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  1. My first guess for Mother Nature was Jenifer Lewis, but when the panel said Tracee Ellis Ross, I could see it. My guess for the Bull is Kevin Hart. Really disappointed in the To Be Continued, so unnecessary. So does that mean no elimination tonight?
  2. Just realized this show was available for early access viewing through PBS passport. So nice to have this group back. I did think the new habits were too short for the sisters and laughed at Violet modeling one meant for Monica Joan. One thing that really puzzled me was Dr. Turner's anger at the Order considering helping out at the high end hospital. I thought they weren't planning to completely abandon community work. He was irritating after a while. So sad for the couple that waited so long for their baby. On a completely shallow note, I loved Trixie's outfit when she
  3. I had zero expectations so enjoyed this for what it was. The prince really was out of his depth but what can you do. I loved the costumes and the soundtrack. At least they acknowledged Pierce Brosnan's horrible "singing".
  4. Just saw it on Disney+ and really enjoyed it. I think Emma Thompson won the battle of the Emma's. The clothes were fabulous and I loved the soundtrack. Saying all that, I'm glad I didn't spend $30 to watch. I really don't think this needs a sequel though.
  5. The entire series is on HBOMax. It is a little difficult watching knowing JC went a bit crazy, but it's still a pretty good show.
  6. I don't know if they wear out but I think there is a limit on how much content it can handle. I just had to stop using mine and go back to Roku.
  7. I saw it on HBO Max Friday might and I loved it! So glad to have this option because I was two days post surgery, coming home unexpectedly with a catheter definitely meant no movie theater for me. This movie was just so joyous and had me smiling from ear to ear. I was moved by Abuela's death and the Alabanza song following. Such a beautiful movie, can't wait to see it again.
  8. I LOVE Oklahoma and was delighted to find it on Disney+ this weekend. I've always been baffled by Gloria Grahame as Ado Annie. I thought she was too old for the part and kept wondering what was going on with her face, she appeared so puffy. Looked it up and she was 29 when she made Oklahoma and had had so many plastic surgeries on her face, and specifically her upper lip, that it was paralyzed. Sad that she thought she was so unattractive. I was not aware she won an Oscar for the Bad and the Beautiful, maybe because her character died? Not an Oscar worthy performance in my opinion.
  9. jah1986

    Tenet (2020)

    Finally saw this on HBO Max and I enjoyed it. I didn't go in with any expectations, so my brain was hurting a bit by the end. I didn't realize the protaganist was Denzel Washington's son until the credits. He did a good job and can really wear a suit. I am going to have to watch again because I really couldn't figure a lot out with the plot, but was grateful that Avengers Endgame explained time travel...😄
  10. I absolutely love this mini-series in all it's ridiculous, over the top soapy glory. Just hearing the dramatic music makes me happy. I did think John Stockwell looked like a kid playing dress up with the adults but I still preferred his Billy. I don't think Kirstie Alley had a hand in the re-casting as I thought she met Parker Stevenson on set and then they got married. And as much as I love Kyle Chandler, I preferred Lewis Smith's Charles. I generally prefer everything over Book 3, I just hated it. Orry and George's friendship was awesome. Charles and Billy's friendship was similar but no
  11. I have a question that's been nagging me since the theatrical release...how will they explain Clark being alive? I know they can make something good up for Superman, because he's an alien etc. But Clark Kent had an open casket service. Lots of people were there, including his boss at the Daily Planet. Is this explained in the comics?
  12. I liked it, I didn't love it. I wouldn't say it was "darker" than the Whedon cut, the word I would use is serious. It did have moments of humor, just not the frat boy humor from the theatrical version. I found I didn't miss much at all from the theatrical version. I'm surprised Arthur's "my man" remained but it made a bit more sense in that he was the most mistrusting of Victor in the beginning but now he's come around. I liked the fleshing out of Victor and Barry and making Arthur a bit more serious. While I was glad we got to see Kiersey Clemons in the Snyder cut, that entire sequence
  13. Yes, took a while but it did resolve itself, thanks.
  14. So we had CBS All Access, but when it switched over to Paramount we had to sign in again and our user information doesn't work now. Anybody else run in to this problem?
  15. That was fun, although I'm not sure I've even seen Thor: Darkworld one time.
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