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  1. Speaking of curly, blonde, bobbed hair actresses, remember that time in the late 80s and early 90s when Penelope Ann Miller seemed to be in practically everything? She was the go-to ingenue for a while.
  2. You should post that last part in the Unpopular Opinions thread in the Movies section to start a discussion! Bonfire of the Vanities being a good is definitely not the popular consensus! I remember Our House. There was that one episode where there was an earthquake but the eldest daughter didn't experience it because she was off in a biplane piloted by her boyfriend which she wasn't supposed to? She was looking down at the town not aware it was shaking. She got caught when she got home and everyone was freaked out and she was like "Whaaa?" I think that's what happened but it's been a long time since I watched it.
  3. Another movie she made that year also with Cooper was the first movie I saw of hers and which made me fall in love with her when I happened to catch it on the local station when I was a kid was Frank Capra's MEET JOHN DOE. That ending, my god.
  4. Nobody sounded folksier threatening to destroy someone's marriage if they ever talked to the Feds!
  5. Ball of Fire with Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper. "Come on Krupe, knock yourself out!"
  6. I like Scream 3. The only terrible thing in it for me was Courtney Cox' hair.
  7. She was also Emma Stone's sister on the American version of MANIAC on Netflix.
  8. My favorite Alan Parker movie is 1991's THE COMMITMENTS:
  9. I've seen all the films being shown tonight. I like all of them but the two I have the most personal affection for is The Thin Man and Guys and Dolls.
  10. They set it in the vague "In the days of Olde England" to get away with it.
  11. Never saw RoboCop 3 but I did see 2 and it's pretty awful. Having Frank Miller write the script was a bad idea. The one really good scene that captures the black humor of the first movie is this:
  12. Ironically the reason The Philadelphia Story was a hit for Hepburn after being "Box Office Poison" for a couple of years was because audiences didn't like her arrogant public persona and enjoyed seeing her being put in her place.
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