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  1. EarlGreyTea

    S01.E01: Pilot

    So I know you posted this years ago, but I am watching the pilot for the first time and this is my main issue. There was not NEARLY enough hysteria. My presumed dead relative shows up, and if my immediate reaction is not to drop to my knees in gratitude/hysteria/confusion, it's not realistic. The scene where all the families were reunited at the airport was really undersold. There should have been more hysterics, more tears, and maybe some fainting. Maybe that would have been too over the top, but it would have sold it better for me. The medical researcher, upon her return to work, was greeted
  2. So I did a horrible crop/lasso job on one of her photos, but you can still kind of see the effect. She would look so stunning with a shorter do, IMO:
  3. It was kind of infuriating that Pacey and Dawson weren't allowed to be sympathetic at the same time - in terms of writing, that is. Season 3 Dawson, as I said before, was a whiny asshole who tried to bump off Pacey and poor Will in that borrowed boat (However, to be frank, I didn't mind much since I loved Pacey and hated Dawson). Season 4 was all about Dawson's redemption. Fine. But this is when I started caring about the writing only allowing for one or the other to be sympathetic at a time. In one season, Pacey lost his boat, kept his academic probation from Joey, threw a heinous tantru
  4. I think Pacey and Joey simply gave Dawson too much power over them. He lived rent-free in their heads for the entire relationship and long after. I kind of think Dawson got off (so to speak) on the power he wielded over these two from such broken homes and sad circumstances (yet he whined the most about his own home life!). But they allowed it! Make your choice and stick with it, Joey. Her constant soothing of Dawson's ruffled feathers in S4 drove me berserk. I have always thought it was a testament to the sheer force of Joshua Jackson's talent and the insane chemistry of P/J that so muc
  5. I kind of got the impression they lived off whatever they caught and were probably malnourished when they got home as a result. I seem to recall an interview with one of the writers or producers about this particular scene. They pointed out how it would have stopped the romantic moment flat if Joey began talking logistics, i.e., a toothbrush. Also if she'd shown up with a backpack, Pacey might have guessed why she was there and ruined the big emotional reveal. 13-year-old me was briefly confused when I first saw it, but it was SO romantic to me then and I didn't worry about the
  6. I think Jinger looks great. For my money, she's snatched Jessa's crown as Most Beautiful Duggar Girl, roots showing and all. Jessa seems less interested in fashion these days (not judging), but Jinger always looks like she's put some thought into her overall look and aesthetic. Also, her skin is great. Say what you will about their move to LA (and there's plenty to say), but Jinger has never looked lovelier. The less said about Jeremy, the better.
  7. Derick and Jill gave a super brief statement here.
  8. Do we really think Anna knew beforehand? Who in their right mind would climb onto their high horse on Instagram claiming their husband is a good provider days before his arrest? Unless he blindsided her again. Someone one Reddit says M7 should be named Miranda Rights Duggar. 😆
  9. Yeah, can someone familiar with federal stuff explain why it's not immediately apparent what the charges are? How long this raid may have been in the making? And does no bail kind of imply a more serious charge than, say, financial crimes?
  10. It's true, unless they Photoshopped a mugshot. TMZ is pretty reliable, they will pay off almost anyone to get the dirt before other outlets.
  11. TMZ reporting that Josh has been arrested by the Feds. Unclear what the charges are. Wowza! Mug shot at the source, too.
  12. EarlGreyTea

    Titanic (1997)

    I think the introduction of young Rose, with the music swelling slightly and her gorgeous face being revealed under that equally gorgeous hat is, for my money, the single best character introduction in cinematic history. Fight me!
  13. So I re-watched the movie last night. For my money, one of the most poignant lines comes from Mr. Harvey: "You're a young man, Jimmy. You still could be playing. If you just woulda laid off the booze." Garry Marshall delivered it with such perfect notes of regret and disappointment. Hanks' very brief look of shame was a nice rejoinder. I've always felt we are our own worst enemies sometimes. Did that article shown in the HOF scene with Jimmy's dates of birth and death mention anything about his post-AAGPBL life? I wonder if he remarried or what.
  14. I was about 12 during the first go-round of this show (probably too young to be watching), and man, P/J were my absolute JAM. It is hard to overstate how fun it was to watch their relationship develop in real time, before TV binging was a thing. You really had no idea what was going to happen, waiting with bated breath from week to week. It was such a beautiful slow burn; you could tell how much care the writers took with it. I think even they were surprised by the gold mine that was Josh and Katie's chemistry, but they smartly did not ignore it. I also feel like I read somewhere that the
  15. I really loved Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade, as there was a legit mystery and unhinged person who turned out to be the villain in it. Some scenes really were legitimately creepy.
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