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  1. I'm just glad to see they're retaining the theatrical release date. I'll be making a day (well, night) trip over to the next state to watch it at a drive-in theater on opening weekend.
  2. To be fair, there aren't that many celebrities with deeper pockets—Dolly's net worth is something like $600 million.
  3. I suppose it should be surprising to find out that Dolly had a hand in cutting-edge pandemic research that may save millions of lives next year, yet my reaction was "Oh, of course!"
  4. I hope she lawyers up over that. And drags every bit of dirt she has on Hillsong policies and practices out into public view.
  5. Man, that's going to make dining out in nice TV restaurants rather problematic for him, they always have muted classical music playing in the background!
  6. I recall people saying that line was VERY appropriate for the version of Windows in question. Instead of that four-panel Microsoft logo they could have flashed an image of the blue screen of death for that line.
  7. My jaw dropped when I found out that "Zum Zum Zum" song Mazda used in its car commercials was about slaves using capoeira to kill the slavemasters. I guess after the revolt the first item on their agenda was getting shiny new Japanese cars!
  8. Are we sure that setting up end-of-aisle displays at Michael's isn't Chachi's actual day job?
  9. I started out really liking Hank and Dawn. Well, Dawn anyway. But after all the loyalty and common sense they've show the last two episodes Warner Bros. can spin them off to their own show in the Friday Night Fast Cancellation Slot on Fox for all I care.
  10. When Krypto took off with Eve hanging around his neck I had a brief moment of thinking she was going to be scraped off like a barnacle when he went through a metal or concrete wall, then the camera view changed to show them flying away through that comically big and unlikely picture window in a top secret lab.
  11. Bruinsfan

    S02.E08: Jericho

    What I don't get, this is a world with an active Wonder Woman, right? How is Deathstroke running around free five years after butchering an entire delegation of Amazons and repeatedly stabbing Donna Troy rather than being either in the ground or caught and bundled off to Paradise Island for whatever justice its society cares to impose? I don't care how loyal or blasé Wintergreen is, he wouldn't be keeping any secrets about Slade Wilson from Diana.
  12. Same here. Good Lord, do you think we all wandered in from the parallel universe where it was the Berenstein Bears?
  13. I know their policy is to minimize contact between humans and the animals, and they never have people go into an enclosure that has an unsedated cat running loose, but could they make an exception for Zak just this one time? Pretty please?
  14. If the husband is being fired for infidelity, why does it sound like his wife and co-pastor is getting the heave-ho too? Is it her choice to leave as a sign of support for him, or does Scientology Jesus Edition hold that she's damaged goods and no longer suitable to give moral guidance to its marks—er, I mean congregants—thanks to her husband's wandering dick becoming public knowledge?
  15. I do like the one where it sits on the volleyball to hatch it.
  16. I definitely think any apparitions people might have seen in that home would have more to do with Joe's stashes of drugs than anything paranormal.
  17. Did Pat Benatar refuse to let them use "Invincible" or something? That song would have been PERFECT for that moment.
  18. It's like the analogy I came up with for the difference between self-confidence and arrogance: Self-confidence is the belief in your own competence; arrogance is the disbelief in others'.
  19. Ex-cons are never the main characters in Hallmark movies, that would be immoral and wrong. I'm not sure they can even be the assembly line love interest unless it turns out he took the fall for a pregnant orphan stealing a loaf of bread or something.
  20. How the hell was bail even a question for him? "Your honor, there are occasionally years here and there in which he wasn't charged with raping someone?!?"
  21. I suppose they could have tried a virtual service and reception over the internet, but with Chris Evans as one of the bride's longtime friends maybe no one wanted to take a chance on any mishaps? 😝 I must have heard one of the other two Moon Knight candidates, because Pedro Pascal isn't casting I'd have objected to either. I'm sorry, but as good an actor as Radcliffe is, buying him as a former boxer, marine, and soldier-of-fortune who becomes a vigilante is just not in the cards. And these days when Oliver Jackson-Cohen is considered for a "tough" role, all I can think of is that interview where he described his very intricate morning grooming and skincare regimen. I just can't see Mark Spector worrying about his exfoliant and moisturizer to get ready for a title match or a black ops mission in some tropical jungle.
  22. I can't recall who I'd heard was under consideration for the Moon Knight lead role some time back, only that Oscar Isaac is an enormous improvement in terms of casting.
  23. Maybe she and Adele have the same plastic surgeon and he's averaging them together?
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