible characters. Oliver has been acting out a lot this season. And of course Connor and Michaela would be arrested. Did Frank or Bonnie have something to do with Asher's body ending up at Gabriel? April is gonna be a hell of a wait, 8/10
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