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  1. I was pretty sure this was going to happen the episode where Saffordd daughter said she didn’t believe in conversion therapy.
  2. Honestly it would be great on Freeform. Has diversity, LGBTQ characters and the potential to push limits. The cast might be skewed a little too old though.
  3. Freckles are not an indicator of natural red, red heads come in all skin tones. I for one do not have many freckles. Also red head usually don’t go grey, we fade. She most likely is a red head it had just faded to a light shade and she now dyes I suspected HP from the start. He has been suspicious from the start.
  4. He was there. He was the one that said that Anthony had texted. Yes Scott was Larry’s sponsor. Larry told Theo the story.
  5. It took me awhile to figure out who the actress was but his mom was played by Paula Marshall. She is 55, Ryan Guzman is 32. The math works without her being a teen mother. But she does not look like she once did. I think she was had some work done.
  6. Yes I thought it was announced a few weeks ago I think.
  7. My 76 year old father is in a similar state. He is essentially vegetative, unlike PG character he would not have been able to use a alphabet board or a yes no button. He too would prefer death to living like this. I am struck every time PG is on the screen how well he does the spaced out relaxed mouth look that my father also has. i find Max is venturing into “nice guy” area. Feels he deserves Zoey and is pissed she does not want him. Now I know she sang to him and it obvious she has feelings but she does have the right to not want to dare him. That being said she was out of line with the Ava comment.
  8. I don’t mind Jeri Ryan
  9. They were the people he moved in with after his mom died. They are Kevin’s parents. They were in the episode that had Chims backstory on how he became a firefighter/paramedic
  10. I was trying to figure out how I knew the brother. Thanks for the heads up, the non accent threw me off.
  11. It’s possible the “she” is not some we know but definitely some one she knows. It could be Mac’s dad but then why scramble his voice?
  12. I got her right away. The voice did it for me. It too me a little longer to place Eddie Kaye Thomas. Then I thought how did they get those two, then it was like a light bulb “oh yeah American Pie” Luckily i got that all before the pie joke so I was able to enjoy that to the fullest.
  13. It was an American Pie reunión with Jason Biggs character quippong that he was more of a pie guy. I think this show can now die
  14. I have mixed feelings about Genevieve this episode. I loved her bonding with Nathan but not sure about her “set”. In some ways it felt that she was making fun of Matilda but it was very evident that she loved her. But she has a right to feel I don’t know, put out, by the difficulties of growing up with some one with autism.
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