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  1. It was awful, but in a campy way that was entertaining. And Clooney's performance was decent (to pretty good as Bruce Wayne in the quieter moments), which is probably why he didn't catch that much flak for it. Val Kilmer was sleepwalking through his stint in the previous movie—as opposed to Jim Carrey, whose performance was too big for an IMAX screen.
  2. She's a friend of the show too, isn't she? Seems like Graham could have kept her onscreen to interact with the other guests more.
  3. I would have been fired about 30 seconds later after sarcastically asking "should I be wiping their asses for them, too?"
  4. It occurred to me during "Therapy Patrol" that Cliff is more or less Homer Simpson as a robotic superhero.
  5. J. K. Simmons has, but I don't know if he'd be subject to the same sort of lockdowns as lead actors.
  6. I guess trimethylamine and self-absorption are a dangerous combination...
  7. Henry. I agree that Tom Hopper would be a good Brian Braddock. Particularly since the actor that immediately popped up in my head, Jeremy Sheffield, is probably well beyond the age range they're looking for now.
  8. Justin Hartley has a hit show on NBC, Kristin Kreuk is producing and starring in her own show on CBC, and I believe Allison Mack may also have her hands full for the foreseeable future...
  9. Is it that brutal on rich, famous, straight white male victims though?
  10. If they cast him it ought to be as Hercules, not Brian Braddock.
  11. At least Cate Blanchett's casting doesn't leave me scratching my head. She can do more or less anything. I've seen Debra Messing do good serious work with a bit of an edge in The Starter Wife and Smash, so I'm pretty confident she could handle playing Lucille Ball as well as Lucy Ricardo.
  12. I want him in Deadpool 3 as Old Man Steve beating the crap out of villains (or possibly Deadpool) with a cane instead of the shield and griping about how superheroes did things back in his day the whole time.
  13. I recall him playing Sean Maguire's domestic partner on The Class ages ago, but I don't think I have much of an impression one way or the other about his acting.
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