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  1. Love and Monsters (2020) which is billed as a “monster apocalypse thriller.” I only noticed it because of Dylan O’Brien (Teen Wolf, Maze Runner trilogy) who I tend to like. I went it with low expectations but was pleasantly surprised that I was enjoyably entertained. I watched it while we were in some of the harsher parts of lockdown for our area and it fit the bill for what I needed. Not heavy, kind of goofy, likable lead and monsters. I would not call it groundbreaking but it was fun and I liked it
  2. Ugh. I was on the fence unsure if I was amused by Biko’s intentional play toward the camera or annoyed, but he shoved me off hard onto the annoyed side of things. The singing narration didn’t help nor did the feeling that he was playing a character. As y’all have said… cosplay guy. There are some nice shelters being worked on this season. I’d like it if they did a little side by side comparison of everybody’s. I know this is completely superficial but seeing the back of the guy from the Virgin Islands’ hair made my scalp itch and I kind of wanted to go wash my hair three times and t
  3. I don’t recall if I posted it here or just thought I had because I was sure I couldn’t stand him, but regardless, I hereby rescind my dislike of Gerard Butler. I don’t think he’s the most brilliant actor in the world but after having watched him in Geostorm and Greenland I’m going to say the guy is all right. (Disclaimer: I know those are crap movies but I am a die hard sucker for disaster movies.)
  4. I have that magnet too! It was on my fridge but is now on one of my cabinets at work. I bought it when dating a guy who loved camping and all that outdoorsy stuff and couldn’t seem to accept my distinct lack of interest. Notice that the dating is past tense. He’s gone and the magnet took a trip to the office. We’re probably all happier. To be so completely indoorsy I weirdly love this show. I know I don’t have what it takes to do what these folks do and maybe that’s part of why I enjoy it so much. I’ve often joked with my kids that if a zombie apocalypse hits my best bet might just be to
  5. I’m sure many of y’all have heard that Little Tommy went on a rant and roll about peons on his 412th Mission Impossible movie not following COVID rules to his liking. https://pagesix.com/2020/12/17/listen-to-tom-cruise-rant-about-broken-covid-rules-full-audio/ IMO the best part of all this is a guy on YouTube I like breaking it down in his clinical way. He has a lovely dry wit. It’s worth a listen ETA: The YouTube screen grabbed a picture perfectly showing that freaky centered tooth on the CO$ prince-boy. Ugh. That thing freaks me out. How do you pay money to fix y
  6. I just now read this. Holy moly smoking butts what an I indictment of Little TC being the nasty piece of work we all knew he was. The fact that he had some of his CO$ lapdogs instruct women on how to please him sexually made me legitimately laugh out loud. I guess it’s beneath him to speak about his preferences to the women who he is cruising up on. Either that or he hasn’t cleared the words in the sex section of the CO$ big dictionary of dumbassery. Eww. Thinking of having Cruise cruise his little Tom foolery all up on someone is making me feel a bit nauseous.
  7. When Papa Chris came to visit Clare, after she did fiancée type stuff with Little Ears, she repeated almost every sentence two times. So I threw back a shot of Coke Zero, took one for the team and rewound. She did the same thing in the pre moan and bone talk. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to say. It was like crazy, it was like crazy. What the crap Clare?! Has the tru lurve that showed up for you caused your brain to melt? My brain felt like the boring was doubled.
  8. Well that was gross. This franchise never fails to lower their standards. Eww and no. Disrespectful really isn’t a word that holds much weight when talking about any of these shows but I found the boy’s bare balls disrespectful - to the guys, the unfortunate crew, and the viewers, especially the right reasons one (that’s not me) that want to believe that true love can be found. Claire put your eyes back in your head, guys pull up your pants and no one do the naked hug. Is time passing completely differently in the quarantine thunderdome? Hang out with a guy in a group and make small talk
  9. I am surprised how well Keith and Kristine are doing because I remember being worried for them. They seem so happy and relaxed and I enjoy their segments. I see Jepthe trying but I almost feel like the try is so evident it’s awkward. I have never been convinced he likes Shawniece much and while he may love her it seems like obligatory love. They exhaust me.
  10. I could do without Shawniece & Jepthe, and Beth & Jamie completely. Doug & Jamie are hit and miss for me. Everyone else I enjoy. I think some of the storylines develop naturally from real life, albeit manipulated to fit a narrative. I think some are 100% producer driven crap, and the majority are a mix of the two. I don’t expect truth and honesty from reality tv, but I prefer to think there’s some truth...
  11. And one of my favorite episodes of a tv show ever. I get emotional every time I watch it, and knowing how things are all connected just makes it more impactful. I remember having a bit of a hard time getting invested immediately in season one. (Maybe because I was confused-lol.) But now, a few rewatches later, I enjoy season one on the whole.
  12. I want to like Amelia and Bennett but between the pit hair, the veiled trio, and the gaping maw of death it’s hard. Okay maybe it just Amelia I’m struggling with. I agree with the poster who said these aren’t my people. I don’t mind some odd and quirky but I feel like this is quirky overload. Like going to the fair and eating cotton candy, a funnel cake and a snow cone and then having a sugar stomach ache. Way too much all at once. And the ice cream, freezer, cherries and banana sex discussion was ridiculous and went on for far too long. I want to say poor Henry but good grief gravy why
  13. Blame quarantine, but I’ve been rewatching The 100. Which reminds me how frustrated I am that this final season has our original kru split up and spread out. Can’t we, the weary loyal few, who have stuck by this show through it’s good and very bad, get some pay off of togetherness at least? It also reminded me how horrible Murphy was originally, and how Bellamy started out as a massive jerk. Things I had let myself forget. Things I hadn’t forgotten were that I didn’t like Clarke from the get go, Lincoln was a beautiful man, and Jaha was a bit of a nut job. I’m completely not interested
  14. Team Miles here. I always feel I need to add the disclaimer, “for the time being” since as things progress crap rears it’s ugly head and I’m off anyone’s team train. I’m hoping Karen gives him a chance. I can’t tell if she will or is just trying to look like she’ll try. Brett’s family is a big ole bag of suck. His brothers make him almost look good in comparison. I get a strong sense of compensating for something with him. I think Olivia was nervous and babbling but she seems sweet and sincere. Woody is too on for me. There’s flirting with your wife and then there is nonstop smooze
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