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  1. Athlete A on Netflix, even though it's a documentary, the moment when Larry Nassar has to sit there and hear the victim statements at his sentencing hearing is heartbreaking (for them) but a great big Hell Yeah! for the misery you see on his face. What a monster! And so glad those women had the support and courage to face him and let him know just what he did to them. I was crying but also cheering for them.
  2. jah1986

    Hamilton (2020)

    THIS, I really hope Disney is prepared for what I think will be unbelievable traffic. Especially on a holiday Friday. I am so excited. I saw the touring company but not the OBC, so really looking forward to this.
  3. Finally saw this, thanks Amazon. Is it right to say I loved it? I thought it was so well done and it was very moving. I broke down when Herb was executed. Seeing Bryan so affected by witnessing the execution (as he should have been) was powerful. The scene when Johnnie D is brought back to his cell after he is denied a new trial was so sad and powerful. It was good to know that he was released after a relatively short time, compared to Anthony who would not be released for 30 years. This is one of those movies that just stays with you.
  4. jah1986

    Free Solo (2018)

    I just saw this over the weekend (thanks quarantine) on Disney+. I remembered it won an Oscar but that's all I could remember so it was really gripping. My mom couldn't watch the final climb and I kept telling her not to google Alex to see if he survived. I couldn't remember but I figured he probably survived since the movie was on Disney+ (I know faulty reasoning but I had to do something to calm my nerves). So well done and kept my interest throughout the movie. I went back and forth with feeling sorry for Sanni and being irritated by her. I would definitely recommend to those that haven't seen it.
  5. jah1986

    The NBA

    I have enjoyed the series for what it was. It didn't make me feel more or less strongly about MJ. I was never a fan and that hasn't changed. I never hated him and that hasn't changed. It was entertaining though. As far as the Pippen thing goes, I'm taking it with a grain of salt. Who is the source? Is it Pippen himself on his social media saying he's livid or just an "insider" saying he's livid? Like others, I thought he came off pretty good. I remember the Knicks game at the time being incredulous that he did it but hearing that his teammates called him out was nice to know.
  6. Love this outfit. The green business suit always seems to make an appearance in most of Hitchcock's movies. Absolutely gorgeous here.
  7. I re-watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit? for the first time in a long time. It still made me laugh and it really was ahead of it's time blending live action and animation so seamlessly.
  8. jah1986

    The NBA

    I remember the Jordan era of basketball and was never a fan, just on principle as a lifelong Sixers fan. I still am enjoying the series. But I always thought MJ was a jerk and that viewpoint hasn't changed. But I was kind of surprised by his current appearance, clearly he drinks a lot now.
  9. I read that too fast and thought it read Birdbox, which is definitely not a comedy. Those are two good ones though.
  10. My mom is stuck at home and open to watching movies she would never watch if she could something else. Finally got her to watch Road to Perdition. I forgot what a good movie that was, certainly not a feel good movie, but the performances were good. I'm not sure I've ever seen Tom Hanks portray that kind of character.
  11. I finally got around to seeing this over the weekend and agree with this post almost completely but especially the bolded parts. I couldn't put my finger on my feelings but this is it. It really lacked emotional depth. I never felt the closeness of the March sisters and so Beth's death didn't have the gut punch it has in so many other versions. I don't think I've ever seen a version of this book where the sisters are so angry with each other so often. Even when Amy fell through the ice and Jo got her out I didn't feel the caring for her sister. Another observation, TC just seemed to young for everyone in this film. He never seemed to mature into a man, let alone a husband and father. I did appreciate the movie not stopping with Jo and the Professor getting together and it really is beautifully shot, but I don't think I'll bother re-watching.
  12. Today I finally signed up for Hulu with Live TV. I previously had Hulu+ with no commercials. So, when I watch my shows the next day or whenever I want to, do I no longer have the option of watching commercial free?
  13. I really enjoyed this episode, and I hope we see more of Ms. Audobon. I have a feeling there's more going on than she has let on to her friends. Is the actress portraying Sherry pregnant? Just seems her clothes are "blousy" and there seems to be some strange blocking... Loved Lola's hair in this one. Is it a coincidence that Lola's husband and the guy that wants her to run for AG look so much alike?
  14. This current group is really stumping me. I had a crazy random guess for Night Angel: Wynonna Judd, something in the clue package and her voice made her jump in to my mind. My mom thinks it's Taraji Henson. Also, for T Rex, I was thinking Willow Smith, but I think she's a better singer than that also not quite that tall. Thought everyone sounded better this week than last week.
  15. This, so much this. I said why is she still "singing" they never give anyone this much time to do their encore. And Nick joining in on the performance? What was going on? This is definitely the weakest group of the three and I don't anyone from this group will make the top 3, unless the fix is in and someone from all three groups has to unofficially be in the final three. The rhino definitely talks like Hulk Hogan, but no way that singing voice is his.
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