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  1. They're airing D-Day, The Sixth of June tomorrow. Never seen it but I have seen The Longest Day a bunch of times. One of my favorite things about the movie is out of that entire all star cast the person with the highest kill count is Paul Anka!
  2. Thinking about 90s shows recently I remembered this syndicated show called ACAPULCO H.E.A.T. I used to see promos for it around 1999 but I never bothered to catch it so I never knew what it was about. I Wiki'd it and: The season 1 intro is so gloriously cheesy:
  3. I know the talk in this thread is mostly about British royals but I found this and decided to post it here:
  4. Every time I go into an elevator I look up hoping JUST ONCE to see a hatch and every time I'm disappointed!
  5. I decided to put this video essay here after briefly considering put it in the villains thread. I had not seen the 2012 animated version of The Lorax and I barely remember the book which I only know had an environmental message. I did not know how they changed the character of the book's villain the "Onceler" and how it resulted in him having an obsessed fandom of mostly young women!
  6. Agreed. It's not a masterpiece but since the end of Saturday morning cartoons, it's where a lot of Millennials and Gen Z kids were first saw Bugs, Daffy and the rest. Also its not nearly as bad as the compilation movies from the 70s and 80s where edited down classics were intercut with poorly animated new linking material.
  7. They should have just called it "The Jason Bateman Show" because he was the reason it was still able to go on. He had comic chops even as a teenager.
  8. I was a big fan of MURDER ONE, the short-lived Stephen Bochco produced mid 90s courtroom drama that was ahead of it's time in serialized storytelling on prime time TV. I always wondered why they replaced the lead actor the next season. Was he difficult like David Caruso? Did he ask for more money? This article gives the answer and I would have never guessed it in a million years! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5997441/Steven-Bochco-fired-Daniel-Benzali-Murder-One-morning-dumps.html
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