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    The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    I don't think Marvel would be that quick to give up on their most historically popular character just because they now have the rights to franchises that have either failed multiple times in movie adaptations or have been largely played out with diminishing returns for years. Spider-Man has pulled in about twice the box office of the solo Iron Man movies, and the actor is a proven success in the role, as opposed to having to recast and hope for the best with the properties that have been recently regained.
  2. Bruinsfan

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    I think that would be a bit too much to expect, and doubt Bucky himself would be all that broken up about not getting one.
  3. Bruinsfan

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Yeah, I hold Tony far more responsible for the other stuff he pulled in Civil War than his reaction to the truth behind his parents' deaths. That at least was an understandable reaction in the moment to a horrible loss, rather than convincing himself he could pay for his mistakes by declaring friends who disagreed with his views on oversight criminals and traitors.
  4. Bruinsfan

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    I tried to watch it, but just couldn't get past Tom Hardy channeling Ratso from Midnight Cowboy.
  5. Bruinsfan

    S04.E16: Hey World!

    I'm not sure that would even matter on a show where people get transformed into cats and puppets, and someone's raised from the dead by people singing Kumbaya. NATE: This explains a lot. It didn't make much sense when Behrad and I ended up dating despite us both being straight. ZARI: Trust me, it came out of nowhere when it was you and me too.
  6. Bruinsfan

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Yikes! I guess I'm glad Dawber took that in the spirit of joking around rather than feeling violated, that could have been an awful situation for her.
  7. Bruinsfan

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I don't think I've ever heard a co-worker with any gripes about working with Williams, and you know he had to be exhausting to be around with all those frenetic improv riffs. That says to me he must have been genuinely nice and lovable enough to outweigh the annoyance factor.
  8. Bruinsfan

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Yeah, that's a job that just SCREAMS Black Widow to me. WTF were the writers smoking when they came up with that?
  9. Ah, that makes much more sense then! Given how closely the British press was following him back in his 10th Doctor days, I couldn't imagine how he kept a child out of the news.
  10. Bruinsfan

    Joker (2019)

    I saw the trailer at the movies this past weekend, and immediately had a "hard pass!" reaction to it.
  11. I was surprised to find out that Tennant has an older child from a previous relationship—never heard a peep about that when he was on Doctor Who.
  12. Bruinsfan

    S10.E01: Archer: 1999 -- Bort the Garj

    It got two laughs from me, Malory turning out to be MOTHER and Ray as Inara.
  13. Bruinsfan

    What We Do In The Shadows

    Colin seemed pretty comfortable in his bondage getup at the orgy (MY EYES!!!).
  14. Bruinsfan

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    If you exclude Wonder Woman the movies to compare it to are Elektra, the 80s Supergirl, and maybe Catwoman. That sets the bar so low the challenge would be limboing beneath it rather than clearing it. I think Captain Marvel holds its own among the run-of-the-mill Marvel solo movies, but given the average quality of the franchise there was no way it was going to outshine its predecessors the way WW did.
  15. Bruinsfan

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    From all the tales I've heard, rational thought doesn't seem to have much influence on his behavior.
  16. Bruinsfan

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)

    The people behind Thor: Ragnarok gave us a Hela that actually looked like the comics version, so nothing's impossible at this point.
  17. Bruinsfan

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    She's kind of like Michael Shanks in that I tend to get more annoyed by them with every interview I see, but I can't deny that they turn in really good performances. Sort of the opposite of Keanu Reeves, where he seems like a wonderful person and his interviews are always fun, but I wince every time I see him trying to act.
  18. Bruinsfan

    S04.E05: Expire Erect

    Other than the bits at the end with Chloe and Amenadiel and Eve and Lucifer, I didn't care too much for this one. The case in the A plot felt like the biggest pile of nonsensical contrivance in the series' history. So rather than skipping town this murder suspect decides to set a bomb in a busy nightclub owned by a friend of one of the cops investigating him, in the hope he can take a building full of hostages, get the police to do superspeed detective work for him, convince his disappeared partner to actually show up in person, kill her, and somehow make it out of the situation a free man?
  19. Bruinsfan

    SNL in the Media

    Just use a smaller version of the balloon in England and play publicly-aired sound clips from the man himself.
  20. Bruinsfan

    Tales Of The City

    Wow, talk about an early bloomer!
  21. Bruinsfan

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Hasn't Beyonce had hospital wings shut down, new parents prevented from seeing their infants in NICU, and other patients moved to different buildings when she's given birth a couple of times? I'm not fainting from shock that other people being bothered by her batshit crazy fans isn't at the top of her priority list.
  22. Bruinsfan

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Call me suspicious, but I bet the exact same song attributed to a name like "Jacob Sims" with PR photos of a frat-looking white guy in a baseball cap and hiking boots wouldn't have sparked a single peep from traditionalists.
  23. I can't speak for actors, but personally I don't do it much because a tiny change to one's eyebrows can make a big difference in how one's face looks overall, whereas bigger changes to the hair framing one's face don't necessarily. While I occasionally neaten things up at home, I vehemently resist having someone at a hair salon trim them because they seem inclined to overdo it and I've seen too many guys who end up looking like drag queens or as if they've had their eyebrows drawn on with sharpies. Joey Lawrence, I'm looking at you...
  24. If my ears weren't deceiving me, the woman in the audience actually did say "you, Jack." I think Peter Crouch was just playing a joke on him, but it did end up being funnier that way. (Of course I don't think it's a particularly weird crush if I'm correct either; he's pretty cute, hilarious, and seems like a nice enough person overall.)
  25. Bruinsfan

    Rocketman (2019)

    Reid really came off as cold and gold-digging, which seems a bit too black and white to me. I'd think there must have been some genuine affection and good times over the course of 5 years living together, and he remained Elton's manager for 20 years after their romantic relationship ended! While watching the film I thought Sheila was being played by Imelda Staunton with some de-aging CGI.