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  1. My main issue with season 2 was it stopped mid-story. I would have been okay with the lower quality animation if we got an entire story arc but this didn't seem worth it. That said, I love King and Garo is very interesting as well. So at least I have something to look forward to if/when we get another season.
  2. I loved Nora being like "I'm just counting cards here, that's not a problem right?". I loved Nora at the blackjack table. I was just in Atlantic City over the summer (Brother's bachelor party) and the dealers are more than willing to explain the game to you. Same with other players. I loved how Nora and Grandma both got kicked out of the casino. Was not expecting Grandma to start a race war though.
  3. I did not care for this episode. Like everyone else it felt really off and I only made it about 5 min in. That said, I read that the later episodes were better, so I gave the Atlantic City episode a try and it was really funny. So I recommend anyone who didn't like this episode to give the show another try because at least the next episode was pretty good.
  4. I've been watching these with my 1.5 year old when they rerun on Nick Jr at 6 and it is a really charming show. The voice actor for Paddington (who also voiced him in the movies) really sells the character. Paddington can be annoying with his contact screw ups but the voice actor really sells him just trying to help. It's one of Nick Jr's best shows (I'd put it up there with Bubble Guppies and Hey Duggie).
  5. I went to my local firehouse Christmas train garden (it was their 64th year so I wanted to take my son somewhere I went as a kid) and one of the displays was Dragon Ball with globe lights as beam attacks. They had Vegita, Goku, SS4 Goku (I think, never saw super), Broley, the Eternal Dragon and a few others. I assume one of the guys must have been a huge fan. I think they're done for the year but if anyone is curious it's in Baltimore at the Glen Avenue Fire Department. ETA: Not my picture but one of the better ones I found online.
  6. Actually Rocketeer was a licensed property, Disney did not create it but they gained the media rights to it. The movie itself is really good and the reason Joe Johnson directed the first Captain America movie. As for the show, the original Rocketeer is seemingly Kit's great grandfather, Ambrose's dad (the ages work out although it makes me sad that Kit's parents are around my age). Kit's dad is voiced by the original Rocketeer, Billy Campbell and her mom is Kathy Najimy (best known as Peggy Hill from King of the Hill and Mary Sanderson from Hocus Pocus). The show itself is kind of basic which makes sense since it is targeted to a very young age group. My 1.5 year old loves the show. He's made us watch the 6 episodes that aired so far like 5 times each (and he get upset when Kit gets her rocketpack stolen). As an adult, it's a pretty solid show so I don't mind rewatching it (although thank god for a new episode on Friday). If you have young kids, I highly recommend the show.
  7. I recently re-watched Spider-Man: Far from Home and Martin Starr is great in that movie. Such a far cry from some of his other roles.
  8. Since Russ Hanneman showed back up I just wanted to mention that his actor, Chris Diamantopoulos, has been voicing Mickey Mouse since 2013 in the new Mickey shorts (which btw are quite enjoyable). ETA: If anyone is watching the new Ducktales, Chris also voices Storkules and the new Darkwing Duck while Big Head, Josh Brener, voices tech mogul/sort of nemesis Mark Beaks.
  9. All of the costumes look pretty bad or bland. Besides Harley and the bat woman, none of the costumes have any pop to them. And Harley's costume is not good and bat woman's outfit isn't great either (but does look better than Harley's).
  10. Apparently Koichi is 18 year old. So that puts this part about 3 years after Part 4 which is about 15 years after Part 3. Also Giorno is Joseph's Uncle, Josuke's great uncle and Jotaro's great great uncle (Josuke is Jotaro's Uncle). The Joestar family tree is kind of messed up. I'm curious where they're going with Giorno since he's a bit of a dick right now. On the plus side he seems like a decently fun protagonist (closer to Josuke than Jotaro).
  11. If anyone is looking for a review: https://film.avclub.com/parasite-may-be-bong-joon-ho-s-most-thrilling-ride-on-t-1838933205 It sounds very interesting plus I love a good con job movie. It's definitely going on my list of movies to check out.
  12. I like that we're getting more of a spotlight on Megumi. I was starting to wonder why she's around since she was basically Soma's Sous Chef. But between everyone loving her 50 meal dinner, and this food wars it's nice to see that she belongs there.
  13. Matt K

    Disney Films

    Just replying because I really loved that scene, it was so well done.
  14. That seems to be correct. I mentioned this months ago but word from the Sony execs was there was never going to be a deal. As for the 50/50 split, the article I read said this was Disney's initial offer and Sony refused to even counter it. I don't think its fair (as some commenters have said, not you) to call Disney greedy here when this was their initial offer. I could call an offer greedy if it was Disney's final offer but opening offers are always a little greedy. So I'd put the entire "blame" on Sony. As for Tom Holland appearing in the other Sony movies (Venom 2, Mobius) it would be somewhat unlikely sine Tom Holland is only under contract for 1 more movie. So if they want to make Spiderman 3, then those appearance would require a separate contract (for probably a good deal more money). That said they could wrap up Holland's appearances in Venom 2 and then start over with a new Spiderman further down the road.
  15. Not surprised to see Dr Stone, its the newest hot Shonen property which is like catnip for Toonami (see My Hero, Promised Neverland, Dragon Ball Z).
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