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  1. So...they didn't acknowledge her birthday? Wow, can't believe I'm two days older than her
  2. I see that they say Josie’s blood and Hazel’s were fighting against each other. That could be connected with Rh factor. for reasons unknown and possibly as a result of our previous miscarriage - if she was Rh - and the baby she lost was Rh+, there could be some blood mixing. I had the same situation and because I didn't get the shot after the miscarriage, I got one during pregnancy so Rh incompatibility wouldn't be a problem edit - yes, the comments also say coombs syndrome. That could slow down the baby train, right?
  3. Are those now 2 new Bates grandchildren who had problems in hospital and needed doctor's help?
  4. But Vuolos act like they don't even have kids, not just that they're not posting pictures. You can acknowledge that you're a parent even if you don't have a picture of your child every day. Izzie and Sam look happy
  5. One thing I didn't like is that they are making Trixie younger than she looks. I would expect some more mature reactions and conversations from her. The actress is 13, so almost puberty. And Trixie is 11. Does not look like a big difference, but I think it is
  6. Maybe John doesn't plan on making Billy's death as suicide, rather as self defense. "Billy had the gun, wanted to kill me, we wrestled, it went off"
  7. For some time I'm looking at their thread name, and I think it definitely deserves changing. Currently they are not counting nor asking for donations
  8. He has a suit and boots. She has a summer dress almost without sleeves and sandals. Like they are not in the same season. I can't help myself, I always notice that kind of things
  9. I think Christina will have another baby. Jill, I don't expect it.
  10. I had a sticker on my leg for one day and it could still hold on for sure. My daughter put at least 20 of them on my legs, hands and face and I missed that one. So those little bastards can stick for a long time
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