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  1. Wishing Well

    S06.E05: The Other Thing 

    It aired at 10pm instead
  2. Anybody watch Amy’s last IG story? She’s cleaning out her grandma’s closet, and posted a very heartfelt verbal thank you to anyone supporting them. She looks like she’s just spent the last few days mourning and has just made peaceful with the situation...meanwhile Jill is happily posting a bouquet of $10 flowers she got from somewhere
  3. Speaking of the Bates, that little Bradley is the cutest kid I have possibly ever seen.
  4. Top 1000 worst baby names?
  5. From the Instagram stories, this wedding is looking really beautiful. There’s also a video of the bride and groom practicing their first dance. Gonna not comment on them also practicing a High School Musical style duet to each other.
  6. Omg I’m an evil librul living in Seattle and I don’t know if I would dare wear the mesh crop outs in front of my fam. Love it on her though. https://www.instagram.com/p/BxlCcnBpEQL/?igshid=jaudla8ykglu check out the comments.
  7. Wishing Well

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    I got off a 12 hour flight from Seattle to Beijing on a four hour flight delay and headed straight to the Cinema. Holy balls. So much to unpack, but the part that gave me chills was when Thanos was so terrified of Wanda straight up destroying him that he ordered HIS troops to be fired on, just hoping that it would take her out. “You took everything from me” ”I don’t even know you!” 😂
  8. Wishing Well

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Maybe I’ve watched too much Legends of Tomorrow and AOS S5, but I don’t see how Steve staying in the past won’t completely blow up the timeline. Unless if he changes his identity and hides on a farm for 50 or whatever years, but then Peggy would still have to be living her original time line, or SSR and SHIELD will be gone. And I doubt Steve will sit idly by while Korea and Vietnam happens. So the only logical conclusion is that he dies, as Cevans doesn’t have any more films, and they can’t just write Cap off without another mention after this. scuse me, gonna go sob in the corner now
  9. Wishing Well

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    Coulson 😉. That man is a superhero through and through.
  10. Wishing Well

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    Ooooh on the topic of age - AOS proves that the Kree should have longer life spans. In 2018, Cassius’s father looks to be human middle age, but in 2091 (?), his sons look mid thirties. Coincide that with the fact that Cassius has been at the lighthouse for YEARS, and still seems young...they probably live for much longer and age slower.
  11. Wishing Well

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    Oh I know. My first boss demanded that all her girls had hair and makeup done nicely every day. To work at a bank.
  12. Wishing Well

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    Also - looks like prior to Vers and Hala, Maria and Carol were spending a lot of time in SoCal...which is where National City is. What I would give for a MCU/DC teamup where Carol Danvers met Kara Danvers... 😍. Then she can date Alex Danvers.
  13. Wishing Well

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    YES. Captain Marvel shows the modern, systemic sexism that we still see, and that is why I think people are turning into, dare I say, “snowflakes” about it. In WW, society tells Diana to wear a frilly crinoline and dress, that women shouldn’t go to war, and that love and compassion is not enough. These aren’t really things that I can relate to, as a modern day 20 something woman, but I can respect and revere Diana as a strong female figure and hero. Carol got catcalled. I got catcalled last week. She was told to sit down and control her emotions. Hillary, AOC, Kamala...they’ve all had their abilities questioned because of their so called female emotions. Meanwhile men on both sides of the political spectrum are screaming and howling. Carol was knocked down and ridiculed by men at her profession, something we have all endured. When she finally found herself - the man told her that HE is proud of HER success, and that she needs to let go of her innate abilities and talents, lower herself to his level, and prove herself to him. He changed the rules right as she won, invalidated her victories, and took credit for her success. Which reminds me of Taylor Swift’s second AOTY Grammy win, where she encouraged girls to not let anyone take credit for their hard work and success. Sexism is ugly. Sexism hurts. Sexism comes in the form of microaggressions and societal norms that are not there to help us as a gender. Captain Marvel subtlety put those sexist moments in their film, the same way we see them in our day to day life. Nobody is beating us around the head with a bat labeled SEXISM!!!, but those little things here or there are.
  14. Wishing Well

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    I was very overwhelmed by this movie, so I’m not ready to write about it quite yet. Everything is so beautiful right now that I want to take a moment and let it all sink in, and then write a real review. But my beloved Captain Rogers may have been finally dethroned as my favorite Avenger. That beautiful man held on for a solid 14 or so movies, but Carol 😍 That being said, two things. Season 1 Glee fans, get ready for a hilarious casting moment. Nobody could understand why I was laughing so hard at a moment so devoid of humor, but um...Ken Tanaka Second - the MCU banner broke me. I started tearing up the second this all began...I was expecting some sort of tribute, but not that.
  15. Wishing Well

    AGT The Champions: All Episode Discussion

    We prefer the terms “classical crossover”, or “pop style” 😉 She’s not that great...I think a lot of her success really still comes from the novelty of it all. She still sounds like an amateur compared to Katherine Jenkins, and she’s 18 now.