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  1. In one picture Lissy gives me the young Shirley Temple vibe
  2. Well he is the headship, he could have said "no more babies". Right?
  3. The chicken was in the next pan, this was a gif
  4. But aren't they worried she would be "too old" to marry in a few years? I don't know how it goes with those fundies, but I got the impression they don't like to wait a long time to marry a girl
  5. Likely 3rd? She is pregnant, it's definitely third on the way
  6. When they moved to California I thought that they would embrace more modern lifestyle, maybe change for the better (even if it was little steps, like Jill) But they actually became the most boring Duggar couple.
  7. Yes, and the poor J girl who got it (Jennifer? Jordyn?)
  8. Well better food that the ice cream leftovers from someone else's wedding/reception/dinner (I can't remember right)
  9. Interesting, they share everything with the public, but now they remain silent. Idiots
  10. So looking at Claire's family, there is no chance those two break free?
  11. As far as the looks go (I know, I am superficial), I find her probably among the best looking Duggar daughters in law. Abby and Kendra are cuties, and don't find Lauren so pretty, Anna is not attractive. I know she is young, but yes, she leads in the looks department for me
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