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  1. I know there are much more concerning/worrying celebrity posts on social media than Hammer's, but his are always just so weird. Everything feels to me like him going "Hello, fellow earth-humans, please observe my perfectly normal familial unit going about wholesome planetary-rotation-cycle activities!" cue Armie shampooing toddler's hair in toilet with bidet attachment, using blue Tidy Bowl fluid...
  2. Was the song good? I deleted the show from my DVR unwatched when I read the guest list.
  3. What flabbergasted me most was that people talked about his time dating Kate Beckinsale as if SHE were the lucky one who was trading up! In what world?!?
  4. My assumption is he was out of the news for too many consecutive minutes and did this to get attention.
  5. He's supposed to be. I could see him taking down, say, Batman fairly handily because of that. I recall a fight with the Titans where he grabbed Donna's lasso and used it to throw her into Starfire, but I don't think he really could have stood up to her in a direct fistfight. (He also managed to trip Kid Flash with a thrown baton, which is patently ridiculous for someone who can outrun bullets and dodge between the forks of a lightning bolt!)
  6. Yeah, I have nothing but gratitude and applause for the students in that classroom and the school administration, which is not how I expected to feel after seeing the headlines of that story. As for the substitute, is she photogenic enough to get hired as a host for children's programming on the Fox network? She clearly has the crazy bigot credentials...
  7. Wild Turkey: You are what you drink. (Joke credit to Truett S. Beasley Jr.)
  8. I suppose the term does actually refer to something that exists, the "pity fuck" in the vernacular. But it sure as hell wouldn't apply to bowing to pressure from a prospective or current employer with the power to make or break your career!
  9. That "joke" where he giggled and said he was Banksy at the Oscars was when I began souring on him. He was brilliant on SNL, though.
  10. I watched "Two Doors Down" last night. It was great to see an episode of the show largely centered on a gay couple, with some bonus trans inclusivity. The scenes Roy McKinnon had with Andy Mientus and Melissa Leo were particularly touching. I heard there were some walkouts at Dollywood when the whole series was shown and it got to this episode—hopefully those bigots promptly left the park and will be taunted by the sound of all Dolly's love-themed music from now on. I do wish that when non-Southerners play Southern characters, the productions would allow them to use something like a neutral Midwestern accent if they can't manage a convincing Southern one, particularly if they're going to be in scenes with people like McKinnon who have a genuine accent to compare to. I think Willett was the only actor faking an accent who really pulled it off, and he had the benefit of going for that exaggerated "gay" accent (which is similar to the regular Louisiana and southern Mississippi ones).
  11. Sorry. I'm of Scotch-Irish extraction, our menfolk don't exactly keep well either. Let's get together to glare at distinguished Latino retirees and bond. I can see the ghosts' habit of quickly murdering anyone who set foot in the camp from '84 to '89 resulting in the stage and decorations being undisturbed by human hands, but even in California weather would have had more of an effect than we saw, wouldn't it?
  12. Like others said, I suspect he gave an honest assessment of his lines/roles to the producers midway through. Instead of a dermatologist husband Brooke should have said she married Jane Fonda's plastic surgeon. Mystery solved! I suppose the past has been altered since that season, what with how Apocalypse finished up. Maybe originally Satan turned his attention from Ramirez to Michael Langdon back around 2012 or 2013, allowing him to die for reals and escape the camp on Halloween, but with the latter becoming roadkill he decided to continue resurrecting Ramirez until the present like an infernal game of Whack-a-Mole? Say what? Italian men tend to age like milk. That's what I thought they were going to do—seriously, how stupid would you have to be to think that half-solid gunk being sprayed at high speed out of a wood chipper would count as "still alive" for metaphysical purposes? Did they get the rules of Camp Redrum mixed up with those of The Floor Is Lava and think as long as Margeret's remains didn't touch the ground on their side of the property line it was all good?
  13. He also presumably killed people in Vietnam before coming back to the camp and meeting Margaret. Though Lavinia wouldn't have had any way to observe that beyond overhearing him talking about it.
  14. That sounds right. They seem awfully modern in speech and attitude for people whose most recent cultural contacts with Earth would have been from the Renaissance.
  15. Didn't SNL call out pedophile royals at Prince Harry's wedding in a sketch last year?
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