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  1. They're a pair of dice but instead of numbers, one die has actions and the other has body parts. You role them and whatever comes up, you do to your partner. There is an episode of "Bob's Burgers" where Bob and Linda use them, but Bob always ends up with "Lick foot". I can't remember the episode title. Edit: "The Belchies" Season 2 episode 1.
  2. I'm glad they are doing away with the pretense of judging when they can't eat the food and just saying "Yeah, you're out."
  3. I figured the Mom was still alive and was going to be involved with the rebellion. That was an okay finale to an okay show. I expect the cancellation any day now. Hopefully Adriyan Rae, Alex McGregor, Paul du Toit, and Tim Rozon after Wynonna Earp ends, all land on better shows.
  4. Scott, microwaves DO NOT cook from the inside out.
  5. Bill is a minority owner of the Mets. Keep that in mind whenever he brings up sports restarting.
  6. I think I'm done with this show, at least until he is back in the studio with a panel. Some people can do the at home show thing and some can't. Bill can't. Plus he only seems to booking people who are telling him what he wants to hear. He's always done this, but when is it one on one it becomes much more apparent.
  7. Wow! That was dark. According to the wiki it was "Enter Stanman" Season 14 Episode 17. Aired August 5th 2019. Patrick Stewart has probably been busy with "Picard".
  8. Yeah, depending on what kind of medication is was Jr might not have been legally allowed to pick it up. Based on Jimmy's reaction after taking it, it was some kind of pain pill. That was the first time I saw the mall episode that aired before this one. I'd never thought about using those motorized animals to joust before, but now I kind of want to.
  9. I watched that several times. It's a trick. He's moving his scalp by crinkling his forehead. Watch his forehead lines. He pulls his scalp forward by crinkling his forehead. When he pulls his hair back he relaxes. Crinkled: Smooth:
  10. ZoqFotPik

    S01.E03: F**k

    I'm guessing it was all a setup. Fiona paid for both dresses ahead of time and convinced the shop to let them pretend to shoplift. I got a cell phone in 1995. I still have the same number. There are people in my contacts list that I can't remember who they are. But then Fiona won't be able to steal it in later episode. "Has he texted today?" so Ruby's Mom knows about the pact.
  11. I really thought Tiffani was going to be the sacrificial lamb and lose.
  12. Right? The majority of the country is under lockdown and instead of airing a new show, they decide to show the Harry Potter movies for the 100th time in the last two months. Nothing against Harry Potter, but still.
  13. I'm starting to warm up to this show. I liked that they showed that it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows in the Empire and the revolt may have been somewhat justified. Also, I didn't realize until last week that Isaac is played by same guy as Doc Holiday on "Wynonna Earp".
  14. That was, okay. I'll give it another episode or two. The space effects are pretty cheesy, although that might be what they were going for. I will it is somewhat interesting that the Republic is the bad guy and the Empire is the good guy. Usually it's the other way around. Also, I'm pretty sure the intro was filmed at the place as the Doctor Who episode "The Ghost Monument". Also, I just realized the mechanic also played Karma in "Blood Drive".
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