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Actors You Just Can't Stand

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I can't stand Rachel Bilson. I cringe every time I see her, I wish I could reach into the screen and wipe that eyeliner off her face for once and for all.


Toni Colette, the only movie with her that I could sit through without giving up was About a Boy and it was probably because I can't resist Hugh Grant.


Anyone else experiences these irrational feelings for someone we've never even met?

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I know this is heresy but Andy Griffith's "awe shucks" thing just makes me want to punch him in the nose.

I do like A Face in the Crowd but everything else makes my teeth hurt.

I feel like I should turn in my citizenship....

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@Rick Kitchenit was only a few weeks ago that I attempted Muriel's Wedding and that's what prompted me to start this thread. I can't explain it, I just can't stand the woman.  I never watched the 6th Sense movies about dead people freak me out big time. I'm a chicken.

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Adam Sandler, except when he was in the post-9/11 movie. Everything else is ridiculous and un-funny.

Also, Gabrielle Union. Very beautiful, but that nasal voice and half-smirk grate on my last nerve.

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Chris Klein and Leelee Sobieski. I blame Here On Earth for that; I detested that movie and I haven't been able to enjoy either of them in anything since. I had built up a great deal of fondness for Josh Hartnett before that, so I still like him, but those two... no.

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I hate Drew Barrymore. Don't even know why, really. I just cannot stand the thought of watching her in anything.


There are a fair number of 'funny' actors that I really don't care for. Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey, Russell Brand (though calling him an actor is using the term rather loosely). Oh, and I don't dislike him particularly, but I am utterly baffled at why he has a career, but Jason Segel. I don't get it. He's not handsome, he's not charismatic, he's not funny. He's just a big lump of bland. Why is he popular?

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Sean Connery. That "hitting women" comment he made years ago took away all sex appeal he might have had, and I never found him particularly sexy to begin with. 


Melina Mercouri always got on my last nerve. I could never stand the "Greek women as carefree children or noisy drama queens" character she popularized. 


Today's actors are mostly too bland to stir up any kind of gut reaction like that. Many times I can't tell one from another, so it's unlikely I'll refuse to see a movie because Actor X is in it.

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I'm sure as others start to chime in I'll revisit this but right now the actor that comes immediately to mind is Kevin Hart. Why must he yell everything? He just irritates me and ruins my enjoyment of the few movies I've seen him in.

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Jonah Hill

Megan Good

Jada Pinkett and her son

Shia LeBouf

Megan Fox

Eddie Murphy

Zoe Saldana

Scarlett Johansson

No logic to any of these, really. They just bug me. Maybe in the way their mouths shape their words, or the arch of their eyebrows, or the inability to actually emote on screen. Maybe all of the above.

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Lizzie Caplan. I didn't particularly enjoy Janice Ian in "Mean Girls" as much as everyone else seemed to because she wasn't an amusing cliche like the titular characters.

As time has passed and I've seen her in other things, I realize that is it is the actress. She is attractive until she opens her mouth. Something about the way she talks and moves her mouth annoys the crap out of me, and it seems like she always plays characters the same way, even if they are supposed to be different.

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Rachel McAdams - I hated her in the Family Stone and I haven't recovered.  She just seems like such a bitch in real life.

Megan Good - a lesson in never getting eyebrows tattooed on

Zoe Saldana - never liked her mouth

Katherine Heigl

The Smith family - it's just weird how two attractive people like Will and Jada (before cheek-lift) could have such strange-looking children.  I do feel sorry for the kids being raised as such entitled brats, but not surprised.

Scarlett Johansson - maybe I have to be a man to find her sexy?  Plus, she's a wooden actress.  I'm glad she got shot in Match Point.

Megan Fox - plastic face, wooden actress

Jennifer Lawrence

Shailene Woodley

Matthew McConnawhathefuckever

Hugh Jackman

That girl who played Annie in "Copper"

About 80% of British/Australian actors

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There is one actor I cannot stand even seeing his snarky face:  Jesse Eisenberg

Eddie Murphy--great at SNL skits but everything else is awful IMO

Alec Baldwin --used to love the guy but after his behavior the past few years, I'm done

Kristin Wiig - another sketch artist only

Al Pacino - in non-Godfather movies (interesting that his voice in the Godfather movies sounded normal)

Amy Poehler - cannot stand even seeing her snarky face

Tina Fey - loathe the material she writes & her attitude

Jonah Hill - he must have friends in high places to get hired so frequently

Jim Carrey - has irritated me since the first time I saw him on In Living Color: way OTT

Jamie Foxx - can still see those awful characters he played on ILC (in his face)

Mel Gibson - smarmy

Lauren Bacall - just because!




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    Bella Thorne just sends me into a rage, and I'm not sure why. Her co-star Zendaya was so much more likeable. It might be the pounds of make-up they put on her. It reminds me of Hilary Duff in that they seem incredibly fake.


     Nicola Peltz is a horrible actress, but at the same time, if she's going to take off as a movie ingenue in blockbuster action movies than I'm glad because that keeps her away from The Bates Hotel. I was shocked, SHOCKED to learn that this is a billionaire kid. Or not, because I don't think her family could've survived on her "talent." She's like the Mischa Barton of the 2010's.

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Well, I didn't see what was so great about Jennifer Aniston, she seemed to just be the same in every movie. But then I watched Horrible Bosses and We're the Millers and I can kind of stand her a little bit. Maybe it was the movies that were good.

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Who is that?

(I keep trying to upload images and there's something I'm not doing right.) It's Courtland Mead. I probably just misspelled his name, too. Chubby cheeks are usually cute, but his, along with the teeth at the time, were downright distracting!
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I second  Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.  I'd throw in Maya Rudolph. 


Dane Cook

Ryan Gosling

Stacey Dash


I hate just about every actor in just about every romantic comedy done in the past 10 years or so (warning:  this list is long):


Reese Witherspoon

Kate Hudson

Cameron Diaz

Drew Barrymore

Ashton Kutcher

Adam Sandler

Jennifer Aniston

Zac Efron

Anne Hathaway

Susan Sarandon

Diane Keaton

Ben Stiller

Paul Rudd

Ryan Reynolds

Kristen Bell

Sandra Bullock

Amanda Seyfried

Jason Segel

Steve Carrell

Justin Timberlake

Melissa McCarthy


Edit:  I also second Terrence Howard, Michael Rappaport, and Terry Crews' dancing pecs.

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Tom Cruise. I've disliked him since I saw him in Top Gun. I read a review once of one of his films that described his performance as Tom Cruise playing Tom Cruise playing (insert character name). Apt description, IMO.


Will Smith. It wasn't always this way. I liked him when he first came on the hip-hop scene. I found him charming and fun. I even liked him in the early years of the Fresh Prince. But around 2001ish, he started to grate on my nerves when I realized he plays every single movie role in exactly the same way: vaguely charming/snarky dude who is forced to become serious. *rme*

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Megan Fox - plastic face, wooden actress


She is horrible to watch. 


I can't stand Halle Berry. I have no idea what she's like in real life, but I can't tolerate her as an actress.


Tom Cruise. I've disliked him since I saw him in Top Gun. I read a review once of one of his films that described his performance as Tom Cruise playing Tom Cruise playing (insert character name). Apt description, IMO.


I used to like him until his public life became a fiasco. Now, I can't take anything I see him in seriously.


Mel Gibson and every role I ever enjoyed him in is pretty much ruined.

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(I keep trying to upload images and there's something I'm not doing right.) It's Courtland Mead. I probably just misspelled his name, too. Chubby cheeks are usually cute, but his, along with the teeth at the time, were downright distracting!

I see. After checking his IMDB, turns out I've never seen his any of his work.


Me, I don't like Liam Cunningham. I couldn't even tell you what I don't like about him. Just... something. Also, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Same.

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I third on Terrence Howard...he sure is in love with himself.

Cameron Diaz - thanks for the reminder; there's something unpleasant about her & I can't figure out what it is (looks in general? smile?)

Jennifer Aniston - how could I have left her off my list? She can't act yet makes $40 million/year (lots of that from residuals I believe)

Diane Keaton - still irritating after all these years (too fluttery, goofy no matter the role; and what's w/ all the turtlenecks?)

Ted Danson - except in scenes when Shelley Long's character was getting the best of him.

Justin Timberlake - I just don't get it!

Anne Hathaway - just because.

Sandra Bullock - just because.

Julia Roberts - a bit too much no matter what role she's playing.

Ben Stiller - does he ever not glare?

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I hate Drew Barrymore. Don't even know why, really. I just cannot stand the thought of watching her in anything.


Something about her just bugs me.  Other actors I can't stand:

  • George Clooney:  He reminds me of the most-popular-boy-in-high school types.
  • Goldie Hawn:  Her ditzy blonde roles were nauseating.
  • Kate Hudson:  *See Goldie Hawn.
  • Diane Keaton:  Her whiny voice is grating.
  • Julia Roberts:  Her gaping chasm of a mouth and braying laugh ruins everything she's done.
  • Woody Allen:  He pisses me off just to look at him--dirty old man.
  • Alec Baldwin:  His verbally abusive cell phone conversation to his daughter and temper fits did him no favors.
  • Gweneth Paltrow:  What a sanctimonious little prig!
  • Melissa McCarthy:  Her vulgar slapstick comedy makes me want to flee anything with her name on it.
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I don't think Kate Hudson plays the same kind of ditzy lovable (or maybe "lovable"?) blonde roles that her mother made a specialty of. I think Goldie always had a certain charm, even as she's playing kind of a ninny. Or maybe it's just that I find her a much more easygoing presence onscreen than Hudson. It seems to me that Hudson always plays the same character: a shallow, cold-hearted ingrate who has somehow led a charmed life. Bride Wars is hideous precisely because she's clearly not a good friend to Anne Hathaway's character, and never has been.


I think there's always something a little bit dumb (and also shrill) about any character played by Cameron Diaz. And speaking of shrill, could Leslie Mann just not talk anymore, please? I don't hate the actress, but, good gravy, that voice of hers!


I find Diane Keaton a bore, more than anything else; fluttery and inarticulate, and I keep wondering "How did you get to be famous, again?" But Jack Nicholson turned a single persona into a career, so why shouldn't Keaton?


She's more obscure than anyone else mentioned so far, but I've loathed every performance I've seen from Juno Temple. Awful, awful actress -- whiny, self-possessed and deeply uninteresting.


The mumbletastic stylings of Benicio del Toro make me want to poke long sharp things through my eyes and into my brain.


ETA: Oh, my lord, Ben Stilller. Gaaah. I can't even begin to articulate the endless loathing he inspires. Just fall off the edge of the world, already! And pull grody Vince Vaughn after you.

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Johnny Depp, Bradley Cooper, and Matt Damon - their presence in a film is a guarantee I will not see it (by choice), don't care how popular, well-received, or profitable said film is, or even if there are actors or actresses I enjoy cast along side them. 


Katherine Heigl is a given, but there's enough schadenfreude that it's hard for me to count her.  If she has some sort of career comeback, then my negative feelings may resume.


Emma Stone - it's weird because she actually seems really cool outside of her work, but she grates on my nerves as an actress.  Add Jennifer Lawrence, except she annoys me all around. 


Emily Blunt - despite my belief that she would have made a much better Black Widow, she irks me. There's a veneer of condescending smugness whenever I see her in an interview that's off-putting, and that perception carries over into her work.  Edge of Tomorrow is the only film to date in which I've found her likeable.  



One more! Charlize Theron - can't stand her.

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Sara Jessica Parker and her stupid screeching scream.

Diane Keaton, what the hell is with all the turtlenecks indeed.

Kate Hudson, even though I love "Almost Famous." I hope to get to live to be old enough for someone to redo that movie and pick an actress that I like.

Cameron Diaz, I haven't seen all her movies but she seems to be the same person/character in the ones I've seen her in, like Jennifer Aniston, but I like Jennifer.

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Natalie Portman - ugh she's a terrible actress. Plus that whole "people who eat meat smell funny" BS is obnoxious. 


Winona Ryder - Can anyone tell me anything she has actually been GOOD in?


Al Pacino - scenery chewer

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I put Kate Hudson on my list earlier, but the exception is her role in Almost Famous.  I thought she was perfectly cast, and the best work she's ever done.  I'm just sick of her in romcoms.


Sara Jessica Parker and her stupid screeching scream.

You know, I can definitely understand why some people can't stand her, but for reasons that I can't fathom, I just adore her.  I don't know what it is about her that makes me feel that way.


Natalie Portman - ugh she's a terrible actress. Plus that whole "people who eat meat smell funny" BS is obnoxious.

She said that?  Man, would I like to stuff a hamburger down her throat!

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Valerie Bertinelli

Taye Diggs

Sandra Oh

Elliot Gould

Charles Dutton

Arsenio Hall (I can't stand him and I figure Coming to America qualifies him for this list)

Jennifer Tilly

Robin Givens


Willem Dafoe

Jeff Goldblum

Everyone from every Twilight movie

Barbra Streisand

Hank Azaria

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I second these:


Valerie Bertinelli - acts cutesy and adorable even as old as she is now

Taye Diggs - nothing special about him at all

Sandra Oh - O.M.G.  I thought it was just me.  Seriously.  She was worshipped over at TWoP so I just hung my head in shame

Arsenio Hall - never could stand his gummy grins and his obsequiousness (I think I spelled that right)

Everyone from every Twilight movie - it only took seeing the first movie for me to gag

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