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  1. Hm. Good point. (I, on the other hand, barely remembered Col. Tommy Lee Jones Guy's name. So, good call by you.)
  2. If I think too hard about Bonehead Black's history I break out in hives.
  3. Well, she did attend Peggy's funeral, no? Am I forgetting a line indicating that she had no idea who the service was for? I'm increasingly mpressed with the commenter who noted a few episodes ago how much more clearly visible the Watcher was becoming (at least to us, at that point). Clearly that person was onto something. Rather than being just the framing device-slash-omniscient narrator, it turns out that Uatu was the through-line character of the whole story. I thought that was a nice touch. I feel your pain.
  4. What in the world possessed her to wear that? ... I'll, uh, show myself out now.
  5. Darling Julie has never once made a decision she couldn't shift blame for.
  6. You could practically hear the director yelling "PIVOT!" It's all so formulaic I could puke. I want to like the actress playing Shanice -- Shanice started out as the (possibly) nightmare diva, and she's added a nice little layer or two. For that matter, I want the show to do right by Rachel Nicholls and Erin Karpluk, two actresses whose work I've enjoyed on other shows. But perhaps that's the key: on other shows. I can't trust this bunch to give them parts to play that aren't fundamentally cringeworthy. Please don't try to make me hate Erin Karpluk, show! It'll be bad for you. Don't
  7. Sandman


    Agreed. Peregrym's "Yikes!" face was priceless.
  8. It might actually be de rigueur now.
  9. Sandman


    Is it me, or is Rina just sort of … objectively terrible? Her idea of leadership is to constantly remind Isobel "let's all try to get along, but you work for me, remember!" in the most flagrantly passive-aggressive way possible. I mean, Isobel can be cold and calculating, but I can't believe Rina doesn't have knives out for her all over the federal bureaus. (Bureaux?)
  10. I agree that it would be very destructive to Casey's character, for exactly the reasons you give. I didn't know the kids in season 2 had been played by brothers -- interesting.
  11. I know Casey and Heather didn't sleep together (originally). And it might be coincidence, or that I'm imagining more of a resemblance between the actors than was meant. But I wouldn't put it past Wolf & Co.
  12. Is the show going to retcon that Casey and Heather Darden actually slept together? I was struck by the resemblance between Grown-Up Griffin and Jesse Spencer, and wondered if it was just accidental, or not. (Nice to see Casey happy enough to laugh joyously and hug Griffin, I'll give them that.)
  13. Hey, give Darcy a break! You think it's easy to carry around a million little anvils, just waiting for the perfect moment to drop them on Gary's stupid ass? Except now it appears that Christopher was holding the greater share of the stupid. Interesting promo: I never knew that "Gary ... continues to distance himself from anything involving Peter" could be read as "Gary gets retconned into a semi-reprieve distancing him from his criminally stupid behaviour involving Peter."
  14. Well, at least we know they're covered if there's ever an international zombie apocalypse (that starts in Hungary). I'd definitely want Tank the Cadaver Attack Dog on my side. In Tank's defense, that second kidnapper dude did look kinda pale and sickly.
  15. I like Tank the dog. Everyone else I'm not sold on.
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