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  1. Just started watching, 4 eps in. Totally fake. Fakey faskerson with a side order of fake, but I am still enjoying it. I do like Anna (and just saying, her father is/was a Russian arms dealer? Um, maybe everyone should be a LOT nicer to her. Heh.) I hope we get a few more slightly less useless people as this goes on though. Either that or let just have it be a fashion/excess parade, the "drama" is going to get old.
  2. So finished it and am back to say that, IMO, they are COMPETELY off base about Anthony. I think it stems from a couple of things. First, how happy the parents were is a core aspect of the entire OG series. In the books he had no doubt that true love existed because of his parents (and the fact that he witnesses them together the most since he is oldest) He doesn't want to love his wife, in part, because of how devastated his mother was when his father died young. Second, while he feels the pressure of being the head of the family he would never do anything - like "date" publi
  3. I was coming here to add this very sentiment. Both the Wallflowers and the Hathaways would make for great source material. I mean if someone could adapt A Devil in Winter well I would be their biggest fan.
  4. So glad for this thread. I just got though Ep 4, but I kept trying to remember why I did not like the Duke and I when I originally read it 20 years ago. I had forgotten about the YIKES thing, that was it. I loved books 2, 3 & 4 (adored 4!) and thought 5 (Eloise & Phillip) was OK. Didn't like 6, didn't bother with the rest. So far I think the series had gotten somethings right, some things wrong. - I like Lady Danbury! I was afraid when I saw the previews, she just seems so different from what I imagined. She's one of the reasons I loved Colin & Penelope's book so
  5. My SO is currently in mourning over the loss of the Maple Brown Sugar Frosted Mini Wheats. Everyday its a rant about how they kept stupid blueberry and got rid of the one he loved. (they were good)
  6. Happy new year everyone! I don't contribute too many posts to this forum but know that I read all of yours! Thanks for giving me good stuff to read this past year!
  7. Well, I enjoyed the previouslies. What a nothing episode. I get it. Dean killed Hitler. His hunter life has meaning again. Great. Boring and sophomoric but whatever.
  8. I'm a lurker mostly but just chiming it to say - love the names for Lady McBuggerAll - I will be very irritated if that didn't take the brass knuckles
  9. Finally saw it and loved it. I only have a few nits to pick though - why didn't the original fall of The Empire stick? Not sure I understand why they are resistance now apparently they sucked at it. - So Luke tried to start a jedi temple and sucked at it - Han and Leia apparently had a kid and sucked at it - how could Rey know how to mind control and light saber battle with no training? I get she has super force in her, but still. - And apparently that Kylo ren can be beat by a tiny girl with no training. Actually though, i did love it I was just a little miffed that all
  10. I am infuriated!! My local station is PREEMPTING this episode for a FOOTBALL game! I won't even be able to record it since it is not listed to be replayed. Son of a Bitch. News flash: NO ONE GIVES A CRAP ABOUT THE RAMS. You guys enjoy it.
  11. Was it ever revealed why she turned her apartment into a fortress? I get that her mother is awful (I have a feeling that JJ tellng her she was Trish's "Pimp" was more literal than figurative) but it seemed a little extreme for a former child star/talk show host.
  12. I've noticed this too. Isn't JA like 6'1" or something? Shorter than Gigantor, yes, but not that much. Dean in general seems to get the unflattering camera work this year though, if you ask me. I swear some angles make it look like he's getting a double chin or has aged 10 years between seasons.
  13. midge

    Jurassic World (2015)

    Finally saw it today. I liked it, it was fun. Some stuff bugged (I get that the sister was getting a divorce and was sending the kids away for the weekend while she and the husband settled I guess, but her utter horror that the kids were alone was grating. Claire had a hectic job, and theoretically the teenager was old enough to take care of the younger one. By the way, what were we supposed to take away from the little one? ADD? Autism? Or was he picked up in the 70's and transplanted into a movie in 2015? he was an odd one. ) but for the most part I liked it. I wanted to spend mor
  14. All I can think is that this is the First Evil all over again. If Potential Hunters start showing up I am out!
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