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  1. BabyVegas

    All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    TRMS Law School is one of my favorite segments. First because I come away feeling like I really learned something and second because having multiple of MSNBC's legal commentators on at the same time lets them bounce off of each other and really analyze more in depth. I know Rachel generally resists doing panel shows, which I appreciate because it usually just ends up being a series of talking points, but I think that when she does panels with legal experts they're very focused and it's about each expert teaching their field of expertise to Rachel and the viewer. I really, really, really wish that they would do that segment more often.
  2. BabyVegas

    S07.E06: Pedal to the Metal

    I hated Sean's dress. There was something about the shape and length that looked like a pair of curtains framing the model's crotch. I couldn't believe when he won. Overall I thought Wendy had the most reasonable commentary on the dresses. I think sometimes the designers lose the fact that there's a woman at the center of the garment. That's why Django's looked ok when the model stood still but didn't look good when she walked. When she was just functioning as a clothes hanger, the garment could be in the one shape it looked ok in. When there was movement, it distorted and looked bad because it didn't have any curve to it. I thought Irina's should have won. I thought the shape was flattering and the reversible sequins were a fun touch. Plus it looked like it would photograph beautifully on a red carpet. Added bonus: when the award show enters its fourth hour and you are bored out of your mind, amuse yourself by finger painting designs in the sequins! Michelle's was not great, but I could see where she was going. I think if a better designer had taken a shot at that, it might have worked, but the fabrics draped too differently and with the weight of a full-length dress, it made it look wonky. It says nice things about Anya that the other designers were willing to help her out, but I think she was gone from the moment she admitted how much help she got. And rightfully so. The dress was basic and she couldn't even do it herself.
  3. BabyVegas

    One Day At A Time (2017)

    Just blew through the whole season and loved around 95% of it. I thought the way the show handled Schneider's relapse was really well done, even if it felt a little bit compact. I wasn't necessarily a fan of Todd Grinnell's real life wife showing up to play a love interest. I don't know why, it's just that whenever shows do that, it feels like such a "haha we get it" kind of moment to me. But if that's my biggest complaint about a season of a show, I'm a happy camper. Aside from Lydia going to Cuba, that ending felt pretty series finale-y to me. I'm hoping it's not the last season of this show because I really love it.
  4. Among other problems with it! I'm actually learning about injunctions in school right now and I'm absolutely blown away that any court would issue that injunction in the first place. Every week I think that, when it comes to Scientology, I am incapable of being surprised and then every week Leah and Mike come along and destroy that belief. In my opinion, he looked absolutely sick last night. I can't remember exactly what she said, but Leah made some joke and they cut to Mike and he looked like he wanted to hurl. I appreciate that Mike is facing his past head on. It would be easy for him to be behind the scenes or something similar, but numerous times throughout the series he has clearly been working to own up to what he did and take responsibility. I'd be willing to bet that if someone who he hurt in his role with Scientology wanted to yell at him about what he did, he would stand there and take it. Seriously. I want to do something to help. I'm glad that Leah and Mike are doing the show, but watching it and feeling powerless to do anything is a sucky feeling.
  5. BabyVegas

    S07.E04: Of Corsets Fashion

    I have an AdoreMe account and didn't see it on the site. I even clicked into the corset section. Maybe I'm just missing it, but I didn't see it. I was surprised that Jasper was auf'd. Don't get me wrong, I thought his look was terrible, but he had been in the top at least once and Cynthia had been in the bottom. I suspect it came down to the judges saying that at least she tried something while his look was just an outdated mess. I liked Christina's design, but the hemline kept bothering me. It looked wonky, like her scissors or her rotary blade slipped just a little bit and I would have thought one of the judges would have brought that up. Maybe it wasn't noticeable from a distance? On a petty note, Isaac and Georgina drive me nuts. Georgina less so than Isaac. I hated Isaac addressing all the designers by saying "hey girls." Somehow his dramatics are just never as charming as Michael Kors' were.
  6. So I just watched this episode and my feelings are very much in line with all of yours. But I kept wondering, when Mike was talking about refunds vs. repayments, about the legality of that. I remember reading about a case, Hernandez v. Commissioner, from the late '80s, where the Supreme Court said that payments for packages of auditing were not tax-exempt because they were part of a quid pro quo and the parishioner wasn't really donating, they were buying services. A quick Google tells me that case was before Scientology regained its tax exempt status. I wonder if having been officially designated as a church by the IRS affected whether those payments would still today be considered part of a quid pro quo instead of a donation to a religious organization. I think whether the IRS takes on Scientology is probably a more complicated question than simply "yeah, this looks shady, time to investigate." It would mean overturning policy, so I'm guessing they probably have to have something new. And I'm betting such a decision would have to come out of the main IRS leadership in DC, not one of the branches or one of the line employees. So it couldn't be just any random IRS employee watching. But man do I hope that some unlikely confluence of events comes together and the IRS actually does strip Scientology of its tax exempt status. Everything we've seen is just too fucked up to be allowed to continue.
  7. BabyVegas

    S06.E09: Pork Loin and a Beat-Up Monte Carlo

    I'm currently in law school and I've generally had to skip all the law school scenes so I don't beat my head against the wall. Unfortunately I didn't skip through fast enough and caught a few seconds of Christy's mock trial. You are so right with how ridiculous this version of law school is. In addition to testifying, her so-called "know-it-all" classmate should have known to object on foundation as soon as Christy started asking about the picture of the phone without asking the witness to identify it. And probably should have at least tried to object to Christy as argumentative, while she was at it. Aside from that, if the show timeline is following approximately the real world timeline, those 1Ls should be in test mode, not goofing around with a mock trial that appears to be only for this one class that has like nine students in it (which, no). I appreciate that the show is trying to show us Christy being good at law school, not just tell us that she is, but surely there's at least one lawyer somewhere on the CBS lot who can tell them that this version of law school is just pure fantasyland? On a note that probably matters to people other than me, I think Kristen Johnson is sliding into the show nicely. And I appreciated that Bonnie actually had thoughtful and rational reasoning for withholding the pills. Also every time I watch this show I'm reminded how good Jaime Pressly is at delivering a punchline.
  8. BabyVegas

    Season 1 All Episodes Talk: Mom

    Now that Christy's in law school, there are quite a few alcoholic-specific story lines. I hope they're going to address the substance abuse that is rampant in law schools and the legal profession. I know it's something my professors have talked about quite a bit. I know they've already done a potential Christy relapses story, but I would at least like to see some acknowledgement of how law school impacts her sobriety and vice versa. Also, not this upcoming season, but at some point she would be subject to a moral fitness hearing to pass the bar, so I wonder if they'll spend any time on that.
  9. I definitely get the sense that Jenna Elfman is very much a True Believer and there isn't anything anyone can say or any proof that they can offer that will change her mind. Also Jezebel covered the article, and looking through the commentary I see a whole lot of whataboutism and "well, it works for her" type comments. Can I get odds that Scientology has conscripted some poor Sea Org members into spamming the comments sections of various websites that mention this article?
  10. BabyVegas

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    Andy Cohen is a garbage human and the Real Housewives franchise is horrifyingly misogynistic. And it makes me think less of Anderson Cooper that he is friends with Andy Cohen. And here's one I think I might be entirely alone on: I dislike most of HBO's original programming. When I see HBO I don't think "oh, that'll be quality programming." I think "oh, that'll be sex and violence and horrible assholes." With the exception of Last Week Tonight, HBO is basically what would happen if an edgelord became a cable channel.
  11. BabyVegas

    S05.E15: Simply Slices

    Holy crap, Dino was...something else. Dino was more than just a little tightly wound, he was a manipulative asshole. I felt so bad for his poor kids, especially the one at the different location. It legitimately concerned me that Dino seemed to be cutting Doug off from his siblings. That kind of isolation and stress is classic manipulation. Marcus is well shot of him and it makes me wonder why Marcus was so dead-set on going into business with him because Dino's manipulative behavior was visible from a mile away. Totally agreed. I assume it was supposed to be a focus group-type situation and it made for better TV than simply going over the numbers, but what they were keeping should have been a question of what sells vs. what doesn't. I noticed when Marcus was talking about ticking boxes and wondering why he'd been called, I think he said something about the daughter ticking a box for him, namely the family issues. I can't tell if that was Marcus admitting he just wants to be Business Oprah or if he was saying that the family called him because of their issues with each other. Either way, after the last few episodes, I'm really burning out on the "let's watch some assholes try to business" concept.
  12. BabyVegas

    S05.E21: White Whale

    It depends on the car. Slim jims often don't work on newer cars because modern locks are designed specifically not to be vulnerable to slim jims. That being said, I would expect a police station to have several methods of unlocking a newer car. I have a newer car and I locked my keys in my car last year It took AAA like, fifteen minutes to pop my car's lock. I loved this episode. I love that Jake cares so much about making Amy happy, I love that Amy and Rosa are such kickass cops, and I absolutely adored "look at the bunny." I'm so glad this show is coming back next year.
  13. BabyVegas

    S11.E21: The Comet Polarization

    So the joke is that a guy who is a sexist asshole should just get to go on his merry way because his friends don't feel like challenging him ever? I fail to see how that's better. And, given this show's very dicey history with women, I'm not inclined to give them a generous reading of the joke. If this show used moments like that to offer any kind of critique or comeuppance, I'd be willing to buy your argument. But the fact that the show merely depicts Sheldon being an asshole, everyone laughs, and then moves on is where I get the read that it's sexist.
  14. BabyVegas

    S11.E21: The Comet Polarization

    I don't usually comment on this forum since I watch this show mostly as background noise, but this episode was so infuriating that I had to talk about it somewhere. The sexism and asshole behavior on this show has gotten pretty out of control. Specifically, Sheldon's behavior. It's not funny and it's not cute. Sheldon's assumption that the assistant manager didn't know anything about comic books was likely intended to be a representation of how he never thinks anyone knows as much as he does, but because this show has an incredibly shaky history with treating women with any kind of respect, I thought it came off like he was assuming that a woman couldn't know about comic books. And when he went to quiz her, it was that common moment of "nerd guys" requiring women to prove themselves to the guy's satisfaction. I think they were trying to have Howard lampshade it a little bit when he rolled his eyes at Sheldon, but that still doesn't make it okay and that Howard just didn't comment bothered me. And then there was Sheldon's refusal to sit next to the woman on the couch. Again, I assume they were going for "Sheldon hates strangers" but because the women on this show usually get made the butt of the joke, it just read as sexist. There were so many little moments of sexism throughout this episode that I'm honestly mad at myself for even finishing it.
  15. BabyVegas

    Famous In Love

    Show, if you want me to believe that your character should actually be up for an Oscar, may I recommend hiring someone who couldn't be replaced by a relatively charismatic two by four? The guy who plays Jordan isn't an exceptionally bad actor in the context of this show (the actress playing Alexis seems to be acting mostly through flaring her nostrils), but he is not a good actor, objectively speaking. Also, what does it say about me that the most interesting (to me) relationship on this show is Alan/Nina? Probably that I'm too old to be watching this show.