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  1. And I think that even in the books it will be Jaime killing Cersei but dying with her.
  2. Wow, I just had to rewatch, you are absolutely right, Damn, I guess Sansa will need a new dress soon.
  3. Are they? It looke pretty cold when Jon arrived at Castle Black and left with the Free Folk.
  4. Ashes. Not snow, but ashes. A couple of years there was a fire in my block and the ashes were unbelievably white under the right light. Please, the lands beyond the Wall ARE the Free Folk home. They don't need anyone escorting them. Jon was totally joining them and coming back to the home he was the happiest: the true North. This is one the most stupid things this finale gave us. Grey Worm could have killed Jon, I assume he didn't because he was afraid of Drogon, or knew Jon was a Targ, or was somehow afraid of the North + Vale + whoever, or wanted a big spectacle or wanted something he didn't know what was exactly (my personal understading). Grey Worm was never dumb, though, there is zero reason for him to see being Lord Commande as punishment or even believe that Jon would stay there. Yes, D&D say he was made Lord Commander. So what? He was made Lord Commander and left. Simple like that. Also, I need to mention how Tyrion wasn't suffering leading the Council, but had no troubles sending the guy who saved his live - and everybody else's lives - to an awful job that doesn't even need to exist and the farthest point of the continent. Also, I agree with everyone that the whole "Jon is a Tagaryen thing" amounted to nothing, it was just another thing on the pile of stuff making Dany even more greedy about power. If and when George finishes the books, maybe it will be explored. So basicaly, yeah, for me Jon is living happily with the Free Folk, hanging around with Ghost and Tormund, being nice to the freeyounglings and finding some company in a cave.
  5. History is written by the victors; and Dany and her army major role win the Battle of Winterfell will forever be tarnished by the murder of children in King's Landing. Also, Arya Stark, youngest daughter of Ned Stark, a girl from the very family ruling the North for a thousand years, killed the Night King. I'm pretty sure people will be more than happy to "ignore" the foreigners lead by a queen that burned thousands of civillians with her dragons.
  6. This a thousand times. And at least Dany had her own story told in a way that she was not pushed in the background or made look incridibly stupid to prop other characters, like happened to Tyrion and Jon.
  7. Arya has killed a lot of people. Some, for sure, had green eyes. Also, the point was not about brown eyes or green eyes, but the NK’s blue eyes.
  8. He is Jon Snow. He would neve do that.
  9. There was a lot of blood on the floor.
  10. Thanks for the journey, my spoilers devoted friends. Even when I wasn’t posting, I was around. As NCW said in his Instagram, it has been a fun decade. I hope I will see you in the spoilers thread for the prequel. All the best for everybody.
  11. I was fully spoiled, and it wasn't as bad as I was expecting, probably because I had time to digest the whole thing for weeks. Peter Dinklage is a terrific actor and I understand D&D really wanted to give him another shot at the Emmy/Golden Globe, silly 'story'speech and all, but I wish they had cut the longest walk ever so we could have seen: a) Sansa thanking Brinne for fullfilling her oath and freeing her to pursue whatever she wanted, b) a quick Tyrion-Bronn talk where Tyrion tells Bronn that he, Tyrion, is keeping his promise, but Bronn better deliver, c) a small nod/goodbye wave between Arya and Gendry and Sam and Jon (though I know they already had their goodbyes), d) a small scene before the coucil meeting where Davos is asked about his wife and explain she is coming in a few days, or that she has another husband or whatever, and where someone asks Sam about the baby and Gilly and he gives an update on the kid and says something like "now that I'm a full maester"... you know what I mean? I also think that the majority of viewers don't remember Robyn, Royce, etc, so they should have found a way for all those people to introduce themselves. That would answer all of those questions about Brienne sitting there. Kit is one of the weakest actors in the show and I was dreading his scenes in this episode. But I was relieved he delived, both with Peter Dinklage in Tyrion's cell and with Emilia Clarke. People keep saying D&D ruined Daenerys but was they did to Jon those two past seasons was criminal. I understand not wanting to kill the woman he loves, but to keep defending her actions? Like I said, criminal. They went full Triumph with the Will with Daenerys and it was so beautufully done and acted. I imagine she will get and Emmy nod, but won't win. Drogon mourning Dany was the only time I've ever felt for the dragons (direwolves>>> dragons). ETA: when they were locked in Meeren was cruel. That lovely scene where Brienne tells the end of Jaime's tale in the White Book was so poignant, and right there with Jon/Tyrion talk and Jon/Arya goodye the best scene in the entire episode. I noticed that Bran was not featured in the final 5 minutes with Arya, Sansa and Jon endings, and I'm forever grateful for that. I know it is GRRM ending and that if and when he finishes the damm books it will be properly developed, but right now I'm extremely pissed at that. Jon was never as happy as he was with the Free Folk, so I hope he heals out there in the far North. He looked devasted in that cell and even more so at the news that he was wouldn't be able to be with his siblings. But it just seems a stretch that Grey Worm wouldn't kill Jon but would accept that so easily the NW excuse. Also, it is a stretch that no one mentioned in that council that Jon was the heir/king because that should have been taken in account. I wish they had written a scene were on of those little wildilings runs to march next to Jon, looks up and smile and he does the same. Some little joy, you know? Also, those kids were too cute for words. Ghost didn't have an ear, snif. Glad to see Ghost/Jon reunited. I don't mind Arya sailing away, the kid has always been a free spirit. But it seems like a regression that she says she won't (ever) come back to Winterfell. Maybe something along the lines of 'I'm going West and one day I will be back to my family". Good luck with all those loyal, trustworthy, noble Northern lords, Sansa. You are going to need it.
  12. As if. We know GRRM told the ending for all main characters years ago, and there is no way they would make Dany a mass murderer if that had not been his plan all along. Now I wholeheartedly agree that D&D are mediocre writers and have no finesse, while being lazy producers who decided to just shorten two seasons, this giving us that that poorly done final season.
  13. I think it was also because Jon was the last Targaryen.
  14. But that’s GRRM ending. I agree that how we got here was poorly handled and crammed in 2.5 episodes, but Dany becoming a mass murderer is not “reasons”.
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