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  1. Yeah but not every Supe is on Vought's payroll so there could be some out there who choose to live a normal life. Although, I can imagine having a power can lead to abusing them but I'm put off by Butcher's blanket judgement that all Supes are evil. One of the things I find fascinating about this episode is that Homelander felt the need to BS the passengers that everything was okay after he botched the rescue. Why do that? He could've just grabbed Maeve and flew away. I wonder if he craves adulation so much that he couldn't stand the thought of letting these people know he failed them.
  2. Honestly, chimps scare me more than any other animal. It's a combination of their near human intelligence, large canines and their shrieking that make them so damn scary.
  3. I think canonically, SSR turned into SHIELD. Did something in this episode contradict that?
  4. Why assume the Invaders existed? Up until the Avengers, the general public of the MCU seemed to have no idea that superhumans existed. Hell, I bet the general public didn't buy that Captain America was superhuman because he was used for propaganda. Yeah, I thought she had a problem with Mack at first but she seemed to scowl at several other white patrons.
  5. I agree with all of this! However I ain't gonna lie, I want someone from the movies or cartoons to make an appearance. I'm thinking Hondo would be a perfect cameo.
  6. Even though I love the series, I can't say I've paid the closest attention to the storylines so take my explanation with a grain of salt. Anyway, here's what I think was the plan. Lord No Nose (sorry, I forget his name) finds a member of the royal family who had been living abroad. He plans to use the exiled royal to challenge the queen's claim if she does not back the Ravens' Society's plans. Kidnapping the Queen was a reactionary response to what he believed was the government's plot to kill him at the summit. It was not meant to be the initial plan. However with the Queen as a hostage, he could use her to make himself Prime Minister and then get rid of her. He'd then have the exiled royal take the throne. I'd appreciate any corrections or a validation of this from someone else.
  7. It makes more sense to kidnap her though. If you use an impersonator, what's to stop the real queen from countermanding the impersonator's orders?
  8. I thought they were satyrs as well and puck might be a derogatory term. So is "pix" short for pixie and is that a derogatory term for fairy?
  9. This ep did show a different side of Maeve, A-Train and the Deep. It makes me wonder if Butcher's hatred of supes is just plain old bigotry rather than the Seven being evil. I kept thinking "please, don't have sex with the dolphin".
  10. Speaking of porn. The Deep reminds me of a pornstar named James Deen. And it's not just looks. Deen has been accused of doing stuff worse than the Deep.
  11. I'm several episodes in and I still can't figure out what Mallory is. Is she a hard light hologram like the Doctor from Star Trek Voyager or is she some sort of energy being?
  12. I always find it weird that people eat carnivorous mammals. It just seems unnatural. However, starvation might make anything seem tasty. Am I the only one thinking, bagging big game may not be worth the trouble? There's the inherent danger of hunting something that could potentially kill you. Then there's the time and effort involved in processing such a large animal. Also, there's the probability a certain portion will go bad before you can eat it. And finally, you're constantly on guard worrying about predators trying to steal your kill. If fishing or trapping could set you up with a lake trout or a rabbit every day or couple of days, I think I might consider that route.
  13. Is that what they're going for with Billy's look? I always thought his style was oddly feminine. He seems more pretty boy than bad boy. I'm guessing Russian henchman is a nod to Dolph and Arnold. Both of them played human characters that had feats that bordered on superhuman. Not really surprising since the show wants to make it seem like the mall is the biggest thing to happen to Hawkins in years.
  14. Agreed. I would've went with Dex being a freelance assassin who was already on Fisk's payroll.
  15. Is it correct to assume dd season 3 is taking place at the same time as season 2 of the other Marvel Netflix shows?
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