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  1. So we were trying to find something for my 3 year old to watch and my wife flipped to The Thundermans and apparently Harvey Guillen was in the episode (I looked it up and he was in like 6 of them). I had to double check since he looked so young there (it was a 2014 episode).
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I was interested based on the visuals and the actors involved but I'm not going to waste my time (considering I have such little free time as it is) on something subpar.
  3. I did. The whole movie was a nice nod towards Ostrander's run. Sad that Kim Yale is no longer with us though. As a fan of Ostrander's SS run I'm not a particular fan of the movie's depiction of Waller (I don't remember her being quite this ruthless) but if we get another one, I hope they can flesh her out more (or even in the Peacemaker series if she show up there). That said, Viola Davis is spot on casting and I can easy see her intimidating Batman like in the comics.
  4. My thought on Waller letting Starro take over Corto Maltese was that she figured some group like the Justice League would eventually take it on and win before it expanded its influence too far. I never saw the previous movie so I kind of took this one as its own adaptation of the comics (I have read and do own the original comic run). So my understanding of the purpose of the squad wasn't to take on big powerful threats (a group like this to take on Superman is pretty stupid) but instead to be a free and disposable black ops squad dealing with things the US wants dealt with but without
  5. Well Harley is an unpowered wild card. She's not much different than Blackguard or Savant as far as Waller is concerned. At least Bloodsport and Peacemaker had military training and both were relatively easily controllable. As for Flag, I wouldn't be surprised that he expressed similar feelings about other shady missions so Waller probably figured it might be a good idea to get rid of him. Plus you needed someone to lead that team and he was probably the best choice. As for the movie, I really enjoyed it. Rat-catcher and Polka Dot Man were really well done. A nice amount of p
  6. God I loved how even in the end Luz had to psych herself up to ask Amity out. The facial expressions were so on point. I also love how while we see things from Luz's point of view, Amity's facial expressions throughout really give a good picture of her as well.
  7. I felt it wasn't Stan learning to lie but more having difficulty with how to spare someone their feelings (i.e. not just telling it how it is). I loved the whole surgery scene. Was not expecting it to go that badly the first time.
  8. I thought he was part of the ruling council with Okoye.
  9. I believe Stan's design in his book is very similar to his apology mural in Mural of the Story. I love how quickly this episode spiraled out of control.
  10. I would say that's probably the main reason. It'd also be difficult for those actors to really gel with someone else playing T'Challa due to all that baggage. That said, the other reason is they came up with a good story to tell in the aftermath of T'Challa's death. The subtitle "Wandaka Forever" seems to hint at something like that. As for Michael B Jordan possibly being back, it could just be a flashback. As I've said before, I'd love to see Kevin "Kasper" Cole show up and in the comics he was tied to Killmonger (who gave him a synthetic version of the Heart Shape Herb). Mayb
  11. Man, I would be so excited for a Miles Morales movie. It would actually fit in nicely with what the MCU is doing with Cap's and Iron-Man's legacies. Plus being able to do more Spider-Man movies without having to do a reboot.
  12. Matt K

    Eternals (2021)

    Out of all the Marvel characters, these one's I know the least. I couldn't place what characters were in the trailers. That said, I'm really looking forward to this movie. It's kind of neat to be introduced to a group I have little familiarity with (except Black Knight). The trailer itself looked good, I'm happy it mostly focused on the characters interacting since that's what I'm looking for in these MCU movies (honestly, Thor and Loki in Thor 2 kind of saved the movie for me, so glad they added more of that in Thor 3 especially since we're unlikely to see that in upcoming movies).
  13. I mainly know Morbius from Spider-Man TAS but I've never been that interested in him as a character. That said, he did have a solo series that lasted a while (32 issues) back in the 90's so there must be something there. Kraven only really works if he's hunting a super-hero. If the movie is a crossover with Morbius, that could work especially if they set up Morbius as kind of a grey or anti-hero super. Venom probably wouldn't work since it would have to be kind of lopsided due to Venom's powers. I'm not sure who else they have access to that would really work I was honestly int
  14. That was a solid episode. Also Rogu and Klaus have the same voice actor which added a little meta to my viewing. Billy is surprisingly voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson (Principal Lewis). I've been streaming a lot of the series recently and I kind of forget how well the show does it's licensed music. I don't think I've really seen it mentioned but their choice of songs is always pretty solid and fitting.
  15. This show is so over the top, which is why I'm still watching. However, I'm not really enjoying this arc very much, Azami sucks, although there has been some good moments, like Eishi and Soma. Looking forward to next week where we get the fallout of Erina finding out that Soma is Jorichiro's son.
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