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  1. Matt K

    The Detour

    New season starts tomorrow.
  2. The deal was for 2 Spiderman movies and 3 other appearances (Civil War and Avengers 3 and 4). Tom Holland's contract is for one more Spiderman movie though. Last year the head of Sony mentioned that they had no desire to re-up the contract which makes some sense since Venom did well. I'd have to imagine some of this rides on whether Morbius does well (i.e. was Venon a fluke). The problem Sony has is that they only make money from the movies themselves. They do not get any money from merchandising. So each movie needs to do well. It's worth noting that Venom did almost as well as Homecoming ($880 vs $855 million). Disney also might not be interested in having to introduce a new Spiderman after Holland's deal is up (so it might also depend on renewing his contract as well) plus having to worry about Sony making their own movies out of characters that the MCU wants to use or having certain characters off limits to Disney.
  3. Matt K

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    Well that was a bizarre end to Kira. I love the detail of Kira's looks change back in the alley. If I recall there's two arrows in the story. Red Hot Chili Pepper's was retrieved by the Speedwagon foundation (which ended that mission). The Yoshikage arrow showed up when they were looking for the mystery killer. I'm pretty certain the dad is dead dead now since Deadly Queen's explosions are pretty brutal, especially taking the full force of one. I kind of love how Josuke pretended to be the dad on the phone, it was really silly.
  4. Matt K

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    Funny, I was just about to post the same video. I love how all the OP's are connected.
  5. Matt K

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)

    Honestly, they should have just adapted Onslaught instead. If your core cast is Prof X, Magneto and Mystique (who now happens to be Charles's adopted sister) having Charles go bad would work more to their strengths with characters we've seen in three movies so far (not me though, I skipped Apocalypse). It seems though Fox was pushing for Dark Phoenix since after First Class came out. I guess it's the only story execs seem to know.
  6. The biggest thing in the leak that make me think its at least mostly false is Norman Osborne being the big bad. Osborne very closely tied to the Spiderman rights and so he belongs to Sony not Disney. There's been zero indications that Sony is even renewing their deal with Disney (which expires after next months Spiderman movie) let alone giving them one of their biggest villains. It's possible that Sony is going to renew their deal but it seems less likely with Venom doing well.
  7. That doesn't really make any sense though. I feel like the best way to think about the "time travel" is that instead they were traveling to alternate realities that happened to resemble their past. Or another way of thinking is the mere act of traveling to the past creates a new alternate dimension since the movie made it clear that one cannot change the past. As such one cannot actually travel to one's own past. So instead they are alternate dimensions (either already existing or created by the act of time travel) like in Spiderverse. I'm obviously ignoring any implications of Old Cap at the end. Also obviously the time stone is an exception since it's the embodiment of time.
  8. My understanding was that the Ancient One needed the time stone so that Strange could defeat Dormamu. That said it's likely Thanos didn't obliterate them. Most likely it'll just take a long time for them to reform but they still exist in the universe.
  9. Matt K

    Game Of Thrones In The Media

    Friends also had a lot bigger ratings than GOT ever did so it was making a ton more money and it was still cheaper to produce than GoT. GoT is not even in the same ballpark as Friends (which also still makes huge bank in syndication and on streaming services).
  10. I wouldn't hold my breath. I think the real sticking point is still getting everything moving forward (like getting Danny to Westeros) and it seems unlikely he's made much progress on that since writing would probably be quicker once he can push forward again. My best bet would be that sometime in the near future he announces that he's putting the series on hold indefinitely. I imagine his publisher are pissed at him since he cost them millions of dollars*. I wouldn't be surprised if they took money out of his cut. *If either book came out before this season I'd have to imagine that there'd be a ton more people picking it up then now after the series is finished. I'd think for a lot of casual fans they'd be interested in a new book just like the last book picked up a lot of casual readers. I'd also imagine there's a decent contingent of more devoted fans that are now done with the series as well (especially if the books take another year or more to come out). So that's a lot of lost revenue.
  11. Matt K

    Hunter X Hunter

    So I was watching "Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir" with my son and the main female character has the same voice actress as Killua and the bad guy is the voice actor for Hisoka doing nearly the same voice.
  12. Matt K

    Hunter X Hunter

    I threw me off too at first but yes those were ties. You can see after the two 11's they skipped 12 and same with 14.
  13. Matt K

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    I believe it was one vial for a round trip through the quantum realm. It seems like for general Ant-man/Giant-man stuff the vials go a longer way.
  14. So I saw an article (can't remember where) about an interview with the Russos (or maybe Feige) hinting at one of the current heroes opening coming out a gay. It also sounded like the revel would be soonish (so probably not in one of the 2022 movies). It got me thinking and the only characters that would possibly fit would be Bucky, Falcon, Captain Marvel and maybe Dr Strange (a real long shot). To me Bucky would be the best fit. He has a tv miniseries coming out in the next year which would allow a better look at his personal life than any movie would. Plus you can tackle the idea of Bucky being an man out of time. Bucky coming to terms with his sexuality in a time when its more acceptable would be more interesting narratively then just having Falcon have a boyfriend/husband. Plus Captain Marvel and Dr Strange probably have a good couple of years before their movies come out (probably after Eternals so less of a big deal).
  15. You forgot Shang-Chi