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  1. Agreed; not missed in the least by me. And barely remembered, I would say, even by Julie, even if the death of "her precious Nick" (blerf) was the root of Darling Julie's hatred of Gabi.
  2. As opposed to the sober, informed, responsible way this show handles, oh, criminal law, police work, psychiatry, neurosurgery, physiotherapy and adoption? But I do agree with you.
  3. Really, they haven't been taping anything in nearly eleven months?
  4. There's nothing about Nibbles that makes sense. But I'm starting to think Chad just attracts (or induces?) crazy in all the women in his life. (Maybe he should have married Sonny and/or Will. His relationship with them seems relatively healthy and free of ... well, I was going to say drama, but at least free of bloodshed and psych holds.)
  5. Yup. Across the corridor from Solo ICU/Isolation/Neurology-Oncology.
  6. Abs? Do you really want the answer to this question?
  7. She could go to Anna's little cordonnier -- his handmade shoes are to die for! Well, er, of, actually.
  8. I like Eric fine, when he isn't feeling sorry for himself or being a judgmental doofus lacking self-awareness. Which I guess means I like Former Father Uncle Eric about 40% of the time. (Oops.) And I don't really see how being raised by Former Father Great Uncle Eeyore and Auntie Snatchabye Baby was ever really a viable option for little Him Who Shall Not Be Named Horton. I agree that if the Sonny and Will's exit was rushed, the Hernandez clan left town at warp speed. What was that?
  9. Sandman

    Tenet (2020)

    Speaking of things that are unnecessarily hard to understand (and ... gross): Dear Christopher Nolan: For the love of AVX, man, please don't ever again subject me to Sir Michael Caine (here playing a character cheekily named "Sir Michael") garblechawin' his way through exposition and lunch at the same time. I'm not made to withstand that kind of stress! Not to mention that it's beneath him (and you). ETA: I do wonder if part of my response to the volume level of this movie was because (a) I haven't set foot in a movie theatre in six months, and (b) because of social distancing protocols, the screening was at about 20% capacity -- nowhere the number of bodies that are usually absorbing theatre sound around me.
  10. Sandman

    Tenet (2020)

    I found it very hard to distinguish parts of the dialogue in places where I'm sure it affected my ability (... such as it is) to understand the plot. Priya's role in the story, in particular, depends mostly on supposition on my part. (This is not a criticism of the actress, who strikes me as compelling.) The dialogue is muffled, but Tenet overall is loud -- oppressively so. It's like the sound designer decided to pummel the audience into submission as a way to induce anxiety, if not to invoke a more nuanced emotional response. Nolan's work relies, I would say, extraordinarily heavily on sound design. The storylines of his movies often seem, I daresay, more profound than they are, because of the physical (and thus emotional) resonances being flung at us. The movie is fascinating as a feat of narrative construction; it doesn't really make any sense, but it's maximum Nolan. It's the most I've ever liked either Pattison or Debicki (how tall is she? That lady's about 80% torso!) John David Washington works as the calm, trying-to-be-rational centre of the causality maelstrom; he has a genuine gravitas as well as a certain Bond-like opacity. The film is visually gorgeous, and all three leads (speaking of gorgeous) can wear the hell out of a beautifully cut suit. Branagh is in his accustomed villain mode, which is to say he's way, way over-the-top; a drenching, sky-high geyser of malevolence (not ineffective; just not subtle). (OT: Just out of curiosity, what about the criticism of Bane's voice struck you as off the mark? I could never figure out why he needed to sound so much like Charles Laughton, but that's more a question of performance than of aural design.)
  11. Hahaha! Wouldn't we all? Poor Marci Miller -- always batting cleanup.
  12. Or the establishing shot, either, frankly. I don't understand the revolving door on contracts/casting. Judi Evans was let go, but it appears to have been temporary; Bonnie's not really a replacement for Adrienne. Mansi ... wore out her welcome (?), and now Miller is back again. How long before Camila Banus and Galen Gering are no longer banished to Eduardo Purgatory? And just when I thought we'd seen the last of that woman, she crazies her way back into Bonehead Black's life? Way to definitively kill any remaining interest I had, show!
  13. You're right -- I forgot about that! Whew! I thought it was looking bad for the little guy for a moment there. For what it's worth, I was never persuaded by the "phoning it in" thing either, and Will and Sonny (though I do think something has changed in Smith's performance or manner of presentation over the years, and definitely think the writing for Sonny in particular has declined a lot) are the characters I care the most about. I think Sami has basically become an unworkable caricature of herself and I don't really feel any investment in Baby To Be Named Later Horton's eventual fate. I think Gwen is awfully dull and Jake is ... there?
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