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  1. Lauren had the story about receiving this clothes. Maybe Josie got it too,hence the similarity?
  2. And genetic testing, that really is a level up for Duggars.
  3. Well lots of woman actually do things like that. I don't find it so weird
  4. I acutally don't like when people dress kids like tiny grown ups. I don't find it cute at all
  5. She looks like Abby in this picture. She is cute
  6. And they are even standing in the same order. Right to left oldest to youngest?
  7. He is only 32? Wow, I thought he was older
  8. So is Kendra's baby brother ok? No mention?
  9. But would Jinger announce without Jeremy? Ah why did they all make such big shopping trip with all those kids? I am glad Jill is wearing pants, unlike Jinger who is always in dresses around her family
  10. Oh Come On I don't find Felicity very cute as she grows. I think Ivy, Addison and whatever JD and Josiah girls are called (brain freeze) could beat her in that department
  11. I went to look at the video...and it is Jinger's worst video ever
  12. Oh that was great. Lots of this happened. I get the new hero and golden arrow. Time fractures, the clock. Two prisoners, did the Necromancer the one who returned without powers? Second is Kai? Wolf with many faces?
  13. I saw this picture and I can see Izzy and Sam in two boys
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