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  1. His reaction to that reminded me of this skit from House of Buggin': Job Interview with the Vampire
  2. Wherever they are, there does seem to be some sort of flow of time/reference point so that someone bombing the timeline into multiple divergences is happening "now" as a surprise rather than always having happened.
  3. Yeah, it didn't appear that either Loki or the variant-possessed people he was fighting had superhuman physical powers at all. Remember that Loki has engaged Thor in fights multiple times (he didn't win, but they didn't end instantly either), was winning his fight with Captain America, and has survived explosions, being zapped through metal bulkheads by energy weapons, slung around by the Hulk, etc. A vacuum cleaner power cord should present no more danger to him than walking through a cobweb would to one of us, and that fight in the Roxxcart store was throwing the participants with force matc
  4. The woman but not the man? Hmm, sounds like Wishbook Lady was getting herself some side action with an underwear model!
  5. Botox is sometimes used to treat migraines, so maybe they figure they're just getting in on the ground floor to make her a lifetime spokeswoman?
  6. She was big in the Thor books in the early 1960s and then made a big return as a major character several years ago. But for most of Thor's publication history she's been off-panel.
  7. I have no personal experience, but I have seen how big newborn babies are, and straight men need a reality check if they think they're going to be causing any significant changes to women's anatomy without a 9-month delay being involved.
  8. My assumption is that in the Time Keepers' own history, Steve disappears to return the Infinity Stones to their proper places in time and immediately reappears as an old man to pass his mantle on to Sam. That means they wouldn't be safe to prune the divergent timeline he created in the 1940s until he leaves it with remade shield in hand.
  9. My parents had bickering down as an art form, but it was always affectionate rather than angry. They were like a non-alcoholic Nick and Nora Charles. In fact, I was once relieved when Dad made a yapping gesture at Mom as she started fussing over him acting depressed, because he clearly wasn't if he felt like making fun of her.
  10. Look who'll be working together again in a TV movie debuting next weekend: https://www.hallmarkchannel.com/her-pen-pal
  11. With all the impromptu banging on Grey's Anatomy I was surprised Seattle Grace didn't have to shut down due to all the female staff getting pregnant at the same time. (The show zigzagged by having everyone catch syphilis instead...)
  12. Not casting I would have anticipated (I'd have assumed someone like a younger Katey Sagal. Or maybe actual Katey Sagal.). But Jameela is awesome, so it'll be interesting to see.
  13. It seems likely to me that the Time Keepers are acting to ensure the timeline that results in their own existence. I'm skeptical that there are any benevolent motivations for their mission statement beyond that.
  14. It really does, but props to her for the dedication to working out that must have taken. Based on those photos I think she added a higher percentage of her body mass as muscle than Hemsworth did.
  15. I'm glad to hear that; I haven't seen any, however. All I've seen is that pre-filming photo of Portman holding up Mjolnir with an arm about as thick as its handle, so that must have been taken at least a year ago.
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