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  1. EarlGreyTea

    S04.E18: Cloud Green

    I love that they brought the pastor back. I secretly hoped we'd see him again after last season. I hope he'll pop up again - in small doses, of course. When he gave the link to his church's donation page, I howled! And even the simple lines were funny. "Glenn okayed it. Hallelujah."
  2. EarlGreyTea

    S04.E01: After the Dust Settles

    Not sure how I feel about the development of Andrei and Elizabeth living in one of her dad's properties rent-free. There is NOTHING more expensive than free, especially with her band of dysfunctional, self-important, smothering family members. I'm a bit surprised at them accepting her dad's help at all. However, Elizabeth is as much the problem, especially if she's letting them run roughshod over them a la Chantel. And if he wanted to get away from their influence, living in his FIL's property is not the way to do it. Bad move, Andrei.
  3. EarlGreyTea

    Very Cavallari

    Are we supposed to think Brittainy is a bad person for valuing her job and the company over a shallow ass friendship with a bunch of vapid, incompetent employees? Good Lord. Reagan's always been a bit of a backstabber, and she can go the way of Shannon as far as I'm concerned. Kristin is totally unwatchable when she's with her friends. I'm not sure why I watch this show when I actively dislike everyone on it, with the possible exception of Jay. Except that he willingly hangs out with this band of fools, so.
  4. EarlGreyTea

    S04.E17: Quinceañera

    Dina is the hottest woman on the show (closely followed by Amy in that gorgeous dress). Those khakis they always make her wear do her NO favors. Also love how Garrett lovingly drew her boobs. The gentleman doth protest too much. "My friend," my ass! A few of the party guests starred in "Real Women Have Curves" with America. It's nice to see her with them again. I wish Lupe Ontiveros was still around to play a relative of Amy's. Please stop pairing up Cheyenne with Mateo. It's tired, it's been done, and both of them play off straight man characters better.
  5. EarlGreyTea

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Someone once said Derick resembled a dehydrated Aaron Rodgers. Or was it a tumble dried Aaron Rodgers? EDIT: Someone beat me to it. Jill's Easter dress or whatever was posted above was very cute. A little baggy on top, but she seems to like it that way. At least it doesn't have the unfortunate effect of making her look bigger. Clothes that make even small women look big should be burned for their poor craftsmanship.
  6. EarlGreyTea

    Very Cavallari

    I thought this was the worst episode yet. I've had enough of Kristin's screaming with her friends. I'm glad everyone gets along (with the possible exception of her and Jay), but I don't want to see it on my screen. More Kaylee and less Matt, please. She was supposed to be the show's shit-stirrer, but all I've seen so far is competence and the ability to absorb the constant shit talking with class. What was the explanation given for why they weren't in the main house? I was confused at that. Of COURSE Colby is a singer. It wouldn't be a Nashville show without a couple of nobodies trying to sing. I would like to tell you I enjoyed her song, but I could not understand a single word.
  7. EarlGreyTea

    Very Cavallari

    Kristin - and Brittainy, to an extent - is very dismissive of her employees. On the one hand, I can see why. Most of them are gossipy, clique-y idiots who can't fill a box properly. And who cares if they don't like Kaylee? And they're in their early twenties, an age where you're more sensitive and prone to drama. But on the other hand, employees need to be feel that they're being heard, that they're valuable, etc. And being on the floor and doing the work means they have insight that the higher-ups don't. Example #1 is when Brittainy said to shipping that they needed to do the shipping manual ASAP, because "taking a photo doesn't take long." On the one hand, she's right. But on the other, it's dismissive of the work it actually does take to put a manual together. It's a delicate balance between holding an employee's hand and acknowledging their efforts. And nobody in management on this show seems to realize that. It's clear that the drama necessary for a reality show is harming day-to-day operations. Matt should have been out the door in a real business, but since he brings drama for the show, he stays.
  8. EarlGreyTea

    Very Cavallari

    I really can't take any more of Kelly and Kristin's constant screaming laughter in their interviews. Also the whole stilted convo with that guy was so forced, cringey, and fake. Why must we have fake ass storylines featuring Kelly, the one person who has nothing to do with the business? Of COURSE he was an actor/model. Probably hired a la Wirth to pretend he gives a damn. I can't stand Kelly's vapid ass, but even I felt bad at her not being able to get a word in edgewise. Colby only apologized to Kaylee because she got called out. Guarantee that if Kristin hadn't put the smackdown on her, she would have continued talking shit behind Kaylee's back and encouraging the other employees to do it too. She's only sorry to have been called out and seen as not nice. Can you imagine being retired at 35? I'd go nuts continuously fixing up the house. That pasta Kristin made looked SO good.
  9. EarlGreyTea

    S04.E13 Lovebirds

    Pretty romantic episode all around. I still ship Dina and Garrett. Glenn stepping down as manager sets up the rest of the season's conflicts nicely. I'm not sure I want to see him as regular floor staff. I love that Sandra buying gifts for herself a few seasons back has come full circle. Jerry showing up in disguise at the end was hilarious.
  10. EarlGreyTea

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    For REAL. I grew up in southern California and about 10 years ago, the family and I booked it out of state because of the insane prices, taxes, housing costs, etc., and it's only getting worse. It is really no joke. You need to be making a very, very good living to live well in California, to say nothing of Los Angeles. Hope they've saved that show money. California is surprisingly pretty conservative in a lot of areas, but LA, not so much. Anything that gets them further out of their bigot bubble is a good thing.
  11. EarlGreyTea

    Very Cavallari

    I'm waving the flag aboard Team Kaylee. As I've said before, I've had a boss I really disliked and was, frankly, scared of. You know what I did? I kept a smile on my face, found a new job and peaced out. She never know how I really felt. I hate the endless cliques and passive aggressive faces from the UJ staff. Colby can go the way of Shannon as far as I'm concerned. I really can't with incompetent ass people refusing to own their own mistakes. Brittainy seems to be as much of a hard ass as Kaylee, yet the staff seems to like her. I wonder why that is. I have a theory or two. They claim Kaylee doesn't know anything about shipping, but frankly, based on their piss poor results, none of the people in shipping know anything. I will say it's a major fail not telling the shipping people that Kaylee was in charge for that day. Isn't it convenient that Kristin is always out of town when the store is busiest or operations are the most complicated?
  12. EarlGreyTea

    S04.E12 Blizzard

    Don't forget Dina and Garrett having sex in there last season!
  13. EarlGreyTea

    S04.E12 Blizzard

    Felt a little too close to season one's All-Nighter for my taste. Still, I like that Jonah and Amy once again presented as a team. And not being bored with someone after 24 hours straight with them is a real feat. Also they looked cute on the air mattress. Finally, the writers remembered that they're together. Someone needs to keep pulling America's hair back like it was this episode, because she looked great. Dina's eyelids! Hilarious! Cheyenne has rapidly become my least favorite character. I like the actress, but the character just GRATES. I hate that they keep pairing her with Mateo. To me, Mateo is funniest when playing off a straight-man character like Amy or Jonah.
  14. EarlGreyTea

    Very Cavallari

    Agreed. Kristin said last season that she didn't want cliques, but that's exactly what has happened. The fact that the sane people in the office (Brittainy, Kristin) like Kaylee and the vapid ones don't, is a big point in Kaylee's favor. I really, REALLY get that it is very hard to work for someone you don't like, and God knows I know the feeling of absolutely dreading work because of a boss, but then that's when you put your head down, find a new job as quickly as possible, and peace out. Why were there co-managers of shipping anyway? That seemed like a dumb idea from the jump. Is is the done thing to fire an employee without the CEO knowing? I suppose if it's bad enough, maybe?
  15. EarlGreyTea

    Very Cavallari

    It's interesting how much was unaired from last season that is being shown now. The whole saga of Kaylee as store manager could have been a good storyline last season. I'm a bit surprised that she was let go without Kristin's input. After seeing the lot of vapid employees screwing around in the warehouse, I'd have kept her in the first place and started from scratch with the others. Having said that, I've had managers who micromanaged to the point where people made major mistakes because of the added scrutiny, so there's pros and cons. But the entire band of UJ girls really get on my nerves sans Brittainy, so I'm Team Kaylee for now. I don't give a damn what the UJ employees think. Also I wish Colby had remained window dressing as opposed to becoming a main character. When Kelly is the voice of reason, you know you've gone off the rails. Nothing says professional like sending your husband in to do your dirty work. Who told Reagan that that purple shirt she's wearing in all her interviews was a good idea? Can someone buy these people a pocket dictionary so they can stop their misuse of the word "literally?"