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  1. I'm going to be more out of touch today due to a family emergency - no kidding, not to overshare but I arrived at my grandfathers' house a few hours ago to discover that he's been sleeping in his living room chair for three days because it hurt him too much to move. BizBuzz, I know you have no reason to trust me but you've got the gist of it and so if I'm not available, I give my voting power to you.
  2. It was nice to be surprised about how things ended. I was sure that Skye's mom was going to die again.
  3. *lines up shots down bar, on the floor, out the door and along the car hoods parked outside* Drogo, should I drink these or do you want them?
  4. Wow, this bartop is looking worse for wear. Could use some spiffing up. *lines up shots*
  5. I blame my autocorrect. I meant to say appendectomy, obviously.
  6. On the entomology section of the Calypso wiki page, it said that one of the possible meanings was "wily."I've learned such a vast amount of trivia from trying to play this game, that I'm basically obligated to donate to Wikipedia next time they have a fund drive.
  7. Well, I was wrong about it so that's a fair reaction. I watched a lot of Looney Tunes as a kid and Wile E Coyote is always what I think of when I hear coyote. *cue me running off the side of a cliff*Considering that Fitzsimmons are still alive, I guess I just figured it was them. But I don't know.
  8. Nooo, I am, Drogo. I promise. Wait 'til you see my role.
  9. Nah, I've been encouraging of discussion all game. I even volunteered to close the CuriousParker vote so that we'd have more time to discuss. But your "little friend" put an end to that. "FU Anonymous," Drogo? What an outrageously rude thing to say to someone. Doesn't seem like you. Unless you're both in on the joke. We've got plenty of time for discussion. But I only become more sure the more I think about it.
  10. Well, gosh. You didn't have to vote for him immediately.
  11. BizBuzz, it means that for reasons I've heavily hinted at and Lady Calypso's death revealed, the villains really, REALLY would prefer for my fellow heroes to kill Deathlok for them. Hey, Jesse, any reason in particular you don't suspect Drogo, or does he just seem like an alright guy from the short time you've known him? And, actually, no, Drogo. I said in an earlier post that I think there are two villains. Never, ever suspected that there's only one left. Heroes, vote for Drogo. We've got them.
  12. So... at this point, I feel like if Drogo is in fact a villain, tomorrow is going to be victory Day for the Heroes. I hope I'm not the only one understanding what's happening right now.
  13. My thinking is because we know that SilverStormm wasn't recruited, Jesse. If there were 6 villains to start with, a 7th recruitable would have been stacking the deck against the heroes. ETA: I crossposted again. I didn't think the egavasc clue was any more valid than the CuriousParker one. It was when she mentioned that she'd missed the Athena (iirc) DL because she took a nap, that I decided to make a precision strike and hope for the best.
  14. I appreciate what an active player you are, Drogo. Who do you think the remaining villains are?
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