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  1. The father of another student in the kid's class is a writer on Gotham. We met actually met him a few episodes ago - he's married to the woman who hosted the party Angie was embarrassed to deliver the groceries to. Why him writing for Gotham is a joke, I can't explain. I unfortunately find myself liking this show less and less as it goes on. Although I think Leighton Meester is doing the best she can, Angie is so erratic and inconsistent. She doesn't make any sense from week to week. And Rory has really gotten on my nerves for the past 3 episodes. I get that all the kids are s
  2. A reference to the creepiest episode of Without a Trace AND a shout-out to the General Wayne Inn, all in the same episode? That's why you guys are the best.
  3. For The Good Place, I would have married Tahani - she is certainly a lot, but she has an impeccable home, travels in style, and throws a tasteful party. Plus, she confirmed that Jason, due to his complete lack of awareness of his own ridiculousness, is quite good at sex. So that makes f-ing Mr. Mendoza the most reasonable option. (IMO, of course) Poor Chidi, though.
  4. This is probably a dumb question, but since the Extra Credits are now part of the main podcast, can I unsubscribe from the EHG Minis feed?
  5. In solidarity with Murray, my cat was also *extremely* curious about the source of those ape sounds during the Sally4ever clip.
  6. I really enjoyed the first two episodes of The Conners. I tuned in last week mainly out of curiosity - I didn't watch the revival because of Roseanne's real-life hostility, but I still liked a lot of the characters from the original run. The Conners may not be appointment viewing, but I got the same sense of comfort from the second episode that I get watching re-runs of the original - this new iteration serves the characters very well, and it's nice to see that, despite the hardships they've faced, the family is still sticking by each other.
  7. I think Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee started to sour for me during the Louis CK episode. Not because of I knew anything about the allegations about him way back then, but because he told (what felt like) an incredibly long story about his boat running aground, and I could not for the life of me figure out why I suppose to want to watch two wealthy assholes sit around talking about the challenges of boat ownership. Hooray for Making It being the Winner of the Week! It really is such a charming show; I am excited to see what they do in Season 2.
  8. One of my super-ultra-basic cable stations plays 2 hours of Frasier every week night, and it is really amazing to see how funny that show still is. And one thing in particular that really stands out to me is that, even when Niles & Frasier are the butt of the joke (which they very often are), the show still likes those characters. It's much more gentle than, say, Modern Family, which seems to cycle through completely hating at least one of its characters every episode. Also, slightly off-topic, but right before Frasier comes on there's an episode The Nanny, and it has been very surpri
  9. I don't think Chase forgot about the coyotes. Renegade, who seems to have a bit of ethics behind her operation, probably would not have agreed to kidnap a human against her will. Additionally, the initial reason Chase wanted to capture Renegade was to send a message to the other coyotes that their smuggling had to stop; that message would have been diluted considerably if there were another coyote out there who could spill about Chase hiring him/her for a kidnapping.
  10. Jian Yang has smoked a few times on previous episodes of Silicon Valley. I don't remember specifically which episode, but he and Erlich went to Laurie for funding, but then lost it when Laurie caught Jian Yang having a celebratory cigarette in the hallway.
  11. I started reading McNamara's book over the weekend in anticipation of this discussion, and so far I'm enjoying it (insofar as one can enjoy reading about gruesome crimes.) I also hadn't heard of the Golden State Killer before, which really is surprising considering how prolific he was. McNamara does, I think, an excellent job of laying out the details of the crimes without being ever becoming sensationalist. She also is very good at reminding the reader of key details and similarities between the many, many, many crimes committed by this man, without it ever seeming repetitive to read. I'm onl
  12. This episode just played on my local COZI tv station, and Harriet's test ride of the horse is hilarious but also a little concerning. I mean, her daughter *just* got thrown from a horse not even half that spirited - was she not at all concerned that Nellie might really end up paralyzed if she couldn't manage this one?
  13. One thing I've recently grown to appreciate about Law & Order is how seriously it treats crimes against animals, and not just because they may be a precursor to crimes against people. So, while McCoy's stunt in the first episode of bringing the dog into to courtroom is absurd, I do like that they also made the point that the dog itself also never really had a chance. But also, way to upstage your brand new ADA - I had no recollection at all of who else was in the courtroom with McCoy, much less that it was her first episode.
  14. The Night Man credits are amazing. There's so much that seems to be happening in them, but no indication why any of it matters. Who are those people are? What is their relationship with Night Man? What is up with his red eye in the suit? Why is he so cautious when he's stepping out of the comic book frame? Could he fly a helicopter before he was Night Man? How does an actor deserve an "and" if no one's ever hear of him? I will miss The Littlest Hobo updates, but I need answers.
  15. Honestly, to go through all that just to end up with Jane and Rafael together again is really anticlimactic. Also, Anezka better really be dead this time. And Petra better not impersonate her to get her hotel shares from Lisa.
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