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  1. I loved Elizabeth Olsen more as "Evil Wanda" in the first half of AGE OF ULTRON so I was like "Yes!" when the turned happened in this episode.
  2. I enjoy that the show is basically "GLEE but with karate instead of singing". Another show comparison I realized recently is the events of the first three movies are like what Robert's Rebellion was to Game of Thrones.
  3. Kelly's interview with Inauguration poet Amanda Gorman from a few months ago. Kelly looks better with minimal or no makeup IMO, but as people posted her wardrobe has improved.
  4. From the album Wikipedia page. "[6] According to journalist Michael Housego of the Daily Sketch, disagreements between Harrison and Lennon descended into violence with them allegedly throwing punches at each other. Harrison denied this in a 16 January interview for the Daily Express, saying: "There was no punch-up. We just fell out." After lunch, Harrison announced that he was "leaving the band now" and told the others "see you round the clubs". This is probably the reason for this moment in the trailer presumably after they relocated to the Apple building:
  5. Whoa Dean actually looks like a 19th century farmer now!
  6. Despite his horribleness I won't stop enjoying this song: Or this one:
  7. I think all Daniel needs to feel like his old self is someone calling him "Daniel-san" on a regular basis again.
  8. I'm thinking by the time she met Steve she was already centuries old, so 66 years is basically like a year to her.
  9. I'm sure the WB is waiting to see how the Justice League Snyder Cut does. If it's successful, then that's what determines the course for DC movies from now on including Wonder Woman 3 and Jenkins will have to go along with it. After a successful first movie usually directors become self indulgent with a sequel. Failure provides a ice water bucket of reality and there's usually a course correction. It's like "Okay you got that out of your system, now let's get back to what works." Really wish there was a scene of 10 year old Bruce Wayne getting his wish of his parents back and then being taken away!
  10. Its crazy when old shows changed their location. Laverne & Shirley moving from Milwaukee to Hollywood, I Love Lucy moving from New York City to Connecticut, Gimme a Break moving from California to NYC. LHOTP is even crazier for doing it for only one season and then moving back!
  11. I wonder because it was such a late season episode did the writers think they could fool viewers into thinking he might actually leave town? We're definitely meant to be like "What the hell Laura" and not take her side.
  12. I'm always torn about the "Child Had No Name" episode. Is it worth it re-watching Laura be a total bitch to Doc Baker for 45 minutes in order to get to the ending where she apologizes?
  13. Wow they really found a kid who looked like Talia Shire to play Rocky's grandson. I wish the reason they gave for Robert's estrangement was he found out Rocky bribed doctors to say he was healthy enough to fight Mason Dixon!
  14. VCRTracking

    The Star Wars Saga

    I had a problem with the main thesis of the popular "How Star Wars Was Saved in the Edit" video essay so I'm glad someone made a rebuttal:
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