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  1. I'm pretty sure Mixon had a baby in March, so either this was filmed much earlier in the season or they literally just shot it. The jacket story could have cringeworthy, but I like that Bader just went for it. ETA: per Mixon's twitter, they filmed this ep in Dec when she was five months pregnant, and she still has 2.5 weeks to go.
  2. For me, it's not about a character getting a "happy" ending; it's about a character getting an ending with at least some degree of finality and closure. I think Ward finally got that via Framework!Ward two episodes ago. But Tripp and Mack's stories still feel so unfinished.
  3. I thought they filmed inside an actual former/now closed big box store. If it was just sets on the Universal lot, I wonder why they tore it down after the season.
  4. I'm looking forward to everything they set-up for season three, especially Sandra vs. Carol! There was an episode earlier this season where Dina and Mateo were showing off pictures of a remodeld store. I really liked the way Amy looked at Jonah as he walked away towards Mateo & Marcus.
  5. ABC also wanted Atwell in a female-led procedural, which they thought would be a winning ticket. Obviously that was a huge failure.
  6. Jed & Mo are on record that AoS ends the season with several cliffhangers.
  7. Everytime I think this arc is going to zig, it doesnt zag but does something else I never anticipated. I was convinced that either Fitzler would replace Fitz, or it'd be a Jekyll & Hyde scenario. I never imagined that all of them would retain their framework memories/experiences/lives and as Mo and Jed said essentially have "two lifetimes". I really hope the denouement of this arc is Mack showing up with his shotgun!axe and ending Aida. But who the hell knows. Whatever happens, I'm sure it'll kick-ass.
  8. For the seventh episode in a row, AoS retained 100% of its total viewer and all demo numbers from start to finish. It's uncanny for any show to that, except for rare marvel's like This Is Us that grow during the hour, and it's astonishing for any 10pm show to do so.
  9. Make of this what you will, but allegedly like Castle last season, both Once and Quantico were asked to produce alternate endings, whereas Shield and Designated were not and producers of those shows are on record that they end on multiple cliffhangers.
  10. Wow. That's all I got. I already thought FitzSimmons was done, but after tonight there is no writer on earth that could write them as a legitimate couple.
  11. The potential writers strike has been averted.
  12. When the fuck did The Assy One aka Rump put his child, or ANYONE ELSE, first?!? And Aeriel and Jasmine did the magic carpet ride, not Jaladdin.
  13. That link takes me to a page to log-into / sign-up-for Tumblr. But yeah Jessy Schram as Cinderella, the Tremaine actress as Tremaine, Karen David, Oded Fehr (note: NOT their characters, which is on the writers not them), Joanna Garcia as Ariel, and Zelena mowing down Black have been the only good parts of this season for me.
  14. Does anyone have a gif of Zelena mowing down Black? That was the single best moment in six seasons of the show, and frankly one of the best things I've seen on tv in general in some time.
  15. There are ao many guests that should be there supporting Emma and Hook that won't be, and no offense to those actors but theyre not exactly big names that would be cost prohibitive. Ernie Hudson may have been prohibited because he's on contract with FOX's APB, and it's possible some of them were busy with pilots or other projects. What they could have done, at the be ve tumblr least, is do what other shows have done in similar situations and show the character from the back talking to Hook, whoever with it being 'this is Ariel, but Joanna is unavailable so we can't show the face'. The point is, those people should be there.
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