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  1. Another thing I liked was the reference to "whispering in the kitchen" like on Frasier! When Morty first went into the pocket dimension I wasnt sure how the time thing worked, like which place had time moving faster? Then when "Hoovy"(Jim Gaffigan) followed Morty to his world U went "Oh no!".
  2. "FUCK OFF I'M A TIME GOD!" I like that there's just a new innocuous bit about Morty playing miniature golf in the opening credits.
  3. Temple did get criticized a lot when it came out for it's depiction of Indians along with Willie's character being sexist. Nobody really cared about the implications of Indy and a minor in Raiders. Karen Allen interview for the 40th Anniversary for Raiders: The reviews online for the new 4K versions of the movies seems to be spectacular. Even Crystal Skull looks better because they got rid of that terrible yellowish color timing and it FINALLY looks like the previous movies. It was one of my main gripes with it. Indy V is currently being filmed in
  4. I also just remembered he was on that short-lived Growing Pains spinoff "Just the Ten of Us" from 1988. It was about the Mike Seaver's gym teacher Coach Lubbuck and his wife and ten* kids moving out west where he became the coach of a Catholic school. Bonner played the principal, a priest. Heather Langenkamp(Nancy from A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET) played the eldest daughter. *Make that 8 kids. With the parents that's 10.
  5. There was a great episode where they tried to give Herb a makeover. I think it was Jennifer had him wear a sharper more fashionable Armani kind of suit and chic haircut but the potential sponsor, a down home, salt of the earth type thought he looked TOO sophisticated that he couldnt relate to him and turned him down. Jennifer later admitted Herb knew his clientele better than she did and his old way of wearing loud, tacky outfits suited his job more.
  6. Great article: https://www.denofgeek.com/movies/raiders-of-the-lost-ark-greatest-exposition-scene-movie-history/
  7. Loved the scene with Miss Minutes. The interplay between Loki and Mobius continues to delight.
  8. Unfortunately Trump and the GOP have made it like asking legitimate questions about how the virus originated have become politicized. Deliberately naming it the "China virus" and escalating anti-Asian feelings among his base to deflect his incompetent handling of the pandemic.
  9. I agree with what Alan Moore, writer of WATCHMEN and V FOR VENDETTA said about conspiracy theories: “The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory, is that conspiracy theorists believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is actually chaotic. ... The truth is far more frightening — Nobody is in control.”
  10. He's always had a fear(justified IMO) of how far scientists are willing to go for discoveries. I remember how freaked he was years ago when he had the guy on to talk about the Hadron collider in Switzerland and the chance it might create a black hole! Sometimes I read something in the news like "Scientists grew a human ear out of the back of a mouse" and you think "WTF?!" So I don't blame him for thinking scientists have gone too far. I don't believe in the Wuhan lab theory because I think a man made virus would have been way worse and also because I don't think anybody could've pre
  11. Oxford guy is Inspector Morse. I remember seeing bits of Rumpole and the Bailey. He always called his wife "She who will not be named"!* It wasn't until I was older that I found out it was a reference to an old adventure book by the author of King Solomon's Mines! *ETA correction: It is "She who must be obeyed" which is a lot funnier!
  12. 1976 was a great year for him. Not only for that memorable speech in Network, but also a small part in All the President's Men and as a secret agent in Silver Streak after Patrick McGoohan for stealing the Rembrandt letters! I think the joke on American Dad was Roger laughing "Poor Ned Beatty. He can play Rudy's dad all he wants but we'll always remember him being rammed in the woods in Deliverence!"
  13. It also gave us the line "Y'know? For kids!"
  14. I did like Phillip not remembering the other secretary retired a few months earlier and that he gave him a clock!
  15. I just discovered a 50 minute tourism video from 1994 for the island of Jersey in the English Channel hosted by John Nettles a few years after the end of his 1980s detective show BERGERAC(which was set in Jersey). It makes me wish Midsomer County was real so he's do a similar video for it!
  16. VCRTracking

    The Star Wars Saga

    I love that there's a meme now of this almost 20 year old scene:
  17. Here's a great Newman story from a recent Graham Norton Show:
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