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  1. Well said. It's quite original, isn't it? They're handling the usual family dramedy situations, but they're bringing new insight. Or maybe it's just better writing.
  2. I'll qualify. I don't like a lot of comedy. The premise has to be somewhat believable, realistic. Maybe that's why movies like Some Like It Hot leave me cold -- I can't buy it. Nobody's gonna believe that Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis are women. Tony Curtis was pretty, but he wasn't that pretty.
  3. I may have made the wrong inference from the quote in Rinaldo's post from yesterday. (I don't know where the quote came from.) It sounded like Tony Curtis was making fun of Grant's mannerisms -- and then the quote about Grant not ever wanting to be in a Billy Wilder movie? Well, it got me all confused. Which isn't hard to do. [smile] So is imitation still the sincerest form of flattery, when the imitation results in what Curtis did to Grant in Some LIke It Hot? I'm not so sure. I thought the character was silly and unbelievable, but then I've never been a big fan of comedy.
  4. Every week when I see this on the DVR, I debate whether to watch, and every week I get sucked in. This week's show had me in tears, when I wasn't laughing. I adore Paul and Ally. Michael McKean needs an Emmy.
  5. Nouns as verbs -- how about "brain"? It's used as a noun in the ad for Neuriva. I forget the exact wording. Hmmm. Maybe I need this supplement.
  6. But Tony Curtis says in a TCM interview/homage to Cary Grant that he always wanted to be like Cary Grant, and that he was channeling Grant in Some Like It Hot. He didn't give the impression that he was spoofing -- spoofing implies disrespect.
  7. I agree. I don't know the technical terms, but Fallon's film has been kinda blurry, with a time delay. Trevor Noah -- not too bad. I like seeing where they live. Trevor's "library" needs a lot more books. That western room of Fallon's -- really interesting treatment on the walls -- looks like cowhide -- or like a cow exploded in there. Meyers' hallway is as expected -- I'll bet the whole apartment is neat and tidy, despite having two young'uns.
  8. I think one reason JJ ruled against the overpaying-dad was that the amount he paid was so low. $180 a month for regular child support and $224 when mom had to pay for child care. She said a few times that you couldn't feed a hummingbird on $180 a month. I wonder if he had any kind of relationship with his daughter. I doubt it. I also wonder about his relationship with defendant. Was it a one-night stand or did they at least date for awhile? Not that it matters -- it's just sad. Everyone gets shortchanged. Dad has to pay for a child he didn't want/doesn't care about, mom struggles to provide, daughter has no father figure, and JJ and Byrd help foot the bill for the WIC and Section 8 and other assistance over the years. I waited for JJ to ask plaintiff the nature of his disability, but she didn't.
  9. I don't. I worked in downtown Seattle for years, and more than once came back from lunch with seagull crap in my hair or on my clothes. That stuff dries like cement and is really hard to remove. I'm still liking the struggling actor though.
  10. The defendants in today's loose dogs case looked like Joanne Woodward and Tom Petty. So plaintiff's mother's dog was loose long enough to impregnate defendant's dog. Was that plaintiff's wife or his mother? The little girl was cute as a button, and the "Awwww" when she saw the photo of the puppies made everyone laugh, even Byrd.
  11. Interesting point, but what did JJ say? That the name on the birth certificate is presumed to be the father? Unusual that someone would ask to be tested, and potentially be made financially responsible. Based on appearance alone, however, I'd much rather have the defendant in my kid's life than that slobby fiance. You could tell by the way he slouched that he has attitude. JJ had me all confused, asking about this and that date that plaintiff and defendant were together. Why not just ask when the baby was born and then ask if they'd been together 9-10 months prior to that? I was totally confused about when the baby was born, when her husband died, when she was with defendant, and when she started hooking up with that hulk.
  12. Woman needed a squirt of water in her face, shut her right the f*** up. If they can be tazed to get 'em under control, why not a spray of water to shut 'em up?
  13. Did anyone else catch the Leslie Howard documentary? If it comes on again, don't miss it. I had no idea he was such a ladies' man, or that he was so popular before GWTW. And I didn't know that he died fairly young, when his plane was shot down by Germans in WWII. The doc was a nice balance of family and film, personal and professional film, photos, interviews. Enjoyed The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean with Paul Newman and a bunch of well-known characters in small parts. Stacy Keach stood out as Bad Bob, as did Tony Perkins as a traveling preacher. After reading the Wiki on Roy Bean, it looks like there's enough material for a mini-series. Rewatched David Lean's Great Expectations, an all-time favorite. My only complaint is that the stunningly beautiful Jean Simmons couldn't have played the adult Estella. Valerie Hobson is pretty enough, but she's not the beauty that Estella was supposed to be. The photography is gorgeous and the story moved along at a nice clip. One other complaint (and maybe I should read the book) is that the film has attorney Jagger spilling the beans on Estella's parentage, causing Estella's fiance to leave her. Why would Jagger do that?
  14. I questioned the end-stage emphysema disability. If she was that sick, shouldn't she have been using supplemental oxygen? Didn't like the defendant who did all of the talking. He was quite rehearsed, and probably hoped to impress Judy with correct grammar, an occasional big word. The other defendant had godawful vocal fry. If anyone in Boise's government was watching, I hope they look a bit closer at the housing that they're subsidizing.
  15. Can someone help me out with the Carnage episode in Mobile? DeMarcus was killed when Carey Weets (Wee Wee) drove by and shot up his house. (DeMarcus wasn't the target.) Wee Wee was then killed in retaliation by DeMarcus's brothers, LaCedrick and Raheem. This all had something to do with a dice game where someone was cheated out of five dollars. So who was Courtney and what did he have to do with anything? I was more than a bit confused when this one was finished.
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