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  1. Oh happy return. Kendall Roy is one of my all time favorite TV characters because of his conflicting needs to be the winner he thinks his dad wants him to be, and the authentic, genuine, better-than-the-stereotypical business guy he wants to be perceived as. And his head is too far up his own ass to see they are actually compatible.
  2. Granted, we now have a handful of holes, but John's insistence that Ryan keep the shooting "just between us," would indicate that Ryan wanted to come clean. Another reason why I am accepting his account, as shown.
  3. I re-watched the scene several times and it looks like Ryan hit the trigger while he was trying to pull his arm away from Erin.
  4. There are a number of crucial decisions that could have been made differently, and we wouldn't have the series. John Ross made some colossally bad, self-serving decisions that hurt other people, starting with the statutory rape of his cousin's child and justifying it as a mystical connection. Everything about the way the show is written allows us to sympathize and empathize, at one point or another, just about every character in the show. John Ross is an exception, depending on how early in you suspect he is the baby daddy. If he could justify an affair with Erin, seems he could justify l
  5. Episode 1 is a Reverse Lannister. We are shown Erin as the ultimate, innocent victim. Everything about her bad decision-making is glossed over because she's such a good, devoted, mom who loves her kid (and because she paid such a high price for it). And Dylan is such an asshole that we spend weeks wondering how such nice people could have raised that little punk. Even after we knew Dylan wasn't the father, instead of thinking how his life was upended for Erin's lie, instead of thinking about how he almost died for Erin's lie, we got the pillow scene. What might have been, "wow, Dyland really g
  6. Watch again and you can see Potts van is dark blue, and there is a ladder on top that appears to have wooden rails.
  7. Not really. Comfortable shoes, etc.
  8. As it all settles in, and my cynical side kicks in, it's hard not to mention how everyone could have been spared a lot of grief if Erin hadn't been so mistreated and lonely that she thought it was a good idea to have and raise her married cousin's kid, at her age. Even if she couldn't bring herself to an abortion, as nice and sweet as she seemed, she really wasn't thinking of what was best for DJ, when she decided to raise him and finger Dylan as the dad. But bad decisions make better stories.
  9. What bothered me about that: Mom admits to the screw up but she is the one who needs to be comforted. Mare is the one who was hurt by it but is denied any chance to express what anger she may have been carrying around. And that's why she's in therapy. If Lori and John had gone straight to the police, in all likelihood, they would have gone light on Ryan and the worst thing he would have had to deal with was Kenny coming after him. I have a really hard time feeling very sorry for Lori. She was going to allow John to send his submissive brother to prison for the chronic statu
  10. All this talk about Kevin and the gun and the attic: Kevin hung himself, no? Wouldn't a gun have been redundant?
  11. It is possible that Billy didn't have an affair with Erin, but actually gave a crap in a favorite niece kind of way.
  12. He could have wandered into the Carroll house and taken the gun by mistake.
  13. Could John and Billy's dad gone into the Carroll's house, mistakenly, and taken it?
  14. MoE concentrates on one social circle/class in its outlook, but there is room to expand into other circles through Mare: police commissioner, Mayor, business owners on one side, and if she was to continue in a relationship with Richard, that would bring her into arts/academia on another side. It would be an opportunity to explore how these groups relate to and/or antagonize each other.
  15. Gotta hand it to the writing team. I think a lot of people assumed the killer would be revealed, definitively, tonight and the bastards still have us guessing! So here's what: it sure looks like John Ross, something I leaned towards by the end of EP02. But I still hold out a smidgeon of suspicion Lori may be moving more things than we know. Poor Siobhan knows how Becca feels, tonight. Get used to it kid, if you're going to be a musician, you're going to have this happen again and again, and on more than one occasion, you're going to be the one who sleeps with someone for what it can
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