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  1. VCRTracking

    Batman Movies

    Reeves better not chicken out. He better put Dano in a green unitard with a question mark!
  2. "Coliseum wife'? Do I dare?" is my favorite Kevin James line reading.
  3. Another great one when Elvin and Sondra decide they don't want to be a doctor and lawyer respectively and open a wilderness store instead. The way Claire said "decided" was awesome. I also loved "Empty her pockets!" As great as Phylicia Rashad is in the Creed movies as Apollo's widow I would have loved to see her go off like Claire. Like when Adonis("Donny") wanted to give up working in an office to become a fighter like his dad or when he wanted to challenge Ivan Drago's son to avenge Apollo!
  4. I wish John Turturro came back as Ambrose. I still cry thinking about the scene where he reveals he didn't get in touch with his brother after Trudy died because he blamed himself because she was going out to get him cough medicine when her car blew up. I'm glad they remembered that for the finale.
  5. One of my favorite Ray moments is when he goes with Robert to meet Amy parents to tell them what a good husband Robert would be and he sees them putting together a jigsaw puzzle of Jesus and he jokes "Hey, isn't he the guy who sells tie-dyed shirts at the beach?"
  6. I love the first time John Malkovich hosted back in the early 90s and he and Rob Schneider played the Menendez Brothers. Malkovich' fake crying is one of the funniest things I'd ever seen:
  7. "The Grouch" parody of The Joker is definitely the best sketch this season so far! Major props to David Harbour for coming up with the idea and everyone who helped execute it.
  8. Willoughby would have been in middle school around Zeppelin's peak period. The band you love when you're 13 will always be your favorite band and noone else will top it. There were 20somethings when Willoughby was in 7th and 8th grade who thought Zep couldn't hold a candle to the Beatles or the Stones.
  9. People have said 1973's The Sting use of Scott Joplin's ragtime music from the turn of the century was anachronistic because the movie is set in 1936. I think it's brilliant because that was the music of the time when Paul Newman's character Henry Gondorf, Luther, Kid Twist and all the other old cons were young and in their prime. Using actually era appropriate music like Benny Goodman swing wouldn't work. It's like if you have a movie set in the 80s but about main characters in their 50s, you wouldn't use Prince or Duran Duran on the soundtrack. You'd have like Sinatra or Dean Martin or Rosemary Clooney or Peggy Lee.
  10. I remember watching Forster in Jackie Brown 20 years ago and thinking "I want to be like him when I grow up." Still working on it.
  11. This show gave me a fight scene between Adrianna from The Sopranos and Tyra from Friday Night Lights and for that I'll always be grateful.
  12. I remember in Beverly Hills 90210 and Party of Five where one of the main characters are dating someone for a few episodes then they turn out to be racist and have to break up with them. Yes this does happen in real life but I can't help think the reason is the writers want the main character to end a relationship so they can get with another main character but do so in a way that it's totally not their fault. They do it for a moral, noble reason. It's not because of a shallow reason like Jerry does on Seinfeld. It's why I love the episode of Andy Richter Controls the Universe where Andy Richter's character is dating a hot girl who turns out to be anti-semitic but he's like "Maybe I can overlook this!"
  13. Honestly I don't mind Cousin Oliver, because it was clear by the fifth season the writers did not know how to write for teenagers, at least teenagers of the early 70s. It's easier to write for kids because no matter what era little kids' interests don't change that much. It's why Leave it to Beaver resonated because writers could recall their own childhood when writing the stories. It's why the early years of TBB felt relateable. But when trying to write for teenagers the writers brought their own high school memories which were already 20 and 30 years out of date. Before rock and roll and drugs became a huge part of being a teen. If the show was truer to life the Brady teenagers acting more like the characters in Dazed and Confused:
  14. VCRTracking

    The Star Wars Saga

    The way I look at it, the prequels are like the Holinshed's Chronicles, a source for better writers to create stories from.
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