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  1. I get to wear the sexy black scrubs too!😎😷
  2. Myself, I don't really give a sh!t what mine looks like😏
  3. She's wearing the same outfit next week too.
  4. I wonder if the story line will be reversed next season (if there is one) and Chase will break-up with Twit & date Heather? lol
  5. I know! Who the H would want him? 🙄
  6. A bit heavy handed but I still find it freaking Hilarious🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!
  7. She does a wonderful job with noses!
  8. I'm sorry I missed that! Would have been interesting.
  9. What? Is she walking down a (high) school hallway, apparently brushing a student with her arm? Wth? inappropriate!
  10. And I do love dogs too & they adore me! I make the biggest fuss over every one I meet.
  11. True! don't belittle potential customers!
  12. It aired but that part where the pt sister said she disagrees wasn't in there. I'm a bit puzzled by it. The guy with the really long hair? Awwwww 😥
  13. I just want to tell milkbone GFY for this idiot commercial.
  14. The poor puppy looked petrified!
  15. She acts more like an old fuddy-duddy than I do & I'm 63!
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