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  1. Jon the Most Honorable and True isnt even in the Night's Watch, that was just a lie to avoid being executed which Grey Worm strangely accepted. He's a member of the Free Folk now. ps- I love the notion that Gray Worm, a guy who was neutered as a kid and went thru unspeakable evils to become a ruthless killing machine, was made to see the justice in a "lifetime sentence." "Oh so you mean Jon will have to ride about on a horse looking forlorn? Yes, yes, no need to execute him for killing the Queen, this will suffice."
  2. Really doesnt seem like it will be a burden to Bran. Tyrion: King Bran! The Dothrakis have amassed a new army and are headed back here to destroy us...and it appears Drogon is with them!! Bran: Who is this Bran you speak of?
  3. The thing is, Tyrion is basically King. Bran was at council meeting for 1min then left to go warg-ing after a dragon. How long is that gonna take? How many times will a crucial decision be needed and Bran's eyes are rolled up in back of his head while he's off to who knows where. Tyrion is king.
  4. Well if they did then they hid with Northerners because thousands of those dudes seemed to have crawled out of woodwork after being supposedly decimated.
  5. The absurdity is that all these conniving aholes who hung back and saved their forces are suddenly amenable to the Starks calling all the shots just as they are at their weakest. Hadnt Dorne wanted or felt independent for ages? The Iron Jerks certainly had. Yet there was the Dorn tool and Asha meekly acquiescing to the North being independent while they remained under the yoke...of a robotic weirdo and his dwarf no less
  6. I realized just how bad the show had gotten when I almost expected Jamie to awaken for a few last words with Tyrion.
  7. Just incredibly lame they did that, show went pure Hollywood once they ran out of GRRM source material.
  8. When Drogon was trying to shake Dany the 2nd or 3rd time it actually looked like he was inviting Jon to climb aboard (which he wasnt) but it looked that way and would have 1,000x more appropriate than what they did. He sits on that dragon Grey Worm et al see him as King and that's that. Having Jon reluctantly becoming King and then final scene of him looking miserable and half-broken at a small council meeting while the others bickered would have been logical...but surely disappointing to anyone searching for a broader meaning to the series ie democracy or whatever.
  9. What would he have been throwing away? Jon murdered the rightful queen, he's "the Queenslayer" and Grey's response is to send some fucking pigeons to WF saying "Sansa please come quick, we need Westorsi royals to tell us how to handle the Westorosi who killed the Queen." Nah.
  10. Actually the people assembled saw these brown people get slaughtered in defense for some frozen shithole up North where they never wanted to go and all in service of the asshole who knifed their queen as soon as she had accomplished what they'd been telling her to do all along ie remove Cersei. I'm glad Jon didnt die but Grey Worm should have and WOULD HAVE executed Tyrion and him rather than putting out a call to WF to wait weeks for Sansa to arrive and threaten him. That was total BS.
  11. The Targaryan's were well known to murder each other to ascend without getting torched by victim's dragons, so I would think that having their blood makes for the dragons to give them a pass on most things. In fact it's possible Drogon would have killed anyone else who had come to see Dany.
  12. Best line in episode was when Tyrion started to talk and Grey Worm yelled something along lines of "STFU you have done enough talking!" Everyone present should have stood up and clapped, made decision without him.
  13. The show would have had much more gravity if BOTH jon and tyrion were executed or at least Tyrion. The notion that the Unsullied and Dothraki would conquer KL under their queen and then when she is murdered day later by a Northerner (who I suppose told them he did it?) their response would be to summon the lords and ladies of Westeros to pass judgement is just...the very worst. Grey Worm let Tyrion decide how to proceed? He let Tyrion tell him that he didnt have the right to decide fate of person who killed their Queen? At the very least the play should have been Tyrion arguing that Jon is the true King and therefore actually in charge. And Sansa's stupid threat about Northern armies ready to fight if Jon wasnt returned? Grey Worm would have run her thru right then, he has no reason to respect these people that recruited Dany to their mind-boggling stupid mission and then KILLED HER once she ridded them of THEIR problems ie NK and Cersei. So, so, SOOOO weak. Love how their was suddenly a massive Northern army outside KL waiting to dispatch the Unsullied and Dothraki...guess more people hid in crypts under WF than we realized.
  14. What is sexist about it? The line has always been "A Targ is born and coin flipped" or whatever it is. She has ALWAYS been descendant of the incestuous, mad line of Targeryans right? Just imho I feel as if the shows have been turned so much into this portrayal of strong women and feminism so folks who only watch the show got very upset with what's happened. However in the books it's completely in character for: 1)Dany to torch the whole city and 2)Jaimie to go back to Cersei and love her rather than strangle her For me personally the dumbing down of Tyrion is the most annoying aspect of recent seasons
  15. I would say more like Nagasaki, everyone agrees it shouldnt have been done.
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