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  1. That final scene with Colin Robinson gave me flashbacks to Tangina Barrons in Poltergeist 3. The vampires Guillermo killed back in the Season 2 opener didn't; he had to dispose of those bodies.
  2. I like Debra Messing, but if there are dolls of Nicole Kidman on the market I bet she's buying them in bulk to use for voodoo purposes.
  3. Bruinsfan

    Eternals (2021)

    It's not so much every 1000 years, as every time they die.
  4. Getting Allen Heinberg to do the screenplay and at least co-write the story again would be a big move in the right direction.
  5. Wow, "our DisneyWorld vacation is cancelled because you wouldn't behave!" is definitely master-level commitment to enforcing consequences for misbehaving. I bet those kids never tested their parents' rules again after that! It's been a long time since I kept wine around for drinking, but I've definitely had sweet sparkling wine in the fridge for more than 5 days without it going bad. A little flat maybe, but the flavor was still good.
  6. I've never seen Rami Malek come off well on a talk show or in a public appearance of any kind, so this was no surprise. But then perhaps that's due to my not thinking the sun shines out of his ass like so many people seem to. The ladies were quite a bit better, particularly Lashana, but it was really Daniel Craig's show. I loved the running joke about him forgetting what happened in the movie. My favorite part was Graham's exasperated dismissal of the Red Chair woman, though. He looked and sounded like he wished there were a Bond-style death trap to flip her into with the lever.
  7. Amen. Of course, for me that feeling is unchanged from the previous two seasons. If he whinges at the Titans about his issues and gets welcomed back with open arms, I hope Krypto heat visions him into a pile of ash.
  8. Didn't they show each of them spooning out dirt into their travel bags from a larger supply at home? I thought part of the joke was them sending Guillermo all over Europe to fetch dirt when he could have just taken a train to NYC to get some from home.
  9. If the show lasts for five seasons I expect Guillermo and Nandor to have somehow become married and perhaps adopted an orphan from some Third World country without Nandor ever realizing what's going on.
  10. As great as the main characters are, it's really the animal minions on this show that I love the most. The hellhound roasting squirrels, and Sam preparing charcuterie plates. Hope they never meet, though.
  11. It must be really important to follow internal affairs procedures to the letter in the middle of a huge crisis where half the city is violently tripping. So Dick and Connor can't go back to Wayne Manor because it's the first place people would look, but escaped terrorist Jonathan Crane can walk in and lounge around the place with no worries? Lydia can apparently not only teleport from Themiscyra to the outskirts of Gotham City, but also pull Donna into some other dimension where time passes differently and then spit her out again hours later at her intended destination. Wouldn't all
  12. Based on most of the What Ifs I'd be fine with that last regardless.
  13. I suppose when your sisters are billionaires or nearly so, the competition is fierce. Plus, bionics to replace body parts probably cost a lot more than they did in Steve Austin & Jamie Summers' day!
  14. Yeah, while Keenan gets an exception as the stable foundation of the show, I think most of the longtimers should be moving on. Especially the ones who have their own series in addition to SNL.
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