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  1. Jihoon/Deavan - And the translator app wins the night! That scene made me laugh. Hard. The rest of it was entirely unnecessary, as even Deavan shouldn't have needed more than a second to figure out Jihoon's lying is compulsive and intractable, and completely unacceptable. Although, it was SO obvious on their video calls that he was lying to her again, I do have a hard time feeling all that sorry for Deavan. I mean, if nothing else, it seems like she might have gotten a clue when she had to find and pay for an apartment for them..... I get she doesn't want to face that she got knocked up a second time by a total loser, but that's the chance she took when she chose to sleep with Jihoon the first day they met. So, as Jihoon's mother would say, "Suck it up, buttercup." And move on. Kenny/Armando - They might have some bumps along the way, but I think they're going to be just fine. Brittany/Yazan - The fact she went back to Jordan still married - without telling anyone - is utterly ridiculous. She seems to think she's so fabulous she can just pull up in his country and everyone is going to love her outrageous self. Girl has another thing coming, however, of which she already got a taste of with Yazan's parents. She's in a for a huge introduction to reality... Ari/Bini - And speaking of facing reality like the grown woman you are..... She seems to have some level of arrested development, and her parents' coddling is either the cause or the effect of that, I'm guessing. Tim/Melyza - Dude seems like a loser on every level to me. Given how many people Melyza must've met just at the university they were attending, it's rather sad she decided Tim the Cheating Cheese Stick was her best option. I predict that it won't be too long before he gets the boot back to Dallas... and I'm putting my money on the fact he's not coming back with the cat.
  2. So this season, the story is that Andrei paid for their first wedding with his savings, so Elizabeth's dad should pay for their wedding in Moldova? I could've sworn, however, the story last season was that her dad paid for the first wedding, and because I apparently have way too much time on my hands, I went back and watched the previous episode to confirm. Meaning, we have a prior episode in which they unambiguously say that Elizabeth's dad paid for their first wedding, and then we see them just as clearly say on this episode that Andrei paid for the first wedding with his savings. So which is it? Were we being lied to then, or are we being lied to now? And so weird that I guess they thought no one would notice that they had changed up the story midstream? Not a conspiracy theorist - at all - but my feeling for a while about these two is that we're being fed a completely fake story line.... and the huge, glaring inconsistency just reinforces that feeling.
  3. Compared to her earlier seasons, Danielle is positively effusive these days. I might even go so far as to say I might see a hint of personality there. And frankly, I find it kind of gratifying to see her finally working for it a little bit, as it had seemed like the entirety of her contribution to the relationship was being present and breathing previously. Not sure if she's loosening up or if we're seeing her how she's always been without a production crew present, but I can kind of get a sense now as to why Bobby digs her so much. And add me to the group not particularly bugged by Jamie O. Personally, I find her long-running reign as MAFS' exclusive fame 'ho a rather impressive feat of entrepreneurship. I mean, girl's gotta make a living, and guessing her tv gig is a lot easier work than 12 hour nursing shifts. (For the record, not knocking her for transitioning to a less time-consuming, less intense career, as she did what she needed to do to take care of her siblings and now that she's past that phase of life, nothing wrong with choosing a more enjoyable path, IMHO). A totally different story, however, is having a home birth, as home births are totally horrifying to me. I can't imagine why any parent would look at all of their available options, and yet, not choose the safest one. I've never had kids, but you better believe if I had, I would've pushed that baby out at a hospital, and a hospital with a Level 4 NICU, at that. Loved Deonna's reaction when Greg said they should start trying for a baby next month. I've always thought she's a cutie, and was so happy she was matched with such a great guy who had the patience she needed to warm up and feel comfortable being herself. Actually, as I'm thinking about each of them as I'm writing this post, I can say I really like all of the couples who are still together - with the exception of Jamie and Elizabeth. I literally physically cringe when they come on my tv, and have even caught myself holding my breath a couple times. Seems they stress me out hardcore haha, but in all seriousness, I just don't think they're good together. Elizabeth, in particular, always seems to be a slightly dimmer version of herself these days, which just feels sad to me - as I don't think it's the crazy bitch part of her that's faded, but the energy and ridiculous joy she had most of the time. I must admit, however, she did provide me with two of the funniest MAFS moments ever - her "basic Caucasian sex" comment, of course, and the look on Dr. Vivianna's face when Elizabeth called her a bitch. 🤣🤣
  4. Stumbled upon Couples Cam yesterday and while probably not worthy of awards or critical acclaim ; ), I've really enjoyed catching up on the past couples. Especially happy to see Shawniece and Jephte doing so well. Shawniece is cute as a button, seems like lots of fun, and very genuine and loving. Proud of Jephte for finally stepping up to honor his commitment to his family, and glad to see he was able to get out of his own way and be open to enjoying - and ultimately, starting to fall for - Shawniece. AJ and Sexy AF Steph still confuse me, as I can't for the life of me figure out what she sees in him. However, they seem consistently happy together, so hope whatever it is continues to work for them... Greg is gonna have to take a page from Doug's playbook and get on board the baby train sooner rather than later, me thinks... And still 100% believe Elizabeth and Jamie's relationship is seriously toxic and that they absolutely would both be better off going their separate ways.
  5. Very true! And most people would tell you the best city views can be seen from Sharp's Ridge (you can see the Sunsphere off in the distance on the right). While there's no fancy observation deck at Sharp's Ridge, there's a park and walking trail which is used way more often by locals on a day to day basis than the Fair grounds. : ) On a final note, while this seems self-evident, I would like to take this opportunity to make certain my fellow snarkers know that Geoffrey is not, in any way, typical of Knoxvillians. (And while true that generally speaking, we're not the most sophisticated and worldly perhaps, we nonetheless don't usually think of ourselves as rednecks - Geez, Varya!). In fact, in my experience, people from East TN are usually very kind, as well as extremely genuine and open. ❤️
  6. The Sunsphere was built for the 1982 World's Fair and while the most recognizable part of our skyline, the structure itself has been either under- or unused ever since. In fact, it wasn't until years later (I was only 4 yo during the Fair and more interested in rides than architecture and city views) that I went up into the Sunsphere for the first of only two times, ever. The Sunsphere is 266 ft tall (or 26 stories), and the observation deck is on the fourth level of the sphere (see red arrows). My little sister attended a Christmas party there last year and said it was a bit of an awkward venue, as available floor space on each level was narrow and for the most part, lacked seating. Nevertheless, even though we hardly ever actually go to the Fair grounds, it's hard to imagine downtown Knoxville without the Sunsphere in the background. : )
  7. So to recap, Avery announced to Ash that she needed yet another break from him to "clear her head" regarding just how inferior to her in every way Ash is the many complications inherent in Ash moving to the U.S.. Fully expecting him to sit around pining away for her, as usual, Avery was clearly stunned that instead, Ash called their relationship off for good. And when she was trying to explain exactly what had gone wrong for her between them, she ended up sounding inarticulate, petty, and bitter... which was really not a good look on her.
  8. Then he'll know exactly which dumpster she chucked it in as she left the restaurant . . .
  9. Not saying I'm not there with popcorn on hand for the drama, but sometimes I think it would be nice to just watch a sweet love story unfold, between two reasonably equally matched people who happen to live in different countries - a la the early seasons of 90DF. Kirylam/Alan, Amy/Danny, Kyle/Noon, Loren/Alex... Anyway, wishful and nostalgic musings aside, back to reality.... Baby Girl Lisa/Usman - BGL is so damn abrasive. Like, ALL the fucking time. And enough already with the nonstop verbal beat downs. Sit the fuck down and STFU already. BGL and Angela both have serious anger problems stemming from overwhelming insecurities, but for the love of all things holy, if your self-esteem is that far in the toilet, then don't make matters worse by attaching yourself to someone half your freakin' age. This is not rocket science, ladies. Ash/Avery - Avery, at the airport: "...he doesn't even realize how hard it's going to be moving forward for us." Even as she's professing her alleged love and devotion to Ash, she still just can't help oozing condescension. Not that Ash doesn't deserve every single drop of it, but come on Avery, just be honest with yourself and admit that, while the sex is mind blowing, you seriously cannot stand this wide-eyed blob of hair gel sitting atop the skinniest pair of jeggings known to man who is just so mindful of everything. Be polite, thank him for showing you around Australia in between some good fucking, and MOVE ON. Stephanie/Erika - No idea if these two ever had a sincere intent to be in a relationship, but taking it at face value, it was just never going to work. Opposites might attract, but some differences really just can't be overcome, and I contend Rainbow Bright's happy go lucky attitude about life and Stephanie's "stick so far up her ass she needs a map to find it" disposition are wholly incompatible on a base level. And again, just taking it at face value, good for both girls for being brave enough to be their authentic selves. And good on their parents for the accepting, loving responses. (Stephanie's mom faltered for a minute, but pulled it out in the end). Geoffrey/Varya/Mary - I'll give it to Geoffrey, because until about 2 weeks ago, I thought Varya was the Total Package, myself. Then, she steps off the plane in Knoxville and basically transforms before our eyes into a super psycho bitch. And I actually physically cringed when Geoffrey said "... I've always loved you. Even when I was trying to cover it up with another woman...." For her sake, I hope that when Mary found out they were engaged, she told Geoffrey to "FUCK OFF," meant it, and is sticking to it. I will say that I enjoyed seeing the great footage of Knoxville. Even though I moved away 10 years ago, East TN will always be home. ❤️ Darcey/Stacey - NO IDEA why these two are still on my tv. If TLC thinks they're fan favorites, they're sadly mistaken, and both women need to get off camera and use that time for some really intensive therapy, instead. David/Lana - Watching men (particularly old, doughy, awkward ones) try to force themselves on their love lust interests just creeps me the fuck out. David is pathetic and will find out that while I'm sure Lana appreciated the new phone, she has no intention of talking to your needy ass all hours of the day and night. Nor did she ever have any intention of marry the creep, and I have to give David a slight bit of credit for knowing this, at least in the back of his mind; hence, giving her a CZ to be replaced with a real diamond once she actually shows up in the US and fulfills her "intimacy duties" to David's satisfaction. Big Ed/Rose Marie - Rose said everything that needed to be said, much better than I ever could. And I, for one, hope Rose updates her FB constantly to show she's in a relationship with various men (and/or women), all of whom are American and younger/wealthier/better looking than Big Ed.
  10. Congratulations to Rose and Varya on becoming official card-carrying members of The Mens Don't Control Me club! ❤️ ❤️
  11. I'm from Knoxville and think it's fantastic.... for what it is. A smallish city surrounded by tons of natural beauty and outdoor activities, dirt cheap cost of living due in large part to no state income tax and super low property taxes/prices, with easy access to Nashville and Atlanta. From the few minutes I just spent with Google, Knoxville looks light years better than Varya's hometown; about on par with to a little smaller than where she's currently living as far as available activities/restaurants/shopping, hustle/bustle etc; and not even close to the same as a city like Moscow. To be fair, however, while I do miss it, Knoxville is too small a city to offer any opportunities practicing law in the specific area I love, so I've lived in one of the largest metroplexes in the US for the last 10 yrs. Geoffrey totally lost me in his twisted geographical logic however when they were talking at Varya's apartment. Earlier in the day, we see him promoting Knoxville to Varya, encouraging her that she can be happy there, and telling her it makes him so happy to hear her discussing moving there to be with him. Then, he sees her apartment, she tells him it's unfinished because she's been saving her resources in anticipation of things working out with Geoffrey and moving to Knoxville, and dude's all, "WTF?!? Bitch is scamming me!" Ummm, no, Geoffrey, she was putting her money where her mouth is and doing exactly what you were encouraging her to do earlier that day... But apparently,, she was supposed to really really want you to want her to move, but in no way show she might actually be expecting it by making any preparations.... and yeah, F YOU. -- In other news, I actually snorted when Babygirl Lisa asked Usman if he enjoyed his first time ever having sex without a condom. Comedy gold, and you truly cannot make this shit up. -- And just when I think Darcey and Stacey cannot possibly fuck up their faces/bodies any more, they find a way to force in even more filler and look even more awful. Made all the more tragic by how lovely they both were before they discovered cosmetic surgery. As to their clothing brand, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even wear a pair of socks "designed" by those two.... On a serious note, I pray Darcey's daughters have other women in their lives modeling healthy self worth to counterbalance the almost complete lack of self esteem displayed by their mother... -- Big Ed is in for a rude awakening if he's expecting Rose to actually like him. That girl is gritting her teeth and bearing who she deemed most tolerable of the pool she had available to choose from. So yeah, sorry, Big Ed, but I'm afraid "least repulsive" is about the best you can hope for here.... Ash and Marijuana chick should just fuck each others brains out for the 2 weeks she's there and then spare themselves and everyone else the inevitable drama to follow by just going ahead and moving on. And same for the girl who sang the pizza song and her neon haired gf. Enjoy the sex, especially since you've been abstaining for God knows how long, and then lose each other's numbers and get on with your lives. And hey, look on the bright side (no pun intended).... you'll always have.... the "Outback?" ( ;
  12. The way Jessica looked at Austin this week said it all. She was beaming at him like he not only hung the moon, but came up with the idea for the moon and then made the moon. ( :
  13. My issue with Taylor has nothing to do with whether she's a bit obsessed with presenting a not-quite-authentic image on social media - or even on this show - and everything to do with the absurd level of stupidity she displayed by repeatedly denying the video had anything to do with Brandon. She might as well have been standing there in a bright blue shirt earnestly insisting she was wearing her favorite pastel pink one. I swear, every stupid denial that came out of her stupid mouth was even more stupid than the one before it. If you acted rashly and are now embarrassed, I think it's human nature to be at least somewhat tempted to spin it, but damn, Taylor, that was your best effort?? Taylor, in her THs, talking to Dr. Vivianna, talking to Meka, talking to various other and sundry friends and family, says, "So yeah, I made this video during which I talk about nothing but being married.... but it clearly has nothing to do with the man to whom I'm married! I've no idea what part of talking about my relationship requirements, summarized for easy reference in a bullet pointed list, and how those relate to my current/future relationship status, could possibly have given anyone the idea I was talking about my relationship." Riiiiiight, Taylor. I would contend we saw this side of Meka - the aggressive, shrill, annoying, inflexible side - for the first time when she was putting on her wedding dress. And that was before she knew one damn thing about Michael, so that was all Meka, all the time, and can in no way be attributed to Michael being a creepy asshole jerk. Based on all estimates I've heard of the paltry sums the participants receive, if you go on a reality tv show for the money, you are already sucking majorly at life. This. Every. Single. Season. It's crazy, actually, how many men are cast on reality tv shows in heterosexual relationships and subsequently subjected to speculation that they're gay. Often based on such overused, trite stereotypes of gay men that the accusations should come with a warning: "Involuntary eye rolls are to be expected and may occur frequently and with unknown levels of severity...." IMHO, it's time to move on from gay and get a little more original here ; )
  14. I felt certain Kody was referring to Robyn, as well. When he said he wasn't going to say which wife has the right personality for polygamy because it would hurt the others, he all but shouted "Robyn." Because, had he specifically called out Janelle as the pnly one cut out for polygamy, Christina and Meri would have agreed, and Robyn would've been pissed, not hurt. Plus, pretty sure Kody remembers well when Janelle took her kids and moved out, as well as the years of conflict with Meri. It's really only been in the lasr few years that Janelle has seemed to really engage with the others. I guess she's either figured out how to chill the fuck out m or got some hella good ciaching on how to at least act more warm, agreeable, easy going, etc. And I have to say, when Kody was whining like a little bitch that Robyn always gets the short end of things, I would've given my right arm - and maybe a leg - if Meri had said, "Have you SEEN the house she rented when we moved to Flagstaff?? You know, the monstrosity that's way nicer and 4 times as big as anyone else's house.... yeah, that one. So, I'm gonna need you to explain exactly how you figure she's getting the shaft...." Meri has said she and Kody were having relationship issues before the show started and before there was Robyn. My theory has always been that Meri in fact did mot set them up at all, but after realizing Kody was losing his shit over Rpbyn, encouraged Kody to court her in an attempt to get back in his good graces herself. On a final.note, I would love to know if Kody truly doesn't know why they "can't function as one big family" in one home. When he said that in his TH, I wanted to get in his face and scream that the reason his wives cam barely stand each other is because of HIM! Not only does he do NOTHING to take care of Meri, Janelle, or Christine's needs, he actively fucking tries to undermines any emotional security they manage to scrape together on their own. I swear, if he came at me with that statement, he'd be told explicitly that until he put forth substantial actual, real effort himself, he'd better NEVER call me out again. Then again, I'd never even be acquaintances with that fool, nevertheless married to him. God, he's such an idiot and a fucking asshole. Words actually seem inadequate to describe just how bad he sucks.
  15. Taking tattoos out of it, generally speaking, I do think it's fun sometimes to mix two very different styles together. If done well, the juxtaposition can create a striking and unique look that's way more interesting than just taking lock, stock, and barrel a style that's been around forever . Hayley and Pnina both have horrible fish lips, which is such an unattractive (and slightly freakish) look IMHO. But, to Hayley's credit, at least she isn't the Queen of the Stripper Fairy Dress, so there's that... Seems way to impersonal to really feel like a wedding to me. I can see how for some people, it would be a fun, cool event... but I can't quite wrap my head around it taking the place of a more traditional wedding. So, in that context, it makes a lot more sense to me for something like that to be of interest to Not-First-Time Brides, brides who have lost a parent or something that makes a traditional wedding set up too painful to them, etc. I noticed that too and was like, "WTH?!?" And I could've sworn I heard several references to the brides only having two days until the wedding occurred. As in, 2 days to select their dresses and for the alterations to be completed. Sorry, but that doesn't sound like a fun time to me. I've wondered a few times if the brides get to keep the dresses. Wouldn't shock me if Kleinfeld takes them back and sticks them in the next Blowout Sale. @DiamondGirl, Randy has done absolutely nothing to deserve that! ; ) Besides, I'm sure Whitney will just open a new pack of white leggings, pair them with a white sports bra, and call it good. : )
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