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  1. Matt K

    The Promised Neverland

    Well that was interesting although mostly just setting up the series. Surprisingly, it's based on a Shonen Jump series which I more associate with stories like Naruto or My Hero. Although I guess you could say Emma is a plucky protagonist in that kind of style. Sadly, this season is only 12 episodes while the manga series is ongoing. There's supposed to be a second season but isn't until 2020 so who knows when we'll see it. I hope we get some sort of satisfactory conclusion in these episodes. The best I can hope for is that they escape at the end of this season and then maybe the next season would be them on the run.
  2. Matt K

    Hunter X Hunter

    I loved seeing Killua's brother playing with a Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask considering how Togashi's wife is the author of Sailor Moon. Also apparently Pariston Hill (Rat) is an anagram for Paris Hilton.
  3. Matt K

    Final Space

    Just saw an ad on Adult Swim. They're going to re-show the first season before they show the second. I guess it'll no longer be on TBS.
  4. Matt K

    Hunter X Hunter

    Well the Hunter exam only takes place once a year and between the last two exams only 8 people in total passed and one of those is already dead so the number seems pretty accurate (especially given the number of hunters who died during the Chimera Ant invasion).
  5. Matt K

    X-Men Franchise

    I will defend that Storm and Black Panther getting married wasn't out of nowhere despite the story line being poorly done. They've actually been a couple before. In Priest's run they got together though it didn't last very long and Priest actually referenced an X-Men comic from the 80's (I believe written by Claremont) showing Storm and T'Challa knowing each other as kids.
  6. Matt K

    Toonami: Anime for Insomniacs

    Assassination Classroom would be great. Also Mob Psycho 100's second season just finished up so hopefully we'll get the dub sooner rather than later. Maybe make it a One block with it and OPM.
  7. Matt K

    My Hero Academia

    I stopped watching this live since I've already recently seen season 3. It's a really good season but I don't really have to time to re-watch it.
  8. Matt K

    The DC Extended Universe: To Thanagar and Beyond!

    Well Kevin Tsujihara is out due to sexual misconduct. It's noted that he was the main voice behind keeping Zack Snyder as director for Justice League. No idea how that'll affect the DC movies going forward but since DC is part of the general WB films (as opposed to Marvel which has a separate MCU division) it could be significant, especially if the new CEO has their own take on what DC movies should be.
  9. Matt K

    Dragon Ball Super

    The one thing I'm really loving about this arc is actually seeing the Androids together again. It's like the follow up to Future Trunks and getting to see him interact with the older characters. While the rest of the story may be a mess I have been enjoying these follow ups.
  10. Matt K

    Hunter X Hunter

    Also Pouf gave The King a lot less of himself than Youpi did plus Pouf had unaffected segments (that he eventually merged with). I honestly like this ending. The most powerful person on the planet lost that fight so how else were they going to beat him. Meruem is also way too powerful to survive beyond this arc. I like how in the end it was a fairly inexpensive bomb that took them out. It's a nice showing that Nen users aren't the invincible compared to normal humans.
  11. Matt K

    The Cast In Other Realms-Oops, *Roles*

    This was a while ago but Esme Bianco (Ros, aka the sexpositioner) is voicing Eclipsa in Star vs the Force of Evil on Disney XD. I bring it up since that show is starting back up on March 10 for its final season.
  12. Matt K

    American Dad

    No there's been others. "Blood Crieth Unto Heaven" also skipped the opening as did Tearjerker, 100 A.D., Flirting with Disaster, Hot Water, Hurricane!, For Black Eyes Only, Lost in Space, Minstrel Krampus, The Two Hundred, Ninety North Zero West, The Long Bomb, West to Mexico, Santa Scmanta, Dead by Dinner Party, and A Pinata Named Desired apparently had a truncated opening. See https://americandad.fandom.com/wiki/Roger's_Disguises
  13. Matt K

    X-Men Franchise

    I'm sad that they're going with "Oh Noes Jean Grey's powers are out of control" which is incredibly problematic (not to mention Prof X mentally assaulting her). I feel the best way to do the Phoenix saga is to keep it as Jean Grey is possessed by an alien entity (who's more force of nature than anything else) and then runs into problems when the entity get seduced by the dark side of human nature. The you can have the ending with Jean fighting for control and getting it long enough for the X-Men to kill her. Then at least Jean goes out as a hero (and the only reason the X-Men were able to save the day). You can bring her back at the end (as a gift from the Phoenix entity) or not I guess although I'd prefer the former.
  14. Matt K

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    Given Joseph's mental state, I'm not surprised they're not using Hermit Purple. I guess that's what happens when you perv on a woman who turns out to be your mom, cursed by god.
  15. Matt K

    Deadly Class

    I'm starting to sour on this show a bit. I loved French Stewart as the Hannibal Lechter of the show but Fuckface is definitely getting old really fast. He is not an interesting character and seems like a very low threat to these training assassins. I just want to see more of Hogwarts for Murderers and Marcus trying to survive/thrive there.