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90DF Live Chat 3: I Gave Up Everything To Be Here

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2 minutes ago, Pepper Mostly said:

Then whinge the whole time! Have none of them met Professor Google? 

Though of course that's another Sharp thing. All foreign countries are backward, filthy, rife with disease, poverty stricken, ramshackle, corrupt, and crawling with vermin. The streets are oceans of mud, filled with beggars, skinny dogs, and chickens. 

And rats in the streets and showers 

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1 minute ago, greekmom said:

Seriously she laughs at the fact that he catfished her? I would have blocked the person and never spoke to them again.

I think Jenny likes saying she is thirty yrs older too, she thinks she hears jaws dropping lol

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Just now, RichiesOlderBro said:

If Jeeeny is 62, at least they can now live off of her social security.  

that was the plan but she's getting next to nothing and Summit over exaggerate how much the American dollar will go in India.

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