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  1. The people in each new location have always tended to just accept the Doctor's presence regardless of how much he should stick out from the locals. I suppose it's entirely possible there's some low-level telepathy going on to make him/her seem to blend in regardless of appearance.
  2. I suppose they could have made him fading into the background and being forgotten in favor of the more dramatic problems of his siblings an actual in-story issue for Dash to be upset about. He could be the Jan Brady.
  3. I wonder if "Ruth" could be a temporal anomaly along the lines of the Valeyard, a potential regeneration of the Doctor's that has somehow become tangible despite not being a definite future (or past) self...
  4. Well, they did bring up that matter of Tesla causing a small earthquake in New York City, so he wasn't portrayed as an absolutely faultless inventor. And they demonstrated his hubris with that bit about the man killed in the power plant.
  5. I don't think I could pick a bad performance out of Black Panther with a gun to my head (though I do think Chadwick Boseman was better in Civil War than his own movie), but Shuri just didn't stand out among all the other excellent characters to me.
  6. I have a hunch this might be a change in the Doctor's history that's somehow, impossibly, interacting with the unchanged version, rather than one from a different parallel universe. Like how events in "The Last of the Time Lords" were in a temporarily changed 21st century without negating the future existence of the Toclofane. The presence of Gat indicates something weird is happening—if she's from the Gallifrey we last saw located 4 billion years in the future she should be well aware that 21st century Earth is positively riddled with multiple incarnations of the Doctor, and that killing an unsuspected past version of her would be Extra Double Plus No Good. As the Master himself notably said, “A universe without the Doctor doesn't bear thinking about.” Interfering with the Doctor's history prior to Season 8 could undo Gallifrey being saved from the Time War with the Daleks, and if you go back much further than that you hit more than one universe-wide armageddon that the Doctor averted.
  7. I'm kind of mystified by how taken people seem to be with Shuri based on that movie. The big standouts to me were Okoye, M'Baku, and Killmonger.
  8. I wish Lenny Montana had still been around for her to go to for the kind of help Weinstein deserved.
  9. Sure, that could be. In the past the Master has co-located his TARDIS with the Doctor's (causing an apparently endless recursion of one console room opening into another), and repurposed the latter into a paradox engine that let him change the past without negating the future.
  10. The Kassavans were ghostly energy creatures invading from another dimension and unfamiliar to the Time Lords though, so that seems like fair game to me. I'm more bothered when it's something like recreational human transport technology from Kerblam! or Orphan 55 casually overcoming the TARDIS defenses. At least when it happened in "Bad Wolf" the Doctor had a line about the transmat beam needing to be fifteen million times as strong as normal, and it turned out to have Dalek technology behind it.
  11. Now this was much more like it! I spent a good chunk of the episode wondering if they'd actually gone back in time about 40 years to get a young Kevin Kline to play Tesla. Great job by Visnjic in the role! All the companions had their moments to shine and turn in good scenes. One nitpick, regarding that bit about needing to drop the TARDIS shields while charging up the big Tesla coil. I know it was two production teams ago, but have the writers forgotten that the TARDIS can readily generate enough energy to tow the planet Earth through interstellar space and protect it while doing so? I am totally onboard with it not having any weapons systems and thus needing to use Tesla's invention, but power limitations should not be an issue. Some other delay/problem with the 1900s end of the tech combo could easily have been substituted to preserve dramatic tension.
  12. Great. If this makes a lot of money, a few years down the line we'll get a new Superman who wears an all-black uniform, eyeliner, and writes Goth poetry in his secret identity...
  13. My gut feeling is that voters won't be able to resist a movie ABOUT old Hollywood and the filmmaking business, as that's obviously a much more important and relevant subject than some obscure foreign conflict they didn't even make John Wayne movies about, and it doesn't require anyone to read subtitles. I suppose it could go the other way if there are still enough Academy members who remember being worried about the Draft in the late 1910s.
  14. Oh, I'd love that! It might also give the time for some interactions that would round out the companions, particularly Yaz.
  15. To be fair, The Irishman is about, well, an Irish man and a bunch of Mafia figures, and a lot of the Academy's voters are from an era when Italians and the Irish weren't considered white. To them, a vote for it IS a vote for diversity!
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