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  1. AuntiePam


    Me too. Especially when I saw all those photos on the walls. It sure looks like the writers are working toward a split, with Ken being so happy to be back in Denver, and Christine seeing how popular he is. Ken seems the type of guy who could be happy anywhere -- I hope Christine realizes that. But there's not much drama -- or comedy -- in a happy relationship. I'm kicking myself for being surprised at Chekhov's concrete block there at the end.
  2. AuntiePam

    Favorite Commercials

    I don't listen to audio books but his voice was familiar to me too. Maybe he did one of the Ken Burns documentaries? He almost sounds like the guy who read the Ballou letter. Thanks from me for these ads too, because I've never seen them either. One of the perils of DVR'ing everything -- we occasionally miss a good ad.
  3. AuntiePam

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    "Inorganic" -- perfect description. Maybe that's the problem. I think the show is a very small part of these women's real lives. They have interests and friends outside of the show. It may have been fun for awhile, but it seems that the old-timers are phoning it in, and the newbies (Erika and Denise) don't really care. Well, except for Teddi -- she cares too much. My gosh, the woman practices a stone face so she won't cry (and then she cries anyway). I'm not sure that Dorit even cares anymore, but she probably needs the paycheck. Kyle's extensions were awful. It was like she had a cocker spaniel on her shoulder.
  4. AuntiePam

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    Was Denise's "greedy fucking whore" comment referencing Camille? Or was it a blanket condemnation of spouses who do nothing in a marriage but want it all when the marriage is over? The problem with Camille saying she "worked" is that when we hear "work" most of us think of a career, a job that generates a paycheck. I see Camille as someone who married a famous actor and then had to "work" to get him off drugs to protect her investment. Was Kelsey on drugs when they met? I just have no sympathy for her, going back to her glee at the Dinner from Hell, when her "psychic" friend was being so cruel to Kyle.
  5. AuntiePam

    As Seen On TV: Does ANY of this crap work?

    I don't buy them but we've received them as gifts, and we're happy. The meat is at least as good as what we buy locally, and their side dishes are excellent, especially the caramel apple dumpling things.
  6. AuntiePam

    House Hunters

    And he said he looked forward to grilling on that narrow strip beside the house. The house was a good choice for them but they will miss having a yard, if they have kids. It looked like the rocks were there for a reason, and not just because it would have been difficult to move them. If the property behind them is on a steep hill, wouldn't they worry about run-off when it rains? I've been liking the recent couples -- haven't deleted an episode in several days because of a shrewish wife or a know-it-all husband. Re Seattle from a few pages back: I wish they'd give more than just Seattle as a location so we knew where they were looking. They had a lake view but Lake Washington is 20 miles long, so it could have been almost anywhere.
  7. AuntiePam

    Season 4 Discussion

    I'm fine with the ending. It wasn't the smartest choice Sidney's ever made, but when did he ever make a smart choice? He chose the right woman -- he's just not the right man. Maybe life in Alabama will be the sea change he needs.
  8. AuntiePam


    I'm not a physical person but I wanted to smack Dale upside his stupid head at the Chinese restaurant. Was the "bun" on his "hamburger" egg foo yung? It looked good. How is it that Christine raised two such infuriating sons? I wonder if Dale knows that Christine bought that condo and that Chip is living there. I thought the bathroom stuff was funny. I've done that -- dropped in on family just to use the facilities. I always called first though.
  9. AuntiePam

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    Watched Now, Voyager for the nth time today, and kept waiting for a scene that must have been from another movie. The scene I was waiting for was Christina accusing Charlotte of befriending her only because of Charlotte's relationship with Jerry, Tina's father. I wonder what movie I was thinking of. And what a great movie. It never gets old.
  10. AuntiePam

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    I think the difference is the phoniness. The BH women don't even bother to keep track of who they're supposed to be mad at, even within a particular episode. The controversies are manufactured, so it's harder for them to remember how they reacted back then, how they're supposed to feel now. So if they're constantly flip-flopping, we can't be expected to keep up. There's not as much flip-flopping on NY. Plus, NY carries their crap from year to year, despite all the "moving on" promises. BH pretends to move on, so we end up confused when they don't. This episode was a not mess. None of them could be honest from minute to minute. No one took time to think -- they just reacted, and they reacted by echoing what the person next to them was doing/saying. Except for Denise, with that wonderful comeback to Camille. "No, YOU shut the fuck up!" Camille is a vapid, useless waste of space. Why did David marry her?
  11. AuntiePam


    I loved that! The Third Man is one of my favorite movies. Joseph Cotten is my boyfriend, don'cha know? All the mysteries/crimes this season were too complicated for me, but the ending was perfect. So glad Thursday got back on track, and hope he stays there.
  12. AuntiePam

    House Of Lies

    For sure. It looked to me like Marty and Jeannie were going to try to "have it all", keep Kaan & Associates open but be more involved with parenting. I did get the impression that they wouldn't go at it so hard, that they'd not be quite so cutthroat. I didn't care for those last few minutes though. Seeing Skip and some of the crew dancing in the street -- at least one of them wearing a House of Lies cap -- took me out of the story. Instead of wondering what lay ahead for everyone, I was reminded that this was just a TV show.
  13. AuntiePam

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Yep. Someone posted on a local board that they were having trouble finding a rental because so many landlords don't allow pets. I couldn't believe the number of people who suggested asking a doctor to certify the pet as a therapy animal. Watching today's case on the pet boarding fees and wondering if that isn't a good business to be in. $30 a day to feed and water a dog? Jeebus, most of them sleep all day.
  14. AuntiePam

    TKAA Officially Cancelled

    I came in to say the same thing. It's one of the few shows that my husband and I both liked. I hope there'll be a DVD.
  15. AuntiePam


    Is that the same cast? I watched the first season and then the show dropped off my radar until Ep 2. (To be honest, I let it drop off because it was just too weird, and I didn't like how Chip treated Martha.) I adored this episode, mostly because of Christine. She and Ken are so sweet together. She looks so contented. Hoping the rest of the season answers some of my questions, like how did Chip end up in such a horrible living situation? Is he just a sucker for Chip Jr.?