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  1. Just realized something - Gideon malfunctioning involves the words cat and Bollywood, two big things that happened to Zari
  2. I’ve realized after this episode that for as annoyed as I can get with Nate, and marginally Ava, I’m so happy to see them at the end of the crossover. It’s like seeing family again. Proves how good LOT is.
  3. Once upon a time, there was a character who died during a Crisis crossover. The episodes leading up to the Crisis involves him living his best life, meeting his descendants, bonding with his adopted and real family. During the Crisis, he nobly sacrificed his life and ran defenseless and weapon less into the melee, to buy his compatriots more time and to save the entire world. After the killing blow, we had a little time with him while he got to say goodbye to those he loved. Even though he didn’t get to say goodbye to his wife and child, he was with his family still
  4. Alright y’all. We’re in the Endgame now. And what I mean by that is...the Legends are probably somehow bumbling their way over to save the day. The Legends have always been the best part of the crossovers for me - their snarky comments and sandwiches during Invasion, them being the cavalry during COEX, and their complaints during their absence in Elseworlds. One thing that I noticed - the time stream has access to the Vanishing Point. The time stream has access to all the universes (as established in Pt. 1). The time stream was also not affected by major events like Flashpoint so it’s po
  5. Also! By the time the team left, Oliver and John Diggle Jr were having a blast tag teaming it, and Oliver had some semblance of purpose again. I wonder if this is time trying to fix the John Jr v Connor Hawks issue? Should’ve just left Baby Sara.
  6. You know what though - Cade and Gabby are both very talented. They honed that talent as young kids and both managed to get onto Idol and make it extremely far. If anyone’s ever heard the past contestants talk about the Idol journey - it’s HARD work. And a lot of pressure, competition, and anxiety. They made it through, found each other, and made records on their own and perform and try to make it as artists. Jinger and Jeremy - none of that. At all. You stick them on Idol or something similar and they wouldn’t even know how to sign up online.
  7. I don’t really have much judgement - I’m 26 and I ate 5 greasy tacos, 4 cookies, and a boatload of chocolate yesterday. My skin is paying the price this morning 😞 and honestly brands like Chipotle will use Halloween as a loss leader of sorts. Get it for $4 today and you’ll crave a burrito again a week from now. It stays fresh and relevant. I almost went to Chipotle yesterday but I had one on Wednesday already lol Now...Derick thinking a sombrero Is a costume? Fuck YOU in the ass.
  8. Here’s the thing though - if these people (less JerJin and more of the older fundies) really don’t want to associate with the un-Godly, then how are they so knowledgeable about Kanye? They know ALL about Ye and his past, so they’ve must have been um..um...keeping up. Wow I did not mean to use that pun omg. But the point still stands that they’re all hypocrites.
  9. I think it would be really cute for Kimye and JerJin to meet up in their coffin house. Jeremy and Jinger can show them videos of their family and faith, and Kimmy can show them the video of Ray J peeing on her.
  10. Y’all I am LIVING right now We have Jeremy citing KANYE as some sort of inspiration Jinger is in a power suit Irrelevant as they are, I wouldn’t put it past their people to be able to hook them up with Kanye, and for some sort of team thing to happen Just imagine, Jim Bob checking in on them and immediately being greeted by Kim’s big ass Kanye cussing them out in an effort to bond, because that’s how he talks oh I hope they meet Caitlyn. I fucking hate Caitlyn and the Vuolos, just put them all in a ring and see who comes out victorious. Which would probab
  11. They need to take a page out of Bethenny Frenkel’s book. Last year she hauled jets and jets full of supplies and food over to Puerto Rico, and called on her rich celebrity friends to donate planes and supplies. She instagrammed the whole thing for publicity and was actually WORKING. She was able to get tons done and used her social media to spread awareness and to get donations. There was no question of her intentions and it was amazing to watch. These morons are probably still posing at the airport. At least they’ve done more than the President. I guess.
  12. Guys. I’m 26. Apparently phrases like “legit” are now old. My younger staff members at work have informed me that instead of saying “cool”, you say “bet”. I informed a kid that I’m giving him a raise and he says “THAT’S BROKEN!” It might be time for me to register with the AARP 😞
  13. Hmmm...that Rod boy would be veeeery cute if he had his brows fixed and maybe an extra 40 pounds of muscle. And a lobotomy.
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