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  1. Hands down my favorite part!
  2. I loved it. I expected it to be a lighthearted show but I like the mystery piece and am probably in the minority but didn't see Nathan being the "bad guy" coming. I really hope it gets renewed because I want to see where it goes. I was kind of hoping Croak would sponsor Nathan but oh well. Also, very superficial but I love Ingrid's outfit in the last scene.
  3. Obviously they could have been lying but I read an article with the showrunner or creator, and he said there was nothing in their contract that said they had to wait til they got to the altar. Seems unlikely but who knows. I don't know what to think about Jessica being forced to stay. It's possible considering there was no one from her side there. I still don't like her. Even the way she kept telling Mark she loved him during the ceremony and was relieved he said I do. Could have been editing but I'm not a fan either way. I agree that Damian and Giannina could have been in on creating a storyline. When she was telling her mom that she'd be fine she didn't even seem upset. Also, the way she way laying on the couch with her dressed draped over the back was soooooo staged. I rolled my eyes. Kelly (and Jessica actually) seem like the 30 something old women who say and think they want commitment but don't. They're still only attracted to men who are bad for them. Hands down, my favorite part was when Lauren swore during the ceremony. I find her to be one of the most likable people I've ever seen on tv. She's adorable and funny. I also love her relationship with her mom and how they tease each other. Cameron is intense but, as someone else said, I understand considering his field. I used to work in an engineering firm and those guys were brilliant but most were really awkward. I think Cameron is similar.
  4. Yes, I've liked them from the beginning because they seem like the most mature and sure of what they. They don't seem too wrapped up in the magic. Because of that though I haven't been super invested in their story because it's so steady, if that makes sense. That being said, their families seemed so genuine and they truly warmed my heart.
  5. The first couple episodes I thought she seemed kind of flighty and like she had no idea what was going on but then I was impressed by how open she was with Damian about getting him to open up. It's pretty obvious now though that she wants to fight. I don't fault her for the stuff she's been upset about but don't like the way she handles it. Damian is starting to look broken.
  6. Watching her drunk with Barnett was soooooo uncomfortable. If you buy into reading people's body language, she was practically throwing herself at him. I'm actually irrationally annoyed with her because she's "34" and says she wants to settle down in a real relationship and be committed but she's obsessed with Barnett who, as others have said, definitely gives off the player vibe. That being said, I was actually impressed how he handled her like that. He clearly has no interest when I could have seen him coming out of the pods and questioning things. Maybe he just realizes he dodged a bullet with that one. I just get annoyed with her and want to tell her to grow up. She's one of the least mature people there. And I'm sorry but she clearly can't handle her alcohol and she's too old to be like a drunk college girl. Honestly, she just seems insecure and she should get some help. Also, I have no problem with her realizing she doesn't want to be with Mark. I do have a problem with her stringing him along. He needs to just cut ties. I vote for a spinoff of Mark getting a second chance with all the woman watching who realizes he's a great guy.
  7. I loved the wave metaphor. I am one who fears death and that actually made me feel a lot better. I was kind of expecting a different ending for Eleanor, like she'd have a bigger role in the universe. When she was talking Gen and said she wouldn't have to hear from them anymore I actually thought she had suggested Gen go through the door and she would become the new judge.
  8. Me too! I know how most of the stuff is completely unreasonable and that they're usually throw away lines. And those little girls crush the roles.
  9. I totally called Glen turning on the demons! I never get stuff like that. Great episode and work that suit Jason.
  10. Yes, exactly! The Selection definitely made me think that.
  11. For some reason I think Glen might pl kay a key role in the end. I'm wondering if he'll turn against the demons because he's sick of being made fun of.
  12. Just watched the premiere. Anyone else think Glen might end up being important? Maybe he'll get sick of everyone blowing him off, turn against them and be the one to save the day.
  13. About Winston's comment, I agree they worded it funny but I took it to mean Monte didn't deserve to die as a murderer. I get that the kids were using him since he already died and wouldn't face any consequences but they're still making his legacy that of a murderer. Yes he was a horrible person and his family was horrible but now everyone is going to remember him as a murderer and his family has to live with that. I'm not sure if we're supposed to think its acceptable because of how he was and how his family was. For example, I don't think people or the kids would have been as accepting of pinning a murder on someone like the kid who died in the car accident in the first season, Jeff I think? He was a good kid and his family would suffer if they thought he'd murdered someone. Monte was a horrible person, the worst one on the show in my opinion, but he still wasn't a murderer and I think that's what Winston meant. Haha I was just posting the same thing 🙂
  14. I finished the season so, beware of spoiler comments. I actually thought it was going to be Ani's mother who killed Bryce. That she found out about them sleeping together and thought he'd get her off track. And that was why Ani was lying during the narration, to cover for her. I didn't see it coming that it was Alex (it had crossed my mind that Jessica had something to do with it because the conversation with her dad was weird). I kind of want to go back and rewatch it to see if there clues about Alex but I actually have no desire to watch it again so that says a lot. All that being said, I thought the first 2 seasons were pretty realistic depiction about how hard it is for teens today whereas this one was just so over the top that it took me out of it. I loved Tyler's arc but thought the babysitting til he's better thing was ridiculous. The whole, murder setup and coverup is just ridiculous though
  15. I don't usually pay much attention to stuff like this but that shot of Eleven falling in the black was gorgeous.
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