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  1. Margegunderson, have you read 'Ask a Manager'? She has really great workplace advice, and gives great scripts for conversations.
  2. When Karl was painting Gail, was that music from 'Silence of the Lamb's in the background??
  3. I don't live in LA!! Gotta take a plane and everything. Slightly stunned by hotel prices.
  4. OMG. My Dad Wrote a Porno is coming to LA and I got a ticket! I am so excited! October 26 if anyone else out there is interested! So many exclamation marks!!
  5. The MDWAP crew appeared on a podcast called 'Kismet', telling the story of how they met. It's pretty interesting.
  6. Delurker if you have a set of hand pruners with a curved blade it works well to get that plastic piece out. (I'm thinking you need to undo the threads and have nothing to grip?) Stick the open pruners in and the sharp blade will give enough purchase to unthread.
  7. I'm still into ILNP. Wearing Interstellar right now. I got their limited edition Magician and probably going to try it next. Does anyone have a solution for peeling nails? The Polish tends to chip and peel off my tips, I'm not sure if it's my nails or am I doing something wrong with polishing?
  8. Yes, those zip-its really work and it is totally horrifying.
  9. I think it like like a penis, which makes the fact that the immunity idols are conch shells, which look quite vaginal, interesting. Is it all on purpose?
  10. Petunia I think it would only be weird if the bottle was mostly empty, I think if it's fairly full you could pass it on saying you don't reach for it often. I really want to try some other Tom Ford scents but at $250/bottle (canada) it's not something you can try and not like. Does Sephora in store have samples? (Of TF?) I like to shop online because I love the samples, but feel weird asking in store. Is that totally a fine thing to do? I've only seen TF sample once online as a points gift.
  11. Millionaires Shortbread from the latest issue are freaking amazing.
  12. Sarahendipity

    Hair Color

    Any tips for dissatisfaction with a coloring? I've never colored my hair before, but felt like I wanted something different. Went for a consult, she told me to bring in some photos of what I wanted. Looked around, discovered 'rose gold' and loved it. I have medium blond hair with a natural light blond streak on one side. So the hairdresser bleached more of my light blond streak and it is now a dry disaster. I cannot comb it without a handful of conditioner and even then it breaks and I get a wad of hair. I've never has such a dry birds nest. And only on one patch. Rest of color is O
  13. If you cut the top of the bag off completely in an even 2 cm strip, you can use it as a tie for the bag. It's easy to untie and you get a new one with every bag! I can't speak to freezer burn issues, I only buy frozen peas and those seem pretty indestructible.
  14. Yeah laser hurts. I'd say it's about the same level as waxing, but instead of 100 at once you feel every single hair being blasted. There is numbing cream you can use, highly recommend it, and don't skimp!. But after 6 sessions I can count hairs on my lower legs on one hand, armpits clear. Bikini could use one more. Laser is will also discover hairs on you that you didn't know about, did not really think I had hairy toes but she blasted those away. I think that hurt more than anything.
  15. I've used diaper rash cream, the thick white stuff (Penaten, but I think they are all similar). It really helps red angry skin. Of your skin is actually broken then probably polysporin. I got laser treatment over the last year because I was tired of the red skin and ingrowns, best decision ever.
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