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  1. Thank God for Kano because everything about that Cole guy was boring me to tears. Dude had no charisma, couldn't act, and even his powers were lame. At least he could fight but he's just stealing time from interesting legacy characters, and I resent the hell out of the makers of the film for this needless addition. It was like the bad fanfic where someone inserts their OC into it. Aside from Kano, who really was aces, Scorpion and Subzero were the only other standouts for me. Shang Tsung was another weak spot. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa is a tough act to follow but the actor here is nowhe
  2. Russell is indeed killing it as Walker. The casting department hits it out of the park so often in the MCU. I wish the immature fans giving the actor grief would grow the hell up and learn the difference between fiction and real life. He's doing a phenomenal job and should be applauded for his performance.
  3. This episode was chef's kiss. The Dora Milaje making a total ass out of Walker while Bucky threw shade gave me so much life that I had to rewind it like 4 times. The moment they captured Lemar I knew he would be killed and that would turn Walker into full villain, and boy was that final shot of Cap's shield dripping blood a horrid sight to behold. Also found myself rooting for Zemo to end Karli. I felt like an asshole at the time, but then she turned around and pulled that stunt with Sam's sister reaffirming how loathsome she is. You don't needlessly kill and fuck with innocent peop
  4. The part where they had to pull in close during the therapy session cracked me the hell up. Also, Sam thanking her for, "making it weird" at the end.
  5. You and me both, and I wouldn't be surprised. That sounds like a very Paul thing. Totally agree with you! This poor woman deserves some happiness after a lifetime of being shat on. No wonder she snapped and created an entire fake-happy town.
  6. I sure hope so. I've never been a fan of how they rewrote their origins because they didn't have the rights to mutants at the time.
  7. I totally forgot about that! Agatha has no idea what she's really in for. You do not piss off a woman with this much power.
  8. Steve Rogers got his do-over, so I demand Wanda gets hers.
  9. Really? I feel like that giant ass--whose name I never bothered to learn--rebuilding his body is the perfect opportunity for Wanda to just transfer his consciousness over. I just assume that will happen and will be devastated if it doesn't.
  10. Vision was so sweet in that Avengers Compound flashback. His shy interaction with Wanda while trying to comfort her was adorable.
  11. I could be wrong but it almost seemed like Zombie Vision looked at his left hand as though he were expecting to find a ring there. Perhaps he's linked to his consciousness in Westview? In which case, look out Head Dick In Charge. Man, I really got upset and almost did an ugly cry at the scene where she said "I can't feel you."
  12. I feel this statement in my bones, and yet, I've decided that as long as I get MCU versions of the X-Men then I won't freak out over crossover multiverse shenanigans. Now, if any of those characters from Fox (Deadpool being the exception) stick around as permanent fixtures in the MCU? That I'm definitely not okay with.
  13. I wasn't thinking necrophilia either, just the general weirdness of bringing him back to life and forcing him to live in a charade with no free will. I didn't even notice they cut him up! Lordy. Now I need to rewatch that scene.
  14. Yeah, I'm so sure them housing Vision's corpse was strictly on the level. Can't blame Wanda for busting in and taking his body. The weird shit she's doing with said body is another story...
  15. I really enjoyed hearing Vision raise his voice and scream at Wanda. He's usually so calm and collected. That entire end scene was fantastic.
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