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  1. It's weird though seeing comments from people who insist that the 1984 movie wasn't a comedy. Like, what? They really think of it as a serious horror movie with some jokes!
  2. VCRTracking

    The Star Wars Saga

    Kathleen Kennedy Further Explains Why Colin Trevorrow Left ‘Rise of Skywalker’
  3. They had me with the gunner seat. I loved that bit from the Ecto-1 toy(although it was on the roof). The tone threw me off. I guess treating the original property with such reverence is more the way to fanboys hearts, although this tweet made me laugh:
  4. An Ode to ‘Ford v Ferrari’ and Dad Cinema
  5. I was hoping they'd show Kristen Wiig in her Cheetah outfit.
  6. When Olivia Colman's casting was first announced I wondered, because she always seems so warm and approachable that she could be as cold and intimidating with those soft brown eyes as well that Claire Foy was with her blue ones. The answer is yes, yes she can.
  7. I just listened to the hilarious "How Did This Get Made?" podcast about 1994 Disclosure starring Michael Douglas and Demi Moore, written by Michael Crichton and directed by Barry Levinson. I remembered the TV spots for the movie where they REALLY emphasized that it was about a man being sexually harassed by a woman. I laughed during the podcast when they said this was the third in the "Michael Douglas is just too sexy for his own good" trilogy with Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct! Whenever I hear people complain about how movies nowadays are just juvenile with superheroes, remember this was the kind of "adult" fare studios were putting out in the 90s with big name actors, directors and everyone taking the subject matter soooo seriously. I will say though, it was Demi Moore at her hottest.
  8. Well I had already seen Courtney Cox in a number of things before Friends, going back all the way to Misfits of Science. I remembered her from Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark" video, Alex' girlfriend Lauren on Family Ties, Masters of the Universe movie, Cocoon 2, Ace Ventura, her guest appearance on Seinfeld. So those early seasons of Friends, she was still "Courtney Cox" to me. It wasn't until season 3 that I started to see her as Monica. I'm going to die alone on the "Middle seasons were the best" hill.
  9. Recently re-watching reruns of Bonanza from the early to mid 60s and one of the best things about is the vibrant color photography. When I think of LHOTP using the same crew but it has that 70s film look with realistic lighting and colors. Fitting for gritty crime movies and dramas at the time but boring. Makes me wish the show had been made a decade earlier.
  10. If she ends up dying, then she's the new Vesper! I don't want to use the term "fridged" because they were staying true to the Ian Fleming novel which was written in a time when killing off the heroine was actually surprising.
  11. VCRTracking

    The Star Wars Saga

    It's tough. I see so many good moments in them but they're surrounded by a lot of bad. It's much better if the prequels be looked at as the 4 hour pilot(TPM and AOTC) for the much better Clone Wars animated series and it's finale(ROTS).
  12. I agree but since Craig's Bond seemingly drove off into the sunset with Lea Seydoux at the end of the last movie, they have to bring him back into the game somehow. At least he's not going rogue again. The new characters look cool and it's great seeing the old ones back.
  13. I heard a story recently where someone working at the studio lot during the last years of the show saw Matthew Perry after one of the tapings, leaning against an expensive car, smoking a cigarette. He threw it on the ground, sighed "That's another million dollars." and drove off.
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