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  1. Thanks for the heads up, @Psychobunny! I'm a total sucker for a feel-good cry ; ), and you were spot on about that episode. One of the sweetest moments I've ever seen on SYTTD was season before last, bride was named Teddi, and her daddy had recently had a lung/kidney transplant (same episode as the rocker bride with purple hair). Her wedding was the one shown at the end of the episode, and when her daddy walks in the room to see her for the first time in her wedding dress.... I get tears. Every singe time I watch that scene. Which I might have done 2 or 3 (or 20) times. 😉
  2. Dear Whit - Let me tell you what your trainer/wanna be therapist doesn't have the guts to say and knows you're too much of a delicate fucking flower to hear, anyway: You are super morbidly obese because you eat significantly more calories than you use. Period, end of story. I reached my heaviest weight about 10 years ago, and was the same size as Whit is currently, more or less, and I assure you that didn't happen because I was regularly restricting food. As the dietician I worked with then used to say, if not eating enough food causes weight gain, then why are all the starving kids in Africa on UNICEF commercials not super morbidly obese, for example? According to her, drastic food restriction does have some impact on how the body processes/uses calories, which short term, can result in less weight loss than would be expected by the numbers. However, short term means a few days, 1-2 weeks at the absolute max, at which time, if you continue to consume fewer calories than your body is using to function, you will lose weight. And yes, Whit, that even applies to you. And Whit, I should add, as someone who also purged many times a day for years in my 20s and got treatment at an impatient eating disorder facility, the last thing you need is any kind of residential or group eating disorder treatment. You wanna see a toxic environment? Let's talk about putting a bunch of girls with eating disorders together. Brilliant idea. The underweight girls begin immediately comparing themselves to all the other underweight girls, while pitying the one or maybe two overweight girls there. And the overweight girls just feel even shittier about themselves in general, because every girl there is better than they are (and better always equals thinner in that world). So Whit, while I know you'd probably die from the excitement and drama of getting "eating disorder treatment," you really should think again about just finding a therapist to work with one on one. And by therapist, I do NOT mean your personal trainer. ARGH. Because Jessica, before you "help" Whit as much as your dad by trying to play a therapist on tee vee, you need to move back over into your lane.... and STAY THERE. * On a personal note, while I have maintained at about 140 lbs since weight loss surgery, it wasn't until a few years later that I finally felt at peace with my food/body issues. Oddly, it wasn't until I quit trying so hard to move on, that I was finally able to move on. Gradually, I started to realize I'd gone days at time without needing to know to the pound how much I weighed, or agonizing over whether to eat something, or whatever. And now, the sum total of my thoughts on it are to realize when I'm hungry, take a moment to consider what I want to eat, make or order it, and eat it. I know that certainly isn't the answer for everybody, and to be clear, I'd probably want to punch you in the face if you told me the only way to get something is to stop trying to get it, but for me, my mind is finally at peace about food and weight, and I know that although i'm still considered overweight, my body is much better off staying consistently at 140 lbs than being subjected to all the yo-yo'ing, purging, and other crazy shit I used to do it. Other random thoughts from last night's episode: - Whit and everybody else in their ragtag little group needs to stop allowing themselves to be held hostage by that ASSHOLE's Buddy's addiction and tell him to take his nasty self and Peace the Fuck Out. - I don't understand Whit's money situation. If Tal and Buddy together are paying her entire monthly mortgage payment, then she's left with incidental expenses on the home, rent for a very small apartment in a relatively inexpensive market, and a modest car. I know reality tee vee stars don't make as much as people like to think they do, but still.... how is it even possible she's not making enough that she could float her mortgage (guessing $1500/month, assuming worst case of all variables) and rent for that tiny apartment for at least a few months until she can find a new babysitter for Buddy tenant? - If the ring in that IG engagement picture is what it appears to be - a big ass canary diamond - that thing's worth some serious bank. At least a few tens of thousands, possible even six figures, depending on exact size/diamond quality. So, call me judgmental, but Chase doesn't seem like someone who has that kind of money just lying around. And if he does, and you should most certainly call me judgmental here, maybe it would be better spent helping Whit take care of whatever the hell must be up with her finances rather than buying her a gaudy ring to flaunt wear. - I fast forwarded through a few early episodes looking for Babs moments, as I felt the need to confirm for myself if she really did used to be funny. And yes, the Babs from the several years ago was hilarious. I have to wonder if she has any desire whatsoever to still be on this show anymore, now that she's older, slower, and her health is obviously getting worse. If so, I hope she can be assertive enough to advocate for her own health and well-being to be prioritized, as I'm not sure Glenn is, and we know for sure Whit's too selfish to know her ass from a hole in the ground, nevertheless give actual considered thought to whether what Whit wants is what's best for others.
  3. Except, she's not entitled to half of what Michael brings to the marriage. Even in community property states, separate property owned prior to marriage remains separate property after marriage unless something happens that converts it to marital property. As for prenuptial agreements, the true, intended purpose is to give the parties control (rather than the court) over the division of property should they end up divorcing. And by agreeing at the outset, the parties' wishes are more accurately reflected should the marriage go bad and hopefully, a long, expensive fight on the back end is avoided, or at least minimized. However, that's not nearly as dramatic as the made-for-tv myth misperception of prenups as a way for the wealthier spouse to screw the less powerful spouse. (And you may now return to your regularly scheduled programming... lawyer hat removed, reality tv snarking hat back on. ) (-:
  4. Laughing so hard I can't breathe. And in case I haven't told y'all lately, I totally ❤ all of you. "______ fades, but derp is forever" is the best one liner I've heard in quite some time. @PinkFlamingo, putting you on notice I'm officially stealing it and plan to use it often. 🙂
  5. Working from home today, so rewatched that part so as to bring you Michelle's exact words from her TH : ) So sayeth Michelle, "I think there's some style preference and some personal conviction, but overall, long hair....I think we've just always read in the Scriptures that it's a glory for a woman to have long hair."
  6. -- Why the hell did I just watch Jinger get her hair colored? What am I missing here? Michelle helpfully advised during a TH that having long hair is Biblical, but didn't the stylist say she was only taking 3, maybe 4 inches off Jinger's hair? Hard to believe 3 inches is what's going to make or break her. -- Why the hell was Jilly Muffin on my screen again? While I think it was a little on the extreme side for TLC to ban the Dillards from appearing on the show, that's the Dillards' problem, not mine. All I know is Jill was no longer annoying me every week. I guess she was trying to act cute, animated? No idea, really, but she just came across as immature and kind of... simple. -- What the hell was going on with Lauren during the plane ride back from TN when Jessa went into labor?? She looked like she was part physically uncomfortable, part hardcore pissed off. I wonder if she ever watches herself and has any awareness that her face is always weirdly contorted, like she's smelling shit or something? -- And speaking of Lauren, why does it not surprise me in the least that her TH about Ivy Jane had nothing to do with being happy for Jessa and Ben, nothing to do with Ivy, and everything to do with herself?? Gah! Seriously, what the actual hell is wrong with her? -- Kendra does love her surprises, and is so damn sweet and cute it's hard to begrudge her them. __ Lauren should take notes from on Abbie on how to be honest about feeling like shit without being a self-centered diva. 8 weeks along and already multiple ER trips/hospital admissions? That sounds utterly miserable. -- Spurge is ADORABLE.
  7. Giving Lauren exactly as much empathy/sympathy for her birthing experience as she was willing to give others she knew were struggling with depression... my reaction after watching her drama queen delivery is a big "Whatever." The one thing I have to give her at least some credit for (albeit begrudgingly, mind you) is she didn't seem the least bit conflicted about getting her ass to the hospital to give birth, and our girl seemed all about the epidurals (yes, plural).
  8. To clarify, I think the OP was referencing mothers who leave their young daughters with men they don't know well who end up being sexual predators. She was not saying that single mothers who cohabitate/remarry, generally, are idiots. She was saying mothers who leave their little girls alone with men they don't know well and Anna are idiots. Much less pingy when understood as it was meant, I think! 🙂
  9. Watching part 1 and laughing my ass off at: - Mursel admitting in his TH that he often pretends not to understand Anna to avoid talking about difficult topics. Anna's acting as though she's on the brink of a full-on nervous breakdown, and Mursel just laughs and says, "Yes, Anna," or "I don't know, Anna," or something equally vague and non-responsive. I might feel bad for Anna, had she not known every single thing she's now hand wringing about before she brought Mursel to the U.S. If she really thought that in 90 days, he'd suddenly decide it was a great idea to tell his parents about her kids and start having meaningful conversations with her in fluent English..... well, you can't fix stupid. (And why exactly, if she's so distraught about it, did Anna not tell Mursel's parents about her kids when she was in Turkey? If it's that important that your kids not be treated like a dirty little secret, then maybe you should have the moxy to own it whether the weirdo you're fucking but can't talk to does or not. Food for thought, Anna.... ) - Emily's entire segment. Particularly the time lapse pics of baby Da-Vide. I swear I thought we were going to see him start walking and maybe getting ready for his first day of school before his two dumb ass parents were able to figure out how to get themselves out of the country. And somewhere, in Volgograd, Sasha's two ex-wives will watch this and laugh their asses off too, while sending thanks to the universe that Sasha is Emily's problem now. And when Emily reveals Sasha works from like 6a to 11p, I might have felt a little bit sorry for her except...the level of stupid that girl has shown deserves whatever consequences come her way. - Jasmin haughtily noting in a TH that Blake's friends were simply shocked she doesn't drink. Because, you know, clearly, she's such a fascinating special snowflake and all. Eye roll. And unless there was more we didn't see, his friends didn't give two shits about Jasmin's beverage preferences; they were just trying to fill the incredibly awkward silence caused by Jasmin ungraciously sitting there looking like she was smelling shit. I get why she might not have wanted to do a huge pool party on Day 1, but take that up with Blake in private and if you lose and end up in the presence of Blake's 30 closest friends... well, as my mother would say, "Fucking act like somebody!" - Juliana examining the sea sponge sculpture at the furniture store and saying that she knows what it is because she "watches Bob Sponge." - Mike, on a preview clip at the end, telling Natalie's friend that he doesn't believe in religion, but more in an alternate civilization, like... aliens. And while TLC's previews are often misleading, I swear to you that yes, whatever the context turns out to be, those words did actually come out of his mouth as dinner conversation. And impressed and thinking perhaps there's hope for humanity at the following stand out moments: - Natalie sitting down and having a calm, honest conversation with Mike about her desire to have a baby asap. While I agree with Mike that she should wait until she's in the U.S., I understand why, at 35, she's feeling some urgency. But most of all, huge props to Natalie for breaking 90 Day tradition and acting like a responsible adult human being. (So far, I actually really like Natalie. She seems.... well, normal. Fun, well-spoken, outgoing, loving, and sincerely into Mike. Not sure how she made it on the show, actually. But, here's hoping she stays as genuine and kind as she seems.) - Juliana straight up admitting she had started to lose hope of ever getting to the US, so decided to use Michael's bank cards while she had them to start "building a life in Brazil" Hence, the car. Again bucking the 90 day franchise norm, hearing someone take responsibility for being pretty shitty was rather refreshing. (And Juliana is on my Like List so far, as well. If she seems materialistic, well, at this point, I blame Michael for that, frankly.) Smacking my forehead repeatedly while watching: - Anny and Robert continue to treat each other like shit. I mean, for fuck's sake, have either of them ever actually used Facebook? If Robert wants to keep pics of his baby mamas for his kids, then just change his settings so the pics are only visible to whichever kid belongs to each mama. Or to certain family members. Or whatever, just fucking change your settings so Anny and the general public can't see the stupid pics. There you go. Done. Moving right along. And you're welcome. And perhaps the best moment of all... Michael's "badass*" car, which received an awesome edit, might I add. 😉 * Credit to Juliana for the succinct description.
  10. I've given that significant thought myself and the boundaries I've settled on are that I don't say negative things about little ones, oeriod, and I keep my comments confined to message boards that are obviously intended for snark. If someone intentionally seeks out snark about him/herself, I don't consider myself responsible for that. IMHO, directing nasty comments to people directly - via social media, for example - crosses the line, regardless of the fact they chose to be on a reality tv show. As for Josiah, I agree he seems happy. Best I can tell, he's completely oblivious to the contempt Lauren has for him. I do think Lauren has some sincere appreciation for the things he does gor her; I think she just really can't stand his personality, generally speaking. To me, Joy-Anna and Austin seem well-matched and happy. Austin's a little intense, maybe, but has a good sense of humor and seems to find Joy'-Anna's spunky lightheartedness endearing. They also seem to work well together on projects and whanot and enjoy doing so. I think they also share a similar distaste for bullshit. And IMHO, I see nothing in the way Joy-Anna interacts with Austin to suggest he's controlling, etc. No anxiety, she pokes at him and genuinely laughs while doing so, just seems at ease, to me. What I read most often from Joy-Anna is a very strong urge to roll her eyes and say "Peace Out" to her family sometimes or just exhaustion, presumably from being pregnant/taking care of a baby. #teamkendra. Joe definitely is not exciring, but he's steady as the day is long and adores his wife - and Kendra seems completely happy with that. Really, Kendra is just an inherently happy person who doesn't rely on outside influences or other people to make her happy, it seems.
  11. Lauren gives NO fucks about anything or anyone other than herself. So far this season we've heard her say that her reaction to others' depression was "Whatever." We've seen her not get her way during the nest challenge and suddenly become so very nauseated that she just had to leave the group. The next morning she refuses to even get out of bed and calls out Joy and Kendra for bringing babies who - gasp! - cried during the night. And all of it said in her fucking whispery voice with that haughty tone that probably comes from her nose being so fucking high in the air. Seriously, where did this girl come from?? And what in the actual hell did Josiah see in her? I get he wanted to get married asap after Marjorie exited stage left - actually, ran screaming because... she was apparently a smart one and wanted no part of the circus that was sure to follow Josh-gate. But surely to God Josiah could've done better than freaking Lauren. I would love to know what the other Duggars/Duggar spouses really think of her. Aside from the very strong urge to slap Lauren silly that lasted the entirely of the show, I did laugh when poor Ben ended up going in circles in his canoe. And also got a giggle out of Joe's self-deprecating comment about sobbing at his wedding. Otherwise, not the most compelling of episodes, IMHO.
  12. Anna was heavily featured on the show the first season it aired as "Counting On." IIRC, she disappeared right around the time Josh came back from treatment. And recent tweets by Derick, if true, substantiate rumors that the Duggar children and their spouses are not paid directly for participating in the show. Jim Bob is said to receive and manage the family's collective pay, I'm guessing by forming a business entiry of some sort and running everything througj there. Finally, rumor is he can - and does - allocate the money however he chooses, and I have no doubt he's been largely supporting Josh and fam ever since this all happened, whether the money is from the show or one of their other businesses.
  13. I was hoping for something new to mindkessly watch/listen to while crafting, but I think I'm going to have to pass on this one. Not only is the show rather boring, the parents are distinctly unlikable. They always seem to have this air of superiority about them, and I find myself wanting to slap the smirks off their face every time I look up at my tv. The parents, Olivia/Ethan, and various older children at various times, also squick me the fuck out. And finally, their story is so wholly inconsistent with being on a tv show (because having a reality tv show about your family doesn't just happen, to be clear) that even I can't suspend disbelief enough to enjoy watching. Re this episode - I so did not need to see that kiss between Kim and Barry. If I want to watch soft porn, I'll go watch soft porn, thankyouverymuch. (Seriously, why do people think that anyone ever, in the history of the universe, wants to see them do that shit??) Was totally not expecting the revelation that mom ran over and killed one of their babies. Absolutely horrific. And I still don't like Kim, at all. Probably because I'm a bad human being, but there you go. Somebody, and it will most likely be Kim haha, needs to clue Olivia in that trust is earned when one keeps his/her word; trust is broken when one blatantly disregards an explicitly stated rule. Sorry, but not even young, lanky girls with long, flowing flaxen hair get to demand they be treated as trustworthy when they are actively acting in an untrustworthy manner. Ugh! You can do better, TLC! I know you can. If you can bring us Danielle and Mohammed, the Little Couple, 79 seasons of Say Yes to the Dress... you can totally do better.
  14. "So, there are two holes..." And I'm dead. 🤣🤣🤣 Somebody was speaking from experience, and not a fun one hehehe. Speaking of bitchy Kim, she'd better seriously reconsider her attitude towards Olivia. If he feels pushed to the point of having to choose between the two, Ethan will be waving bye to Mommy Dearest before she knows what hit her.
  15. When Joe finally got to the baby announcement glued to the bottom of his bowl and said, "Is that right? and then "How about that?", he sounded just like Jim Bob. I swear I've heard JB utter those same two exact phrases so many times - probably in response to baby announcements, now that I think about it. Of all the Duggar boys, Joe is basically a JB clone when it comes to his mannerisms, voice, and way of speaking. And probably resembles him most in appearance too. In other news, Spurge was so freakin' cute last night I almost couldn't stand it. That face, those cheeks and that head full of curls... seriousky adorable. Getting to see his sweet, mischievous, curious little personality for the first time, really, was the highlight of the season so far. ETA - I love Kendra to death, but she should probably leaves the surprises to Joe (-; The ice cream flying actoss the floor did make me lol, tho. 🤣🤣 She was so nervous I think I had sympathy anxiety just watching.
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