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  1. Oh, ya, that's right. I remember seeing pictures of Melissa with a cute little white dog in LA set pics during season 1. Maybe Blake Jenner kept Millie when they split up?? *shrug* ....Oooor maybe she's been "dog napped" again by Chyler and Floriana because that's a seriously cute little dog. :D LOL! nice.... Thanks for the answers :)
  2. Same. I’m actually in the minority around here and like the on-screen relationship between Kara and Mon-El, but yes, at some point early mid-season I started thinking “Okay, this seems like 10% acting and 90% something going on IRL between Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood.” I assumed it was just me seeing things, but now that it’s confirmed real I feel a little awkward about the whole thing. Not so much because they are dating IRL, but well, because... ...I generally live under a rock when it comes to celebrities, gossip about their lives and their social media shenanigans (True story: I di
  3. Jeebus Cripes. Jimmy and Winn are invited as guests to the Danvers' family Thanksgiving where Alex, as one of the hosts, tells them not to bring up the Guardian stuff because she has things she needs to say at the dinner first, so what do Jimmy and Winn do at dinner? Exactly what Alex asked them not to do! Way to be complete jerks, guys. I see this Guardian ego trip is working wonders for you both as people. *SMH* Heh, well, speaking for myself I like Kara and Mon-El and I like how it's being written. I don't claim it's perfect, but well, it works for me and I'm here for more. I will s
  4. Well, no. There's an assumption that's being made here by many: Everyone is assuming that the aliens that sent drinks to Kara and Mon-El ordered specific drinks for them. We don't actually know that is the case. The aliens could've requested that M'Gann just give them (Kara and Mon-El) something they would enjoy without knowing what that drink was. I've had friends send drinks to other tables without requesting anything specific and instead letting the bartender decide. Thus, the aliens could just as easily believe Mon-El and Kara are humans and that M'gann just delivered some human friendly d
  5. Much Better. And a far better episode than I expected. To me it felt like Kara was more relevant to the story in this episode than she has been in a while, so as far as I'm concerned this episode was an improvement from last week's episode and last week's was an improvement on the week before that. So, dare I say it? Is the show finally headed towards writing a story for Kara? Please say, 'Yes', Show. (Though, in retrospect, I'm cutting them some deserved slack with regards to what I feel is a lack of focus on Kara because to film the upcoming crossover episodes took some crazy sched
  6. Interview with Chris Wood (empireonline.com). Roughly about little more than half way down the article, the interview gets into the discussion of Supergirl and his role as Mon-El. The article I think is only moderately spoilery (e.g., Chris doesn't flat out say Mon-El is the prince of Daxam, but come on, I think we'll all be more surprised if he isn't.) Here's that bit from the interview: Another interesting bit further into the article is that it sounds like Mon-El will be suiting up as his superhero comic book self sooner rather than later. Sounds like we may be seeing Mon-El in
  7. Hehe, I laughed at that too.....and took it a step further because if the guy seriously thinks the global warming is so bad it can't wait 24-48 hours then J'onn and Alex should've just held him anyway because he was clearly mental. What the hell is he going to do about it if the disaster is so imminent that it can't wait a day? I mean, at that point the best thing he can do is visit his favorite pub, order a drink, chug it down, then put a paper bag over his head, lay down on the floor, and wait for the end.
  8. Ah. Thanks, @Trini. That is weird. Weirder still for Supergirl because it doesn't really play a role in the crossover, so... Give it up, CW. Give me the information. I want it. Welp, since I don't know anything ( I haven't even checked to see if there's a DC Comics connections to someone or something called "Medusa", though maybe they're going with an allusion to Greek mythology?), I will speculate that Medusa refers to the many heads of Cadmus but they couldn't call it Hydra because that's already taken :D (salutes Marvel's AOS - Hail Hydra.)
  9. Spoiler TV has promo photos for the upcoming episode 2x07 "The Darkest Place" Skipping ahead though, have we seen a press release or episode info for 2x08? I just checked imdb and it says 2x08 is called "Medusa", and we know 2x09 is Kevin Smith's episode entitled "Supergirl Lives", but is there info for 2x08 ( info other than the ending which we know includes Barry and Cisco crossing universes to come and get Kara to kick-off the 4 show crossover)?
  10. Yep. But, that's the thing isn't. Alex has been handed essentially the only heavy emotional arc being written and Kara has been relegated to background position. So, ya, Alex has quite literally stolen the show. And I'm not in any way diminishing Chyler here, she's done absolutely excellent, excellent work, but when the only story of considerable depth is sole property of one character, of course they are the MVP, because there aren't any other positions for anyone else to play. Kara wasn't even involved in Alex's story until this episode because it's a story line that doesn't lend itself to o
  11. Hehe, glad to be of service :D I have my moments ;) I'm so with you here. I've been trying to find something about Jimmy's character to like for the last several episodes, but I'm done. I can't with this guardian story arc. From Jimmy's sudden onset Cape Envy (also how is he just breezing into the DEO; secret secure facility my ass) and manipulating Winn to participate in this stupidity (Winn is basically a huge ass walking, blabbing, military tech absconding security breach), to the miracles brought to you by "Because Plot (TM)" that prevent what should logically be Jimmy's death from
  12. I'm just gonna say it: Jimmy "Captain Cape Envy" Olsen has become the story line equivalent of getting sand inside your bathing suit when you go to the beach - It's highly irritating, hard to get out therefore somewhat painful, and just ruins what's otherwise a perfectly good time. Please go away now, Jimmy. Ride, ride, ride that motorcycle back to Metropolis! Away with you!
  13. Despite Mon-El's behavior in some moments, I still like him. For the most part, I thought his scenes were entertaining because everything is so genuinely alien to him it’s kinda amusing to me. Mon-El thinking the phones were alarms and him giving out his social security number I thought were funny. It’s stuff we take for granted, but he’s not from this world (Though, I think Kara should have probably explained some basics like: This is a phone. It’s used for communication. Here’s how you use it. I think the show writers purposefully kept information from Mon-El, information that you’d reasonab
  14. Ah, I see. Unfortunately, your recollection of the scene is inaccurate. I think you're conflating different scenes. While there are two different pictures used in the scene in question, both pictures are of Kara and Alex as children. The first picture is seen at the beginning of the scene when Alex is in Kara’s apartment holding and looking at a picture of her and Kara together as young girls. The second picture - the picture that Astra sees - is yet another snapshot of Alex and Kara together as children, and that picture is sitting on a nearby table when Astra sees it and makes the comm
  15. I know this may be just me, but I think y'all are reading way too much into that moment. Astra says (actual quote) "I knew there was more to you and my niece" to Alex after Astra sees a picture of Alex and Kara together as children. Clearly, based on that picture, they have a childhood connection, so Astra was commenting on that long history which that picture is evidence of. I don't think Astra was implying something romantic was going on at all. Alex's reply simply confirms Astra's suspicions - yes, they have childhood history because they were raised as sisters.
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