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  1. This is a real-life The Producers situation, isn't it? I'm just waiting to hear that Benioff and Weiss are writing it and Tak Fujimoto is the cinematographer.
  2. The difference being that you don't really have to sell Reese's, just put them on display near a checkout counter and they'll take care of that themselves!
  3. They'd do better to earmark $4 million of their new budget to sweepstakes prizes that would go to four HBO Max subscribers, with one being announced after the airing of each installment.
  4. Yeah, I remember the show as depicting the macho buffoonery of Allen's character as exactly that, not as something to be emulated. And I never saw anything meanspirited on the show. It was pablum, but of the treacly sort, not anything controversial.
  5. Tyler Posey Gets Candid about His Sexuality Spurred by his speaking out on the subject of violence against trans women recently.
  6. Are you secretly me, DearEvette? I went though exactly the same thing just now!
  7. Vaseline on the lens. Or, like in Liz Taylor's latter days, Crisco.
  8. On the age factor, it's probably a mix of increasing power and connections shielding someone as they advance in the business and no longer being willing to put up with other people's bullshit, which I've found to be increasingly the case in my life.
  9. As I recall, someone telling Colton Haynes that his coming out as a teen was the cause for his father's suicide messed him up bigtime. (And also, was complete bullshit. If that news is what pushes someone over the edge, there was already a LOT going wrong in their life beforehand.)
  10. Not just CBS, Don Bellisaro's production company has been making these shows and the parent show JAG for more than 25 years, hasn't it? Was this new trainee day or something?
  11. The apparently faked will, the relative stepping in to the investigation of Don's disappearance, and the handyman who implicated himself while threatening his wife are the compelling signs of foul play to me. Absent those I'd find it just as likely that Don Baskin is somewhere in South America partying it up with his friends from the drug cartels.
  12. Becca certainly built a good foundation, but I imagine there are plenty of ways to traumatize an 8-year-old boy into becoming a highly dysfunctional person. I hope whoever takes over his care will make sure that he knows he's not at fault for what happened to his mother, and that she willingly risked death to protect him.
  13. I don't think the series is glorifying anyone. The only facility they showed that actually treats the animals properly is run by a crazy cat lady who may have buried her murdered husband somewhere on site. There were about four named people on the show that seemed like decent folks, and none of them were owners.
  14. Peter knew how to operate the armor customizing equipment in Tony's private jet, so I'm going to guess they spent quite a bit of time together offscreen. I don't care how good you are at high school chemistry, you don't just walk in off the street and start running unique and extremely sophisticated tech like that.
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