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  1. I am huge sports fan and I have a hard time recognizing athletes from my favorite teams out of uniform. Not knowing the name is a little harder to believe since he has been famous for so long but if he wasn’t in to sports and add in he is a narcissist I can see it.
  2. Didn’t five see Luz come to the Boiling Isle and use the same portal? Isn’t that portal how Eda get to the human world also? Luz then blew up the portal rather than give it to Belos glad Five was not evil taking over Luz’s life. She was just scared and looking for a place to belong . Five was also at camp, which makes the text from her mom saying she enjoyed Luz’s letters make sense. Nice call back
  3. I did see the blush on first watch. Thanks for reminding me. You are right.
  4. So they are progressing the Amity/Luz relationship. Its been clear Amity had feelings for Luz but I never saw more than friendship from Luz until this episode. Seems both are interested. I also like that they have toned down the Twins bullying, making it more sibling less cruel.
  5. I think it because they are agríngate her up AND down. Neither age is right so they have to use make up both ways. Plus the wardrobe is doing her no favors. I do think she looks better in the current day.
  6. The cancellation of this show is really hitting hard. I like how all of them came together at the end. I do think Nate forgave Cassidy WAY to quickly. That was just horrible what she did. I wish ABC gave this show another season. 10 episodes are not enough to judge. They cancelled it after 6 episode, so unfair.
  7. Aliconehead

    Big Shot

    I know they are trying to get people hooked but I think adding in Destiny’s aunt is actually her bio mom seems too much story for the number of episodes left. But I am glad they had her find out and Louise not keeping it from her for multiple episodes
  8. Does anyone else think that Emperor Bellows is related to Luz and he wanted the portal so he could get back to her mom and her (if he knew about Luz)? Has there been any mention of Luz’s father?
  9. California is a no fault state. So it doesn’t matter if he cheated, he won’t get less because of that.
  10. No it was the other way around. . He was waiting until their 10th anniversary to file because of the prenup. When everyone found out about the filing, it was a day or two short so Rebel was protected. Many prenups have a sun down clause that if the marriage last there are different terms. I hope there was legal separation papers from when they separated because that would protect her also. i don’t mind Misha &Nate. I do like that they are going for women empowerment of their sexuality and letting the have sec for sex sake.
  11. The fallout of Angela could be interesting. Did Benji know? He has not come across as unethical so I don’t thinks so. But he is ruthless so it’s possible. I have a feeling Benji will find out first, try to cover it up, Cassidy finds out which will damage their relationship and she will go back to work for Cruz. Maybe it will lead to Benji and Cruz joining forces to create a new firm that helps people but actually makes money. Cassidy will then forgive her dad. Or maybe I just imagine fanfiction storylines in my mind because tv is so predicable.
  12. I am theorizing that there is a hidden garage door behind some tools/shelving. After seeing the secret compartments that he has made, this makes sense. Also we will find out in then very last episode of the series, I think.
  13. Wow I just went down that rabbit hole and I am not sure I can continue to watch this show. I say we kill Drew in the surgery and Gina gets a huge settlement, buys the house, goes to school for a nursing degree, Gideon moves in and/or Eli
  14. I got the impression that he was kidnapped by the bad guys and tortured since his supposed death. They went after the daughter to force him to talk. I didn’t think he lied by disappearing. Did I miss something? sorry as a fellow Alison, Allison deserved to die. She sold an innocent to be tortured/killed for money. Boyfriend did not deserve to die. McCall is collect people that can help in future cases. A reporter could be helpful.
  15. It’s been too much for years. Bakula seems like a scene hog, he wants to be the focus of the series but his character is terrible in my opinion. I have a hard time rooting for him. I felt the same way about Jason Beghe on Chicago PD which is why I stop watching that show. I want my show stars to be good guys, not alright guys with questionable morals and tactics.
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