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  1. I enjoyed this! I wasn’t expecting a lot and this exceeded my low expectations. It’s a bit hammy and rough-edged but pilots usually are. I’m in for now.
  2. That was my reaction as well, passive aggressive and self-serving. I also thought that it read a bit childish, “I could say something mean but I won’t.” I’m not much of a fan of either of the parties involved but in this instance I believe silence would’ve served as the better reaction.
  3. I decided at the end of last season I was out because I don’t like these people (save Katherine & Theo) but I was flipping channels and stopped on this new episode. I watched about 50% and I still don’t like these people. They are selfish, self-involved and quite stupid. Delilah, the supposedly sainted center of the friend group, is so completely unlikable I don’t understand what the writers are doing. I can’t stand Maggie and she and Gary are unenjoyable in their immature whininess. Eddie is a clueless idiot who wants his cake and ice cream and maybe some punch too. His wife, his kid, his lover, his new baby, his friend group - they should all be okay with him. I did like Rome and Regina but I’m pretty sure they’re about to be ruined. I hated the lactation side story. Yes there are sucky ones out there but by and large they are good people who want to help. This felt like just one more chance to evoke sympathy for nasty D and have Maggie act like she did at the Christmas tree lot. You can stop someone harassing your friend without being a jerk Maggie. But these people are too self-absorbed to see anything but themselves and their own self-induced drama. I can’t believe people say this show is relatable. Would any of us expect the wife who had been cheated on to stay part of the group the cheaters populate? Especially when they’ve made it pretty clear they prefer the cheaters? Are there truly friend groups out there so tight that they want the entire group to be at the hospital and part of the labor process? They hang around each other all the time. So much together. Good grief! I’m pretty extroverted but I feel the need to run to my room, lock the door, and relax with some alone time just from seeing this codependent mess.
  4. I’ll join you and @sometimesjennifer because I’ve enjoyed being hopeful for Deonna and Greg this season! She reinforced what I thought was happening when she mentioned that they had their deep conversations off screen and that’s when they really began to fall in love. I agree they seem to have a similar sense of humor. And to me it sounds like Sandy not being allowed upstairs is a compromise that they reached and that seems reasonable to me. I think they have great potential! I still feel uncomfortable watching Jamie and Beth. They seem like embers just waiting for a little air to burst into flame. There’s a big difference between passion and crazy. I was impressed with the boobage being covered but why did the hooha have to be one inch away from display? Amber just makes me sad. She needs counseling so desperately. She obviously is still damaged from what she felt was rejection from her mother. I don’t think she’s a bad person I just think she needs help and healing. And because it needs to be said loudly and often Matt, the lecherous leech, is an ass who uses people and doesn’t care what damage he leaves in his wake. Nasty gangly walking stick of crap.
  5. I knew Matt was an ass but good grief if he knew he wasn’t into her why didn’t he attempt to let her know. Yes Amber is needy and a pushover but a decent guy wouldn't have used those things to his advantage. It’s like he saw Puke Luke and not only said hold my beer but handed him an entire six-pack. Ass.
  6. I do too! One of the two was in a shot clapping quite enthusiastically. I always wonder if they’re enticed by a reward or real fans. As someone who has gone to more than her fair share of therapy the full tank/empty tank is an example I’ve heard from more than one therapist. So I’m going with pigeon. Although hearing the pigeon/seagull discussion always makes me think of Finding Nemo. The screaming “mine” isn’t too far off from how these people glob onto a person to build their story and hope to find instagram fame, um I mean true love. Too funny! So he’s a lopsided chipmunk. To be honest his narrow teeth bothered me more than the weird cheeks. I couldn’t quit staring at them. And to think 30 girls are going to fight for lackluster Ken.
  7. Peter looks like a chipmunk. He has oddly chubby cheeks and teeth that seem too narrow for his face. (With apologies to chipmunks - it was the best description I could think of - the look is adorable on y’all!) On Peter? No. As for the rest, it largely felt like a remix of the season intercut with Demi reaction shots. Yawn. I did find it funny they ran out of time to address Nicole and Clay. I’ve always had a soft spot for Chris Buk and I was hopeful for him, but I think those two need to end it. The “living for a glimpse” of what she knows it can be is a huge red flag to me. I think he may care about her and wanted to make this work but I think they are far too different in the way they express themselves and the amount of drama they can put up. They seem oceans apart in what they need. (Not jealous oceans, in this case.) I wonder if the blindside of airing problems they’d apparently already discussed will be the eventual tipping point.
  8. Jamie Otis volunteers to do so again then remembers she’s married to some other guy she met on tv.
  9. Shut up Nicole and Tayshia! Pettiness and jealousy look really ugly on both of you. Clay is not a catch. He’s a whiny manchild. I loved Angela’s bemusement with his determination to have a talk. She sure didn’t seem like she needed the closure he was convinced she did. He also seemed to have a lot more trouble seeing her with someone else than she did seeing him with low rent JLo. I think she may have dodged a bullet with him. I don’t remember Nick V’s lookalike but I actually think he’s cuter than Nick. Which isn’t saying a lot since I find Viall vile. I think Dean got back to van-land and realized he missed the showers and free nachos available on sleaze beach. I guess that was worth the porn ‘stache’s death. (Thank goodness!) Maybe he is into whatshername with the bobble head but I wonder if the chance to grab a hot shower and a quick beer added to the attraction. Calling it the Boom Boom Room suddenly makes Fantasy Suite sound almost classy. I guess admitting that it really goes down in the Bathroom Bang Box is less sexy.
  10. Yuck. Clay and Nicole deserve each other. He’s being a whiny baby. (It’s my beach, my show, my time. Why is someone else that I know here? I mean I know the other people but not know know, if you know what I mean.) And Nicole is a mean girl trying to collect all the beach dwellers into her circle. (She’s psycho and intentionally came to mess with me and my relayship. Don’t you agree? You hate her too right? I don’t know her but I know I hate her.) They’re both like dogs peeing to show dominance. And they keep trying to pee all over the beach, the bar and everyone there. Go away and take your whiny, drama queen, determined to hog airtime friend Tayshia with you. Derek bores me. Good grief I hope he’s not the Bachelor. Although I would prefer he stay around and just annoy JPJ all the time. And eww, JPJ. *shivers* The less said about him and his excess bodily fluids the better. The twins have always annoyed me and this specific one is no different. I don’t care what happens in her journey for clarity in a 2 minute old relationship. I do not believe that she’s often been told she’s intelligent. Unless it’s people on farmer Matt’s intelligence level telling her that. I agree with so many of y’all who have mentioned how bizarre it is that these people meet someone, talk a couple of minutes, make a “connection” and then just starting making out. It’s like they have all been Bachelor brainwashed into thinking this is a normal way of meeting people. Weird. At this point I think I’m just watching to see Chris Buk’s ever changing chyron.
  11. I wish they’d matched Elizabeth and Matt because I can not stand either of them. Jamie may be a jerk but I simply do not like Elizabeth. Her personality is so annoying. She rubs me the wrong way completely and grates on my nerves. I can’t imagine being around her in person. And then there’s the praying mantis without a brain that is Matt. He’s a lying liar who just wanted some money and a place to stay. “My own time” is code for hooking up with girls or hanging out with friends but please oh please don’t make me spend time with my greasy-haired needy wife. Iris talks. A. Lot. And as a truly verbose person if I’m annoyed by it then I assume it’s a truly a lot. Take a breath girl. Keith seems not interested but trying to get through it. I don’t think she realizes how checked out he is. I’m an unapologetic Deonna and Greg cheerleader so take this with a grain of salt but I feel like there are times when I catch little moments where you can really see their affection. I think they’re intentionally being less direct on camera and and saving a lot of things for their private time.
  12. Regardless of fillers, surgery or crappy best friends I freaking love Leah for the balls she has and being willing to face down the ugly monster of depravity that is CO$. She had to know they could come after her career and her family and she has stood up and said bring it. I respect that. And I appreciate Mike’s unceasing fight as well. He doesn’t have as large a public presence or probably as much money for protection at home and, having done the bs fair-gaming garbage himself, knew what he might be in for, but still he continued. That takes a strong will and I appreciate it. As far as this show goes, I was hoping for a bit more, but I think I’m slightly greedy. I want all the trash exposed and little Davey to be cowering in fear in a corner while his buddy little Tommy frets about his career going down in flames. I don’t know that I’ve ever watched Masterson in anything but he sounds vile. Who laughs about raping your girlfriend? The new stories about child abuse were horrific. Apologize to your molester? What the actual hell! These people are sick. Seeing the faces from previous episodes and hearing the new stories had me in tears. I don’t think I ever made it through an episode of this show without crying.
  13. Psalm has that adorable little old man baby face. I bet he’s wondering who the woman is squishing his face against hers and if it’s somehow her fault he has such a ridiculous name.
  14. Meh. I don’t know many of these folks and there are a few names I unfortunately recognize but don’t want to see. I am quite tired of the Bachelor/‘ettes that keep showing up and I despise anything Kardashian adjacent being on the show. I don’t give two shakes about Spicer but I hate the inevitable political crap that will be dragged along with his inclusion. I don’t want to feel the need to tune out or quit reading boards or social media due to people becoming angry about someone they disagree with politically. I just want my cotton candy fluff of a show with its spray tans, glitter and mirror ball. I watch stuff like this to be entertained and take my mind off some of my life stresses.There’s no one I would particularly be rooting for out of this group and my kiddo that usually watches with me has a jammed full schedule this semester and probably won’t have the time. The only season I haven’t watched was the shortened one. I even made it through the kids version. But, sadly, I think it’s time for me to waltz away from this show.
  15. US Weekly asking a good question and they mention Masterson and rape right on the cover. (How not surprising that they are stalking potential victims?!) First Nxivm going down and now mainstream media is talking about the demise of CO$? Even if it’s print click bait, so to speak, I think it’s progress. And I credit Leah and Mike for a lot of it!
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