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  1. Yes. And the band. You just know those were modeled on real people. And Jesus trying to explain the Footsteps philosophy (or meme or whatever it's called) -- that was great.
  2. It's so everyone will think she's taking a bath. She wrapped herself in the towel before she went into the bathroom. If she'd gone in with clothes on, the family would know she was up to something. But yeah, dumb commercial. Just hide in a closet like I used to do.
  3. Why were there "swag bags" at the wedding? And who were they for? We saw LeeAnne's mom leave with two of them -- maybe one for her and one for her husband? Gifts for the couple's parents and for attendants are a tradition. Is that what this was?
  4. I liked that too. Say what you will about Ray, he's got some good parenting ideas. Why did Ray go to Freddy's family's house anyway? I must have missed something, because it didn't seem like he got any useful information from busting up that party.
  5. Yeah, that was an interesting choice of weapon. I like it though. It meant that those people felt some pain. Bullets are too quick. I thought this episode was going in a different direction, that maybe Ray would find Abby and the kidnapper while he was still with his daughter, that she would witness some violence. I'm glad it didn't go down that way but it took way too long for Abby to be found. Yeah, the guy said she hadn't been touched, but she was still traumatized. And I'm also confused about Pidgy. He may not have partaken in the "toys" but he knew what those people were doing and he didn't say anything to anyone. Freddy's girlfriend and the TP discussion was a nice bit of humor, if a bit TMI.
  6. I couldn't agree more. If you're going to take a toddler into a nice restaurant, at least order something for him that's not so messy -- something that he'd rather eat than play with. Their table was disgusting. Give him a soft taco shell, let him tear that up. At least if pieces end up on the floor, they're easy to clean up. And judging by the menu, it is a nice restaurant. When Bruin is old enough to understand that food is for eating, not for playing, then take him out. He probably does the same at home, where nannies or housekeepers take care of it.
  7. I liked him the first couple times we saw him. He seemed to like Kary -- I don't recall details but he was complimentary. Maybe he's just uncomfortable on camera. I'm projecting here, but I think he wants Kary to succeed on the show but he doesn't know how he fits in, and what he should be doing/saying so as to help her. It was an unnatural conversation, just for the cameras. I hope Kary treats him better when she's not being filmed. There's nothing wrong with the guy. Why should he feign interest in her jewelry? And if she's breaking the bank on her girls' trips, it's okay that he has something to say about that. The wedding -- what an unappetizing pile of food! LeeAnne's reception dress -- are reception dresses always just a different wedding dress? She should have gone with something more comfortable, for dancing.
  8. Reconsidered. Yes, watch for Bette, but what happens next is beyond the pale. The newspaperman "hero" uses Bette's death to get ahead with his boss, allows (even encourages) taking a photo of Bette's body for the front page, blasting the sordid story all over the news -- and then Bette's step-sister ends up with him. Whoever wrote that plot line gave zero thought to how a normal person would react.
  9. I watch mostly for Closer Look. He gives a nice synopsis of the day's politics, admittedly with an emphasis on the negative, but it's better than sitting through hours of the major networks. I skip the bit where he translates today's lingo, and I skip the edited press conferences and debates where Seth asks all the questions. He's my favorite late night host, by far. He's so natural.
  10. In the vlogger case, was plaintiff laughing or crying in the video? It was hard to tell. She did seem a bit weird, but that's no reason for Teal Tuft to do what he did. And she really didn't bring any money with her on the date?
  11. Fog Over Frisco is on again tonight, Nov. 5. Second opinions welcome. Of Human Bondage is also on. I always have to forget the book when watching the movie, because it's so different.
  12. Well, I didn't FF after all. I thought she was fine. Nothing earth-shaking but that's okay. She took it well when Seth kept alluding to her age. I'd forgotten that she'd gone undercover as a Playboy bunny. Seth asked about print journalism, and I wish they would have remarked that for all the value we get from the internet, it's ephemera -- it's not permanent and can be gone at any time. Newspapers and magazines last a long time.
  13. Oh good. I can FF through her segment. Seems to be a thing with some of the celebrity "legends". They think their presence is enough, that they don't have to inform or entertain. The older they get, the longer it takes them to sit down while milking the audience for applause. You can almost tell if a guest is going to be worthwhile by the time it takes them to sit their ass down.
  14. That might be who she was trying for, but I refuse to acknowledge any resemblance. Round-faced and blonde, that's as far as it goes. Does that girl even comprehend the hell she's putting these people through? Like JJ said, they have no way of knowing if there was a pregnancy, if there was a miscarriage, if there was a baby, if the baby was given away (or worse). That girl has no empathy at all. I shouldn't be an armchair psychologist, but she bears watching.
  15. If anyone has Fog Over Frisco on the DVR from a couple weeks back (Bette Davis, 1934), you can safely delete it. It's worth watching only for Bette, the fashions, and the decor -- the art deco touches in Bette's bedroom are wonderful. The plot is about stolen securities, but it functions more as a polemic on sensational journalism. I don't think that was the intent, however. Dialogue is all superficial with people shouting orders at servants and employees, taking action before they have information, running when they could walk. There are no characters -- the people are just pieces to move the plot. It's just a mess, and worse, it's a long mess. Bette was great, as usual, and I liked seeing a young William Demarest, but other than that, this movie is a stinker.
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