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  1. No offence to Lucy Lee Flippin but they did Eliza Jane Wilder dirty by the casting. Also realized recently she looks like Mr Bean's girlfriend:
  2. Somehow even a 1980s hyper energy children's show is better with UK accents. Thinking how a KIDS INCORPORATED reunion would not nearly be as charming.
  3. I just watched a 1986 episode of Murder She Wrote with Norman Lloyd. He was in his 70s then and brought to his part a level of class and dignity that I want to have if and when I get that age.
  4. In the late 90s with Malcolm McDowell as Mr. Rourke. I think there's also a recent one. The twitter thread also brought up "Fight Back!" the consumer advocate show hosted by David Horowitz. I had no idea why I watched it as a kid. Was it the catchy theme song?
  5. We didn't get cable until I was in middle school and local stations played reruns of ten year old shows in the daytime that used to be allowed only to air at night because it had mild violent and sexual content. Stations needed time to fill and so did bored kids!
  6. I was watching shows at a young age I had no business watching because they aired at 5 o'clock after cartoons on weekdays. I just kept on watching, took a break for dinner, went back to watching it until I had to go to bed! ETA: (Six year old me) "What does 'gay' mean and why does Jack have to pretend to be it when Mr. Roper is around?"
  7. Feige should hire Zack Snyder to do a Squadron Supreme movie.
  8. Omega's theme is now my favorite Kevin Kilner piece.
  9. There's a Guardian article out with the headline about Gwyneth Paltrow saying she was at a low point during the pandemic "Eating bread every night". The actual quote in the article is she was drinking two cocktails every night AND Any other celebrity they would have only mentioned the drinking in the headline but bread makes her look more like her typical Goop foolishness and an object of ridicule online.
  10. I wish I wasn't too old for TikTok because it seems fun:
  11. Pernell Roberts had just as much ego but was self centered. He left because he thought he wasnt getting enough attention. Landon was more generous. Canary said in the video ML always wrote good parts for him and was a good director. He ultimately became the main creative force in the later years much like Alan Alda on MASH. The two part episode where Little Joe marries a woman who is murdered and he goes on revenge search for her killers was originally written by Landon for Hoss. I really believe Landon was trying to get Dan Blocker an Emmy there. If Blocker hadn't tragically died before they
  12. Never try to bluff someone already wealthy who also served in the military.
  13. On the subject of both Bonanza and TV directors the late David Canary(Adam on All My Children)who joined the show in 1967 as ranchhand "Candy" Canady, two years after Pernell Roberts left said by the time he came on(the 9th season) Michael Landon was pretty much already running the show.
  14. For those who want to know why some shows have multiple directors of episodes per season:
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