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  1. I thought I was the only person that saw this and was annoyed. I kept thinking "that big white guy's name is DeAngelo?, that can't be right". It's been throwing me off all season, not sure why they're doing it that way.
  2. Really powerful episode. SM knocked it out of the park in the scene where she was at home and replayed those events in her mind and just started screaming. I felt her pain. I know the terror of having a gun pointed in your face and later on realizing that could have been the end of you. On top of that she was probably thinking about her baby. Did we ever find out what happened to the girl with the backpack? I guess that will be in part two. I'm finding it hard to like Emily, Amy, Ms. Audobon (what is her first name?) and especially the new law clerk. She was just too familiar and entitled. I hope she is not going to be a regular. I didn't like Brenner railroading Lola into hiring the new clerk. Looking forward to next week.
  3. That will never get old for me. That was the first episode of the Race that I ever saw and I thought it was fascinating watching this couple realize they hadn't won this race just because they were from NY. I think the race to the mat came the next season. I have a really bad feeling Will and James are going to win this season.
  4. I'm tired of the show making Ken out to be a buffoon all the time, it's not necessary. I originally thought the snow angels were Vince Gill and Amy Grant, mainly because I didn't think Lisa Hartman was that good a singer. But when they stepped out of the egg I knew there was no way that was Vince Gill, he's much taller than Clint Black. I was getting a Leann Rimes vibe from the sun also. I feel like I'm going to be kicking myself when popcorn is unmasked because the voice is just recognizable enough to make me think I should recognize it. I am leaning towards Taylor Dane, but not convinced.
  5. Now the banner in red is "back by popular demand" I guess that means we don't have to rush through all the episodes.
  6. I think the difference is that they didn't call them "alliances" in the early seasons, just being helpful, or not. And I wouldn't count Tara in there because she just wanted Chris and Alex to win because she was "falling in love" with Chris(?). But I did love that season and Tara's inability to run fast to the mat for the win. I think the real scheming with alliances became bigger once Boston Rob came on the Race.
  7. The one season that was mainly set in the US was not a popular season. And there are still some COVID hot spots in the States, not sure how much they could do. But yes, there are some beautiful places to see.
  8. Is that correct? I thought season 33 was halted mid-production so it was not completed. I really enjoyed the premiere. I didn't realize how much I missed this show and Phil's eyebrow pop. I don't actively hate any teams yet. I always thought this show would be welled served by having a 90 minute premiere. Things just seemed to go by so fast, I had a hard time keeping up. Loved the one Olympian basically outrunning her goat. Was also sorry to see Team Catfish go home, but at this point I didn't want to see anyone go home. Looking forward to the rest of the season.
  9. As someone who loved the movie I struggled trying to match actors to their movie counterparts. John Glenn is always easy to identify. I liked the shows take on just how ambitious he was, they all were in a way, but Glenn seemed to understand the media better than the rest. I was looking to see if we got Yeager too. I'll definitely check out the next episode.
  10. Just finished watching the series. It was so well done and heartbreaking. I had to pause after episode 3, all these years later it's still devastating to see. I was glad to see so many involved take responsibility for their part in this tragedy. Except that one guy, Mr. I'd do it all again because that's just the cost of doing business. That guy was horrible. I was glad to see that NASA wasn't just given a break like Reagan initially wanted. I was holding my breath again watching the Discovery launch. I don't now why I don't have a memory about the Columbia disaster. I would be interested in learning more about that.
  11. I really enjoyed this episode. I liked Mariner interacting with her mom in a more positive way. I'm glad Boimler got his promotion. I have enjoyed Riker and Troi showing up in other Star Trek series more than I enjoyed them on TNG 😉. I was surprised there were real consequences like Shaxs' death, somehow I thought there would be a reset. Has the show definitely been renewed for a second season?
  12. I used to love Orphan Black. Watching the opening credits I used to say they were not listing all the actors forgetting the Tatiana was playing all the sestras and not just Sarah. She was amazing and I cheered when she won her Emmy.
  13. I just saw this movie for the first time a couple weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I too was surprised by how open they were with her having a one night stand and resulting pregnancy. The only real concern she had was from her father. I think part of what made it acceptable was that the father died in combat, so she "suffered" and she didn't get to raise the child even if she did get her happy ending when he finally figured out she was his birth mother. A similar movie, though not as good in my opinion, was My Foolish Heart with Susan Hayward and Dana Andrews. It wasn't a one night stand but a relationship over a period of weeks. You weren't sure the two had actually slept together until she found out she was pregnant. She chose not to tell the father because she didn't want him to marry her just because she was pregnant. I was surprised by how matter of fact the movie was about it all considering the year (1949).
  14. I don't think I laughed once during this episode, which is disappointing. I liked Mariner's captain friend. I don't get what is going on with Mariner and am finding more and more difficult to like the character. She's just being a jerk to EVERYONE because she needs to "find herself"? She's trying to figure out what she wants to do?!? What? Is there some big traumatic thing that happened that I missed that she needs to recover from? Because if she's just disillusioned with Starfleet, she should resign and get on with her life. Did not get the whole dog thing either, or even the Farm. Least favorite episode this season.
  15. I enjoyed it. Laughed out loud a couple times. I enjoy Star Trek as much as the average person (I'm not a fanatic) so sometimes I don't get all the "in" jokes. But I didn't actively hate anyone and I was surprised at the reveal that Mariner was the captain's daughter. One thing I was grateful for was closed captioning, as the characters were talking so fast as some points I wouldn't have had a clue without it. Will definitely check out future episodes.
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