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  1. ZoqFotPik

    Midsommar (2019)

    First of all, Yes, Christian, Mark, Josh, Connie, and Simon were absolutely invited just to be sacrificed. They were dead the moment they set foot onto the commune grounds. That's why the elders let them have so much access. They were going to kill them anyway so it didn't matter what they heard or saw. Regarding Dani, the way I see it, she was just a target of opportunity. While talking to one of the Elders, they mention how incest is an issue. Getting Dani to come along would be a way to introduce fresh blood into the community. There is a time skip in between the death of Dani's family and the party. Pelle could have spent that time manipulating Christian into inviting her to come along. I often wonder "How in the hell are they going to explain any of this?" after watching a lot of movies.
  2. ZoqFotPik

    Midsommar (2019)

    I certainly think Mark and Chidi (Josh) made some missteps when it came to respecting someone else’s culture, but they deserved to die? The thing is though nothing they did mattered. Even if Mark hadn't peed on the sacred tree and Chidi hadn't sneaked into the temple and photographed the sacred text, they still would have been killed. Everyone could have been on their best behavior the whole time and nothing would have changed. I really wanted to like this movie. It just didn't work for me. There was no tension. It was obvious from the moment the group entered the commune that they all going to die. The cinematography and Florence Pugh were great though.
  3. ZoqFotPik


    Stephanie Niznik has died.
  4. ZoqFotPik

    S07.E08: Miss Understood

    I always hoped they would bring Cassie back. Hope they answer some of the questions from her first appearance.
  5. ZoqFotPik

    Attack On Titan

    There always had to be more too it. If it was just to open the door, why even bother with a key when they could do exactly what Levi did? I'll answer that with a yes or no. Read if you wish:
  6. ZoqFotPik

    Attack On Titan

    It hasn't been revealed yet, but yes Eren's Titan has a name.
  7. ZoqFotPik

    The Detour

    I think Nate would be okay in a more normal relationship. A lot of his crazy is having to deal with Robin's skeletons. Delilah is only 16. So, once again Robin hides something from her past and it comes back to bite them. Saw the switch coming as soon as Blue Jay was introduced. The twin switcharoo is such an over used trope. Also, I'm assuming Robin's Mother is Delilah's unseen benefactor from the last week. And, while I've never been there, isn't Ithaca less rednecky and more college towny? Granted I don't watch this show for accuracy.
  8. ZoqFotPik

    The Promised Neverland

    So most of the kids escaped. I understand the pragmatism of it, but it does really suck for the kids who got left behind. They will be watched so closely now that there is no way they will be able to plan their own escape. I know Emma said she will come back, but who knows if she ever be able to. Also, Ray is Isabella's son. I'm assuming that is going to come into play later in the series. This was a fun series. Even though it won't be for a while, I'll be back for season 2. So This show and Hunter Hunter are now over. Gundam: The Origin is taking one spot. Does anyone know what is taking the other?
  9. ZoqFotPik

    Attack On Titan

  10. ZoqFotPik

    Attack On Titan

    Fourth and final season fall 2020.
  11. ZoqFotPik

    Hunter X Hunter

    And that's a wrap. It was a nice ending. I could have done without the scene of Gon, Killua, and Alluka. It kind of took away from the big goodbye last week. Nice to see Gon and Ging finally catch up and the whole "It's not about the destination, but the journey." message. And also nice to see a final where are they now with some of the other characters. Kurapika seems to have been busy since Yorknew City. It's been great talking about this show with everyone! Looks like another Gundam series "The Origin" will be taking this show's spot. Edit: Just remembered something. I didn't really understand the point of using one of those Navigators from episode 2 to pretend to be the dead butler. It seems unlikely that he won't be discovered quickly.
  12. ZoqFotPik

    Mobile Suit Gundam

    I'm guessing it's taking Hunter x Hunter's spot. Does anyone know if it is more like Iron Blooded Orphans or Unicorn? I really enjoyed IBO, not so much Unicorn.
  13. ZoqFotPik

    Attack On Titan

    Yeah, the walls are massive. I figured it out once: Wall Maria is Texas, The area between Maria and Rose is Colorado, Wall Rose is California, Between Rose and Sina is Oregon, and Sina is South Dakota. Regarding the food shortages, while there is seemingly more than enough land, given their technological level they may simply lack the means to grow and harvest enough food for everyone. Also, the inner walls are where all the wealthiest live so it was probably more to do with them losing their status and luxury than the lack of the ability to support more people. That being said, losing Wall Maria represented about a 37% loss of land and losing Wall Rose would have been a 56% loss. That would have been huge resource hits for any country to absorb.
  14. ZoqFotPik

    Attack On Titan

    Not that they would be playing a lot of baseball, but Wall Maria is approximately the size of Texas and Wall Rose is the approximately the size of California. I don't remember if this made into the show, but in the manga they say training Survey Corps horses costs more than most people make in their lives. Finally caught up with this season. Surprisingly, I actually kind of like the intro music. I've really enjoyed this arc. That scene last week showing poor Marco's death was pretty brutal. Gee Marlo, I really wonder why your final thoughts are of a girl. It's quite the mystery. Really loved seeing Levi completely wreck the Beast Titan. Also, I just noticed that, for some reason, I'm credited as creating this thread. I guess that happened during the forum consolidation.