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  1. All the top QBs get more calls with late hits than other QBs. Not just Brady. We know it happens, we have seen it. Its not just calling him by name. Its a confirmation of the reality we all know exists. I saw multiple hits over the weekend on Jacoby Brissett and even one on Mariotta last night where if that is not just Brady but Rodgers or Brees, there is no doubt a flag is getting thrown Great players get the benefit of the doubt on calls. And its not just the NFL. NBA you see it even worse
  2. The Thursday night football crapfest continues. What on earth on these coaches thinking with these decisions? You skip the chance for a FG in the 3rd quarter down 14-0, 4th and goal from the 6. Jags next possession, FG, up by 3 possessions. THEN the Jags return the favor, up 20-7 and you don't kick the FG to go up by 16. Yes technically that is two possessions, but big difference between two TDs and extra points to win to high vs. two FG AND two 2-point conversions just to tie. THEN, still down by 13 and time left, the Titans basically say it doesn't matter anyway, first play inside their own 10 yard line, needing two TDs to win and with about two minutes or 3 minutes to play, I forget, doesn't matter, they CALL A RUNNING PLAY followed up by a waste of 20 seconds on the clock before getting the next play run, then throw a sideline pass, but the WR does not get out of bounds. Jesus Christ.......this is situation football 101. grade school coaches can figure this stuff out. Freakin' morons. Also Marriota missed a player WIDE OPEN on the end zone for a score. And he needs to get rid of the ball. Those sacks, same thing on Sunday vs. the Colts, many of them are on him, not the OL. THROW THE BALL. He has had several years, not their answer at QB. Antonio Brown, what can you say.......I don't know for sure if he is guilty or not of what he is accused, but based on his text messages and behavior the past year, I am not really willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on it. Does the man know English. Not joking, he communicates on about a 3rd grade level in those texts. Its all at once scary, baffling and sad to know he actually went to college. I know texting you don't use full sentences and their are abbreviations and slang, but even beyond that, I literally can't understand what he is trying to say in those texts. All you get is a general sense from them of him being stupid, entitled, vindictive and childish. And when I say stupid I don't mean in the derogatory slang sense, I mean in the literal dictionary definition of him having a low IQ, like 80 or below.
  3. What a crappy system. Hard to believe that is still allowed in this day and age. Never thought too deeply about it but wonder just legally how that came about and is justified. Actually I can imagine how it started and I am sure it is deeply rooted in racism and sexism. I guess I find it more surprising the system continues. I know there are home owner boards to regulate what you can and cannot have in your yard, house, etc everywhere, but no one is telling them you can't live here because they don't like you
  4. Saw this movie over the weekend with my son I have not read the book or seen the first movie, but found this one pretty enjoyable. Though I did not find it particularly scary. Had scary scenes but nothing particularly memorable or horrifying. Loved Hader as always. Seems like a mash up of a scary Stand by Me follow up and Stranger Things, though I realize this predates both those I believe and its mixing eras to say that. thought the writing in the flesh on the stomach was pretty funny. "NOoooooo........don't ruin my fabulous new gratuitous abs I am showing off!!!!"
  5. Here is one that I don't know if its true or not : Do you really have to interview in front of some tenant board in order to buy or sometimes even obtain an apartment in NYC? Tends to happen all the time on TV. Seinfeld and 30 Rock come to mind first, but others I know use it as well.
  6. Going to be a "race" between Miami and Carolina I think in the tanking category I think Cam is done, will never be the same, time to move on from him. I don't see how Miami wins a game this year though. At this pace Miami will be outscored on the year approximately 800-50.
  7. How can such smart people be so bad at game theory and figuring what to bet on FJ. Champ should have lost this one. As mentioned 3rd place should have bet nothing AND the second place person should have bet like $4000-$5000, enough to win if he gets it right and the champion misses it AND enough to win if they both get it wrong. Then he is still ahead of the 3rd place person as well, she was far enough behind she wasn't going to catch him even if she got it right and didn't matter in this scenario. Betting all his money was just stupid. He had to have the champ miss FJ to win, if they both get it right, he is going to lose. Should have bet in the middle and he would have won easily Just gave away the chance to dethrone the champion. And I missed FJ. I didn't even know the name of the wrong answer everyone chose. Best I could say is "French National Anthem".
  8. Setback for Alex https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/tv/story/2019-09-17/alex-trebek-pancreatic-cancer-setback
  9. New year, same old Browns. Thumped by an expected to be mediocre Titans team Colts blew the game today in SD. Vinatieri suddenly can't hit a FG. On the plus side, Jacoby Brissett looked great. He was not the reason for the loss, not by a long shot. Miami Dolphins, knew they'd be bad, but THAT bad? Game was over by the end of the first quarter I totally think AB did this to get on the Pats. And the Pats knew it. Is there anything more appropriate in the 100th year of the league than the Lions and Cardinal, arguably the two worst franchises in league history, tying in week one? At least football is back.
  10. So its OK to boo Djokovic even though he was actually injured and trying to play, for several sets, even though that is an individual sport and not a team sport and he answers basically only to himself But you can't boo Luck, even though he quit on the team two weeks before the start of the season, and really there is no immediately compelling physical injury or reason he has to physically retire right now, he has not even tried to play this preseason or this year, not even tried to practice? His claim of a "calf injury" for months seems to be completely bogus and no doctor can seemingly even find anything wrong with his calf. He has a great OL now and was sacked literally the least of any starting QB in the league last year. he can blame his physical health if he wants, but the basic reason is he just has no mental desire to play anymore. His shoulder is repaired. His prior injuries are better. He is free to stop playing, no one can force him to, but fans have a right to be upset under the circumstances. This is not a situation where a doctor is telling him he has to retire or he risks serious permanent injury in the near future. Nothing of the sort. And again, you can still appreciate what Luck did for the team AND be upset with his decision. A few boos at such an expected decision does not mean the Colts fans hate him or are chastising him for everything he has done. They are upset with this decision, rightfully so. Plus the decision was completely unexpected and came from out of nowhere.
  11. The season picked up right where it left off with the superbowl A dull kicking match where the first team to get in the end zone wins You have to be crushed if you are a bears fan. You hold the Packers and Rodgers to 10 points and you lose by a TD? ANd Trubisky badly missed on some throws. That will be the narrative for the season for them. Is Trubisky good enough? After last night, the answer so far early in the season is, "No".
  12. Finally back tonight My Colts related Luck booing response got locked up twice, so I am late to that, but the fans had good reason for booing and it doesn't mean they don't like or appreciate Luck. He is not being forced into retirement by injuries, like this is being portrayed. He is just not into the game and choosing not to play any longer. ANd that is his choice he can make, but he is leaving a team with legitimate SB aspirations and that was set to be a contender for the next 5-10 years with what they have in place in the organization. Just walked away from it all. No Colts fan denies that the team around him sucked and the coach and GM did nothing to help him for his early career. But last year the OL was great, the coaching and GM are now much improved and the team has more depth than it has had in over a decade. His supposed calf injury has been lingering for months and it seems no doctor can find much wrong with it. He just was done mentally, not physically. He could have been and was projected to be a HOF QB and he could still do that, decided he doesn't want to do that. Fans can be both, and are, both appreciative of what he has done but disappointed he is not staying to put the team over the top to win a title, which was very possible if he continued playing And its a few boos, its not the end of the world. Plus then yesterday Djokovic was booed at the US open because he couldn't finish a match due to a shoulder injury. He physically couldn't finish in mid match and got booed. In comparison I'd say indy fans aren't so bad
  13. And he is dead now. I forgot he died a few years ago.
  14. Yes and we don't really know where that idea came from about why he put the boy on the cross, if that is true about him being placed there to try and bring him back to life, or just what his mom is saying, if he actually told her that, etc. We never here it from him. And in regard to Wayne Williams guilt/innocence, if the murders truly did stop after he was arrested, seems pretty good circumstantial evidence of his guilt with some of them.
  15. Female killers, especially middle class suburban white ones, are rare, statistically, so I can understand the media fascination. Basically what this team was interested in as well, how Manson turned them and what became their motivation A white male killer from Texas? Seem to be a dime a dozen, especially based on how many people Texas executes each year. On the note though of who they should be speaking to in terms of murderers, I don't recall from season one why it is they supposedly focus on sexual related offenders. However, that seems like a rather narrow focus and hope that is dropped later on. I haven't read the book but that seems to be awfully limiting in terms of their criteria of offenders. They obviously ignored it to talk to Manson, which I think was a smart choice You get a chance to talk with one of the most infamous and notorious criminals of the 20th century, you take the chance.
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