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  1. It suddenly occurred to me that The Brady Girls Get Married could have been a neat American version of Pride and Prejudice. Schwartz blew it.
  2. I remember some movie podcast where the hosts talked about how weird Kirk Douglas' body looked in Spartacus because he had a wide torso but thin arms in comparison! I think the six pack thing started with Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise. When you see him he's actually kind of scrawny, but he's got washboard abs.
  3. There's a better version of this funny story Ustinov told earlier on the Jack Paar Show but I could only find this one. The Jack Paar version is great because Ustinov REALLY draws out his response to Olivier!
  4. And Angela Lansbury could do 13 seasons of Murder She Wrote in her 60s because a large chunk of each episode is devoted to the drama played out by guest stars. That's why a lot of older stars do mystery shows!
  5. I didn't know where to put this post, but he makes a valid point about lead actresses on shows needing time to relax in their weekly schedule and that's why they can't be in EVERY scene!
  6. This behind the scenes video of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and at 13:11 mark there's a too real and raw moment:
  7. Armageddon is a guilty pleasure. So, so dumb. Also it's like it came about because Michael Bay was watching Apollo 13 where Mission Control geeks were the heroes and he was like:
  8. Although I love this famous bit of behind the scenes trivia. Wikipedia: Such a dick move, but so typically Kubrick! "Yeah, George, just do a really broad, funny one for a start. The crew will get a laugh out of it. Then we'll use the serious one!" LOL.
  9. I am on record of liking the movie but that was hilarious. Also this:
  10. VCRTracking

    The Star Wars Saga

    When Finn woke up Leia was still in charge. I don't she could go from being thankful that he defected to putting him under guard and interrogated, right after he just recovered from severe injuries sustained helping them! Finn would have questions about Poe's plan? His plan to free Poe and escape the First Order in TFA was just as insanely risky and involved secrecy! Of course he was going to take the same risk to protect Rey. Oh and if Han and Chewie weren't there with him on Starkiller Base he would have gone straight to finding Rey first.
  11. VCRTracking

    The Star Wars Saga

    I think Rey having a moment in TFA like Luke's "I want to learn the ways of the Force and become a Jedi like my father." would have helped out a lot! I posted we all assumed Rey was going to be trained by Luke after TFA had come out but she never actually says that's what she wants. She has her 'Excalibur' moment but then offers the lightsaber to Luke. The Resistance was counting on Luke being their savior not her. Finn was all about Rey. He literally says that to Han. He agrees to Poe's crazy plan(which wasn't mutiny at that point) because he wanted to protect Rey. TLJ got him to the point where he cared about the Resistance as well.
  12. VCRTracking

    The Star Wars Saga

    We all thought when TFA ended that Luke was going to train Rey in the next movie but she never says "I want to be a Jedi". We only assumed that was where the story was going to go because of the previous movies. That Luke would train her the way Yoda did on Dagobah, But the entire Resistance didn't see her off just so she could train. She was sent to bring Luke back. The Resistance hopes were entirely on finding Luke so he could help fight against the First Order. Rey's big moment was when Luke/Anakin's lightsaber flies into her hand instead of Kylo's. It's her "pulling Excalibur out of the stone" and the audience cheers. But then the movie ends with her holding Excalibur out to Luke like "Here, this belongs to you." Mixed message there.
  13. I've always like Patrick Willems' video essays. This is from March of 2018 after news of JJ Abrams taking over directing Episode IX came out. It speculated how he would resolve the characters' arcs based on Abrams' previous work, specifically the finale of his show Felicity. At the time I thought how funny it'd be if it came true. Now watching it again it's hilariously shocking how accurate the prediction was! I mean it was practically DEAD ON:
  14. Orson Welles' character Harry Lime's entrance is an all-timer.
  15. VCRTracking

    The Star Wars Saga

    If she was the protagonist of only one movie she didn't need a goal other than immediate ones like escape and survival. For 3 movies though she needed a goal she had to strive over that period to attain.
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