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  1. You forget Vader helped the Empire with the construction of the Death Star. I think it's more than that. I think a certain amount of viewers probably had shitty childhoods and can identify with Kylo Ren. Even if they weren't that terrible they still feel resentment towards them.. I'm sure a lot of people here have great relationships with their parents but aren't there a few who didn't blame them for a lot wrong with their lives? Even just a little? Hell Carrie Fisher felt that way about her mother Debbie Reynolds and was distant from her for years. A lot of Loki fans hate Odin and Tony Stark fans really hate Howard. You'd be surprised how many Kylo Ren fans blame Han and Leia just as Han and Leia fans think Kylo was a spoiled brat who betrayed his loving parents. I have no doubt Leia and Han deeply loved their son but I also can easily believe Han would have trouble being a stay-at-home dad and that Leia would be too busy rebuilding the Republic leaving young Ben to fall prey to influence of Palpatine. The guilt they both feel in TFA didn't come from nowhere. I just think you can't look at the movies in a real world way. The only way to really look at it is metaphorically. If you see Vader and Ren's redemption as asking the viewers to forgive mass murderers then it's terrible. If you look at it as a metaphor for parents(Vader, Han and Leia) sacrificing their lives to save their children, it's beautiful. Ben Solo's arc is basically Beautiful Boy with Timothy Chalamee and Steve Carell but with drugs instead of the Dark Side. As to who should have been the main villain of the sequel trilogy, Kylo or Palpatine, it all depends on what you think is really ruining the world, the old in power who are clinging to an outdated status quo or the young who are under their influence and misguided.
  2. I knew at the end of TFA there would be only two options for Kylo Ren's fate, redemption and death or he remains a villain to the end and Rey kills him. I dismissed the former because we'd already seen it with Vader and TLJ showed it was just not going to happen the same way. However the way they did it in TROS I liked a lot and now seeing the Trevorrow version(if it's real) much more surprising. I had already seen evil Supreme Leader Kylo at the Battle of Crait but Ben Solo was thrilling to watch, personally.
  3. VCRTracking

    The Star Wars Saga

    TBH I always pictured Luke training a new Jedi Order of about a dozen young students to be like a combination of: but with some aliens.
  4. It definitely would have been different and you wouldn't hear complaints about rehashing. As imperfect as the final product was though, the best scene in TROS for me was the Han and Ben scene so I'm not lamenting over what might have been. ETA: Realizing Tor Valum is basically the Sith Yoda and Rey and Poe would have been like Han and Leia in Empire so it's not that original.
  5. Having now watched season 5, "A Christmas Carol" and the two "Comic Relief" shorts "Space" and "Time" it's clear that while previous showrunner Russell T. Davies was more about aliens, especially zany ones and Earth invasion stories Steven Moffat really really likes all the "timey-whimey wibbly wobbly" stuff. Time travel paradox stories can be really hit and miss for me but so far I find it all neat and hasn't been headache inducing yet.
  6. I think the only good motion smoothing is for is old kinescoped TV shows, because before videotape they were originally shot on higher frame rate video!
  7. I just watched the episode and I think what happened was because she absorbed so much energy from the crack in her room that remembering the Doctor brought him back. The Doctor told young Amelia the story of his life which planted the seeds of "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" and River giving her her diary.
  8. Just finished season 5 and man, Rory set the bar for boyfriends HIGH.
  9. VCRTracking

    The Star Wars Saga

    The thing is, whatever the Jedi's faults, 1000 years of galactic peace is still a great accomplishment. I don't blame the Jedi Council for it's "If it ain't broke don't fix it" attitude.
  10. Gaslight is on tonight. It's not often you see a movie where the title becomes part of the cultural lexicon. I've seen it before but I want to see it again to see if Charles Boyer makes the face on I Love Lucy which Lucy describes as "An expression on his face like he just walked into the grand ballroom and smelled cauliflower cooking": Also it's always fun to watch just for an incredibly young Angela Lansbury as the saucy Cockney maid.
  11. Just watched the first 4 episodes of season 5 and am liking it so far. I now get why the Eleventh Doctor is the favorite for a lot of people. I first saw Matt Smith on The Crown and because Prince Phillip is written to be such an asshole I liked his acting but I didn't get the fuss about him. However he is so likeable and goofily charming as the Doctor. He has the same fun energy of the Tennant's Ten but without the baggage. I think the difference would be if Ten told someone they were an alien the reaction would be surprise. With Eleven the response would be "Yeah, that sounds about right." The premiere was a great intro. Love Karen Gillan as Amy and she and Smith have great chemistry. Also Olivia Colman! Nice surprise there. Eleven made a strong first impression. Also helps that he has a cool, new theme music that plays whenever he's being a badass!
  12. Suddenly realized where I had scene the actor who played "David Whitely" who appeared in the first episode and then burned to death in his trailer season 2's "Death's Shadow". Has anyone here seen the Zucker Abrams Zucker comedy Top Secret! from 1984 with Val Kilmer?
  13. Adding I have theory in why Bogart became a star at such a relatively older age is because he looked like how America felt by 1941. He was a man who looked like they've been through a World War, a Prohibition and a Depression!
  14. The thing I took most from High Sierra was Ida Lupino should ALWAYS be first choice! It's crazy to look up she was only 23 and Joan Leslie was 17 when they made the movie. Bogart wasn't even born in the same century!
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