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  1. ramble

    Top Gun: Maverick (2020)

    The original movie was part of my youth. I remember going to it on a first date with a guy that was a sweet part of my teen years. However, since then I’ve learned about Scientology and I can’t watch Cruise without thinking about the fact that he’s a top dog in that cult and is aware of the horrors that go on yet still lives the high life and grins like a crazy man through interviews. Nope. Can’t watch him. The music definitely has a nostalgic pull but I'm just going to stick with the memories from a movie I loved when I was young and innocent.
  2. ramble

    Cats (2019)

    No. Just no. Wait, one more thing, why?
  3. ramble

    Bachelor in Paradise in the Media

    Dang you’re right! We interrupt this commercial for a few words about the actual event. I wonder, once the spotlight and new excitement of he (finally) picked me and we’re getting married wears off, if things won’t look so rom-com perfect to Ashley. Jared has always seemed a bit bland personality-wise in my opinion. Of course she may just jump on the BIP baby train with Jade and Carly, although I have a little trouble picturing her as a mother.
  4. ramble

    S09.E06: Real Life and Real Wife

    When I first discovered that fact I swear the sun burst through the clouds and angels sang a refrain about the beauty of good ice. It made me extraordinarily happy and I almost always have a bag in my freezer. Yes I chomp on it like Matt but I know I’m not that loud. Was he chewing with his mouth open and the mike somehow in there as he chewed?
  5. ramble

    S09.E06: Real Life and Real Wife

    I live in Sonic country. I can drive to three separate ones in 15 minutes or less. And I do far too often. I love their ice in a obsessive and stalkerish way. Their cokes are almost always well mixed too. So when the promo placement appeared all I could think was that, at least in my case, they know their audience very well! Amber makes me sad because we can all see the inevitable end coming but she seems blinded by her needy, clingy love for the wandering manchild. Iris, who I tend to think is the most beautiful woman who has ever been on this show, had some competition this week with Deonna and her hair poof. She’s a pretty woman but with her hair up like that it enhanced her face in a lovely way. I thought Iris and Keith handled condom-gate with a nice amount of maturity and well-reasoned discussion. Color me pleasantly surprised. I can’t decide if any of these couples stand a chance. I would say it’s 50/50 but we all know that past statistics don’t hold that high a chance for the couples on this show. It’s a bit depressing. You know what would get my mind off that? A creamy Sonic shake, made with real ice cream, half price after 8:00 p.m.
  6. ramble

    S06.E10: Matryoshka

    This! This! A thousand times this! I feel like I say the same thing every week. Abby sucks. She’s a hypocrite. She cares about herself above all else. Ugh Abby. Definitely ugh Abby. I realized I was low key dreading watching this when I saw it in my DVR list. It’s never been the best TV on TV but I used to enjoy it. This season is boring and sometimes feels like a chore. The mindscape crap is just so yawn-worthy and I don’t care about it at all. I was worried we were going to get a full blown split personality storyline emerge during this episode and I don't think I can take much more of Josephine so hopefully she’s actually gone. The Primes. The fracking Primes. They suck as villains. They are lying, murderous, pretend god body snatchers that subjugate their people and expect gratitude with their servitude. There is no good way to really emphasize or sympathize with their viewpoint and have them be villains you can sort of enjoy. They are baby sacrificers for frack’s sake. Burn them to the ground and let us learn about the Nulls (what a condescending term) and the new Grounders. I’m ready for the evil commander dude lurking behind Madi’s shoulder to burn away too. I find it boring but then again I find Madi boring. I feel like she’s pasta. It’s generally bland and doesn’t have too distinct of a flavor until you throw some sauce on it. It can be used as a carrier for many other flavors. Madi is a daughter (marinara) then she’s an up and coming commander (alfredo) then she’s a non-entity (butter) then she’s a possessed murdery vessel (pesto).
  7. ramble

    Charlie's Angels (2019)

    This looks like utter crap to me. Maybe I’ve reached remake/reboot/sequel overload but I feel like I’ve been there, done that multiple times and nothing about the trailer made be think it’ll be better than previous similarly made things. Also KStew is one of those actors who causes me to grit my teeth until I have a headache.
  8. So going by what @Sakura12 mentioned above the title should be: Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn) - a Margot Robbie project.
  9. ramble

    S06.E09: What You Take With You

    Anyone else wish they had spaced Abby and the magic juice instead of new body Kane? The Prime storyline continues to bore me, even in small amounts. I’m much more interested in the new Grounders and our original kru.
  10. ramble

    S09.E05: Paradise Lost?

    This made me laugh and now I won’t be able to not see him as that. And the more I see of Matt the more I think Zack might be the winner in a comparison. Speaker of BDE. Henry Cavill reads thirst tweets and talks about it. I think it’s about halfway through but it’s all pretty funny.
  11. ramble

    S09.E05: Paradise Lost?

    Amber makes me sad. Her abandonment issues are so apparent. She even mentioned her fear of being left when Matt stumbled through his basketball escape clause. She needs therapy more than she needs that doofus.
  12. ramble

    S16.E05: Auditions 5

    I’m more and more convinced that the truly good dancers we either don’t see at all in the auditions or we see 1½ seconds of in the little montage pieces. And this needs to be repeated: What a blah, boring thing this episode was. I also don’t get the endless crying and I’m a social crier who cries easily but come on people!
  13. ramble

    S06.E08: Collision Course (Part 1)

    This episode made me realize that the Sarge storyline has lost me. I want the team back together and I want them to turn their brains back on. They seem to have been switched to trusting, lazy or just dumb. I know they’ll save the day and if I could I would fast forward through lots of it until we get there. I don’t know exactly when the breaking point was but I have largely checked out. The one point that worked well for me was Deke. I know most of you think he’s the worst but I find him entertaining, especially in the draggy circumstances everyone else seems stuck in. He and Snowflake made me laugh in what was otherwise a blah episode.
  14. ramble

    Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

    We saw it today. I’d say I liked it about 67%. Actually I told the person I was with I’d give it about a 7.5/10. I do think Tom Holland is wonderful as Spider-Man. I actually thought all the actors fit the roles well. Some of the illusion stuff started to drag for me, especially the beat up Peter crap. I know the elementals were illusions but they wore on me after awhile too. And, for me personally, I alternated between feeling sorry for Peter with all the Tony talk and being tired of it all. That’s probably because I can only take Tony in small doses. I strongly disliked the Peter Parker/Spider-Man reveal. And I hated the use of the word blip for the missed years. Hated! It reminded me, as the “five years later” chyron did in Endgame, that referencing the time skip just makes me want to know more about that five years.
  15. ramble

    Complete Series DVDs: Which Do You Have?

    Farscape + PKW Fringe Leverage Psych (I’m debating Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Parks & Rec for future purchases.) Purchased by me, or family members as gifts, mainly for my kiddos. You can sort of see them maturing through some of what’s listed which I found interesting as I typed the list. Bonanza Everybody Loves Raymond Get Smart Gilligan’s Island Green Acres Gunsmoke Happy Days Hogan’s Heroes I Dream of Jeannie I Love Lucy Little House on the Prairie Macgyver (original version) Mission: Impossible Perry Mason Petticoat Junction Quantum Leap The Beverly Hillbillies The Cosby Show The Waltons I’m probably forgetting some of theirs. Sets were a fall back for gifts from family members for many years. We probably have complete sets of Barbie movies and Veggie Tales up until 3 or 4 years ago. I forgot, someone bought them the complete M*A*S*H set when they were very young (!) but that got put up until they were older. And a family member gave us the entire set (minus this season) of The Big Bang Theory and Home Improvement because they watched them and were done with them.