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  1. Oh, ya, that's right. I remember seeing pictures of Melissa with a cute little white dog in LA set pics during season 1. Maybe Blake Jenner kept Millie when they split up?? *shrug* ....Oooor maybe she's been "dog napped" again by Chyler and Floriana because that's a seriously cute little dog. :D LOL! nice.... Thanks for the answers :)
  2. Same. I’m actually in the minority around here and like the on-screen relationship between Kara and Mon-El, but yes, at some point early mid-season I started thinking “Okay, this seems like 10% acting and 90% something going on IRL between Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood.” I assumed it was just me seeing things, but now that it’s confirmed real I feel a little awkward about the whole thing. Not so much because they are dating IRL, but well, because... ...I generally live under a rock when it comes to celebrities, gossip about their lives and their social media shenanigans (True story: I didn’t know who the Kardashians were for the longest time. That’s how uninterested I am in this sort of thing). And honestly, that’s the way I like it. Their private lives are their business. But I’ll be damned if the timing of Benoist’s divorce and this news of her dating Chris Wood didn’t tweak my curiosity big time. And, of course, like an IDIOT I went to Google to satisfy my curiosity about how long Melissa and Chris had been together and - as it tends to happen with google excursions - I fell down an internet rabbit hole where I saw pictures that can’t be unseen. It’s burned into my brain. I stumbled across a gossip website with an article regarding Melissa Benoist, Blake Jenner and Chris Wood, and apparently the site comments are rather poorly moderated, and well, someone posted pictures in the comments section of said article which I think may have ruined this show for me. <sarcasm> Thank you, Internet! </sarcasm>. That’s what I get for A) coming out from under my rock and B) reading the comments section of a gossip site. And I’m not judging the content of the pics (or maybe I am??? I’m honestly still in shock here because the pics are legit, really explicit and came out of nowhere, so I don’t know what to think TBH) but the problem is now I can’t see pics of or watch Supergirl without my inner snark cranked to 1,000,000,000 (and admittedly, some amount of cringing). At best, absolutely everything is a double entendre now, lol! It’s like watching a whole different show that the producers never intended. I honestly feel terrible about it, but apparently I’m incapable of turning off this running inner monologue of snark and then lmao and then wishing for brain bleach. I just can’t. I’m trying to decide if maybe I just need some show immersion therapy and do a whole Supergirl rewatch to get all the snark out my system, or maybe take advantage of the three week hiatus and make an exerted effort to forget all about it (....seriously, my kingdom for some brain bleach). *SMH* *sigh* That’s what I get for coming out from under my rock. Never. Again. Lesson: learned! ETA: serious questions: Who's Millie? (I'd google it, but, you know...that might not end well for me. ;-) What did he say about it? (I don't feel like binging 10 seasons of Friends to find out )
  3. Jeebus Cripes. Jimmy and Winn are invited as guests to the Danvers' family Thanksgiving where Alex, as one of the hosts, tells them not to bring up the Guardian stuff because she has things she needs to say at the dinner first, so what do Jimmy and Winn do at dinner? Exactly what Alex asked them not to do! Way to be complete jerks, guys. I see this Guardian ego trip is working wonders for you both as people. *SMH* Heh, well, speaking for myself I like Kara and Mon-El and I like how it's being written. I don't claim it's perfect, but well, it works for me and I'm here for more. I will say, though, that I have questions. Kara's conversation with Mon-El while they were playing Monopoly when she was awkwardly asking him if he had feelings for her, was awkward to me in the way that newborn foals trying to find their footing are awkward. It made Kara seem younger and more timid than the impression I came away with last season, particularly if you consider her interactions with Adam Foster (or even Jimmy). Now it could be that the writer(s) that wrote Kara like that last season left with Cat Grant, or it could be because the writers are trying to explore her romantic dynamic with Mon-El differently from how they attempted last season's romances. Personally, I'm hoping it's a case of the latter because I think in that case there are some interesting aspects of Kara that could be explored. For example, has Kara ever had a serious relationship? My impression is that she's dated, but there doesn't seem to have been anyone serious at any point. Does being an alien and being raised Kryptonian for almost half her life make things awkward for her in a way that she hasn't figured out how to deal with? Does the prospect of a serious relationship make her timid and awkward, like she was two left feet, and perhaps she's the one who bails on relationships if they get too serious, or is she bold and goes for it? If it's still true that the show this season is trying to explore who Kara is (rather than her figuring out the Supergirl side of her life) these are aspects of her that they could explore within the context of a romance and which I would find interesting. Will the show go there? I don't know. I'm basically throwing these questions out into the universe hoping that the show decides to explore that side of Kara at some point...or any side, really. Absolutely. I need so much for there to be a story for Kara that I will take anything the writers give me, so I'm holding on - tooth and nail - to what they gave us in this episode. I watch this show for Kara, so I think as far this episode goes the writers finally threw something my way. To be honest, when you don't watch for Jimmy & Winn's Guardian stuff, or for Alex's coming out & romance with Maggie and are kind of take it or leave it with J'onn and M'gann, but instead you do watch for Kara's story, well then, even with all it's flaws, this episode felt like a gift (to me). And considering this was the winter finale, it actually gave me something to look forward to watching when the show returns. Final Items: The scene of Kara when she saw Zor-El at the Fortress was a nice touch. Melissa always does a great job, even with brief moments like this, where she conveys just how much almost overwhelming emotion Kara is pushing down and away whenever dealing with the memory of her parents. Kara and J'onn's scenes together continue to be highlights for me thus far this season. YAS! Lena is still not Luthor Evil! Keep it up, Show. Katie McGrath is so great to watch in this role and as such, I propose that you give us more Lena and less Guardian, Show. Call me, I have suggestions. ;) Pfft. Sure they've "arrested" Lillian Luthor (we'll see how long that lasts), but you'll never make me believe this is the last of Cadmus, Show. NEVER! Mon-El's misunderstanding of Earth customs and lingo continues to be a fun source of amusement for me.
  4. Well, no. There's an assumption that's being made here by many: Everyone is assuming that the aliens that sent drinks to Kara and Mon-El ordered specific drinks for them. We don't actually know that is the case. The aliens could've requested that M'Gann just give them (Kara and Mon-El) something they would enjoy without knowing what that drink was. I've had friends send drinks to other tables without requesting anything specific and instead letting the bartender decide. Thus, the aliens could just as easily believe Mon-El and Kara are humans and that M'gann just delivered some human friendly drinks. After all, the alien rum that M'gann gave them looked like some innocuous liquid. There was nothing unique about the alien rum in it's appearance that said "Poisonous To Humans. Great for Aliens". Second, there's no guarantee the aliens actually saw Kara herself drink the beverage. Kara and Mon-El were seated in a high-back booth, and Kara herself was on the side of the booth that faced away from the aliens table. The aliens were also seated at a table a good distance from Kara and Mon-El's booth and the alien's table placement was such that to see who sent the drinks, Kara had to stand up a bit in her seat and then turn all the way around to see over the high-backed booth she was sitting in. Thus, it was a hard angle for that specific table of aliens to observe whether Kara downed the drink or not, and again, we don't know that the aliens knew what Kara was drinking. Third, bars are noisy and in my experience it's hard to hear the conversations being had in other booths next to yours (let alone the conversation at your own booth), especially when you're sitting in booths with high-backs like the one Kara and Mon-el were sitting in. So even with M'gann telling Kara and Mon-El that the drinks were poisonous to human, it's not unreasonable to believe that no one outside Kara and Mon-El heard because, again, bars are noisy and not the optimum place for eavesdropping. Finally, Maggie never saw Kara there as far as we know. Again, Kara was sitting in a high backed booth located towards the back of the bar with her seat facing away and a good distance (relatively out of sight and definitely out of earshot) from where Maggie was - Maggie was at the pool tables and even Alex didn't see her when she first came in. Later, when Alex got the call/text from the DEO she made eye contact with J'onn and then Alex seemed to turn around (away from J'onn and Kara) and head towards the bar's exit. J'onn also got up from his seat at the bar, but we never see who collected Kara. Because of J'onn's proximity to where Kara was seated, it's not unreasonable to think J'onn was the one who collected Drunk!Kara, but ultimately we don't know for sure because we're never shown. We only see them again when they are all back at the DEO and J'onn is helping Drunk!Kara into a seat and Alex is following them. Also, if Maggie did see Kara there (which we don't know), there's this:
  5. Much Better. And a far better episode than I expected. To me it felt like Kara was more relevant to the story in this episode than she has been in a while, so as far as I'm concerned this episode was an improvement from last week's episode and last week's was an improvement on the week before that. So, dare I say it? Is the show finally headed towards writing a story for Kara? Please say, 'Yes', Show. (Though, in retrospect, I'm cutting them some deserved slack with regards to what I feel is a lack of focus on Kara because to film the upcoming crossover episodes took some crazy scheduling. And, by all accounts, everyone across all the shows was driving themselves into the ground making it all work. Melissa could only be at so many places at once without running her dead, so I appreciate that the show tried to do the best they could with the time that they had with her while she was doing shoots for multiple shows for several weeks.) Anyways... back to this episode. As per usual, my favorite scenes were all of those with Kara – I'm sure everyone is shocked by that admission ;). But, in terms of highlights: Kara's scene in the training room with J'onn I thought was particularly touching. The show doesn't often reflect back to Kara's experience when first arriving on Earth and those initial weeks and months following the heartbreaking trauma she lived through. So this scene with Kara sharing with J'onn that experience and the wisdom (and some sense of healing) that she gained from learning to deal with it -- that allowing herself to be loved by others wasn't a betrayal to her parents -- I thought was beautifully done. Kara and J'onn have this connection not just as individuals but one also derived from a similar tragedy in each of their past. Yet despite J'onn's age, he who is hundreds of years older than Kara, it's often Kara who has a better handle on how to deal with that loss. So I find it to be such a lovely turn that they take when their relationship dynamic switches from J'onn teaching (often lecturing) Kara to be more cautious, think strategically, be responsible, to then Kara being the wiser one that helps J'onn understand that it's okay to move on with his life. Just an all-around lovely scene. Kara's scenes with Jeremiah were also really good. I had spotted Dean Cain's name in the credits but thought perhaps he was going to appear in a flashback or something, so I was surprised to see him come to Kara's rescue here. I think Melissa did a good job of showing how totally stunned, happy, and confused Kara was by his sudden appearance, as well as Kara's reluctance to leave him behind. When Jeremiah is digging the bullet out of Mon-El's leg all Kara can do is just stare at Jeremiah, she's so completely stunned. I also think not everything is on the up and up with Jeremiah. That escape was all too neat. But, Jeremiah seemed so happy to see Kara, there was such genuine warmth in their reunion, and he seemed to very much want to get Kara out that I hate to think he's playing her (and Alex by extension). But, I know better. Something's up. (BTW - did anyone else notice that Jeremiah said that he had been at Cadmus for 15 years? That math does not add up. Kara's been on Earth less than 15 years. By all counts she's been on Earth 13 - 13.5 years at most, and Jeremiah didn't get hijacked by Cadmus until about a year after Kara arrived on Earth. So either the writing room didn't notice that error or it's meant to mean something. I'm going with writing error because Kara didn't even blink when Jeremiah said he'd been at Cadmus for 15 years.) I really liked Kara's scenes with Mon-El. I think Mon-El showed in this episode that Kara's belief in him - that he's capable of being a better person and someone capable of true heroism - isn't unfounded. I also think Kara and Mon-El make good foils for each other and it really helps that (IMO) there's good chemistry between the actors. I read a few of the others posts upstream and noticed that some see their relationship as too much teacher/student, but that's simply not the vibe I get from them. For lack of a better example, to me it's more like that transfer student that comes in new to your class and you as a fellow classmate get assigned as their guide for a while to show them the ropes while they find their way around. IMO there's not a power indifference in the relationship. Mon-El's not a child (despite behaving like a rowdy college kid), and Kara isn't a far older professor, so I don't think there's anything wrong with them developing a romantic relationship. Though, I will say, I don't think Mon-El is in a place to really be serious about a relationship. IMO a serious, mature relationship is about as foreign to him as Earth culture itself, but I think he can get there. And clearly he has developed feelings for Kara and she doesn't seem to be put off, so I'm really game for where this is going. I mean, Kara voluntarily shared her pot stickers with him, hehe ;) So...Ya, I like the idea of an eventual romantic relationship between Kara and Mon-El. I'm very much enjoying how it's being developed so far. Melissa and Chris are really selling it and I'm buying. I ship it and I. Regret. Nothing. Shame knows not my name! Other Misc. Notes: I liked the group scenes at the beginning and at the end of the episodes. Even though they were talking about Guardian <insert_intense_eye_roll_here> for much of those scenes, I like that the show takes the time to show us these friends being friends; casual scenes that show that this is a group of people that genuinely care for each other and they are friends who do talk to each other. And BTW - I'm starting to think Kara's going to be more pissed and hurt that James and Winn have been lying to her and playing her the fool (with regards to Guardian) than it being about them being reckless, glory seeking idiots (because they are). From Kara's POV she let them into her world from the very beginning. Winn was the first person she told she had powers, and Jimmy always knew (way to overshare, Clark). So think for them to keep this from her will probably feel hurtful to her. But that's just my take. The way things are going with the Guardian arc the writers will probably have Kara apologize to them for not supporting their mad ego trip. Kara's introduction to Maggie made me laugh. I don't know how Melissa pulled it off but she managed to make the sweetest smile and saying the line "And I've heard all about you" read more as "I can throw you into space. Don't test me." I love how the Danvers Sisters have each other's back at all times. Speaking of the Danvers Sisters, I liked that scene when Kara and Mon-El are caged up at Cadmus, and despite being so scared and literally powerless, Kara's first thoughts were of Alex and getting a last message to Alex if she didn't make it out alive (I also liked how Mon-El lightened that moment too, but I digress). Kara and Alex's sibling relationship, I believe, is such a strong asset for this show and I think the show really benefits when they remember to highlight that even if it's with brief moments like this -- Kara wanting to get a final message to Alex -- and with moments such as Kara checking in with Alex to see if she was okay at different points in this episodes, particularly after all that emotional turmoil of last week's episode. It's not just nice continuity that Kara's really there for and incredibly supportive of Alex, it's also helps to underscore how connected and very important Kara and Alex are to each other. No matter what romantic relationships there may be on the horizon for either of the sisters, they really are each other's person (brOTP?), and that's something that the show should never forget. Last Note: I think I've come to a zen place with regards to Jimmy's Guardian/Captain Cape Envy story line. And by "zen" I mean I fast forwarded through all of the Guardian stuff because Don't! Care! (Thank you, DVR!) Couldn't tell you what happened with Captain Cape Envy, and my life is better for not knowing. (Though, points to Alex for smacking Winn upside the head when she found out what they were doing. LOL moment for me.) Since I fast forwarded my way through all of the guardian stuff, the only thing I found tiresome was the actual fast forwarding, especially when what was happening with Kara and Mon-El in Cadmus was a 10000% more interesting, so the Guardian scenes were just an obstacle in the way of my enjoyment of the actual show about Supergirl.
  6. Interview with Chris Wood (empireonline.com). Roughly about little more than half way down the article, the interview gets into the discussion of Supergirl and his role as Mon-El. The article I think is only moderately spoilery (e.g., Chris doesn't flat out say Mon-El is the prince of Daxam, but come on, I think we'll all be more surprised if he isn't.) Here's that bit from the interview: Another interesting bit further into the article is that it sounds like Mon-El will be suiting up as his superhero comic book self sooner rather than later. Sounds like we may be seeing Mon-El in his comic book supersuit regalia, sidekicking it with Kara before the season ends. I know I'm probably alone on this, but I like how Chris Wood has been playing Mon-El and really like his dynamic with Melissa/Kara, so this article made me optimistic about Mon-El's story trajectory with regards to his part on the show. Since the show hasn't been dropping any spoilers or shown any indication of there being an individualized story arc for Kara (where is it, Show?!?), Mon-El is basically the only other story I currently have an ongoing interest in after the big crossover (which looks like tremendous fun. :D I'm very much looking forward to Kara mixing it up with Barry, Oliver, and the rest of the Flarrowverse ). At least Kara has a part to play in Mon-El's story line. OT - I know Hank Henshaw is Cyborg Superman in the comics (one of the comic iterations at any rate), but him being Cyborg Superman on this show feels "meh" to me. Hank Henshaw before he "died" really hated aliens, but now as Cyborg Superman he's super strong and.... really, really still hates aliens. I feel like there needs to be more to this. Right now my reaction is "And? So...???". That said, I really am waiting to see how it plays out on the show ( it's just that at first blush this doesn't sound like the most dramatic choice they could've gone with for this show).
  7. Hehe, I laughed at that too.....and took it a step further because if the guy seriously thinks the global warming is so bad it can't wait 24-48 hours then J'onn and Alex should've just held him anyway because he was clearly mental. What the hell is he going to do about it if the disaster is so imminent that it can't wait a day? I mean, at that point the best thing he can do is visit his favorite pub, order a drink, chug it down, then put a paper bag over his head, lay down on the floor, and wait for the end.
  8. Ah. Thanks, @Trini. That is weird. Weirder still for Supergirl because it doesn't really play a role in the crossover, so... Give it up, CW. Give me the information. I want it. Welp, since I don't know anything ( I haven't even checked to see if there's a DC Comics connections to someone or something called "Medusa", though maybe they're going with an allusion to Greek mythology?), I will speculate that Medusa refers to the many heads of Cadmus but they couldn't call it Hydra because that's already taken :D (salutes Marvel's AOS - Hail Hydra.)
  9. Spoiler TV has promo photos for the upcoming episode 2x07 "The Darkest Place" Skipping ahead though, have we seen a press release or episode info for 2x08? I just checked imdb and it says 2x08 is called "Medusa", and we know 2x09 is Kevin Smith's episode entitled "Supergirl Lives", but is there info for 2x08 ( info other than the ending which we know includes Barry and Cisco crossing universes to come and get Kara to kick-off the 4 show crossover)?
  10. Yep. But, that's the thing isn't. Alex has been handed essentially the only heavy emotional arc being written and Kara has been relegated to background position. So, ya, Alex has quite literally stolen the show. And I'm not in any way diminishing Chyler here, she's done absolutely excellent, excellent work, but when the only story of considerable depth is sole property of one character, of course they are the MVP, because there aren't any other positions for anyone else to play. Kara wasn't even involved in Alex's story until this episode because it's a story line that doesn't lend itself to other players because it's a personal journey for Alex. And any part that Kara could play has been in some ways entirely played out in this episode because all Kara can do is be supportive of Alex, Which it's great that Kara gets to show that personal growth by being the supportive sister as Alex was supportive of her last season, but it's a story that only offers a literal supporting position for Kara, who is the presumptive lead character in the series. I think for me while I didn't really care one way or another whether they did this coming out story for Alex, I was nonetheless reticent because I was concerned that a story of that nature would gobble up this show because it's no small thing. And lo and behold that's exactly what's happened (IMO), especially with regards to the heavier dramatic elements, Alex's story line has in many ways swallowed the show whole. It doesn't have to be that way because Alex's story doesn't take up every single scene in every episode, but her story line dominating the focus of the show is compounded by all the other story lines being thrown into the mix that have nothing to do with Kara, notably Jimmy's "Cape Envy" story arc and, to a lesser extent, Mon-El. In terms of story lines that are relevant to Kara, Jimmy's story is particularly problematic (IMO). His cape envy (arguably, ego tripping) vigilante arc doesn't feel to me like it's a story that meshes with this show in general, it has really no relevance to the other things going on in the show, and it, worst of all, doesn't add anything to Kara's story. (Which, say what you will of Mon-El's character, at least his story does add to Kara's story line to some extent, not to mention that being an alien in a strange land gives him a good degree of common ground with Kara, plus their respective cultures and planets have history together.) All that is to say that, if the writers/producers weren't so fixated on getting Jimmy to work on this show by any means necessary, then screen time could be better served by giving Kara, the titular heroine of the show, an individual story arc. I'm gonna come sit next to you, @Lady Calypso ;) The further we get into this season, the more I miss Cat (not just because Calista rocked that role because she totally did. Come back, Calista!), but because she was so great for Kara. With all these story lines going on that have little to nothing for Kara to be involved with or where she's essentially the supporting player, and thus no overarching individual story arc for Kara being written, I'm left feeling that the show has warped into something that they should rename "Keeping up with Kara's Friends" because it's not Kara's show or story anymore. I feel like I sound bitter, and maybe I am, but I swear I will die on this hill (I will, don't test me ;) - If your going to have a show about Supergirl, then write the show about Supergirl, give her a meaningful story arc in her own damn show. While this episode was a (so-so) improvement for Kara compared to recent episodes, the fact remains that I shouldn't have to go back all the way to episode two to find the last time that Kara had a story line that had any depth to it (Cat was still present as her awesome self helping drive Kara's story.) Come on, Show, do better. I'm rooting for you, but if this trend continues I may have to tap out. Kara Zor-El being the background character in a show titled Supergirl is a deal breaker for me.
  11. Hehe, glad to be of service :D I have my moments ;) I'm so with you here. I've been trying to find something about Jimmy's character to like for the last several episodes, but I'm done. I can't with this guardian story arc. From Jimmy's sudden onset Cape Envy (also how is he just breezing into the DEO; secret secure facility my ass) and manipulating Winn to participate in this stupidity (Winn is basically a huge ass walking, blabbing, military tech absconding security breach), to the miracles brought to you by "Because Plot (TM)" that prevent what should logically be Jimmy's death from blows dealt by an exponentially stronger alien being, I can't. The writers have managed to strike my last nerve with this and there's no more tolerance to be had on my part for Captain Cape Envy. He actually is ruining this season for me now. Unfortunately for me, I don't think he's going away anytime soon so my fast forward button and this show are about to get acquainted. IA. In the overall, I've been somewhat disappointed in this show for several episodes now. I've actually been trying really hard to stay positive and finds things to like in each episode because so far it feels to me like there is a lack of focus on Kara and she's why I watch the show. I mean, Kara's gotten screen time in each episode, but the thing is is that most of the emotionally dramatic elements of the show are being reserved for the other characters and too often now Kara is just the supporting comedic relief. Now, I admit I have a huge bias here because I watch this show for Kara and her story, but then again, the name of the show is "Supergirl", so IMO it should be about Kara. No show is perfect, particularly this one, but it’s my opinion that this show's strength, what carried it through a spotty first season, is that it had so much heart and to me that heart comes from Melissa and her portrayal of Kara. And nowhere else is that on better display than when they give Melissa those emotionally profound story lines and those scenes to perform (and notably most of those scenes are with Chyler, who is also a powerhouse on this show). So for me, the heart of this show goes missing when that dramatic depth is absent from Kara’s story, and without that heart, this is just yet another comic book tv show. That's why for me this episode was a welcomed improvement over the last few episodes because the writers finally looped Kara back into the emotional drama happening on the show. And with that they also brought back an indispensable component of the show which is Kara’s relationship with Alex. While (IMO) Kara is the heart of the show, Kara and Alex are the core relationship. I think their sibling relationship is one of the best things about this show and one of the show’s greatest assets, so I’m over the moon that they finally put focus back on their relationship. Melissa and Chyler are phenomenal together and as Kara and Alex they portray such a natural, healthy, supportive, and genuinely loving sibling relationship, that suffice to say that I floved all their scenes. Alex’s apprehension with telling Kara, Kara’s confusion and sense of guilt and wanting to give Alex space, which led to their misunderstanding and reconciling, to at the end Kara just being there for Alex… Gah! I floved it all! Sorry for gushing all over your screens, but I have a lot of feelings about this. ;) I shall now restrain myself, but I will say, if the show ever wants to drop the guys for an episode or two and just have Kara and Alex adventuring together I’m so in. I’m all in. In the spirit of remaining positive despite all the not so positive, here are some final positive notes: I still like Mon-El and him trying to be a better person at the end made me like him more (Judge me all you want. I’m at peace with my life choices here ;) I too thought he was being such a lowlife shaking down aliens for money like some sort of alien mafia muscleman, but Alex (in awesome Alex form) verbally kicked him into rethinking and improving his behavior. (I loved how Alex pointed out how she doesn't believe in Mon-El, but the reason Kara is so constantly upset with him is because Kara does. That's so very Kara and so very Alex.) So Yay! Alex for being the necessary harsh voice of truth and Yay! Mon-El for realizing he was being a butt and instead he’s striving to be better. Yay! character growth! I actually felt bad for him when he got taken by Cadmus and all he was trying to do was to actually help someone. Yep, no good deed goes unpunished. Drunk Kara! LOL! I didn’t know I needed that until I saw it. :) I don’t know what the comic book canon is on the issue, but to me it made sense that while Earth alcohol has no effect on Kryptonians because of their insane metabolism, a dramatically stronger alien alcohol would totally effect them. Also, extra points for J’Onn’s non-reaction to drunk Kara. Kara’s fight scene with Mon-El. Hehe, I really liked that. Kara finally gets to be the master training the padawan and she was enjoying the hell out of kicking Mon-El’s ass. Also I thought it was a well choreographed scene with the effects and stunt fighting moves. And because I can’t help myself, I’ll say it again: Everything in this episode with Kara and Alex was made of win - Melissa and Chyler were both so on point with their performances. I like that the episode is showing us some of Kara’s personal growth by letting her be the one to support Alex here. Not that Kara hasn’t been supportive of Alex in the past, but that she tells Alex flat out that for all the times Alex was there and supported her throughout her life and put her first, that it’s Alex’s turn to come first here and lean on Kara for support, and that she’s not alone, no matter what. Yay! Danvers Sisters! Fine Final (Not So Positive) Note: Does this show have a political speech writer in their ranks because holy crap they are not subtle and there are moments in the dialogue when I would swear someone was just reading aloud the back of a political pamphlet to the audience. Just stop, writers, producers, whoever it is. Please, please, please, stop. Cease. Desist. STAHP. As of right now you guys don’t give me enough of Kara’s story or Danvers sisters time to compensate for the preachifying bricks you’re throwing at my head, so please STOP IT! We all have a concussion from the last eight months of politics, so I beg of you, MERCY!
  12. I'm just gonna say it: Jimmy "Captain Cape Envy" Olsen has become the story line equivalent of getting sand inside your bathing suit when you go to the beach - It's highly irritating, hard to get out therefore somewhat painful, and just ruins what's otherwise a perfectly good time. Please go away now, Jimmy. Ride, ride, ride that motorcycle back to Metropolis! Away with you!
  13. Despite Mon-El's behavior in some moments, I still like him. For the most part, I thought his scenes were entertaining because everything is so genuinely alien to him it’s kinda amusing to me. Mon-El thinking the phones were alarms and him giving out his social security number I thought were funny. It’s stuff we take for granted, but he’s not from this world (Though, I think Kara should have probably explained some basics like: This is a phone. It’s used for communication. Here’s how you use it. I think the show writers purposefully kept information from Mon-El, information that you’d reasonably think Kara would explain to him before letting him out into the world, and it was kept from him purely for the sake of hilarity. Which is a touch lazy in term of writing, IMO.) I don’t personally like every aspect of Mon-El’s behavior, but I just can’t hate on him for his behavior right now because he’s from a planet of hedonists where his behavior is not only acceptable, it is the norm. On his planet and in his culture, his behavior isn’t wrong or frowned upon. So I’m giving him a pass (for now) because as obnoxious and crass as it may be for some when judged through our lens it’s what he knows and thinks it’s okay. And Kara just dropped him into the middle of modern western culture without any sort of heads-up that, “hey, man, unruly, selfish, hedonistic behavior is rather frowned upon here in this corner of the world.” With all that said, I agree if the show doesn’t start maturing him at some point, the party boy persona will grow very tiresome. My hope is that part of Mon-El’s story of figuring out how to integrate into this world means that he starts to understand that he should adjust his thinking and behavior. Granted, we live in a culture where he can probably get away with never changing his behavior — like many frat boys that never grow-up. But I hope that the writers start introducing growth and development for the character wherein he realizes that there is value and arguably a more satisfying way of life in one that doesn’t involve merely living for your own personal pleasure. And also, assuming Mon-El manages to gain some maturity, I can see myself being on board with a Kara/Mon-El pairing. I ship it. There! I said it! Other Notes: Heh,I think Mon-El working at CatCo was intended to be ridiculous, hence they fired him. He was a terrible intern. I think while everyone else was annoyed with Mon-El’s behavior, I was busy blowing a gasket over Jimmy just walking into a secret government facility, asking for classified information, and Winn just handing it over to him like he’s sharing french fries with his girlfriend. What. In. Actual. EFF! Every DEO building deserves to be blown up by Cadmus because the DEO security is shit. And also, Winn should be fired for just blabbing information like that. UGH! I realize this is a silly little hill to choose to die on, but I have a thing about informational security and this kind of stuff just irks me. So. Much. Oh, writers, no. No, no, no. Two episodes ago I was asking myself, “Why is Jimmy still around? How is this character relevant?” The answer, writers, wasn’t because he’s got a serious case of cape envy and to compensate for his feelings of inadequacy he’s going to become a vigilante. No. No, no, no. Honestly….Cape envy <hard eye roll>…. How incredibly feeble. I got as far as “My whole life I have been a sidekick…” in Jimmy’s cape envy monologue to Winn before I rolled my eyes so hard that it gave me a headache. That’s how much I can’t with Jimmy and this story line. When Winn told Jimmy, “you’re going to get yourself killed.” The only thing I was left thinking was: Oh, if only we could be so lucky. Though perhaps it doesn’t have to come to that after all. It turns out Oliver over on Arrow has been recruiting new human punching bags baby vigilantes, perhaps they can shuffle Jimmy over there. So...Kara was in this episode. In several scenes. I like her scenes with Mon-El. Kara was so excited about him joining her at CatCo., which I found very amusing. But of course, that did not go as she hoped/planned, hence her lesson learned that mentoring is about helping people discover the best version of themselves not turning them into versions of you. And yet, how is this about Kara learning to be Kara? That is to say, I get that wanting to be a mentor to someone is an aspect of Kara, but....and? So? Therefore? I’m genuinely baffled by the writers handling of Kara’s story lines right now. I keep wanting and expecting more depth, and yet, I can’t seem to find it. I’m not irked by this right now, per se, but more genuinely confused. I get that Kara’s helping Mon-El. I get that Kara’s learning how to be a reporter. But I think I’m missing an overarching theme that has emotional resonance. I’m still giving the writers time to work this out (it’s still early in the season), but strangely, Kara’s story arc this season so far feels like, well, almost like an after thought. Which shouldn’t be. She’s the titular character. And as much as I love Alex and J’onn, Kara is why I watch the show, so I want more for her. I need for Kara’s story to be more than just a lesson of the day being checked off a list. Some Final Positive Thoughts: Kara stuffing her face with pot stickers at the gala. LOL! I don’t know why, but I laughed so hard at that. I mean it’s silly, and yet Melissa makes it work so well. That and Chris Wood’s “What’s wrong with your mouth?!” Heh. Also, while I shared in Kara’s “OMG! EWWWWW!” I still laughed so very hard at Kara’s reaction when she accidentally overheard with her superhearing Mon-El and Miss Tessmacher getting busy. I thought it was a funny callback to last season when Kara unwittingly used her x-ray vision on Winn and Siobhan getting it on in the supply room. Yay! Finally, a sisters scene! Aww, I really do love these Danvers Sisters. (Melancholy note: I felt bad for Alex that she didn’t get a chance to talk to Kara about how she was feeling because Conversation Interruptus. But I suppose the show is saving that whole conversation for later. It’s not like I would ever say “no” to another Danvers Sisters scene. Heck, I would happily watch an entire episode of just them) Yep, any doubt has been washed away: I would ship Katie McGrath with anyone. After Winn and Lena’s huddle under the table trying to fix that device, I was starting to ship them, along with already shipping Lena with everyone else. Heh ;-) When The Doctor walked into Lena’s office I automatically started saying, “She’s her Mom, She’s her Mom, She’s her Mom.” And for once. I. was. Right. YAS! Despite the revelation, I’m still holding on to hope that Lena isn’t Luthor Evil. That she’s truly the one good(ish) Luthor.
  14. Ah, I see. Unfortunately, your recollection of the scene is inaccurate. I think you're conflating different scenes. While there are two different pictures used in the scene in question, both pictures are of Kara and Alex as children. The first picture is seen at the beginning of the scene when Alex is in Kara’s apartment holding and looking at a picture of her and Kara together as young girls. The second picture - the picture that Astra sees - is yet another snapshot of Alex and Kara together as children, and that picture is sitting on a nearby table when Astra sees it and makes the comment “I knew there was more to you and my niece.” I’m not sure where your mind is coming up with the picture of Kara and Alex as adults (probably from another episode?) but in this particular scene the only pictures we see (and that Astra sees) are of Kara and Alex as children. Hence, I really don't think Astra was implying that Kara and Alex had some sort of romantic relationship based on that picture she saw of them as children; I just don't believe even for a second that was the intention of the writing for that scene. And also, Alex's reaction (IMO) wasn't freaked out when Astra makes her comment about the picture. Alex merely replies, very matter of fact, "She's my sister."
  15. I know this may be just me, but I think y'all are reading way too much into that moment. Astra says (actual quote) "I knew there was more to you and my niece" to Alex after Astra sees a picture of Alex and Kara together as children. Clearly, based on that picture, they have a childhood connection, so Astra was commenting on that long history which that picture is evidence of. I don't think Astra was implying something romantic was going on at all. Alex's reply simply confirms Astra's suspicions - yes, they have childhood history because they were raised as sisters.
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