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  1. The actor has since passed. RIP Ben.
  2. If you just heard the doorbell, that's UPS with the stomach pump I sent. You're welcome.
  3. That's Claudette's husband. (And that wasn't Claudette who he brought with him to the party.) He and Mickey have a decades-old beef.
  4. Or how about this for Terry: Face it--you're an ass.
  5. I'm with you. And I'll go one further by admitting that much of my disdain for Abby and the daughter is because they're so damned hard to look at. Cartoonish facial features, always contorted into bitchface is just not easy on my eyes. I know it's shallow. But, ugh.
  6. I'm sure Heather can readily dispense ice after a few Dulcolax tablets. Nothin warm or sexy about that woman.
  7. I love that we put in this much effort to high-five each other!
  8. No, not Bridgette. I think he was talking about the old ex-girlfriend whose murder Mickey took the rap for.
  9. There may be hope--if there's a check mark in the top right corner of each post, that's the Like function. So, Checkmark until your heart's content!
  10. Thank you! Yep, that was it. I liked that one. And it was absolutely uncanny, the resemblance between the actors and the real-life folks, unlike many shows on ID.
  11. Does anyone remember the show that featured murder cases but it was fairly well-acted (which should narrow the possibilities down dramatically) and at closing credits, the actors would hold up a portrait of the real-life person they played? It used to run on ABC for a little while before coming to ID. One of the episodes featured a man who'd killed and dismembered his girlfriend in post - Katrina New Orleans...
  12. So sorry to hear about that, @ElectricBoogaloo.
  13. And make a crepe streamer arrow pointing down to the tailpipe. Borrow the ENTER sign and stick it next to the arrow.I'll grab a pizza from Rubino's and we can watch hilarity ensue.
  14. Omg thank you, @smittykins. I'm 'bout to play that clip for HubbyWoo72. Boo-yow!
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