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  1. Nah. It's a rather tired old put-down. Very insulting. I haven't heard it used in years, but you used to hear it a lot from people who looked down on California and Californians as "different" and "not like us." And California is the agricultural center of the nation, but that's not what this insult was inspired by. At first I thought it was an insult. Then I thought Kevin probably didn't mean it that way. Then I thought about Kevin's comments re: plantation cooking. If it were the "fruit and nuts" comment by itself I might give Kevin the benefit of the doubt, but in combi
  2. I appreciate this show's commitment to finding something to talk about that isn't the same thing that all the other late night shows have been talking about. It makes this show a must-watch for me. That said, I thought that the segment on Burr was actually missing some HUGE context. Unless I just blacked out during the piece, I don't think they mentioned Kelly Loeffler at all. And that's important because the absence of action against Loeffler sure makes the Burr warrant look like political targeting. I would normally expect LWT to be able to to discuss that nuance - that it's entirely pr
  3. All of Max's scenes are infuriating for me to watch, at this point. What I find most infuriating is that he is being an asshole, but the show seems to be implying that he's right. I just need someone, anyone (Mo, ideally) to point out that what he's doing is not ok. The "no one seems to care" bit and his side-eye at Zoey made me so angry for the same reasons you all have pointed out. And especially when you take it with the earlier scene where he and Zoey were saying goodbye and it seemed like they were on good-ish terms with each other. I almost screamed when Max said that he was tired
  4. This is why I hate it when TV shows stunt-cast real-life significant others of cast members. The entertainment value of that casting usually presumes a certain amount of interest in the actor and the story doesn't work well unless that interest exists. It feels like the writers were substituting outside information for good writing.
  5. Yeah, I couldn't drum up a whole lot of sympathy for David. First of all, Zoey was in a pretty difficult situation. Her brother was expecting her to cover for him. The second he knew he was caught, not doing anything about it was a cowardly move. Second of all, the fact that he said Emily didn't want any kids and he had to talk her into it? Red flags all over the place. But even moving past that, he is not the one physically putting his body through Hell for this baby. His wife is. The absolute least he can do is talk to his wife about his issues with masculinity. Realistically that's the
  6. BabyVegas


    After having watched him interact with women on camera, I'd be very willing to buy this. The kinds of things he thought it was ok to say on air...I'd be surprised if he didn't say much worse off camera. I wonder if MSNBC is trying to protect themselves from legal liability on something?
  7. BabyVegas


    Ask and ye shall receive. I am VERY curious what was said during that conversation. Saying it came "after a conversation" makes me think it was not Matthews' choice.
  8. The thing is - that little moment could have been great as a commentary on women being told that they're supposed to always want babies even when they actually look at their life and they don't really actually want a baby. I don't love the Christy-is-desperate running joke because it just seems like the show is saying "screw that career you're working so hard for, forget all the people you have in your life, you're nothing without a man!" This show has been so good about not just fully reveling in cliches, but that joke just falls straight into groan-worthy territory for me. As usua
  9. I would love to see a challenge where the judges pick specific weaknesses or design crutches they see in each designer's work and then limit the designer based on that. For example, Victoria said she loves asymmetry and cutouts. I'd freaking love it if the judges told her "Ok design anything as long as it doesn't have any cutouts and the hem is an even length." I'd also love to see a historical challenge where each designer was given a super distinctive fashion shape from history (e.g. 18th century panniers or the Elizabethan neck ruffle) and then make it modern.
  10. My big problem with Brittany's gown was that the length was really weird. I fully acknowledge that this is a personal preference and not a universal rule, but I generally don't like ankle or tea length because I think it cuts most people off in an odd spot. Having a long gown that sits exactly evenly all the way around looks kind of weird. It pulls your eye downward a bit. Especially if the person wears a heel and the dress doesn't compensate for that. Watching the runway, I think that's exactly what happened in this case - the dress sits just a little bit lower in the front than the back and
  11. What in the Disney Channel Hell was that? This show somehow seems like something that could only be made in both 2020 and like, 1994. I can't decide if it's bad enough to enjoy purely for dunking on it reasons or if it's just regular bad.
  12. I don't think there's anything to understand, aside from Delvin being a petty jerk. It seemed like his big problem was that he believed Nancy messed up the buttonhole foot, which I doubt. I have a Brother sewing machine and it has a buttonhole attachment that is relatively idiot-proof. You pop the button you're using into the guide in the foot, snap the foot onto the machine, pick one of the gazillion types of buttonhole stitches, and floor the pedal. The machine stops when the buttonhole is completely sewn. You don't even have to change the threading, unless you need a different color or some
  13. Wandered across this series while Netflix-surfing. It wasn't bad! It hardcore reminded me of Hart of Dixie, though, down to having Tim Matheson play a grumpy doctor who clashes with the main character. I mean, I enjoyed Hart of Dixie, so this was totally watchable.
  14. Victoria really showed her immaturity in this episode. From losing her shit and essentially saying "I'll quit before I let them eliminate me" to giving Christian the cold shoulder because he dared call her out. She cannot go home soon enough. I'm so sad they eliminated Chelsey. I was rooting for her. She seemed to have a lot of good ideas and she always committed to the challenge. At this point I'm rooting for Marquis. I think he would probably benefit the most from the CFDA internship. He has a lot of talent but I think, because he's self-taught, he's missing some things that could take
  15. I think where Marquise really got caught is that trying to tailor for a person who is both busty and plus-size is difficult, if you don't know what you're doing. It's often not just a matter of adjusting tolerances on a standard pattern block, it can be a different pattern block entirely. I swear I heard Christian mention something about a princess seam, but it seems like Marquise didn't quite do a princess seam - there was a side bodice dart and a front bodice dart that created almost a princess seam. An actual princess seam would have been much more flattering on that model because it would
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