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  1. Funimation has Black Clover dubbed through episode 124 (which they did a month ago). So currently there's 5 new episodes left.
  2. I believe you need to either find it on YouTube or sail the seas to get it now a days. I'm pretty certain there's no official way to watch it online.
  3. Not a huge surprise, episode 86 is still the most recent episode dubbed.
  4. While I kind of liked this episode, they really should have done a better transition from the end of Peter, Simone, Janice and Fredwynn's story to Jason's. The fact that last episode ended kind of abruptly and this episode has nothing to do with those characters definitely causes issues (I was going to recommend the series and would still have if the story ended better in episode 9). What I did like is how Jason's story continued the theme of healing by connecting with people. Also apparently the ARG Jason goes through is based on a sequel to the real Jejune ARG. I liked what I watched but they really needed to transition from the Jejune story to Jason's story better.
  5. Makes sense, episode 86 only just had the dub released yesterday.
  6. Garth Marenghi's Darkplace too. I believe it actually launched Berry's career along with Richard Ayoade (either that or Mighty Boosh with is pretty fun too, they came out around the same time).
  7. I really hope they go with Mob Psycho 100 season 2 to replace Demon Slayer. It's only 13 episodes (so not a long commitment and 14 episodes if you include the OVA), it's already dubbed and it's an amazing show. Season 2 was so good and honestly, pushed the series into the top spots of my favorite shows of all time.
  8. That was easily one of my favorite tournament arcs. Each battle brought out more of each character (which should be the point of this type of arc). Also, I'm glad Soma didn't win (and Akira did) since it's rare for the protagonist not to win. I like how they used him loosing to kind of kick him out of his confidence zone as it has really added to his character since that loss. Last little arc is the Stagiaire and I like the pairing of Soma and Ms. Secretary. Love the return of Legume Magician and seeing his character growth from the Summer training arc. That said, kind of confused why Soma is by himself on the second assignment since I though the Stagiaire was done in pairs. Either way, this has been a pretty solid series.
  9. It's Easter on Sunday so generally they do a marathon around a holiday. But I know a few of the shows are running low on dubs. My Hero is currently on hiatus after the next episode, episode 83. Food Wars has the rest of the season dubbed (although only 1 episode left in season 2, no idea if any of season 3 is dubbed, it's not on Hulu). Black Clover has like 11 episodes left. No idea on JoJo's or Demon Slayer.
  10. I didn't care as much for the third season. It was still really good but Alucard's story line was really bad. Alucard's story itself was very slight which would be fine if it was only a tiny part of the series (like a quick check-in here and there). Also, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop with his student and it took forever and was kind of arbitrary (I was thinking they were there to learn enough to set themselves up as warlords or something). That said, Sypha and Trevor's story was really well done (and the twist at the end with the Judge was nuts). Isaac's was really good too (plus we got Legion and it was really well done) but kind of just stopped at the end of the season. Hector's was interesting as well despite it being kind of obvious where it was going and it had a nice twist of Lenore actually sort of caring for Hector in her own way. Looking forward to next season but if they don't really have anything for Alucard to do, then I hope they just take a break until he can be more of a participant in the ongoing action.
  11. I loved when Alice was like "damn it Mom you could have at least practice".
  12. Probably US Agent (John Walker) who will actually appear in the show played by Wyatt Russell. I'd be pretty true to his comic book character
  13. My main issue with season 2 was it stopped mid-story. I would have been okay with the lower quality animation if we got an entire story arc but this didn't seem worth it. That said, I love King and Garo is very interesting as well. So at least I have something to look forward to if/when we get another season.
  14. I loved Nora being like "I'm just counting cards here, that's not a problem right?". I loved Nora at the blackjack table. I was just in Atlantic City over the summer (Brother's bachelor party) and the dealers are more than willing to explain the game to you. Same with other players. I loved how Nora and Grandma both got kicked out of the casino. Was not expecting Grandma to start a race war though.
  15. I did not care for this episode. Like everyone else it felt really off and I only made it about 5 min in. That said, I read that the later episodes were better, so I gave the Atlantic City episode a try and it was really funny. So I recommend anyone who didn't like this episode to give the show another try because at least the next episode was pretty good.
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