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  1. So I finally got around to watching this season. I initially stopped halfway through the Overhaul arc (not a fan of kids in danger stories) and I'm still not a fan of that arc. But I did love Gentle Criminal and the whole Koyoka + Bakugo band with Yuga as the disco ball. Also I ship Deku and Mei Hatsume hard so it was nice to see her as well. I also liked that UA does have an event to show off the other Departments beside hero course.
  2. I'd recommend checking out Koro-Q (Koro Sensei Quest) after the series ends. It's twelve humorous shorts set in a fantasy world classroom. Although I believe it does spoil some of the show. It's on Funimation with an english dub (same VA). I really loved this show. Koro Sensei is the highlight but I love seeing a bunch of the characters grow as the series progresses. Plus it's always nice to see a show about the transformative power of a good teacher.
  3. Matt K

    The Star Wars Saga

    Looking forward to the Lando movie and Children of Blood and Bone is a great title, hopefully it's good too.
  4. I watch Dream Corp LLC. It's a decent show but I love the use of rotoscoping. I think Undone is the only other show to use it lately and I like Dream Corp's better. I had no idea the new season was starting but that's why it's on my DVR schedule since the same happened last season. So a nice surprise for me today.
  5. Now that you mentioned it, I really want them to do that. Poor Narancia. That's what happens when you start talking about the future.
  6. Sad but not surprised. AT&T is putting the spurs to the various WB divisions/networks. Direct TV lost them a ton of money and HBO Max isn't doing well either (they're lowering the price which is pretty telling). COVID isn't helping either (they lost a ton of money on Tenet). AS said their interested in doing something Venture Brothers. I'm assuming a movie since what else can they do on AS that isn't a series. Maybe I can be hopeful and they just shuttle the series to HBO Max like Search Party of Infinity Train.
  7. Somehow I actually called the mystery guy as Prince. No idea how I managed that. Decent episode overall. Next week is the 300th episode which is also the season finale. Hard to top "The 200" but we'll see.
  8. That's kind of what I was hoping for. I don't see an issue with T'Challa dying off screen of something like cancer or a brain aneurysm. These are things that can suddenly fell anyone despite advanced science. Plus the next movie would be significantly further in the future than the last. Black Panther took place a couple years before Endgame and Black Panther 2 would be years after the 5 year gap. So the Wandaka Outreach and whatever else they set up would have been around for like a decade or more (at least for the non-blip people). Whatever they do for the next movie, they could just handwave any succession issue (they figured something out after the mess with the blip, T'Challa set something up since he knew he might die, etc) or any other issues that might come up but they don't want to be the focus of the movie. I just can't see a good reason for Disney to recast T'Challa since it's not like they can't tell a story without T'Challa. The next movie could easily be about T'Challa's legacy (so someone else taking up the mantel or a number of people suddenly taking up the mantel in honor of T'Challa). Or it could be about Shuri figuring out her place in the world after the death of her brother or dealing with someone or a bunch of people taking up the mantel as superheroes. It could even be about M'Baku (which I definitely wouldn't mind). Also, people will be pissed if they recast while the people who are in favor of recasting shouldn't be too upset if they don't. So it's a pretty easy call not to.
  9. I was gutted when I heard Boseman passed. I really hope they do not recast the role, it'd be way too soon. I imagine Disney already had a contingency plan which could be Shuri or maybe even a split role of Shuri and Queen and Okoye as the Black Panther. I hope the next movie opens with a funeral for T'Challa to honor Boseman. For the next movie I would love to see Kevin Cole as the lead character. Maybe have him be a kid who was helped through a Wandaka outreach center and as an adult decides to take on the mantel in honor of T'Challa.
  10. That fight between Eda and Lilith was incredibly well animated. Plus seeing Hootie let loose was hilarious. No wonder Eda said he was the ultimate protection system. The series as a whole has been great. Amity's character arc has been great. Eda is amazing (and the role seems to be designed for Wendie Malick) and this week they really showed her as the most powerful witch on the Boiling Isles. While Luz is a bit one note, I still love her especially when she wanted to learn all the magic (I'd be the same). King is always great comic relief as is Hootie. I love how confident Gus is and how he's not bothered by his shortcomings (he really is his best self). Willow's arc has also been good. Seeing her go from shy to confident (and popular) has been a nice throughline for the show. Lilith is a very interesting character. I take it we'll learn more about her next week (season finale) but the show has made it clear that she's jealous of Eda and how powerful Eda is. They care for each other but Lilith still went after her sister (and did the you know what). The Boiling Isles is such a different setting. It's like a kid's version of a Bosch painting. Having them live on a literal titan seems like it'll be more of a plot point than I would have expected. Love the runner about how Giraffes are actually from there and were banished to the Human world.
  11. So Yolo Crystal Fantasy debuted last night. It was okay. I was expecting something more like Regular Show where things start out normal and then spiral into absurdity but this was more of the typical AS "wacky" fare. It wasn't bad (I'd say it was pretty average but not really worth my time to keep watching (I get so little free time, especially since my toddler likes to get up around 5am and goes to sleep around 9pm).
  12. I enjoy both of those. For Hurricane, the look thebear gives Stan when he hits Francine with the javeline is great. Really that episodes has so many good moments.
  13. Matt K

    Disney Films

    All I knew of SotS was "Zippity Do Da" from some Disney record and maybe a coloring book from the 40th anniversary re-release. I went to Disney World for the first time in 2014 and was surprised that they hadn't re-themed it. I'm surprised it took this long since there's no marketing potential for the ride. At least Princess and the Frog has toy lines and various princess stuff that kids can identify. That said, I don't really think of New Orleans as having waterfalls but it looks like it'll be a minor reskin for the ride so whatever. I guess they might start doing the Tiana meet and greet there instead. Maybe we'll get a nice cajun food place nearby.
  14. I don't get the context. Why is he unhappy with Whedon?
  15. Surprisingly, I think my favorite episode at the moment is Rabbit Ears from last season. Although I'm very fond of Black Mystery Month as well (and Garfield and Friends). I've been finding these TBS seasons very hit or miss although some of the misses have grown on me during re-watch. There's definitely some very good episodes each season and even the true misses are somewhat entertaining. There's only a few episodes total that I won't watch (not including some of the awful first season episodes), Love AD Style and Stan's Best Friend. Although there's a few I'll skip like Baby Franny and Missing Kink if there's something better on.
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