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  1. Here's the full interview where we find out where she's been and that the cast went to a haunted festival in New Jersey for Pete's birthday a few years ago.
  2. Wow even with a mask on Adele really looks different now after losing weight.
  3. The part of the season 2 episode where we see old video of him as a kid saying he would want a "hundred kids" so he would have a "hundred friends so noone could say no" to being his friend is one of the saddest things but also the funniest because of the cat puppet's reaction!
  4. Wow Cecily looked and sounded like her adult self at 16!
  5. I like the "Scott's Tots" episode of The Office, because as bad as I feel for those kids I enjoyed seeing Michael suffering the consequences of his actions. Too many times he's been so frustratingly clueless about other people's feelings especially Pam's. I was just so glad to see him finally aware how much he screwed up. Any other person I would feel a little pity for in that situation, but seeing him squirming in agony in that classroom I thought nope, "You deserve this."
  6. Me too, but the filmmakers probably didn't have knowledge of what would happen with Thanos' snap in Endgame which was two years away. Even if they did having an 11 year old girl be MJ would have people scratching their heads. The thing I like about MCU Spider-Man is I don't think were going to see Dick Grayson's evolution from Robin to Nightwing to the new Batman in a live action movie. A young hero being mentored by an older one who's a surrogate father, then that older hero dies and the younger one has the burden of living up to him and carrying on his legacy.
  7. Part 3 could have been great if Paramount had paid what Robert Duvall what he wanted. As it is it's pretty good. That ending has more meaning when you think about Michael screaming in anguish over his daughter played by Coppola's real daughter and was filmed just four years after the tragic death of his son Giancarlo in a boating accident. He was clearly working through some stuff.
  8. People Magazine. I just want to read some fluffy news about celebrities while waiting in line at the supermarket not about some horrible tragic thing that happened to someone non-famous in another state I was perfectly fine not knowing about!
  9. As sad as the rift between William and Harry is I think it's a relief that instead of a Edward VIII and George VI situation(irresponsible heir and dutiful spare) William and Harry are more Elizabeth and Margaret, except Harry found happiness that Margaret never did.
  10. This video is a few years old but his Charles and Diana story is great.
  11. I remember a while back when I first watched NETWORK(1976) and recognized Faye Dunaway's assistant:
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