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  1. House of Gucci(2021) The turbulent marriage and divorce of Patrizia and Maurizio Gucci, the head of the Gucci fashion house, leads to murder. Release date: November 24, 2021 (USA) Director: Ridley Scott Starring: Lady Gaga; Adam Driver; Jared Leto; Jeremy Irons; Jack Huston; Reeve Carney; Salma Hayek; Al Pacino I only know about the scandal from SNL because it was Colin Quinn's best Weekend Update joke: "Patrizia Reggiani Martinelli, the ex-wife of Italian fashion heir Mauricio Gucci, was convicted of ordering her husband’s murder, and was sentenced to 29 years in
  2. Awesome episode! Knew we were heading into the dark "all seems lost" part of the season. I loved hearing the music from A New Hope and the early version of Stormtroopers. Seeing Gregor again was great.
  3. Cute pic of Zooey and Emily Deschanel with their father cinematographer Caleb Deschanel on the set of THE RIGHT STUFF(1983). Their mom Mary Jo played Annie Glenn.
  4. Isn't the point of a character arc is they start out a very flawed person who has to go through a journey to be better? Teela from the old cartoon was always kind of angry and she treated Adam poorly.
  5. A lot of former athletes supporting and giving insights and that Simone did the right thing. If a person knows their limitations it doesn't make them weak or a quitter:
  6. After seeing this pic of Ray with his real life wife and daughter I will no longer doubt the casting of someone who looks like Patricia Heaton as his wife nor a blonde girl for his daughter on the show again! It was so spot on!
  7. I suddenly remembered the scariest movie I saw as a little kid was THE GHOST AND MR. CHICKEN(1966) starring Don Knotts! Knotts was hilarious of course but the whole haunted house and its backstory was scary to me.
  8. Okay goofballs may have been more "Stripes" but it shows what a gateway horror movie the original was for a young generation that they don't even think of it as a comedy. Ghostbusters 2 was the filmmakers realizing how popular it was with kids and try to cater to that when it turns out what they really wanted was to amp up the horror.
  9. I'm glad the reaction online is so positive compared to 2016 but it also puzzles me. Do fans not consider the original to be a comedy because that's how I remember it! People keep saying "There's going to be jokes in the movie, they just don't want to spoil it" Okay even if there are jokes they are really pushing this overall reverent tone where the original four are like gods which just seems bizarre when they were really goofballs way over their head. That's what was so fun about it! That said I did get a nostalgic lift seeing Janine.
  10. I would say the best part of 3 and 4 is Christopher Reeve's comedic performance as Clark. He's hilarious.
  11. I really want Echo to get his nickname.
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