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  1. I'm so happy I found this forum. I found out about Below deck by accident when I saw it on my tv. Then after a few months I found out that there was a season in Croatia. Which is great because I live in Croatia. I saw a couple of days ago that that Season 2 available on Netflix. And then yesterday I found out that the new season was also filmed in Croatia this summer. In the same place I was on vacation this year. So yes, after season 2 I am looking forward to seeing season 6, and I am so happy our Adriatic See is in this show
  2. Maybe the Covid rumors are true, since we only saw Jill with the baby. I was expecting pictures with all of the kids since Nurie is at home
  3. Even if they weren't 100% sure if they wanted to have another kid, I guess Jill will want a new pregnancy now after that loss. Just a woman thing, I have a feeling. She maybe saw herself as a mom of 3, was happy, and now that's taken away. So she would want to go for it now
  4. The baby is cute. Is Nehemian (spelling?) an actual know name or? I read here that Spurgeon has unfortunate name, but even that sounds better to me than the poor N kid
  5. It depends. Mostly after 14-15 weeks My doctor told my baby was a boy in week 12, said he was 90% sure. And boy it was
  6. It seemed like possibly biochemical pregnancy or very very early loss. I got that vibe. The test line in the video wasn't that dark I don't get why they told the boys so soon. Early pregnancy loss is actually not that uncommon. Nevertheless I feel bad for them, I also had one loss
  7. And I don't think Doug is actually happy with the idea of living in RV. He just goes with it for Jamie
  8. But they still keep the Florida house and will possibly buy another house in wherever they lived now (my brain froze). As I can remember they said RV will be for a few months. Maybe they are doing it for milking the money. Youtube, that private memberthing something. I honestly do not believe that living in that small space can save a marriage
  9. I though George looked like the actor had some kind of botox or fillers... totally weird
  10. Brainwashed into sticking with her husband It also crossed my mind, that she was advised by the counsel to be there, so everyone sees how pregnant she is, sticking to her husband. In the "smile and wave" type of way
  11. I was also wondering why some of you say she looks skeletal. To me she looks normally thin
  12. I understand that, my 7 year old weighs like average 5-6 year old. I was just throwing ideas,but it's probably nothing
  13. Every time I see this thread is active, I assume there is a pregnancy announcement
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