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  1. I thought of this as well - same with PePaw - we saw mortician lady embalming him yet he was plenty juicy afterwards. Maybe the reanimation process liquifies some of the remaining tissue. Based on this episode, I would say that the name is about the only thing it takes from Romero and, yes, I'd agree that there are some elements of the "Return" series too. Unless this has been stated somewhere else, we don't actually know this yet. Mortician Lady and Lazlo are the only characters that have been bitten and it's only been a short time. Lazlo might reanimate. Though Mort
  2. They seem to have been fracking for a while, so it's possible that whatever is causing the zombies has been around for a bit. Also, the cemetery might be closer to the drilling site. Well that certainly was something. I read a review that speculated that the opening scene was originally from a later episode that was slapped on just so there would be some gore right from the start. After watching the episode I agree. I hope they reveal the mayor knows about her husband and the assistant, otherwise she must be deaf. I also wish they didn't reveal that the kid's Dad gets turned. I'll gi
  3. It's a recurring role, but probably not a good sign for the show when the actors start taking new jobs. https://deadline.com/2021/10/adam-korson-joins-abc-comedy-maggie-as-recurring-1234855514/
  4. The guy said he was going to be gone for the weekend and inexplicably gave them the key, so I assume they have enough time for Phil's husband to repair it. Right? Who does that? I guess the house could have whammied him somehow
  5. Good episode. Didn't see the twist coming. Really liked the interactions with the ghosts. Nice that it didn't end on a cliffhanger, but left some plotlines open if there is another season. Personally, I think a second season is unlikely. Only part I disliked was "We need an acetylene torch to open the hatch!", Gee I wonder how that is going get resolved
  6. I assumed it was the amount of power used. Wenwu was using them in small fights and to extend his life, Shang-Chi used them to destroy an interdimensional monster. Overall, I thought the movie was good not great. Maybe I'm just getting burned out on Marvel movies, but I didn't really think it was anything new or innovative. Simu Liu and Tony Lueng were great, and, while I'm not her biggest fan, Awkwafina did well. Anyone else notice the Widow fighting someone with Extremis in the fight club?
  7. I just rewatched, August says "roadies seldom occupy the same individual twice" so it can happen. I thought that whole plotline was dumb given how quickly it was resolved. Even after catching the very end of the episode before I watched the whole thing l, the jump scare got me both times.
  8. Bob's wife's name is Twyla. I rolled my eyes at Zooey being upset when August called her out. She can be surly, rude, and borderline hostile towards her coworkers, but then is shocked that they have some negative opinions about her?
  9. The actress who plays Phaedra is Daniel Radcliffe's girlfriend.
  10. Oh yeah, She's Tooooooootally over losing. It's Soooooooo not something that keeps her up at night.
  11. The closed captioning gave away the backwards song thing.
  12. I saw the movie on Thursday. I thought it was good not great. I thought it was very disjointed. It really felt like watching episodes back to back. I didn't think the story flowed very well. Rengoku's fight saved the movie. Also, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but you definitely need to have watched the series to understand what's going on. Pros: The music Fight animation is excellent. Especially Rengoku's. Zenitsu's screaming was kept to a minimum Cons: As I said very disjointed. You could see where the manga chapters ended and where the episode breaks wo
  13. The bidding for Josh Gordon's started at $100k. I have no idea what it actually sold for.
  14. Yeah, that really bothered me. Even if it hit a parked car or business and no one was hurt, Jimmie is totally the kind of person who doesn't have insurance. The General said that she was operating with the knowledge of her superiors, so it could have been some of site warehouse and most of her troops were with her collecting the "Alien".
  15. Do you have a source for this? I know that's true for liver transplants, but can't find anything about kidneys.
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