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  1. Emile Hirsch is still working, so I suppose anything's possible.
  2. Remember how there was some faint hope of that Flash solo movie getting its act together in the next couple of years? Well... https://variety.com/2020/film/news/ezra-miller-throttling-woman-video-1234571800/
  3. I too call bullshit on the "man of his time" excuses. My dad was born in the Great Depression, came of age in the mid-Fifties, and the only time I know of that he ever showed disrespect for a woman was when a former babysitter of mine threatened my mom with violence. (Which, let me be clear, I would respond to today in exactly the same way as he did in 1970.)
  4. She's worth about 2 1/2 Jane Fondas, but she gives more to charity than any celebrity I know of. She's given similar donations toward AIDS research, and put together fundraisers for numerous causes. Her book charity has given over 100 million free books to preschool-aged children, so she may be the biggest enemy of illiteracy currently alive.
  5. No, remember Snyder is the one who wanted Jimmy Olsen to appear only to be executed onscreen and okayed all of... whatever that was Jesse Eisenberg was doing instead of playing Lex Luthor. It would still suck, just in a different way.
  6. A quaint small town. Preferably a holiday-themed one.
  7. No way is anyone letting her get within spitting distance of Michael Douglas or Paul Rudd until they have a vaccine for this thing!
  8. Now THAT's got to be a tough anecdote to find a match for on Plenty of Fish!
  9. I get the meta budget reasons that Ray and Nora had to go, but in-story it feels like they jumped the gun. There should have been a number of episodes with conflict arising from Nora trying to make living on the Waverider work with her metaphysical duties and running into obstacles, rather than the impetus for the decision coming from her father after one evening's observation of her new life. As it is, it feels like Dahrke looked at all his former enemies helping Nora as her friends, said to himself "well, Nora's in love with Ray so I can't get rid of him, but she needs to be isolated from all this loyalty and support, STAT!", and Ray was gullible enough to buy in completely.
  10. I would—Constantine's romances usually end very badly for the other party!
  11. Her, the rest of the cast, and millions of people who saw it in theaters.
  12. I would have thought a bridge is more his style to live under...
  13. I remember I was horrified as a preteen by Romana being menaced by some cat-sized alien spider jumping out of a fruit and biting her face. In retrospect it probably looked like a refugee from The Muppet Show, but early 1980s me was traumatized.
  14. I'm two episodes in, and bracing myself for the less-glowingly-reviewed final episode later this week. Like many above, Sister Agatha is the highlight of the miniseries to me. When that scene ended with her asking Jonathan Harker if he'd had sex with Count Dracula, I thought "uh oh, here comes the edginess for edginess' sake," but she quickly won me over afterwards as my suspicions about her being some Lady Jayne-esque faux-modern vampire hunter merely posing as a nun were put to rest. (Mother Superior's question about this being one of Sister Agatha's projects had me in stitches!) Dolly Wells is a glorious revelation, and I'd really like to see a prequel series about Sister Agatha. As for the title character himself, I'm mostly enjoying him. Claes Bang really gives me a strong James Mason vibe in the role. But he occasionally goes too broad with the delivery and humor; for example, his yelling "LADIES!" at the assembled nuns couldn't help but bring Jerry Lewis to mind, and that's not a connotation one wants with the cinematic Prince of Darkness. Most of his interactions with Sister Agatha were excellent, though.
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