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  1. I saw the movie on Thursday. I thought it was good not great. I thought it was very disjointed. It really felt like watching episodes back to back. I didn't think the story flowed very well. Rengoku's fight saved the movie. Also, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but you definitely need to have watched the series to understand what's going on. Pros: The music Fight animation is excellent. Especially Rengoku's. Zenitsu's screaming was kept to a minimum Cons: As I said very disjointed. You could see where the manga chapters ended and where the episode breaks wo
  2. The bidding for Josh Gordon's started at $100k. I have no idea what it actually sold for.
  3. Yeah, that really bothered me. Even if it hit a parked car or business and no one was hurt, Jimmie is totally the kind of person who doesn't have insurance. The General said that she was operating with the knowledge of her superiors, so it could have been some of site warehouse and most of her troops were with her collecting the "Alien".
  4. Do you have a source for this? I know that's true for liver transplants, but can't find anything about kidneys.
  5. It's possible these episodes were already made or in production before the decision was made that this would be the final season. Maybe they had plans for him if the show continued. I find it really unlikely that the billboard would be up for 20 years without anyone knowing about it. Napa isn't really that big of a place.
  6. The Guys' story reminded me of a story either Tom Hanks or Martin Short told on Letterman years ago. Hanks, Short, Steve Martin, and Jeffrey Katzenberg all had their colonoscopies at the same time. They did their prep at Martin's house because he had the most bathrooms and they spent the night playing poker. The order that they were knocked out of the game was the reverse order they did their exams. They have four children. Sahai is the oldest at 13, two years younger than Grace and around the same age as Addie. She appears somewhat regularly. Noah, the oldest boy. Zoey, the youngest g
  7. It's one of CBS's lowest rated shows. CBS is losing "Mom" and because of Covid they might not have a show to replace it, so I wouldn't stick a fork in it just yet, but it really doesn't look good.
  8. I'm glad they didn't go with the cliche with Noah eating all the candy. Was this the first time we've heard Delia and Forrest's and Ben and Michelle's last names? I'm pretty sure this has been mentioned before.
  9. I believe it was brought up in the first episode. Asta brings it up when Harry goes to the bar for the first time. Edit: I was wrong. It's the second episode. D'Arcy talks about it while she and Harry are having chili dogs on their date.
  10. Ankles and wrists have relatively weak connections to the rest of the body, so they are the first parts that separate during decomposition. Since most people wear rubber soled shoes, once the feet disconnect the combination of decomposition gases and the rubber make the feet float. That's why you hear news stories about random feet washing up on shore every once and awhile. I like Harry keeps his keys in the visor. Learning about human society from TV would lead him to think that was the standard place to keep your keys.
  11. I knew something was coming with Shannon when I heard Natalie Zea's new show was picked up. I wonder what they had planned for her and Wade. At least the way they not quite but will eventually ended it, she has the possibility of coming back if her new show doesn't work out.
  12. I believe the shed is for equipment that connects the panels to the house. Considering he lives in Beverly Hills next door to Jay Leno in a house that was owned by Ben Affleck, I'm going to go out on a limb and say the problems are some local regulations and/or some NIMBY stuff.
  13. She hasn't had a story, but she definitely has had lines this season. During the season premiere, she asks Forrest if she can get her ears pierced after seeing Natalie had hers and then asks if she has to after Forrest says she can.
  14. Season 4 premieres this Saturday (1/8) on Toonami.
  15. Speaking of, did Winona and Boyd ever interact? It's been so long I don't remember.
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