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  1. Coming to add to the Mouse is Dionne Warwick chorus. She sounded a little frail at points but so does Dionne, when she hit those notes though, that could only be Dionne. She has a distinctive voice much like Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle. And to be 79, she sounded great. Could the Kitty be a gymnast, like Gabby Douglas, not sure she can sing? Nice start to Group B
  2. I didn't know she wasn't regarded as a good actress. I thought she totally deserved her Oscar nomination for Age of Innocence and I would have loved to see her in the Godfather 3.
  3. This is one of my favorite Winona Ryder roles. The movie itself it slow and boring in parts but when Newland tries to finally break free and May slowly stands and says "that's not going to be possible" I just love it. Of course she knew! And I did not feel one ounce of pity for Newland and Ellen.
  4. I liked this episode. I also thought Lola was going a little over the top with her reaction to what her mom said, but maybe it was as another poster said about a lot more than that quote. So glad Luke is going to the DA's office, and I hope they don't make it a thing that he and Emily are on opposite sides. I'm always amazed at how often Emily winds up in Lola's courtroom. It will be interesting to see how politics come in to play now that Benner is running for State Attorney General (?).
  5. This first group is really stumping me. The only strong thought I have is for Miss Monster. She seems like she's older and a few notes reminded me of Chaka Khan. That's my guess for now.
  6. Just coming in to add my two cents. I thought Good Times was definitely the weaker of the two, but I loved seeing John Amos again and cut him so slack as he'll be 80 in a few days. I thought Viola Davis did a great job as Florida but was surprised to see Andre Braugher stumble a couple times. Tiffany Haddish seemed to get better as it went on, maybe she was nervous at the start. The actor playing JJ was just so bad in the role. I thought All in the Family was really good. Feels like Woody Harrelson did a much better job this time around. I didn't even hate Jesse Eisenberg like I normally do. Marissa Tomei was great as Edith again. Would it kill Ellie Kemper to wear a blonde wig? All in all I still enjoyed it and hope they do it again.
  7. It happened to me too, but I was in a part of the country where a POC is not normally welcomed, so I backed out and went on my way.
  8. I love Miss Patti too, I think she may have been trying to disguise her voice until the end of the song and that, to me, hurt her overall performance. Because she has such a distinctive voice, she may have been trying something different. That said, if she leaves before Thingamajig I'll be furious.
  9. I thought that list was just of movies that will be available on the first day they go live. Other titles will populate but not on the first day. Maybe I misunderstood? I haven't signed up yet, but will.
  10. Thanks for sharing the link, I'm all in.
  11. I tried watching this on HBO but could not finish. I like both SR and MR as actors but was bored out of my mind. I have a soft spot for The Tudors etc. but this just made my head hurt.
  12. They seem a bit long for Culottes. What you're describing we called a "skort" when I was growing up. She looks nice though.
  13. Just caught up on the latest episode and will be absolutely shocked if the Flower is anyone other than Patti LaBelle, not just the voice but the mannerisms are all Patti! Like others have said her weight fluctuates, but lately her weight seems lower. Did not think of Wayne Brady for the Fox but it makes sense. Finally I think the Sherri Shephard guesses for the penguin could be right, something she did during the Smackdown performance made me think "that really might be Sherri". Fun episode.
  14. Enjoyed the premiere. Really enjoying everyone's guesses and most of them make sense. My crazy guess, based on clues, for the Tree is Darlene Love. She's mostly known at a certain time of year (Christmas on Letterman). The Tree seems like a seasoned professional and one of the visual clues made me think she may be a bit older. You're all probably right about it being AG but that was my first thought.
  15. Totally recommend watching Farscape. I would second buying a case of Kleenex and add: don't eat while watching.
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