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  1. If Bieber wants to have all his hair removed, I suggest holding him submerged in a bathtub full of Nair until it's all gone as the preferred method.
  2. They probably had a lot of unused space in the former manor's dining room what with their scandal-condensed dinner party invite list too. Now they can just have a kitchen bar with two stools and all their needs will be covered!
  3. Thank heaven! With all the EVOO that must be stored in that place it might have gone up like a refinery in the Gulf War!
  4. Like others, I primarily enjoyed the acting of Holland Taylor, Joe Mantello, and Patti Lupone. Well, and whoever played the senior editor in the last two episodes—I want to see a series with that character as the lead! Jeremy Pope impressed me the most of the young actors, and Samara Weaving kept deepening her initially stereotyped performance until it was fairly rich by the end. I think David Corwenset can act well enough, though his character Jack joined Laura Harrier's Claire in failing to demonstrate any real depth or charisma that would have audiences going ga-ga over them. (Also, Jack was the laziest, whiniest crybaby of a WWII veteran I've ever seen depicted on film—the Greatest Generation my ass! Did he survive the war by breaking down and sobbing about how it wasn't fair until German soldiers decided he was too pathetic to bother shooting?) Jake Picking was horribly miscast and never once managed to rise above the awful writing for his character. I'd advise him to try modeling rather than acting.
  5. With everyone else on the Won't You Cry Over These Doomed Abused Animals? commercials. I've rescued two alley cats, gotten another two placed in good homes, paid for vet care and neutering for stray ones, and currently feed and water a family of alley cats. I will not, however, be giving money to organizations that regard plunging me into depression as a viable advertising strategy.
  6. I don't get that either. The one time an FBI agent asked to interview me for someone's routine background check I cleared my schedule and tried to be as helpful as I could despite barely knowing the subject of the inquiry. I can't imagine being close to someone who was murdered and being all "sorry, but I have a shipment to unload" to detectives investigating their death.
  7. The only thing I've ever seen Regina King in where she didn't strike me as amazing was The Strain, and while I was miffed at the time that her role in that was little more than an extra, it turned out to be for the best. She was by far the best part of one of my favorite shows from the mid 2010s, Southland, and that wasn't exactly lacking for other excellent performances.
  8. I know they mean for us to be all "OMG! The Rock IS Black Adam! SQUEEEEE!" But I was tired of the character and all of DC's comic writers wanking about him before Dwayne Johnson's ego entered the picture.
  9. There was a lot of phallic imagery in the final episode, which would support that. He's certainly in contention for the title in my opinion. It was particularly galling since most of his lines were opposite Jean Smart, whom I consider the world champion of mastering a specific Southern accent. As Charlene on Designing Women she sounded EXACTLY like my aunt from Poplar Bluff, MO when she was younger, to the point that I doubt I would have been able to tell them apart without a visual. I hope listening to that cornpone fake Okie accent didn't give Ms. Smart a headache from wincing internally.
  10. I think if you can't muster the strength to peel a banana you need to be in the hospital under a doctor's care rather than hawking medicine on TV.
  11. I've heard entitled primadonna set rumors, but not anything about him being abusive in his personal life.
  12. What rest of her life? He's more than twice her age; if they don't get divorced she'll probably be a rich widow by her mid-40s and able to date anyone else she wants.
  13. Thinking back to Doomsday in Batman v. Superman, no he couldn't. Lindelhof made it work for a brief clip while it was mainly stationary, but you know Snyder would have had it waving its arms everywhere like a Willy Water Bug and destroying buildings all over Manhattan in graphic detail.
  14. I'm wondering how it is that alternate Ryan Murphy found out Captain Metropolis and Hooded Justice were lovers, but NOT that the latter was a black man. The latter was more explicitly stated than the former in Gardner's will, so I don't think that can be his source. Will was sobbing in the phone booth after he hung up on Gardner, that's what attracted Fred's notice. I took that as him seeing his (love?) affair with Gardner going up in smoke as well as his hopes of the Minutemen helping him fight racial injustice. (Or not even that, seeing their leader perpetrate it himself, as Gardener would have likely been less dismissive if the white, possibly gay patrons of the Waverly Theater in Greenwich Village had been the intended targets of Cyclops' plot.)
  15. She looks great, but she's about as recognizable as her former self as Renée Zellweger was right after her plastic surgery. It's like being in a Twilight Zone episode and wondering why all the people around you are referring to some stranger as your spouse.
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