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  1. Another Jim Bob Dugger, doesn't care if he works his wife and mother to death as long as he keeps the babies popping out and the TLC money rolling in!
  2. that guy in the ice cream shop looks like he would have run over the kids to get to the ice cream­čĄú
  3. Work in the ER so I will be at work too-have a safe MD!
  4. they talk about her beind her back; what woman likes that? And she had to beg for a kiss from the king? They are Aholes treat her like crap ...run!
  5. There little testamonials are not on the intro any more "I think we have something thats pretty awesome, I wouldnt have it any other way" " Love sould be multiplied" ...all that BS
  6. ffs call a tow truck!
  7. I got a gay vibe from the stay-at-home husbands tbh. I'd like to see one where a woman has a husband and a wife-and they're not alowed to touch each other! Fair is fair!
  8. tLC had one episode of a show where a woman had two husbands. It used to be On demand but maybe it can be found on D+?
  9. Thanks, I didnt get what that was about.
  10. I've been watching TheGirls Next Door & they show more affection & have more fun & happiness than the Browns­čśĆ­čĄú 7
  11. The back-up singers were great though! Just have them on w/o SV.
  12. JHC I was shocked at her monsterous appearace! What are their daughters supposed to grow up thinking with these twisted examples of womanhood rasing them? That there is always something about their face & body that needs 'fixed'?
  13. I read she has left the showÔś╣´ŞĆ
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