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  1. Ah, the praise that no writer dreams of receiving. Ever. (It's a feeling I heartily join in, of course. A termination devoutly to be wished, if you will.)
  2. "Doctor" Rolf is the mad scientist; the Muppet is Rowlf.
  3. That whole scene was weird: Chad and Abigail smirk-glaring at each other and Jack and Jennifer mostly sitting there with their mouths hanging open. Awkward hugging and weird blocking where Chad was staring impassively from across the room. Social distancing beginning on set, or can Flynn and Mansi truly no longer stand the sight of each other, or what? Are Chad and Abigail trying to scam each other somehow?
  4. Hellmouth, gravity well, cursed ground, time bubble, AND brain-melting toxic waste dump, I would say, to account for all of Salem's, er, special characteristics. Sarah and Bonehead Black getting together (for "sweet revenge," blech) makes no sense to me, except that (a) Sarah clearly has excruciatingly bad taste in men; and (b) anything that gets you-know-who finally, finally off the canvas is okay by me. I mean, the resolution oi the baby switch was obnoxious and ridiculous, but SHE'S GONE HALLELUJAH! I'm free!
  5. Orpheus: "Whoa, hey, now! I'll cop to the rest, but that dude? No one could make someone that dumb. You can't pin that on me!"
  6. Good for Eric calling out Bonehead Black on the abridged version of his epic stupidity -- the full text would take the better part of a day to read, and probably requires several voice parts to do it justice. But I can't help but feel a bit bad for Nicole and Holly here; it seems that every time Angry Eeyore Former Father Uncle Eric gets wound around the twist about Mickey, Holly gets demoted back to also-ran status. Not cool, Eeyore! Poor Sarah -- the nightmare never ends, does it? I thought that somehow she had already discovered that Bonehead Black's favourite mutant psychopath had gotten all stabby with Victor; now she has a layer of "What have I done?" to work through, too? Geez. Please don't keep torturing Maggie and Sarah, show! They're pretty much the only likeable (or mostly likeable) characters left. So, let me get this straight: in the pre-retcon version, the show went to some pains to demonstrate that Maggie was drunk (except I guess she wasn't) and that Will was highly distracted at the time of the accident. But "criminal genius" Orpheus just didn't notice drifting over the median line? He's not distracted, he's not drunk, he's not even in that heated an argument with Whatever McPornstache. He's just ... stupid. BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Thanks, show! I needed that.
  7. How could I forget about that? Ah, the asspull retcon. It's a wonder these writers don't sprain something.
  8. Whoops -- drtslim and Silver Raven, and Wendy, covered this material in class! Missed that. My apologies. Weirdly, Will and Ciara are first cousins once removed, since Ciara is Sami's first cousin -- but I think CIara is supposed to be a little / sort of / a lot [check all that apply] younger than Will. (Stupid SORAS sliding scale!) But Will and Abigail are first cousins.
  9. I think it ought to have been Will (or Sonny) doing this, but the show has seen to it that this will never happen now. I would have been totally okay with Will, or anyone who loved him, really, remaining fiercely unforgiving of BOllie, despite his worthless bacon being saved because of some cartoon of a mad scientist Dimera minion.
  10. Well, wouldn't it have to come out eventually, even in Salem, the Land that Logic Forgot? If I'm remembering right, Ciara and Abigail are second cousins, because their mothers are first cousins.
  11. Plausible pharmacopoeiality? Nice -- but I'm pretty sure getting yourself into an altered state of consciousness doesn't offer much of a shield.
  12. No -- no carving, thank you! I think he's had plenty of chances to wring lots of experiences out of life.
  13. Hagatron loves Bonehead so much that she takes his daughter away from him? She loves him so much that she can't face the consequences of her murderous rage? (I'm actually surprised that they bothered having her offer.) Yeah, that was some bullshit. Cheap-ass fake Paris, fake storyline, embarrassing resolution. LG deserved better. Do Ciara and Bikeshop BOllie ever do anything except suck face?
  14. She's changed, okay?! Well, mutated. She now has telekinesis. (Yes, she and Bonehead Black are now the Dork Phoenix.) Love.
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