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  1. I will now be so disappointed if this doesn't happen.
  2. Yeah, I slowed it down and clicked frame by frame after I screamed in delight and nearly woke the entire household up.
  3. Why is retirement not an option? Forever salty about how overlooked he is in those films. Pretty salty about the last two films in general. They had forever and a day to formulate a solid plot, fill in any plot-holes, and really stick the landing. It was all so messy and uncoordinated in the end. Not at all the quality stuff I was expecting them to deliver. Makes me sad.
  4. Evan's personality wasn't really in line from what I recall of Pietro in the comics either, though I did enjoy him. ITA with his speed level being bananas in those Fox films. Also, his wig was an abomination and should die in a fire. I guess what I'm saying here, is that I prefer MCU Quicksilver and wish Whedon didn't axe him for shock value.
  5. Just watched the Expanding the Universe special on Disney+ and the aesthetic for What If...? is mind-blowingly gorgeous. I've never much cared for the character design for most of the recent Marvel cartoons, so this is such a delight for me.
  6. Well, I watched the Avengers cartoon, not the Assemble one, but the one from 2010, and that one was really crisp with no issues. X-Men looks terrible, though. I mean, when the repeats air on television they don't look this bad, so I know there is footage that isn't balls. I'm not sure what the deal is.
  7. So, I'm watching this on Disney+, and I was super excited but the quality is for shit. Even the audio is lagging in spots like they uploaded it from an old VHS tape from someone's basement. Come on, Disney! I've seen clearer rips on YouTube!
  8. I remember secretly wishing the blonde dude from One Tree Hill would end up with her. I recall he was something of a shady douche but had moments where I found him sympathetic and compelling.
  9. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I thought Evil!Grant was the only interesting character they had. He had charisma, at the very least, which a lot of the cast lacks. I agree with the posts upthread about Agent Carter having a weak second season. I very much enjoyed the first one, though. One day I'll get around to some of those Netflix shows now that I actually have an account.
  10. Never could warm up to any of the characters. I stopped watching a couple of seasons ago when I realized I just didn't care if any of them lived or died. The show also made me come to despise Coulson, whereas I found him likable in the films. Can't really say which show I find to be the best because I have yet to see any of the Netflix stuff. Pretty sure we can all agree that Inhumans is the worst, though.
  11. I remember him being related to Gateway, but I also seem to recall some relation to Storm? Not sure if I'm confusing him with another character...
  12. Right? The team as a whole has a wealth of characters of all ethnicities to choose from, many of which are fascinating characters that have gotten little to no attention as of yet. Why they would need to change an existing character's skin color, as opposed to just using a POC already established in the comics is beyond me. We've already seen Charles and Erik in at least 6 films. I would just start the movies with an already established team co-lead by Cyclops and Storm --because I'm still waiting for both of those characters to actually be done right-- and showcase a diverse team that does not include Wolverine, Xavier, or Magneto. Let those characters come in much later. And for the love of God, no Mystique! That said, they will absolutely cram Wolverine down our throats ASAP. You watch.
  13. Okay, this is literally the greatest fan edit of the MCU that I have ever seen in my life, and I watch a lot of this shit. Also, a warning: you will ugly cry.
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