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  1. Steven is just gross. For so many reasons. Alina - It's okay to admit you made a mistake. You're young and still learning how to discern others' character, motives, etc. But once it's glaringly obvious, once Steven's sitting in front you in all his gross douchey glory, there's only one thing to do - RUN! Grab your shit, and get the hell out of there. Evelin is a total bitch. With a face that bears a striking resemblance to a rat, if you ask me. And Corey is an idiot schmuck who seems to be drawn to vicious and unrelenting emotional abuse. At this point, the best he can hope for is
  2. I live in North Dallas and was without power for almost 4 days - and unless you count the one time the power flickered on for less than a minute, there was nothing "rolling" about it. By the end of day 2, I was so cold I couldn't stand it, spent about 4 hours on the phone looking for a hotel or airbnb that was close enough I could actually get there (the roads were iced over), and finally found one with a room available. Literally, as I pulled up, the power went out, and they wouldn't let me check in. Thankfully, I live about a half mile from where I work and saw our office building had pow
  3. Hmm... was expecting the usual format for reunion/check in shows - couples perched on couches answering questions from the host, interspersed with clips from their season. Last night, however, felt like a regular episode... with a voice over promising us a look at what happened with the couples after the cameras left, as they proceeded to show us 2 hours of footage captured by MAFS camera crews.... And I mean, whatever, but it did make me snicker a little. ( : Not surprisingly, we see that 4 momths down the road, little has changed. Jake cemented his claim-to-fame as MAFS' most awkwa
  4. The stupidity and irresponsibility inherent in the fact Karen might be pregnant is astounding, and for the sake of her health and the health of any future babies, I sincerely hope this is just another TLC teaser. Gigi put it best when she said that at this point, having more kids just feels like a "novelty." And yes, I did laugh out loud when she asked Deon if he thought the possibility of Karen being pregnant again was 'cute."
  5. Ella is seriously adorable - such a bright, happy little thing. And it might warm my heart just a little to see how much her family - and the entire crew - are just delighted by her. ❤❤❤
  6. So many issues with Garrick's appalling behavior, so little time.... #1 - I too did a double take when Garrick had the audacity to blame Dannielle's jealously on God. I'm sorry, I know my Bible pretty well, but I just don't remember anything about God promising to remove wives' jealousy so their husbands can treat them like shit and fuck around without having to deal with all those annoying tears and nagging. This really goes to the heart of why this "lifestyle" bothers me so much, I think, because so many of the men act like being a polygamist gives me them a free pass to act without regar
  7. The Merrifields - The look on Garrick's face when Roberta tossed out that she might not want to be with him after all... priceless. I don't for a second believe Garrick's bullshit claim that he feels like God wants them to live "the lifestyle." For one, he could barely get the words out when he was recounting the story of his recent mid-life crisis divine revelation, and two, what he was trying to pass off to us as sincere justification was... well... just really really stupid. Personally, his gross smirk and douche-y giggle make me feel all spiritual too. In fact, during their segments, I
  8. I am 100% convinced that while a few couples are serious, real matches, the rest are chosen for entertainment value - and I believe this applies to the American version, as well. The "experts" seem to go out of their way to find the most damaged people possible, as they carefully detail in the first episodes, when they show the interview/matching processes. Then, aside from a few tidbits of advice offered in the "commitment ceremonies," the experts are basically completely absent, yet act positively shocked when the couples start imploding.... prompting me to scream at my tv, "No! You knew
  9. Assuming the conversation Emma snd Harper had while cooking together was authentic, they have really come 'round in a relatively short period time. Under normal circumstances, their behavior towards each other might be a sign that they aren't the two kindest people, but any judgment has to be mitigated by the fact they're children, dealing with a traumatic loss and the subsequent addition of a big step family - all while being filmed. This episode, I was very impressed with how quickly they both are obviously working through what must be unspeakably difficult emotions. and then of
  10. Another season of weepy, clingy women; a fresh crop of pathetically lame excuses from their husbands/ex-husbands/baby daddies/"kings" (barf); and for the first time, a few foreign blushing brides-to-be a la 90 Day Fiance to liven things up. Because you know, the first two seasons were so lacking in drama and all, what with the one woman shit show put on by the trashy blond after she failed at whatever scam she was trying to run on the Aldridges, Paige nearly taking out the bitch lovely woman she loved like a sister who was horning in on the "prize" that was Bernie, the "prize" that was Bernie
  11. Yara and Jovi deserve each other IMHO. Neither are very "deep," and I see them having a relationship that never really moves past surface-level, is somewhat volatile, and nonetheless limps along year after year. I can imagine Yara assembling a group of friends relatively quickly, at which point Jovi's work schedule will be mostly a non-issue again - and will probably work to their benefit, ultimately, as both Yara and Jovi seem like they are more tolerable enjoyable in small-ish doses. And while I get it that it sucks to be alone in a new place, I'm not quite as sympathetic to her whining a
  12. Totally possible I misunderstood, as unfortunately, Bini isn't always the best communicator, both because English is his second language (completely understandable) and because he's not exactly the brightest bulb Ethiopia has to offer. Plus, occasionally, I'm just wrong. : ) My initial interpretation was that he starts accusing her of putting her feelings and issues above the well-being of their son, and then asks her about cutting, saying she's not nice to herself. (Could very well be I defaulted to this being a reference to self harm because I'd noticed the scars on her arms a few ep
  13. Ari/Bini - Was only half watching, but did a double take when Bini outed Ari as a cutter (after catching up to her in the van when she grabbed Avi and fled the hospital). I re-watched the conversation 3 times, and even turned on closed captioning the last time to make sure I heard him correctly. IIRC, not long after arriving in Ethiopia, she was wearing a top that showed her upper arms, which looked like they had scars on them, but I don't remember actually hearing it mentioned before. In any case, Bini's comment made me consider that maybe Ari is more than just another special snowflake
  14. Deavan is just so damn melodramatic - about everything. She returns to Korea, discovers that - shocker! - Jihoon has lied to her again, and moans, "I feel like I just ruined my life." Ummm, hyperbolic, much? And in the previews for next week, Deavan (whose entire relationship so far has consisted of one big fight about money, but hey, no reason to start making good life choices now) is trying to plan a second wedding, but apparently can't get Jihoon on board with her grand vision. So, with a facial expression you'd expect from say, someone who has just experienced the most horrible of hum
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